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Author Topic: Assorted ideas with evil intent. M seeking f  (Read 1067 times)

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Assorted ideas with evil intent. M seeking f
« on: April 21, 2012, 09:52:03 am »


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Location: SW Florida
Obscenity is whaterver gives the judge an erection
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Seekers Assorment Of Dark Ideas (M looking for F) or(M plays F X F)

«model on call (NC disguised as C) M to play (M or F) with F

I am thinking that by reading the last paragraph of this RP outline you will get a better idea of what your char(s) would be doing and a brief summary of the RP in general.  Once you do that you will have a better idea if this RP would or would not appeal to you.  The body here makes the generalities there more understandable if needed or can spoil a surprise if you like those.

A very famous male model receives a phone call one night and the female voice tells him to enjoy the pleasures of a woman at the Ritz Carlton in room 911 and just do as she pleases.  If he doesn't meet her there in twenty minutes and doesn't please her someone he loves will die.  She goes on to tell him that the entire building is under surveillance and if they even smell a cop, he can expect the same results as if he didn't go at all.  Thinking it is a prank but not sure he wants to take a chance, by not going or by calling the cops and with too little time to think things over he prepares for the probability that they want money.  Quickly he takes all the money he keeps in his safe and goes alone.  He knocks on the door and a beautiful young woman of about 25 answers and immediately recognizes him and lets him in.   "My God, your Drake Saddler.  The model.  What in the world are you doing here?"
"Cut the shit.  What the fuck do you want?"
She is visibly shaken and just replies, "From you?  I don't want anything from you."
"Fuck you lady.  Now I'm going to call the police.  You called and left me a death threat."
He picks up his cell phone and remembers what the caller said.  "Enjoy the pleasures of the woman.  And do as she pleases."  That was part of the threat.  Part of what he had to do.
"Give me your wallet with ID and your cell phone?" he says
And she promptly tells him, "Get the fuck out and if you don't call the police I will."

This confirms his suspicion that part of the threat was to do as she pleases.
"Listen lady I apologize.  I...I just had a strange incident with a fan and I thought well it is not important.  Do you mind if I ask what you are doing here, at this hour, alone, dressed up so beautifully?"
At this she blushed and her tone lightened.  "Well I am sorry about your mad fan experience but you have a strange way of handling them.  Don't you have bodyguards and stuff?  Thank you for the compliment.  You don't know how much it means from someone as handsome as you.  Your question really is something that is none of your business and why in the world would you care?"
"If I gave you five thousand dollars would you answer me honestly?"  More of a question to gauge her reaction first before he would accept her answer and then pay her the money.
"Mr. Saddler you are acting very strange.  I don't want your money but if it means that much to you I will tell you.  You can't exactly go around telling my friends and that is all I am worried about.  I'm embarrassed.  I am supposed to meet a man here.  A blind date, well more than a date.  It was set up..."  was what she said before she blushed profusely and said no more.

Feeling cornered my char. forces himself to offer himself to he. "Instead what that other date could I take his place?"  He knows he will have to please her sexually but the silver lining is that she is so sweet, so gorgeous, and not so star struck as most seem to be. It doesn't take long for her to agree and while with her he has to find out as much as he can about who set this up.  He then tell her he will do everything and he emphasizes everything the man at the agency would do for her whether it was she wished  for him to dominate her or make love the old fashioned way, or if she would care to tell him a fetish of hers he would do his best to please.

This is just an example of how it could go.  Maybe it involves a room full of woman at a baccalaureate party and I could be coming as a female celebrity or male celebrity depending on your taste.  This would just become an orgy.  Your char will inevitably play more than one female char. and you can decide whether or not I play one or more celebrities m or f.   These calls continue until he, she, or any of the celebrities called finds a woman who can give one of the celebrities(s) more info about the agency which they paid with a money order. Obviously the ultra high end dating agency behind this may just use one celebrity or many different celebrities,  As I said I can play one or more celebs both male and female depending on your taste.  Also my char. is blackmailed into satisfying your char. whether you wish my char to be the more dominant(which I prefer and I am better at) or if you want your char to be the more dominant.  You can also demand/ask for certain sex acts, or display your desire for a certain fetish. Your char will decide all of this.  Finally and in the end the woman behind all of this will be found by one of my char(s) and with her I will be dominant and sexually humiliate at the end.  (That is just how I envision it ending.  If you have a different idea or want to keep your ending secret then so be it.)  All is up for discussion and nothing set n stone.

Evil lurks where you would look to find it-  (M to  play Males or females with females)

A group of Sorority girls go away together on a trip to a lake to do some water skiing.  They rent a house for the weekend close to the lake but the lake is located in a very old, ancient some would say, town that has mostly been deserted.  It used to be a mining town valued for it's granite quarries which by now have been depleted.  After a hot morning spent skiing on the lake the girls decide they can ski more tomorrow and decide to go home shower and then meet some guys at the bar.  It is late summer and if there is one industry still to be found it is with college students on break as it is such a pretty area for the most part.  It' located in Maine.  While getting showered and dressed and putting on makeup etc they all do a good amount of drinking.  Laughing and singing along the way to the bar they see a house that looks like it hasn't seen a paint job since, on the polite side, the end of the first world war.  Two of the four girls get the creeps and the other two stay behind fascinated by the house. 

This is really where the RP begins.  Wooden shudders are falling off of it, and the wind blowing through makes a loose floorboard on the patio make an eerie CA-THUMP, CA-THUMP, CA-THUMP.  Over and over and just when you think it has stopped it begins again.  Set your watch on it.  If you walk away, or even act as if you will, that sound will begin again almost as a mate begging it's lover not to go.

If you wan to read more after this, feel free, but it is a simple haunted house story that lures it's victims in by creating illusions the victims may see, feel, hear, taste, and touch.  Illusions that they desire.  The ghost of the house is very horny, LOL.

There is also a sign outside that must, at one time, read, NO TRESPASSING ALLOWED.  But with many of the letters faded it looked like NO %$*PASSING ALLOWED,  Only the letters in caps were legible.  Then one of the girls hears something, "Unchained Melody' it's the song Dennis and I decided was ours."
"No, it isn't,  Not even close, Jeez Miranda you really have had to much to drink.  That is "Your Song" the very same song that Del asked me out to for the first time."  Both girls fascinated by the house they both dare each other to go in.  "You go in and I will buy all the drinks tonight" Says Lisa, while Miranda offers Lisa her exboyfriend and a pack of chips.  OK, OK, If you go in I will buy all the drinks and do whatever you want me to do tomorrow.  That seals the deal for Lisa but he has very little idea of what her proclivities are yet, but she knows that Miranda won't back out on a deal.

When she enter the house she uses her cell phone app which acts as a mini flashlight and then she sees what appears to be a table.  Upon closer inspection she something she likes...........

I can play both the ghost that haunts the house by putting illusions in the minds of the victims to get them to undress and although he is a ghost he is unique in that he will pass through things like any ghost but when he takes on the form of an illusion, say a deceased boyfriend, he can keep that form for short periods of time, at least long enough to finish the deed which is all he wants.  Once done with the girls however they vanish.  Only to be part of his family.  If they desire a male they can do the same.  Read their minds and give them the illusion they crave.  I can play one of the two girls and the ghost, or I can be a casual male friend of the girl and he would go in first lured by something you make up and you would play the ghost. 

More to follow in  Dark Ideas Part II