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Author Topic: What a BadWolf Wants (Solo/One-on-Ones)  (Read 762 times)

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Offline BadWolf123Topic starter

What a BadWolf Wants (Solo/One-on-Ones)
« on: April 25, 2012, 06:45:01 am »
Hey all. Sorry for my disappearing act, but I had to undergo a rigourous seven months of cancer treatment including chemo and such, but now I'm back with some ideas that I really want to see in action. With me, of course

1 - Listen to me!

A young elven girl is lost in a strange land she doesn't recognise. She is naive and innocent, so a very easy target for the preying predator. So when an adenturer of an undetermined race finds her and offers to lead her to her home again, she accepts. Along the way, she is dragged into a cave and forced to have sex with him.
Preferences for this game...
1. I want the male to be something that's fantasy, not just aa human or another elf. Be creative with your ideas.
2. While I am a fan of forced sex RPs, I don't want this getting too out of hand. Check my likes/dislikes to learn more.
3. I would be fine if my character was killed afterward
Extreme M/F

2 - Seduction is in the eyes

An incubi has come to a small human town to prey on a young human, but he can only do so if he makes eye contact. He chooses the most challenging woman in the town, a young teenager who can't stop reading. How does he convince her to drop her book and look at her for two seconds? When he does, it'll be like hypnotising her out of her clothing.
Preferences for this game...
1. Be creative. Don't just take the book out of her hands and bellow at her. I won't find that fun
2. Again, I'm ok if my character dies at the end
Extreme Bondage M/F

3 - Turn Your Head and Cough

A nurse/doctor has worked at a hospital for seven years, and a patient has been there the entire time. When they both find out the patient is dying, the medical professional decides to take their bedside manner to a whole new level.
Preferences for this game
1. I want the patient to be dying, no exceptions. Whether it be cancer or something, I don't care, but if you can, be creative in your character's illlness
2. The two characters already know each other. So the fact their having relations is easier for them to handle.
Light M/F F/F

4 - My Little Bitch

A babysitter takes their rage out on their 16 year old in the worst way possible. After an entire night of being subjected to the roughest and most brutal night of her life, the teen has to escape or be killed.
1. I'd like the babysitter to be a guy, but I really don't have a problem with a female.
2. I'd like detailed explanations of what the babysitter is doing to my teen. More to work with
3. Afterwards, I'd like a large struggle, but I want to discuss whether she dies or not
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Offline Tiginny

Re: What a BadWolf Wants (Solo/One-on-Ones)
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2012, 07:55:31 am »
First off, CONGRATES! On getting out of the hospital.

I may have a male character for that first plotline. I am not certain how you feel about vampires, and no I do not mean twilight. I mean hard, vicious, cruel creatures who love to seduce and force one into obedience. He always starts out nice, but over time once a deal is struck Kain's entire demeanor changes. One of those I will play nice till I get you where I want you. (I am not the worlds greatest speller either.) If you want more details on this, or perhaps to actually see the character do not hesitate to email me.


I am a female who plays both male and female characters. Who knows you may end up looking at my characters and decide you want someone else. ^_~ Either way I am excited for a chance.

No offsite contact information in public boards, please. ~Staff
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Offline BadWolf123Topic starter

Re: What a BadWolf Wants (Solo/One-on-Ones)
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2012, 03:37:22 am »
EDIT - Have added the game, My Little Bitch, to the list. Please go to the first page to read