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Author Topic: Current Desires (F/Herm, F/M, F/F)  (Read 940 times)

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Offline SilentScreamsTopic starter

Current Desires (F/Herm, F/M, F/F)
« on: April 24, 2012, 06:51:24 PM »
Where to start? I'm actively searching for pictures of chars to play with some of these ideas. I'm looking for some fairly extreme, kinky, taboo, scenes here. Most of them will have some element of force, whether mental or physical. I typically play ultimately sub chars who may, or may not, know that they are sub. I also will play some of these chars as outwardly reserved but secretly depraved. I like playing in Steampunk, gothic, scifi settings. The worlds are open to debate and are generally free form. Any ideas/likes on your part as to the world will be great. I think creating the world together makes for a better story for everyone involved. Now, on to the scene ideas....any of which can be played with any gender although I stick to playing fems.


My char is a les and is working as a to pay off a debt. That debt is sold to a dom f/herm who puts my char to work servicing men in a brothel. The dom knows my char is a les but is excited by the idea of forcing her to have sex with men. This scene may work better with a herm to add another level of mental anguish to my char's forced servitude. Over time my char comes to enjoy the work because it makes the holder of her debt happy.

Any setting can work with this one. I personally envision it as more of a Gothic horror scenario, though.


For this one it's sometime in the future. A relatively powerful individual has a taste for watching his women, and sharing his women, with animals and or monsters. However, at some time in the past humans began to breed with their own freakish creations, which resulted in a number of wars between pure strain humans and mixed humans. As a result, it's now an executable offense to engage in such  activity. Your char is looking for a girl, possibly a runaway, he can use like that and then discard, someone no one will ever miss. My char can either be that runaway or my char can be a PI your char hires to find such a girl but who secretly enjoys such encounters herself. Your char can be M, F, or herm.

Punishment (NSFW)

A Lady's father rebelled against the king. The kingdom, through long standing tradition, has a corruption of blood doctrine. The Lady, the Lord's daughter, is captured alive and sent to dungeon which is ruled by a trapped/enthralled demon and his beastly minions. The Lady is supposed to be tortured and degraded before her execution. She is thrown into the dungeon never to be heard from again. But, when the demon finds her amongst his other prisoners, the demon realizes that she has the power locked inside her to free him. The only way for that power to be unlocked is for the Lady to eventually fall in love with the demon. The demon shows her some kindness but still has to torture her and degrade her as there are spies in the prison that work for the king. Eventually, these spies are rooted out and the demon takes the Lady as his consort. I imagine this scene to have a lot of bondage in it, perhaps bestiality, gang bangs, forced piercing anf tattooing, stretching, gaping, etc.   


Lena is far from home, in her mid twenties, and trying to make something of her life. She is an American who now lives in Europe and is the lead singer for a rather unsuccessful symphonic metal band. To make ends meet she works at a cafe/bar living primarily off the sometimes generous tips of the cafe's patrons who were all at one time struggling artists as well. Lena is lonely and miserable and has been having difficulty making and keeping friends. Right now her band is on hiatus while the drummer and bass player are out of the country. Lena has one or two regular customers. One of them begins following her, stalking her, spying on her. She isn't aware of what's going on. This customer has even rented the flat next to Lena's and regularly videotapes her in the shower, in the bathroom, masturbating, having sex...whatever she happens to be doing, this admirer has a tape of it.  Over time the images on the tapes grow more and more desperate with Lena pressing the boundaries, having more and more risky sex with strangers and dangerous people and resorting, when alone, to self mutilation to make the pain go away. The admirer realizes that something must be done and so, the next time she is home alone, the admirer breaks in and begins restraining her at night, or anytime she is alone, so that she doesn't have an opertunity to hurt herself. At first Lean hates her admirer for it but over time she begins to appreciates why she is being restrained and why it's for her own good. The admirer begins to do more then watch and restrain, and begins to actively have sex with Lena, telling her how much she means to the admirer and how, in time, she will enjoy it as much as the admirer does. 


Katsumi had a good life. She was dating a great guy, had lots of friends, and in general was quite happy. Then she found her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend. Devastated, she decided to get back at them by summoning a demon and having that demon destroy their lives. Unfortunately, the spell she uses goes awry and instead of pulling the demon into her plane of existence it does the reverse, stranding her in the demon's plane of existence. The demon is amused by her attempting to summon him and decides to keep her a pet for himself and his followers. But first, she must travel through the demon's plane to his tower, being used by his followers and their pets, human and otherwise, on her journey.

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Offline SilentScreamsTopic starter

Re: Current Desires (F/Herm, F/M, F/F)
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2012, 03:14:31 PM »
Updated: Debt taken and Admirer added.

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Re: Current Desires (F/Herm, F/M, F/F)
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2012, 08:10:35 AM »
I think Punishment has been taken too, but it's mutated into a group RP with two women characters (me as sidekick and chambermaid to the lead character, played by the OP, and we're both in for a hot, rough and bothering ride). The demon jailor has also been found, but others might be invited as co-assailants and more or less human henchmen. Coming soon to a forum near you!  :D
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Offline SilentScreamsTopic starter

Re: Current Desires (F/Herm, F/M, F/F)
« Reply #3 on: May 03, 2012, 09:06:18 PM »
Updated: Punishment taken and Lolita added.

Anyone interested in playing a guest role in Punishment should PM gaggedLouise or myself. Lots of rolls for everyone and whatever anyone may want to do to our poor characters.