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Author Topic: Zadaris' Thread of Myth, Folklore & The Supernatural  (Read 662 times)

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Zadaris' Thread of Myth, Folklore & The Supernatural
« on: April 20, 2012, 06:45:11 PM »

Clearly the prospect of myth and folklore and all things that go bump in the night has enticed you to look within. If you're willing to come this far perhaps you are ready to go a little further, no? Well take your time and peruse the treasures that lie within; stories that you know entangled with mystery and divine images to stir your mind from sleep. Do enjoy. By all means do.

Roles marked in green are those I'll take up.
Those marked in red are roles I'd like partners for.

Tales from a Plagued Land

An unparalleled gunslinger and vivid storyteller Scheherazade roams her mechanized country on a stolen vehicle, living life as it comes. She swaps tales for income, takes lovers for entertainment and then presses on, never tying herself to one locale for too long. Why? The pursuit of creditors who may do her harm and to escape the growing effects of a blight terrorising the world; transforming those affected into monstrosities.

Her wanderlust is put to a halt as she blows into Dantalion; a city of disrepute, devil worship and other strange occurences. While spinning yarns for the local patrons she is heckled in the middle by a drunk swordsman with stitches on his neck, decrying the supernatural phenomena she's said to have encountered. Scheherazade does not take kindly to such put downs and later, as she attempts to confront the man, klaxons sound and echo through the city. Iron walls are shut around them.


Now Scheherazade and her unlikely companion, Epsilon, must weather the advances of the storytellers enemies, the dark city and a supernatural entity, beyond even those transformed by the blight, with ties to her swordsman.

Box of the End

Often chided for his inattentiveness and peculiarly curious nature Ryeus has drifted on through life rather lazily, unconcerned with the bitter opinions of his peers. One day his curiosity revealed something stark and horrible; his lovers infidelity. Irate and irrational he passed the academy for which he failed the entrance exam. He sidled round the back, strafing as he pegged rocks through the lower windows.

Amidst this destruction he trips and falls over a jut in the ground. He groans and sits up, staring at the culprit. A large obsidian box, ribboned with warnings etched into its form in a myriad of languages, some unknown to him. His curiosity takes over from his anger and he tries to open the box. Initially nothing happens. Accidentally he presses in a number of grooves and the box flashes with sublime iridescence.

Without warning a dark cloud steams out of the box and Ryeus goes unconcious.

He wakes up to a reproving assault by some beautiful girl. He was dazed but he quickly was told the gist of what he had done. This girl, Pandora Hope, was the last vestige that protected his world from the nightmare creatures within the box. Reluctantly she forces Ryeus to become her champion and help her capture or destroy the escaped creatures. Her only warning:

'The box cannot remain empty.'

Under Your Skin

A shattered home. Druken father. Deceased Mother. Deprived of sight. Ronové had little to look forward to in life. One day he left home, beaten for the last time. He wandered to the beach, dark clouds hanging in the sky. Thinking himself alone as he ambled the sands he was shocked to hear a plaintive cry from the cove. He found a small seal, stranded and pained with hunger. Reluctantly he fed the creature his last morsel and, with much difficulty, rolled the creature back into the sea.

The act brought a vague happiness to Ronové.

Years passed and now Ronové was a young man of twenty, living with a loving foster couple. Despite his lack of sight he enjoyed cycling and his enhanced echolocation let him manouvere around things many other blind people could not.

One day he receives a guest to his home. Not expecting anyone he gasps when he is abruptly hugged and rather tight. He questions the person; a girl with whom he was not familiar. Only when she let him stroke the coarse skin of her neck did he realize. The scent of the ocean around her, and her skin; she was that seal. She was a Selkie.

She brought to him her plea to help get her skin back; stolen by a corporation to extract the oils from the undying skin. Stories of animal cruelty and a rise in prostitution told the tale of abused Selkies. But what could a blind young man and a Selkie do?

Welcome to Ironwood Alchemy!

A series of vignettes set around the day to day running of an alchemy shop at the edge of a magical realm. Nora is the jaded but business savvy elf that owns the establishment and she is helped in her endeavours by the overworked Spartoi, a home grown homunculus. They share a tenuous, friends-with-benefits style sex life.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Alyson, while visiting a neignbours house clearing, buys an ornate lamp for a killer price, the owners claiming it 'wasn't worth their time'. Shining it to put on display in her home she encounters the Djinn that resides in the lamp. As she imagined she was granted three wishes but warned that once they're used she'd lose her power over him.

She was careful and only used two of her wishes, making her life more prosperous, and retained the third. However, insulted by someone she knows from school angrily wishes retribution within earshot of the lamp. Her third wish gone. Without anything now to hold him back the Djinn sucks Alyson into the world of his lamp where he holds all the power.

The successful candidate for these stories should be able to plot in tandem with myself, be open and willing to ask questions and play multiple characters where needed. I hope there's something here for everyone.  ;D
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Re: Zadaris' Thread of Myth, Folklore & The Supernatural
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It's been months so... 'Bump!'