Cirque De Sang Et De Flammes: Circus Of Blood And Fire (Recruiting)

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Are You Ready To Join The Circus?

Ring Mistress's Annoucement:

Baseball.  Boxing.  Theatre.  Circus.  Even the American Dream has begun to fade away into something of an antiquity.  Sure, baseball still has relevance, but there was a time when it was America when the family would crowd around the radio, loving every word told and imagining it with every description. What was classic is now looked at as an old timer’s game, a brutal sport, a gay man’s enjoyment, a pastime to please the children, and worst of all an imagining of people who are either dead or in senior citizen’s home. Antiquity has lost its importance.

But antiquity is what made this world what it is today.  We have forgotten about the fundamentals of the American society. Things that dominated life only a century ago. We flock to mass media, the internet, our smart phones, and we forget what it is like to watch acts that require more commitment then most of us could ever realize.  We complain about our athletes if they are not perfect. Entertainment is largely based upon cheap thrills and what is exciting at that very moment.  What happened to the spirit of America?

And most important, what happened to the circus?  The Wringling Brothers promise you the greatest show on earth, and when you go you find yourself looking at the same show that has been shown for fifty years.  The only truly relevant circus is Cirque Du Soleil, but to see a show with a family of four you must give a full week’s pay.  The circus was meant to be something that was for everyone.  For the small towns as well as the large cities.  For the poor and for the rich.  Something to captivate the minds and bring them into a world of impossibilities.  Now, we see CGI on theatre screens that can bring real people into computer animated world.  We forget what impossible means.  To the world at large, human feats are nothing more than statistics that most of America does not care about.  I ask you just a few questions.

Have you ever witnessed a person go up in flames, with your own eyes, and walk out unscathed?  Have you ever witnessed a women fly through the air forty feet above a hard dirt floor without a single fear of hitting it?  How about somebody guide ferocious beast without the need for a cage, or gunman waiting to shoot them dead if they acted out in the least?  You have not witnessed the spirit of a circus.  For decades upon decades, the spirit of the circus had died.

Important Points

The Setting

The circus has now found a new meaning.  No longer is it something advertised; no longer is it something you buy tickets to in advance.  Elizabeth’s circus is something that she dreamed about as a kid.  It arrives unexpectedly by train.  It sets up shop in a flat, vacant field.  You only find out about it because it is there, and you only go because it is something new and exciting.  You do not receive emails about it, and you are not given a description of its acts.  You are met upon the street by classic posters, showing different drawn acts performing their feats.  You go expecting excitement, and you leave a changed person.

Upon arriving at the circus, you are met at a makeshift fence with stakes driven into the ground along with a thin rope acting as a false deterrent.  The fee is minimal, and the only thing surprising is that you are not allowed to bring your phones, or cameras, or anything of the of like.  The banner outside the big tent states one simple thing. “Find yourself within Antiquity.” And there is a woman upon it, spinning fire with flames licking at her flesh.  You enter and are not assaulted by familiarities.  Instead, you find a whole new world.

Those within the circus have joined it for a very simple reason.  They wished an escape from the world they had either grown tired of, or realized to be a farce.  The acts were all self-taught, and then honed to perfection under Elizabeth’s hand.  Every member of the circus was loyal to their dying breath, because they had been infected by the spirit that drove the circus.  They accepted being isolated from the world around them. They accepted living without “modern amenities” because they had found a family that was more loyal to them then their own ever could be.

The members of the circus have agreed to an oath, stating their dying blood was invested within the family and the concept of allowing others to escape reality, if only for one night.  The members were closer than any group of people ever could be, they had a stark realization of the world around them.  Social networking led to social paralysis, you talked to your “friends” more often online then in real life.  They understood the world went to hell in ones and zeros, and threw it all away for something natural.

It was the spirit of the circus that kept them bound.  A spirit which had died nearly a century ago, and had been resurrected by Elizabeth. Those who had been with the circus long enough to see it form has felt it grow.  They felt the power that flowed through their veins as she enticed the spirit forth, before one night risking her life to capture it.  The spirit of the circus now belonged to her, but it was shared to all every time they performed.  The crowd themselves felt it, but they fed into it and made it more powerful.  The members of the circus felt a high, no matter how new or old.  The acts themselves were given a taste of the spirit, and with their performances they perfected acts that were not meant to be perfect.  The spirit was a tangible thing, and Elizabeth controlled it.

The shows were best described as magic.  The crowd felt as though they were within a dream, the acts felt as though they were in a trance, the clowns danced and performed as though their bodies were liquid and knew every eye of the crowd wanted them without understanding why, be it lust or admiration, they all wanted the clown.  The hands got the best high of all, because they had constructed the entire show and within it they knew that they were perfect.  The shows ended, and as the crowd left, the members drank in the euphoria of a perfect night.

The celebrations after will something that the outside world would never, and could never understand.  The wrought sexual tension that strange from person to person until it strung a web of community.  Every word meant more then it should, every touch felt better then it could.  The clowns danced from member to member, giving a taste of flesh or a word of wonder to make them all feel great.  The acts looked around them at their family, knowing without even the lowliest of them they could have never accomplished their dreams show after show.  The hands licked their lips after every drink, every smoke, and knew that in any other circus they would not be allowed into such a spectacle.  In this one, they were doted upon and treated as equals and gods.

The allure of flesh, the bond of family, and the secrecy of deviancy was what kept them together.  A single word what occurred within these meetings could easily have the circus shut down, but not a one ever pondered the idea.  Betraying family was as good as betraying themselves, and they always knew that Elizabeth kept a watchful eye.

It was unfortunate then that on one late evening on the last night of a show, Lawrence showed up.  The bliss and perfection that had always been there seemed to falter, because suddenly the man who should be in Elizabeth’s position decided to throw his opinions into the bag…Elizabeth’s perfection now had a single fault, one she couldn’t simply kill off.

The Game Play
Though the game is advertised as a circus, the actual acts are not going to be the main roleplaying point.  If that were the case than the acts would own the entire game, and that is not something I wish to have. Once the game has been established, then a separate thread will be given for the acts.  It will be the actual circus, which will be performed within a particular phase.  As the main show goes on, as will the celebration.  This way all three character types will be able to play at the same time. 

A good bulk of the writing will occur around group events.  Namely the set up for shows, and the celebrations after.  This will be where all of the characters, both NPCed and PCed will engage in one group activity.   It is not something that will be turn by turn, as I am sure characters will split off at the celebration so that if two people are writing with one another they will not have to wait for everyone to post.  You will only have to wait for those whose post are relevant to your current scene.  We will also be using a strict tagging system which will be addressed later.

As for the most important part in my personal opinion, the amount of content dedicated to sexual roleplay as opposed to story role play.  This is a story based game, and though sexual themes are more than welcomed I do not wish to see the game turn into orgies at every group event.  Sex is to be kept within the storyline itself, and it will be regulated in the manner that if I witness characters meet for the first time and then go and screw, I will take the matter into a private setting and discuss it.  I am not telling you your characters cannot engage, hell I intend to engage with both of mine, but as soon as I witness a typist focus more upon the sexual aspect than the story then there will be a warning, and if it is not followed, you will be removed.

As I do not intend for this to be a massive game and plan upon selecting perhaps ten typist tops, then I have had to figure out a way to deal with people who leave willingly and are forced to do so.  That means that within the circus, no position is safe.  The moment that Elizabeth finds a person no longer useful, or otherwise a nuisance, she will see to it that they are removed.  This is going to be something that is well known to all who join the circus, and should be noted by typist.

The posting rate of the group is also quite important.  I understand that the muse does not always go along with the writer, but within this story I wish the muse and the writer to at least agree with one another.  This means I do not want a writer who will post once a week, as it means that parts of the game will be incredibly delayed.  I wish for you to post at least once every three days.  My idea of perfection would be once a day, but even I may not be capable of doing that so it is not a requirement.  However, if you do join, and are consistently slow to respond then I will have to drop you.  I do not wish to have this game move at a snails pace, and I am sure other writers understand that.

The rules in and of themselves are simple.  Anyone who has been role playing for any period of times knows the basic rules that apply to every game, and they apply to this one as well.  I wish for this to be a game that can entice people’s muses, can draw them into the web of the story and help us all move forward.  If you decide to join this group and know the basic things I have just stated, then I see absolutely no problems ahead.  I am an incredibly accepting and understanding GM, to a point where some fault me for it, so as long as you are not grossly negligent you should have nothing to worry about.
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History of The Circus

In the mid-1970s

The last travelling circus had seemed to meet its end.  They lacked the means to keep up with the growing demand, and everything from their acts to their animals began to grow tired and hungry.  Over time the talent had begun to fade, until there were only a handful of has-beens left.  Those who had once knew the glory of the circus had grown old, but the owner of the circus refused to let them go.  He had been with them for decades, and had been hoping for five years that they could find young people who wished to dedicate their lives to an old tradition.  He had bled money for two years, and was ready to fold. 

One evening a twenty seven year old man by the name of Gerald approached the old circus owner.  He requested to have a drink, and told him a story.  The story was true, and he told the man that he had seen his show at the end of its prime, twenty one years ago.  He asked a lot more questions then he answered.  But he heard what he needed…The core of the show he had seen were still in the circus, though no longer performing.  He offered the circus owner a deal, he would pay off the man’s debts and give him fifty percent of profits made if the man parted with the deed to everything he owned within the circus.  The quickness with the acceptance let him know he probably could have taken it over with just paying the debts, but he wanted the owner to profit.  That evening twenty one years ago had changed his life.

Gerald had fallen into a large amount of old money shortly after he graduated college with a business degree.  After purchasing the circus, the first thing he did was give everyone on staff a year’s worth of pay as a bonus.  His only request was that they put new life into the circus.  Gerald began to take the circus from city to city, town to town, even village to village.  That first year, he lost more money then he had paid for the circus.  He considered the loss worthwhile, and he gave the previous owner half of profits earned from ticket sales(not counting his own loss against him.)  His acts were paid well, the few travelling hands he had were paid twice minimum wage.

Over the next twenty five years, the travelling circus thrived as much as such a small show could.  Yet, on consistent bases, the more popular he got the more important his acts became.  And the best of the best always ended up getting recruited into bigger shows, Namely The Wringling Fucking Brothers.  He could barely go to one of their shows without watching one of his former acts defame everything he had helped teach them for more money.

Yet his ability to draw in new and fresh talent never dwindled.  It was odd how when the second millennium came to be, more and more people wished to join the circus.  But even his expanse of wealth began to dwindle.  He watched his dream begin to bleed him dry.  He knew that if things didn’t change quickly, then he would end up just like the last owner.  Sacrificing more and more of the show in order to break even.  He began to drink.

January 2005

It was the day before the first show.  Gerald’s veins were itching in anticipation, nervousness, fear.  This was the biggest city his show had performed in in ten years.  55,376 according to the sign the trucks drove past.  He chose to go out to a local bar to get an idea of the people.  Every bar made his stomach fill with knots, until he found one who had promised a show beyond belief.  Something that would make people gasp and scream in fear and anticipation.  His original idea of a circus.  He walked in, sat down and ordered a Gin and Tonic (Heavy on the gin, he asked.)

Then they walked on stage.  They both had a beauty to them, and also a certain amount of strangeness.  He was dressed in dark grey slacks with downward pin strips, a white button up with long sleeves, and a dark grey vest which would match perfectly…But the pin strips were horizontal.  She had on blood red dress that was loose fitting beneath the waist, and form fitting at the top.  Namely because she wore her corset over the dress.  Gerald smiled, because none of it made any sense at all.

Fire erupted.  Three inch balls on strings were set on fire, they both handled at least two per hand.  They were whipped around in the air, at every spin nearly hitting the clothing.  They began to shoot the balls of flame at one another, the absolute perfectness of the choreography was brilliant.  He had been teaching his acts for decades, and he had never seen something like this.  He hadn’t gasped or screamed, until one of the balls of flames hit to the right of the woman.  Suddenly an eruption of flame shot up, he heard her scream.  It was fake, and he still gasped in horror.  Next thing he knew they were shooting the balls beside one another, every time flame erupted.

They made what, fifty dollars a show?  He could make fifty dollars a ticket off of this.  He hired them both on the spot.

February 2005-2008. 

Lawrence and Elizabeth had proven very quickly that Gerald had made an incredible decision in hiring them.  He had placed them as an opening act for the main attraction in the big tent, something that most of the acts resented.  Then they actually got to witness what the two were capable of.  Every show was full of flame, burns, violence, and a tension between the two that was absolutely palpable.  The crowd saw it as hostility, as with every part of the act they went at each other more and more ferociously.  Those within the circus came to realize that they were consistently attempting to better the other one, to prove that they were the superior fire handler.  It went back and forth on who “won” the competition, but more often then not, it was Lawrence.

The two ended up as the main act six months into their being there.  There had been acts a decade old who still had not tasted the big tent, and they all accepted being passed over…Lawrence and Elizabeth were simply better.  They had become the main attraction of the show, and for the first time in over twenty years the crowds at each town they arrived in began to whisper about the flame throwers.  There was a sign outside of every tent stating that cameras were not allowed…In every tent, that was enforced, but when Elizabeth and Lawrence took the stage Gerald allowed them.  The internet had become an easy way to market the show, and YouTube had video after video of the two.

A year later, and Lawrence was quickly on his way to becoming the Ring Master.  He had a way with the audience that was absolutely profound.  He was good with enticing the crowd, and he was better at backing up his bold statements with his beautiful partner in flames.  They saw more money in the next six months then the circus had seen since it had begun.  More and more money, and Gerald celebrated more and more.  He drank more and more.  He more or less gave the show to his main act.  Lawrence directed, and Elizabeth began to bring in talent.

The circus was once again thriving.  By the end of 2008 every show was sold out, from the major acts to the small ones.  Elizabeth’s brilliantce with bringing in new talent showed itself, and Lawrence was a master of the crowd.  There was no doubt in Gerald’s mind that the circus would thrive until the day that he died.

September, 2008.

Elizabeth's obsession with the circus had gone above and beyond what it had been when she had been recruited.  She had joined simply blissful to be a part of it.  As her and Lawrence’s show began to grow in fame, she wanted more.  She loved her circus, do not doubt that, but she believed that she and Lawrence could do a hell of a lot more for the circus then what Gerald was allowing them.  He had stepped back from directing and controlling the acts, but he still demanded on the logistics.  As his drinking became worse and worse, the towns became more and more confusing.  By September, they entered more villages than cities.  They could perform ten shows in a village and get the same number of viewers that they could draw in one night from a city.  She had enough.

She had sat down and talked with Lawrence one evening.  She had told him that a change had to come, and he agreed.  She and Lawrence had always had an odd relationship.  They were in love with one another, but it was never romantic.  Nor was it platonic.  It was some strange symbiotic relationship that thrived with time.  They were intimate, but rarely sexual.  They slept nude in the same bed, but it was always something of understanding and not sexuality.  She told Lawrence that evening that she had to seduce Gerald, to gain control over him, and gain ownership of the circus.

Lawrence took a while before he accepted it.  They both did not like the idea, but they knew that the larger picture was the most important.  The next evening, she made her first advance on Gerald.  It was nothing more than a promise of something else.  The rest of September she continued to tease the old man, playing at his emotions and desires until he was drunk enough for her to leave without him remembering.

January, 2009.

By then Elizabeth had played the old man beyond recognition.  In his mind, they had slept together many times.  They never actually had, she would feed him liquor until he blacked out and the next day brag about how incredible he was in bed.  She had thought that she had done absolutely everything right.  She had not realized that the old man would think that sex was something more then it was…He began to believe that he was in love with her.  Hell, maybe he was, but she didn’t understand how someone who could no longer function sober could truly interpret his feelings.

She had grown more and more distant from Lawrence.  They were still the best of friends, but she was no longer able to sleep in his bed.  She often left Gerald’s tent far too late and didn’t wish to wake him, so she found her own bed.  Gerald had eyes on her, and she had been too daft to realize that he might do such a thing.  She made her biggest mistake a month later.

February, 2009.

Elizabeth had just finished her last show in a small city in Texas.  She had noticed that Gerald had not attended, but she had not thought much of it.  He had shown up every show in the past few weeks glassy eyed and looking as though he wanted to vomit.  She knew the day would come when he just didn’t wake up in time, or was too hung over to actually come.  She thought that that was what tonight was.  So she used it to her advantage, and she found herself in Lawrence’s bed for the first time in what seemed like years.

She finally felt at home again.  She had sex with Lawrence that night in the first time in a year.  It was the most gratifying experience she had had in as long as she could remember.  She hadn’t realized exactly how much she had missed him, not only his presence but his body.  His companionship.  She left his tent the next morning with a smile and a kiss to the cheek, promising to see him again soon.

As she approached her tent to get changed, one of the oldest of the circus hands approached her.  He was fifty eight, grey haired, 6’3, and still built like a linebacker.  Even if the muscle seemed softer than it should be. “Gerald wants to see you, Liz.” She gave the man a cutting look, no one called her Liz except Gerald, and she pretended not to hate it then. “Call me by my real name or I’ll have you fired.  Let me change.” “He told me to call you Liz, and no, you will be coming with me right now.” He grabbed her by the arm and placed an iron like grip.  She had no choice but to follow.  She noticed a few of the older circus hands walking in the direction of Lawrence’s tent, and never for a moment realized what that meant.

It was two in the afternoon.  Gerald should still be passed out for at least five hours.  But he sat there, sober eyed for the first time in six months.  “Fuck.” She whispered to herself.  He looked up to her with a frightening expression, before the man released her arm and took a few steps behind her.  She did not speak, she kept denying why she had been brought here.

“You fucked him last night.” Gerald was straight to the point.  Elizabeth’s lips went to speak, and she was quickly shut up by Gerald’s strong voice. “Do not deny it, the man behind you heard you moan his name.” Gerald rose to his feet and was almost instantly upon her, he struck her with a backhand to the cheek.  She was stunned for a moment, and tears ran down her cheeks.  She hardly remembered the rest of the conversation.

Lawrence never returned to the circus.  No one but Elizabeth, Gerald, and the man who had heard it all knew what happened to him.  Most believed him to have fled.  It took no more than two hours for it to leak out that she had “cheated” on Gerald, and for the next six months she received pity from those she had brought in, and hatred from those Gerald had managed to keep.

October, 2010.

After Lawrence left, Gerald changed.  He began to cut pay, cut food consumption, cut absolutely everything.  Suddenly the circus he had did everything he could to save was once again falling into shambles, while he sat on a large stack of money and did everything he could to drink it away.  For the first three months, Elizabeth simply found pity in herself.  But when she started to see her talent lack, and more important, the animals was fed worse and worse, she realized that things had to change.

She betrayed her own morals and gave herself to Gerald.  She groveled in apology, she wept for him, she gave him her body.  She allowed herself to be a martyr for a dying circus.  She would not let it die.  She refused.

By September she had succeeded in gaining Gerald’s trust.  He believed in her whole heartedly, he believed that she loved him.  She managed to convince him in late September that he should draw up a will.  She remembered telling him that he needed to ensure his dream lived on, that if anything horribly tragic happened to him that he could not let the show be auctioned off.  The will stated that she owned 49% of the circus, and upon his unfortunate death she would get full ownership.

On a late October night, she decided she had had enough.  One of the show horses had collapsed of starvation during the middle of a show.  One of hers had broken her leg under the horses weight.  The show ended abruptly, and she waited a half an hour after the crowd had left to compose herself.  She went into Gerald's tent, and he was already black out drunk.  She picked up a full bottle of gin, tied his arms to the chair he sat in, and fed him enough liquor(Most of which by force) to ensure he would never wake up.

November, 2010.

The police had not been kind to her.  They had forty eight hours to question her, and they made sure that she slept in a cold cell without a blanket for two nights before she was brought in for questioning on hour forty six.  They were quick and to the point. “So how did you kill him?” “Kill him!?  I loved the man, ask anyone!” “We asked everyone, and most of them said that you were in their bed that evening.” They gave her an alibi that was not the same as her own.  Her alibi was that she was with the girl who had had her leg broken under the horse, and the girl had said it was true.  It was also true that the mass of the talent she had brought in had stated she was fucking them.  “Then isn’t it obvious?  He thought I was a whore, just as you do.  He could not deal with the anguish, and he drank himself to death.  I am sure that everyone you spoke to said he was a horrible drunk.  Why on earth am I even here?” They were dealing with a performer.  She performed perfectly, she seemed shocked they would ever even think she could have killed the bastard.

They had halfhearted hopes she would confess.  She didn’t.  She was granted full rights to the circus. The circus was ready. It was ready to achieve what she had set it out to do from the moment she began to cut them off from reality


When Elizabeth took over everything changed.  Old, dead weight was fired.  The three men who had been involved in her and Lawrence’s events had been severely punished, and then left to walk a hundred miles to the nearest town in 100 degree weather.  She hoped that none of them never survived.  The wealth that she had been given with Gerald’s death ensured that the circus didn’t see a show for the next two months.  They found the outskirts of a small town near a large Train Station and settled.  The horse that had collapsed in exhaustion had been rehabilitated and was given to a youth group who wanted to teach young children how to ride horses.  The trainer, who had fallen beneath him, could not longer perform, but was given a management job to help Elizabeth’s next animal trainer.  All of her animals and workers were well fed, and she purchased a train with quite a few train cars.

All of her talent remained on staff.  Some were relinquished of their jobs for better talent.  They began to travel the train instead of the cars and semis that they had used before.  She spent her first six months doing the same small shows that Gerald had done, but she had done it for a reason.  The small tents and dirt covered floors were to prove a point.  The small crowds, the small acts, they were to remind her talent what the circus was about.  They were forced to realize that a circus meant nothing without its crowd.  Instead of thirty shows like Gerald had had, she had about a dozen.  But every one was incredible.  Every one excited the crowd to a frenzy.  For the first time in a hundred years, the Spirit of the circus was being remembered.  Show after show, the acts grew better and better.  She was happy to take the lead, the Ring Mistress performing with her fire like a mad woman with a cause.  She felt the Spirit grow and grow, build into her veins.

The Circus was ready.  It was ready to achieve what she had set it out to do from the moment she began to cut them off from reality.  None of them knew what the outside world was like, she ensured that.  They were not allowed to leave the grounds she set without express permission.  Nothing battery operated was allowed to enter the grounds of her circus.  She had cut them off from everything modern, and put them back into the reality of what she believed a circus should be.

One tent.  Twelve shows.  Two hours.  Ten thousand people.  The first act was simple, but still something the Wringling fucking Brothers could put in their show.  The next were clowns, but her clowns.  Clowns that spoke more of the ages of burlesque then the annoying and sometimes frightening ones that most circuses showed.  This night they remained a family show, though even the children realized that they were enticed by what they saw.

Then it was her turn.  She stood behind the curtains, hearing the crowd outside erupt.  Her clowns had left right and left of her, giving the best show of their lives.  The Spirit had began to flow within all of them.  Now it was her turn to walk out and give a show that could kill her, and if she had it in her to give that…Then she could capture the spirit.  The curtains billowed as she walked out of them, and walked to the center of the stage.

“My darling followers, what you have seen tonight is everything that a circus should be.  Excitement.  Thrills.  Acts of genius.  And fear.  But the death defying acts that you have seen thus far…” She was looking around the crowd the entire time she spoke, right to left, left to right.  Finally her eyes shut, and her gaze lowered to the floor. “Will seem like child's play, what I will give you now will change your thoughts on what a human is able to achieve and survive.”

All of her time, she had never used more then four flaming balls, six spots of gunpowder, and a half gallon of gasoline spread in random places…Tonight she had ensured her own death, because three times the gasoline, eight more spots of gunpowder, and two more balls were added.  She smiled death in the eyes as she looked forward, lit a match, and threw it in front of her.

The match never met its arc.  She closed her eyes and began.  She knew the stage, she knew where every hazard was, and she figured that seeing herself walk into hell itself would cause her to pause.  The first ball hit the match, it lit.  Then the second, the third before she knew it the sixth.  No matter how long in the future you asked her, she would swear that the show had only lasted ten seconds.  It had lasted ten minutes.  She rolled with the Spirit of the circus, she never realized that without it she would be dead.  She never realized that she would have been burnt to a crisp within the first minute.  She had never seen herself perform.  All she knew was that when she was done, her eyes opened.  She felt a ripple of power.  She felt the crowd, every last person, and she felt herself draw more and more power.

Six months later she understood that the Spirit had grown powerful enough to share.  If they went into a city of 50,000, then in seven shows 200,000 showed up.  She realized she was now holding onto a gift…Every scar that she had happily gained performing with Lawrence had healed itself.  She had tested her limits, and placed her palm over an open flame.  She felt the heat, but she never burned.  She had taken this circus over for a reason.  Slowly, she began to give her gift to others.  Only the best of the best received a small bottle, which looked like water but felt like air…When they received the gift, then their act was not only easy…It was seamless.
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Step Right Up For a Place In The Circus

This is something that is not going to be 100% promised.  There are only so many of what I assume is going to be the most favored of choices, the Acts themselves, and I am going to do more or less a lottery for who gets what.  Not everyone can play an act, but the point of this game is that the acts are no more important than the people who clean up after them.  It is a group effort, and every person is as valuable as the next. With that being stated, these are the major groups.

The acts
I am going to go with most of the standard circus acts, though some will be NPCed.  If you wish to portray an act, then you will have to give me a reason as to why you could properly play them.  This means if you wish to, say, be the animal handler, then I will ask for a post that shows you can handle it.  These characters also have an undeniable binding to the circus.  Each selected act is given a portion of the Circus Spirit that Elizabeth managed to capture.  This means they are eternally bound to the circus, and their only way to leave is through death itself.  The only real character trait that is required for all acts is that they may never consider themselves better then anyone else in the circus.  They may be arrogant, but they must be arrogant over themselves and not their talents.

The Clowns
Clowns have always been an important part of the circus.  The clowns we know and love today fantasize about the clowns that Elizabeth’s circus hire.  They do their shows as dances, guised up in makeup that does not attempt to make them look humorous but instead make them look alluring.  Think Harley Quinn in the Batman video games.  They give a near burlesque show for the big shows, but also make most of their money in side shows where they go full out burlesque.  This is not a female only job, men are just as welcomed as the girls.  Within the roleplay, these characters play important filler.  They are the middle ground, the friendly ones, and the most important part of maintaining the sexual draw of the group scenes.  Elizabeth herself has the demeanor of one of her clowns, and is therefore their trainer.  These characters are vital in making connections, and taking the role means that you must be comfortable initiating contact with other writers as well as building bridges between characters.  To earn this position, you must give a post of the character displaying the habits needed.

The Circus Hands
This would appear to be the least alluring choice, but as I have stated, within the context of play they are treated as exact equals to all but the Ring Mistress. These are the most important characters in the circus, because the acts could not perform if the hands did not do their job, the Clowns would have to deal with rowdy patrons without their protection.  These characters are the most human and most natural of all who are within the circus.  They are the much needed balance between the eccentrics of the Clowns and Acts, and without them the roleplay would fail.

Hierachy in the Circus

Old Timers
These are those who have been with the circus since it belonged to Gerald.  They are by far the most trusted to Elizabeth, as they backed her and took her side when hell broke loose.  They are the most rewarded, and easily forgiven.  This lot mainly consist of Circus Hands, as most of the acts(All but NPCed) and the clowns were let go as they did not agree with Elizabeth’s changes.  For these characters, background must be established with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's Talent
These are, as obvious, the people that Elizabeth brought in once she had control of the talent.  They are her favorite, and because of this, they are the most scrutinized and expected to be perfect.  All acts will be her talent, with the exception of the possibility of new acts being brought in to replace NPCs.  A good number of the clowns will also take up this pool, though few Circus hands will.  To become this, the initial meeting between Elizabeth and the talent must be figured out and written.

The New talent
These are characters who are fresh to the circus.  They are the most free of characters, as they are brought in without any prior history and are allowed to be written in whichever way that the typist wishes.  This includes potential acts, clowns, and hands.  The acts brought in under this class will have to earn it, and will not yet have the Spirit gifted.  The clowns will more or less be hazed.  To make it blunt, anyone with a pension for humiliation through voyeurism would enjoy being a clown under this class.  The hands will have a hard time, as they will not have an easy go at gaining acceptance.  The hands under this class will get the worst jobs, but if they accomplish them without frowning, it will not be long before they are equals.  Hands under this class are the only part of the circus that are not equal, because they are not trusted and often killed if they do not make par.

Character Sheet

[float=right][img height=200][/img][/float]
[b]Home State:[/b]
[b]Desired Role:[/b] Would you like to be an act, a clown, or one of the circus hands?
[b]Place of Hierarchy:[/b] Is your character an old timer, one of Elizabeth's talent, or the new talent?

[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Physical Description:[/b] 


[b]Brief History:[/b]

[b]Introduction Post:[/b] This is the section where, in character, you describe your character's reasoning for wanting to join the circus and everything leading them to the point where they approach Elizabeth requesting work. New Talent can be clowns, acts, or circus hands.

[b]Likes:[/b] (nonsexual)
[b]Dislikes:[/b] (nonsexual)
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Name: Elizabeth Sawyer
Age: 28
Home State: Province, Thank you.  Quebec.
Role: Ring Mistress
Place of Hierarchy: Yours truly.

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'4
Weight: 108
Physical Description:  Her body had once been scarred in more places then she bothered to count, and tattooed about everywhere else.  With the Spirit, both the scars and tattoos disappeared.  Her skin is flawless, and quite pale.

Personality: She is two people put into one body, and all have the ability to see both sides.  However, the side that they wish to see is the side that she most often conveys.  She is social, friendly, and physical.  Her idea of social and physical boundaries are non existent, thus she says what she wishes and touches whom she wishes within her family.  She is charismatic, and a natural leader.  However the other side is one you only see when you have done something wrong.  That side is incredibly vindictive, and very passive aggressive.  She will look you in the eye with a sweet smile while subtly telling you to change your ways or find yourself dead.  She is also incredibly selfish, and while she wishes the best for the circus she believes that the circus is hopeless without her.  So the best needs of the circus are often the needs of herself.

Brief History: Prior to the circus, she had grown up within the french parts of Quebec.  Absolutely nothing is known of her time there to any other than Lawrence, and the only real reminder of her youth lay within her accent, which was still French Canadian.

Introduction Post: (See Circus History)

Likes: Herself.  Her circus.  Her family.  The roar of the crowd, and the power of the spirit.  To be doted upon.  Obedience.  A persons ambitions to achieve more then most would believe them capable of.  The scent of marijuana.  The happiness of her family.
Dislikes: The modern world.  The taste of marijuana.  Hecklers.  Betrayal.  Greed.  Fear of ones own shortcomings.
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Name: Lawrence Hawkins
Age: 30
Home State: Alabama
Role: Act, Partner to Elizabeth
Place of Hierarchy: Would be Ring Master, Currently Elizabeths Talent

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: 186
Physical Description:  Thin, but still with a touch of muscle.  Burn scars along his arms, and portions of his body.  No tattoos or piercings.

Personality: Loyal.  Protective.  Believes in his causes, no matter the opposition.  Quite, but approachable and social.  Blunt.  Fearless.  Stubbornly selfless.

Brief History: All but those who had known Lawrence know nothing about him.  Those who knew him that remain in the circus know that he was dedicated hopelessly to making it succeed.  They know very little of his past, beyond that he was from Alabama and has "Little family to speak of", never giving anything more.  He always preferred the betterment of the group over the success of Gerald.  While with the circus, he spoke cryptically about Gerald starving the mass of the circus for his own ends.  Lawrence always seemed to dislike Gerald, but he respected the man for the simple fact that he was his boss.

Introduction Post: Lawrence had never anticipated going back.  The day that he had been thrown out of the circus, he had decided that he would never bother with attempting to join it again.  In fact he had contemplated joining The Wringling Brothers out of spite…But his spite could never outlay his loyalty.  He had given far to much to Geralds circus to ever join the enemy, even if the enemy seemed a bit friendlier.  All he knew was that he wasn’t given a reason for being removed, even when he asked the men who escorted him out.  It wasn’t hard to put two and two together, Gerald had found out that he had slept with Elizabeth and wanted him gone.  He actually felt a bit of debt to the man, typically he would have been killed.  At least he had some loyalty to the man who had been the key factor in reviving the circus.

He was in a southern town one evening, tending to a glass of scotch.  He had became a travelling teacher of sorts.  He went from town to town, and for a minimal fee he trained people in the art of fire spinning.  He received everything from housewives to adventurous young adults(He refused anyone under 18, it was too dangerous.)  He made just enough to get by, and was okay with it.  While he sat at the bar, a family walked in talking about a circus.  He had only arrived this afternoon, by which time the posters had been taken down.  They spoke of an incredible act, and went on and on about the brilliant woman who made fire seem harmless.

He paid his bill and left.  He felt a pull within him.  He had felt an odd tingling when that family had entered but wasn’t sure what it was.  Nor was he sure what let him know exactly what direction he should walk in.  It was a rather warm evening, and the scent of the air was nearly intoxicating.  He knew he was riding some sort of high, he blamed it on the scotch.  Then he found himself at the outskirts of the circus.  It was just a single tent, and he arrived in time to witness a large banner fall to the ground as a number of stage hands carried it to a train and disappeared.  He had seen the face of the Ring Mistress.  He felt the high grow more and more as he stood this close. “You found it.”

Lawrence walked through the canvas doors of the big tent.  Everything was still in tact.  He knew within twelve hours it would be broken down and readied for packing.  In the center of the ring sat Elizabeth upon a three foot high three foot wide circular stage, she was facing the opposite way, but he knew it was her.  His skin was tingling and the hairs on the back of his neck rose.  He began to walk towards her, and he heard her sigh. “Lawrence.  I never thought you would come back.” He had no idea how she knew who it was, he had no idea that the spirit was speaking to her.  After all, he had been the one to begin the process of finding it.  He had failed.  Even though he hated Elizabeth, he was still happy she did.

He stopped twenty feet from where she sat.  The dim lights around them made it hard for him to see her.  But she slid from the stage and walked towards him.  He knew every inch of her body.  But what he had known was not what he now witnessed.  She was wearing a blood red dress, with slits where they needed to be to make every man want her.  He may hate her, but the dress still had the same effect on him.  What was odd was that not a scar showed, nor did a single tattoo.  She was perfect, and she seemed to glow.  She stood still, knowing what this new vision of her would do to him.  He was in awe.  Finally after half a minute he spoke. “Ten years ago we set out to recapture the spirit of the circus we both mourned.  Venue after venue, no matter how small or large, we offered ourselves to the spirit in order to bring it back.  Three years ago you betrayed me.  How close were we?”  Hostile words were spoken in a curious voice.  It didn’t matter what had happened.  The spirit was alive and apparently thriving.  He needed to know how before he cared why.

Elizabeth smiled and paused, at this point they were two Ring Masters squaring off.  But he was teaching soccer moms and she was astounding thousands.  Finally she stepped towards him, and stopped five feet in front of him. “Gerald is dead.” She said. “I know.” Lawrence. “I killed him.” “I figured.  How much longer after?” Elizabeth smiled.  She hadn’t anticipated Lawrence to keep up on current events.  Elizabeth shook her head, he had a faint idea of why but he didn’t bother with saying anything.

“He left, and I changed things.  I made them as they should be.  I forced people to abandon the world outside and live within this world.  Two months and we began.  When I was leading the show, the spirit began immediately.  From that moment on talent came to me.  Whether it was the spirit that guided me to them, or the spirit that guided them to me.  About a year ago I captured it entirely.  It belongs to me now.  And it is why you were guided to my circus.” Her words were precisely stated to let him know she couldn’t have done it without him, while at the same time telling him from this point forward he couldn’t do it without her.  He had promised never to join this circus again.  But she possessed the spirit.  He hated the fact that she alone controlled it, but too much of his life had been given to finding it to walk away now. “Yes, Elizabeth, you control the spirit and that spirit guided me here.  If you would like to take dicks out and decide who’s is bigger then I am sure you know I’ll win.  But the important question is what comes from this?”

Elizabeth laughed softly at his words, while she would passively tear you apart Lawrence always had a way of putting it bluntly.  Elizabeth knew she now owned him, and reveled in that. “You accept your position as stage hand” Lawrence cut her off “Fuck you, I’ve always been better then you and you have always known it.” Elizabeth was at a loss for words.  Anyone else who spoke that way to her would be killed.  But she knew that he was right.  Elizabeth waited until the mix of anger and humility faded, and she spoke in a stern voice. “Then you accept that this circus is mine, and that as long as I own the spirit you will never be my equal.  You will be my partner at best.”  Elizabeth stepped towards him now, and stopped a few feet in front of him.  She bowed her head, tapped into the spirit that she had gained from this evening, and used to much.  At once a cape that didn’t exist swooped over her form, and a cloud of blinding and choking smoke emerged.

It took him a little while to recover.  With a soft cough he looked towards where Elizabeth should be, she was gone.  In her place lay a small bottle with a cork lid.  Lawrence stepped forward and picked it up.  The seconds his hand touched it, he felt that same high he now knew was the spirit.  This was her peace offering.  In has hand was a bottle of the spirit, and the knowledge that he either took it and became one of hers or never got to taste what it was.  The cork was removed, and the bottle lifted.  Nothing was tasted, it was only felt.  Fire ran through his veins.  When he opened his eyes, he saw flames bursting through his flesh.  He never felt pain, he didn’t burn.  All that he knew was that he had signed his life over to Elizabeth…And he refused to believe that he could not take her place.

The spirit belonged to the person who best embodied it’s meaning.  He had taught her, he had told her of the spirit of a circus, and by the end he would take it from her.

Likes: Loyalty.  Truth.  Bluntness.  Dedication.  Social graces.  Friendship.  Humility.
Dislikes: Betrayal.  Tyranny.  A person who pushes someones boundaries.  Prejudice.  Disbelief in ones self.  Selfishness.  Failure.
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Character for approval. ;)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Chloe Monroe Mallory
Age: 24
Home State: Kansas
Desired Role: Acts
Place of Hierarchy: Elizabeth's Talent
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Bluish-green
Height: 5'8
Weight: 125
Physical Description: She walks with grace at all times of the day. Even though it appears natural, she is often aware of every single step since she know the consequence of one wrong move. A broken arm or leg can be the end of her career. It also means the difference between glory or pity. Her hair comes to about the middle of her back when completely straightened though most times it hangs in loose curls. She has no piercings. There is only one small tattoo of the figure of a raven on her left shoulder. She is not one for jewelry since she doesn't have the patience to take care of it. She only wears a locket stolen from her mother before she left for a life in the circus.

Personality: She grew up in a place where manners and etiquette was essential to everyday living so she can't bring herself to be overly rude to people. She does not swear or behave in ways not befitting a lady. Instead, she gives people a taste of her mind and opinion of them tactfully through cleverly phrased words. Often times, it takes people a second or two to notice she has just insulted their entire family. It takes a lot to rile her up because of these reasons. She enjoys having fun with people since it helps take her mind off hurtful memories. She understands that there is nothing more important than perfecting her craft, but some days she just likes relaxing in the grass while thinking of things that could have or should have been. She know it's foolish, but sometimes she can't help herself at times.

Brief History: She grew up in a pretty large family in a small town. Everybody knew everybody, but that was fine with her. She went to school with her cousins and siblings every day. They would walk since it wasn't very far from their farm. Her mother always made sure they looked nice and tidy since she didn't want folks thinking they weren't being taken care of. Also, she didn't want the gossips down the street talking about them. She did pretty good in school though she shone outside on the monkey bars. She could hang from them longer than anyone else in her school year. Her daddy took her to the circus around when she was about six one year, and she feel in love with it from the moment they were there. The lights, people, and the noise. All of it seemed so surreal that she nearly peed myself in excitement.

When they got home, she annoyed him every day until he fixed up his own little replica of something she could swing around on. Just like the lady and man from the circus. As she got older, things became a bit more difficult between her folks when her pa lost his job. Money became tight, and her brothers were forced to find work outside of the farm to help support the family. Round then, her pa starting hitting her mother though she wouldn't dare say it to anyone outside of the house. He scared Chloe sometimes when he would drink until his head fell in a pool of his own vomit. Despite all this, she managed to practice out in her little swing even though her brothers had to change it over time to make sure she didn't end up hurting myself. That ended up happen just once, and her daddy got all crazy and decided to take all her equipment down. Her mama couldn't do nothing either so they just watched all her dreams disappeared. Or so he thought.

Introduction Post: It was in the middle of the night that Chloe Mallory left her house to go join the circus. She'd already had a big argument about it with her family, who did not approve of the idea. Yet still, it was her dream. A dream that had been watered for a long time since her first adventure across the school's monkey bars. Surprisingly, that dream did not turn out to be a glamorous as she imagined. Upon arriving, she was given a job as a circus hand. She was unable to go back home so she worked around with other people just like her. It was fun at times but still hard work since it took a lot of coordination for the circus to run properly. There was a lot of crying in the middle of the night too since it was her first time ever being away from home for an extended period of time. She was in between happy and almost mournful. It took everything she had not to go home and beg for forgiveness.

A couple of weeks past before one night after helping clean up the big tent, she went outside to see no one other than one of the stars of the circus. Elizabeth. It took a second or two for Chloe to feel comfortable until the woman took her back into the big tent. For some reason, she thought that Elizabeth wanted her to clean up something another circus hand left behind. Not tonight. The trapeze was still set up in its full glory. Well, from there, she was given an ultimatum of going up the ladder and soaring across blindfolded without a safety net or leaving the circus completely. There was no other choice since she was not welcomed back home. There were thoughts of ending up a broken pile of bones on the floor as she climbed up the ladder along with thinking this Elizabeth woman was some form of crazy for asking her to do such a thing. Before long, her vision was blocked by the blindfold, and there was the familiar weight of the bar in her hand. She could hear the sound of Elizabeth telling her to start along with the sound of the other bar being thrown through the air for her to catch. Chloe managed to propel herself through the air, grasping the bar by the tips of one of her hands. She nearly fell down, but pure strength allowed her to hold on before her other hand joined the first. This was her first performance in the circus.

Likes: Practicing, elephants, horses, music, routines, ladybugs, birds
Dislikes: rudeness, arrogance, bossiness


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Submitting for approval!

Julietta Rossi

Name: Julietta Rossi
Age: 24
Home State: Born in New York City, but never settled in one place very long.
Role: Trick rider and fortune teller
Place of Hierarchy: Elizabeth's Talent

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'5
Weight: 110
Physical Description: Long dark hair, her skin an olive coloring - reminiscent of her family's heritage. She is Romani and it shows in her features. Because of dancing and the acrobatic riding, her body is toned quite nicely. One can observe the rhythm in her walking, the sway of her hips. She has several tattoos and piercings on her body, the tattoos mostly in spots easily hidden.

Personality: Keeps mainly to herself, though is quite at ease around others, even if not speaking much. When she worked for her family she danced for part of their act and her profession of being able to look into another person's life has allowed her to be confident in her body as well as her mind. She seems to have a special bond with the animals of the circus, sometimes finding herself with the animal handlers during off hours, feeding and caring the the creatures.

Brief History: Her family are from a long line of circus people, mostly working with horses - Zingaro Acrobatics. Her brother, Caleb, now works the horse ring with his fiancee, leaving Julietta to do what the women in their family do - read fortunes. She had her own tent, working with the crystal ball for the tourists, the tarot cards for the ones who actually are in need of help. She left the circus her parents and brother still work for after a falling out with the owner - and the fact that he couldn't keep his hands off of her and couldn't understand why she wouldn't accept his advances. She now has her own riding act...

Introduction Post:

There weren't many options for those in the business anymore. There were very few circuses or sideshows left in the world. There wasn't much among the sawdust that old circus families didn't hear about - her own mother and father had known Gerald in passing, coming in as a guest performance for one season with her older brother in the ring - she being too young at the time really. Now she was older, had an act of her own - carrying on the family traditions in a new setting. Julietta left most of her belongings back with her family - if she was accepted on, she would have them shipped to her. In the meantime, a couple duffle bags with costuming, clothing and such accompanied her along with a small horse trailer - two prized horses coming with her.

She had performed her act for Elizabeth alone sitting in the stands. Julietta, dressed in her best gypsy finery - hair loose, flowing down over her shoulders and a tight, scoop-necked intricately embroidered top coming to just below her breasts, a soft skirt that ended at her calves, soft soled shoes like the high-rope walkers and aerialists used, she did an act meant for two - no handler in the center, trusting her horse to work through the act. Her heart sped through the entire performance as she tumbled, stood on her hands atop the saddle, bending backward gracefully to touch the toes of her shoes to behind the saddle, and held to the trick saddle and flipped on the side of the horse - all while the horse sped to a gallop. She did this as well as a number of other tricks and stances until the music came to an end - almost fifteen minutes later. Julietta slid down to ride side saddle, her skirt flowing with the movement of the horse, slowing her to a trot and then to a stop, sliding from the horse, a small puff of dust rising from the ground of the ring. It was now up to Elizabeth if she would take on another act...

Likes: Music, men, animals - especially the horses and big cats, dancing, adrenaline, her tarot cards (she could take or leave the crystal is after all, just for the silly tourists), and on occasion - a good cupcake.


I am interested but I am sure you know i dont just jump in, and like to take time to make a character. (that is if ther are still places.)


Senti! I can't wait to see what you come up with when Cream responds. ^.^


I'm mulling this over as well. The concept is very intriguing  :-)


For Approval!

Alexis 'Lexie' Moore

Name: Alexis 'Lexie' Moore
Age: 21
Home State: California
Desired Role: Clown
Place of Hierarchy: New talent

Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5' 7
Weight: 113lbs
Physical Description: With bright blue eyes and even brighter red hair against a creamy skin tone Lexi excels in catching the eye. On the taller side she is slender with long legs that look stunning in her normal heels. She had nice understated curve and smaller bust. Her most striking feature is probably her eyes a shifting shade of blue that reflect her every emotion without censorship.

Personality: Lexi is a fun loving person who thrives on her interactions with people. She is they type of person who makes an impression with those around her. She's someone who loves to laugh and does so often. She someone who lives for the joy of life, never taking things seriously unless she must. She is rarely quiet, often mischievous and always looking to have a bit of fun.

Brief History: Lexi was born in a town of five thousand people, in an area that thought preforming arts were something for depressed girls and gay guys. Lexi never felt like she fit in. With her vibrant nature and desire for attention she loved preforming from a young age and felt repressed by the constricting views of her home town.

As she grew up her feeling of being outside the norm increased. When she hit her teens cell phones were all the rage. She hated them. She hated phones in general for how impersonal they were. You couldn't see the persons face. How could you have a conversation with someone and no see their face? The internet was even worse, anyone could say anything and you had to take it as truth because you couldn't tell if they were lying.

High school was awful and wonderful in the same breath. While she was considered weird for not having a cell phone, preferring walking and bikes to cars and generally not being a fan of technology she was bright and fun to be around and had a vast network of friends she spend time with once she could get them away from the addicting LED screen that was their cell phone.

Even with all her friends and her place in life Lexi never got over the feel of not quiet fitting, of being a round peg stuffed ill-fittingly into a square hole. She though maybe it was just the 'teen syndrome' but then again maybe not.

Introduction Post: It was Lexie's birthday when the Carnival came into town. While the rest of her friends wanted to take her to a bar and get her so drunk she couldn't walk she resisted. She'd been looking at the posters put up around town all week, no way was she missing the chance to see the show just because she happened to be turning 21.

The show she saw was more then dazzling or astounding, it changed her. Not once before in her life had she experienced something that reached down into the core of her being and squeezed, changing something inside of her. She went to the show twice more brings friends the second time and the third going on her own. At first the acts had dazzled her stealing her attention but the more she went the more her attention shifted to the clowns and she envied them.

Why can't I do that? She thought as she watched them dance and flirt and act so carefree and happy. Why can't I be like them?

The last night of the carnival Lexie went for the last time feeling a profound sadness. She would miss them, the familiar faces, the atmosphere that made her feel at home, the magic of the performer and the performance.

It was a fluke as she was leaving to see Elizabeth off by herself in the shadows of the big tent. Lexie would never know what came over her. She wasn't known for being shy in the least but she wasn't overly pushy either. But that night she was driven she walked right up to Elizabeth and told her she wanted to be a Clown.

For whatever reason Elizabeth let her try out. She dressed in the burlesque outfits the clowns wore and painted her face and did a dance that had her swirling and moving to the music in a way that would have made her mother turn pink with embarrassing but made Lexie feel wholly alive. She knew she wasn't the best dancer, it was something she did out of love and joy and though she had fun she really wanted to be a part of the circus more then she'd ever desired anything else.

"I'm meant to be here" She said with such certainty it was hard to dispute her. Made up in make up of black in white dressed in a costume cast off from someone else she should have looked silly and out of place, instead she looked like she belonged like she was a piece of there world that till this moment had been lost but was now found.

Likes: Strawberries, thunder storms in the summer, sunbathing, running, dancing, preforming, flirting, men, music, swimming, and getting into a little bit of trouble.
Dislikes: Lemons, boredom, having to sit still, and people that don't listen when she says no.


First of all, I am going to need to make a few small changes under the Clown section.  I've realized I spoke too vaguely about what they were meant to be, as a few people have came to me believing that they were in fact normal clowns when that is the opposite of what I want.

Senti, you are more than welcome to come up with something.  Any who wish to can, but not all can be accepted.  Though I am beginning to wonder if the 10 person limit I had originally came up with is going to be kept, because I'm starting to think the game may go better with more members.

Further more, for those who have read and responded and those who will read.  I need male characters.  As much as Lawrence loves the idea of an all female circus with him the lone PCed male, I am sure no one else in the game would enjoy it :P.  I want everyone to make the characters that they want instead of what the circus needs, but if you have an inkling for a male chary go ahead and make it.  In all likelihood, it'll go through.

I will follow up to this when the change in the clown section has been made.  Thank you to all who have shown interest and I look forward to working out character and story details :).
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Hmmm. I seem to be playing an awful lot of boys lately but I have an idea for a male character, a hand whose security/general muscle. Will work on writing him up in the next day or so.


Take your time, Niferbelle.  Look forward to seeing him.
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Quote from: Cream on April 25, 2012, 09:34:02 PM
Further more, for those who have read and responded and those who will read.  I need male characters.  As much as Lawrence loves the idea of an all female circus with him the lone PCed male, I am sure no one else in the game would enjoy it :P.  I want everyone to make the characters that they want instead of what the circus needs, but if you have an inkling for a male chary go ahead and make it.  In all likelihood, it'll go through.

Even though Chloe is a little lady, she would like to see some muscle about the circus as well lol.  :-)



I will be honest for the most I am pretty rubbish at playing males. I do have an idea brewing in my head...well a couple.


Senti, make a female.  I do not want you playing something you're not comfortable with.  Male characters will come, I am not worried.

For everyone who has submitted for approval who I have not gotten to, I likely will this weekend.  I need to be able to sit down and chat with you about a few things, and I will not have time until I have a day off.
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Quote from: Senti on April 25, 2012, 07:53:29 AM
I am interested but I am sure you know i dont just jump in, and like to take time to make a character. (that is if ther are still places.)

I am intrigued and have been speaking to Senti about a few ideas. We have an idea for the pair of us to play, so that either of us can post even if the other player is not available. They come from a long line of carnies and they profess to come from before Roman times. There grand mother was bearded lady and their grand father ran a small carnival. The two were born joined at the hip, in more ways than one. They can communicate without saying a word, due to an intuition. They can do acrobats but can turn their hands to anything.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Images will most likely include and their names will be, Charlotte (Lotti) and Catherine (Kate)

Lotti (Senti)

Kate (Cadavar)

This is a working progress :)


*Watches from the corner and ponders*

I'm mulling as well. As a Hand. For set-up/take-down. Maybe. Could possibly even make a male, but he would be gay if I did.


I will likely expand upon this later, but for the time being my mind really hasn't woken up so I will make it short.

Senti and Cadavar, your concept is acceptable beyond the hands thing.  Elements of fantasy are acceptable, such as them being able to communicate without words, but that is a bit too far for what I was looking for.  I apologize. 

Bubby, make a male or a female.  As I told Senti, make the one in which you would prefer playing.

Further more, for everyone else.

Female characters are no longer being recruited, unless you are applying for the position of clown.  The circus requires at least 2 female clowns, and at the moment I have one person looking to fill the position.  Bubby, Senti, and Cadavar, if you wish to make a clown that would be fine as well.  As I said, make what you will enjoy playing.

I need male characters, so I hate to do it, but I am restricting creation to those two areas.  In the future second characters may be allowed, and you could make something else then.  We also must take into account people dropping within the game, and if that happens I will be looking to fill there place.

If you do read the story and are dead set on making a female character other than a clown and believe that you can contribute to the story, then PM me with the character concept.  If you are not accepted now, then you will be on the short list to be brought in later.

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The 'girls' being clowns is fine  we are happy to be anything. (The ref hands to anything is just that.  Basically they can  sell, tote tickets on the rides, sell candy floss... and do an act....)  Also the communication bit is fine we dont need that . It was just a thought for some interest and the fact that we chat RL.


I misunderstood what you meant by the hands part.  I thought you meant that there hands could literally turn into other things, like tentacles and so on.  And the communication bit is fine too :P.  Now that I know what you mean by the characters, they are completely acceptable.  I am off to work, I will be able to keep up with the thread but not respond until this evening.

If the two of you have any questions, leave them in the thread and I'll respond tonight :).
Fighting for a revolution of thought.

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