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Author Topic: Charlie Bucket and the Amazing Chocolatier  (Read 1074 times)

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Charlie Bucket and the Amazing Chocolatier
« on: April 19, 2012, 01:57:23 PM »
Charlie Bucket was an ordinary boy with brown hair, brown eyes, and a sweet temperment.  He was not taller, nor faster, nor more popular, nor richer than other teenagers.  In fact, he was a bit small for his age, and before he met Mr. Wonka, barely had enough to eat.  Charlie did, however, have a wonderful family, and that brightened his life every day.  It had taken a while to convince Mr. Wonka to allow his relatives to come live in the chocolate factory, but it had been worth it.

Charlie awoke early on a Saturday, warm in his bed in the makeshift bedroom as usual.  The brilliant colors outside his window instantly reminded him of where he now lived.  An unexplainable giddiness filled him up, and he changed his clothes and tidied himself up as quickly as possible.  Convincing his mother to let him skip breakfast, Charlie ran outside and was immediately met with a glorious sight: candy apple trees to his right, gummy bear bushes to his left, candy cane vines, chocolate candy plants, and of course, the edible grass beneath his feet.  He'd never experienced anything so wonderful in his life, and even for the second time, it was mind boggling.  Charlie doubted that Willy Wonka's genius imagination would ever fail to amaze him.  The chocolatier also happened to be extremely handsome in his own quirky way, something that also seemed to put Charlie in a daze.

"Mr. Wonka?" the boy called out into the vast meadow, wondering just where in the seemingly endless factory the man might be lurking.  He wanted desperately to start experimenting and brainstorming.

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Re: Charlie Bucket and the Amazing Chocolatier
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2012, 09:21:45 PM »
William Wonka was a genius. An odd genius. But nonetheless a genius. Known for his erratic personality and strange sense of humour, Willy was the embodiment of a child in a man's body.

His eyes snapped open to the sound of his alarm clock, he stretched out his hand carefully pressing the off switch. Willy yawned slighty and stood up at the side of his bed, and walking over to the mirror. Willy was a tall man, with straight chocolate coloured hair and brown eyes. Willy smiled slightly at this and walked briskly to his wardrobe, flinging the doors open and standing under what seemed to be a clear pipe. He had a big day of inventing today with his delightfully interesting heir; Charlie Bucket.

Willy deliberated over the set of buttons to his left, wondering what to choose. 'Alright, Today I feel is a day for peppermint cream.' Willy then pressed a button and the tube descended down upon him. He lifted his arms as his clothes were pulled off with extreme suction and an automated cleaning procedure started. As robotic hands with scrubbing brushes cleaned him Wonka began to think of new, exciting candies.

'TEETH' a robotic voice coming from his auto shower jolted him back to reality, so Wonka opened his mouth allowing the robotic hand with a toothbrush to go to work. After he had been cleaned and blow dried, Willy lifted his arms allowing a fresh set of clothes to slide straight onto him. As he had requested, he now smelt like peppermint cream.

Having woke at 5.00am Willy pottered around the factory checking on candies and Oompa loompa's, before heading out to his candy meadow. Walking through the meadow he spotted a Jelly apple tree, climbing up onto one of the top branches, he began snacking on a Jelly apple. Looking over the landscape. It was then Willy heard a familiar voice fill the air 'Mr Wonka?'

Willy Wonka grinned as the prankster he was, he through a bit of Jelly in the direction of Charlie. 'Greetings Charlie!'

(Is that ok?)

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Re: Charlie Bucket and the Amazing Chocolatier
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2012, 12:30:50 AM »
(Awesome!  Only thing is, Willy's eyes are blue. :3 )

Charlie laughed and dodged the jelly, bounding up to the tree and looking up.  "Good morning." he smiled, noticing the curly W's on the bottom of the man's feet.  "I've been brainstorming all night, and I had the most wonderful idea for edible pens!  I always used to draw on my hands, and my mother hated it because she said the ink was bad for my skin.  So I thought, what if when you finished the doodle, you could lick it right off?  It could come in all different flavors, strawberry and watermelon and chocolate!  Can't you just imagine how fun that would be?"

Charlie grinned wide and bounced once excitedly, brimming with anticipation.  "Of course, you've probably thought of a million other ideas already."  He tugged playfully on Mr. Wonka's pant leg.

Offline NeonDonut

Re: Charlie Bucket and the Amazing Chocolatier
« Reply #3 on: April 20, 2012, 12:54:50 AM »
Willy's sparkling blue eyes lit up at Charlie's suggestion 'Edible Ink! Of course! We could make paper that was edible too! That way you could really ingest your art!' Willy laughed his odd little giggle, and motioned for Charlie to follow him. Making their way into the research and development building Willy began relaying his recent ideas for candies.

'Charlie, what do you think of Edible Marshmellow Pillows?' Mr Wonka said opening the door to the glass elevator and hitting the button for the research lab 'I was thinking children could eat them if they became hungry in the night, what do you think?'

Offline LilySnapeTopic starter

Re: Charlie Bucket and the Amazing Chocolatier
« Reply #4 on: April 20, 2012, 01:45:57 AM »
"Exactly!  And I bet it'd be loads of fun trying it out." Charlie smiled, imagining the taste of edible ink and possibly paper.  For some reason, the idea of licking an edible doodle off of Mr. Wonka's hand made the Bucket boy blush.  In fact, no skin on Mr. Wonka was even visible except for his face and the top of his neck, he realized.

Charlie followed the chocolatier quickly.  "That's a wonderful idea!  They could come in all sizes, maybe even pillow cases."  The boy swayed a little at the jolt of the glass elevator.  The thought from before crossed his mind again, and he decided to inquire.  "Mr. you ever take your gloves off?  I mean, I just realized I've never seen your hands."  The boy looked down at the rubbery looking purple gloves curiously, wondering what the skin beneath looked or felt like.

Offline NeonDonut

Re: Charlie Bucket and the Amazing Chocolatier
« Reply #5 on: April 20, 2012, 07:12:08 AM »
The eccentric chocolatier looked down at his hands and gloves, showing little emotion on his face as he thought back to his dark teenage life and the scars that covered each of his wrists. Biting his lip slightly, 'Uh, Charlie-boy you see well... It can get rather cold in some parts of the factory, and these gloves can be used to help stop contamination of the product.' Wonka gave Charlie a smile, and turned to the door. It was at that moment the great glass elevator stopped, and for which Willy was rather grateful.

'Ah, here we are Charlie, Research and Development I'll show you our office..' Wonka said this with a sparkle in his eye.

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Re: Charlie Bucket and the Amazing Chocolatier
« Reply #6 on: April 20, 2012, 11:48:30 AM »
Charlie waited expectantly for the answer, and cocked his head ever so slightly when he heard it.  There might have been odd places in the factory that were cold, but most were kept toasty for the oopmaloompas.  Besides, those gloves were rubber!  The only explanation that made sense was the contamination excuse, though Charlie did still wonder why he never took them off.  For some reason, just looking at Mr. Wonka, he figured he might have lovely hands, pale and majestic like himself.

Charlie stepped out of the glass elevator alongside Willy.  "Guess I should remember to wear some when we're inventing." he grinned, following him down the hallway.  Maybe the genius chocolatier really wasn't human under his clothes!  Charlie laughed inwardly at the thought, but still wondered why he covered himself so.
"Do you always wear long sleeves and a jacket in here Mr. Wonka?  It's awful hot, even my sweater's getting itchy."

Offline NeonDonut

Re: Charlie Bucket and the Amazing Chocolatier
« Reply #7 on: April 20, 2012, 07:32:01 PM »
Willy's eyes widened 'Really? I never really noticed the heat, I guess it must be my coat. It's self regulating to keep me at a desirable temperature.' Pushing open the door of the glass elevator, Willy led charlie through a walkway suspened above a research and development lab, in which oompa loompa's were doing crazy things.

'Oops, duck charlie' Wonka said casually, and pulled Charlie down with him as an Oompa Loompa on a jetpack sailed just where their heads had been. At the end of the walkway, was a door with a big W on it, and below it, freshly painted was a B. 'Here we are Charlie, our joint office' The office, had big glass windows on each side, except for the toilet and it was suspended above the lab.

In the room there was one big desk with two seats, complete with a number of apparatus which could have been useful in the theory behind new candies. 'At the back of the room is a seperate elevator, we can use to take down to the laboratory'. But for now, I'll show you the rest of the office. Wonka smiled at the boy as he showed him around, he was so innocent so eager to learn. If he hadn't known better he might have thought Charlie was a little enamoured with him.

The office was filled with a number of different rooms, including a small bedroom, a toilet, a candy dispenser room and access to a seperate elevator. 'Charlie, this is your personal elevator, feel free to make your way around the factory when I am not around, the oompa loompa's reserve the same respect for you that they have for me'.  Wonka showed Charlie a number of necessary buttons to different parts of the factory. 'and here is the button to my private quarters, if you happen to come up with an idea in the middle of the night!' Wonka smiled innocently and led charlie into the elevator and descended down to the lab.

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Re: Charlie Bucket and the Amazing Chocolatier
« Reply #8 on: April 20, 2012, 08:27:06 PM »
"Oh wow, this is wonderful." Charlie smiled, looking around the oval shaped room.  Usually offices were boring, but this one was perfect: clean cut yet colorful and inspiring.  Charlie was impressed and maybe a little embarrassed by how welcoming Mr. Wonka was being; he could never imagine himself anywhere near at the same level as the genius chocolatier.  Charlie's eyes widened with surprise when Mr. Wonka showed him around the second elevator, and a deep flush came over his face at the mention of even setting foot in the man's private quarters.  Charlie nodded and looked away, "Oh, I could never bother you like that.  Though I bet you do have a wild looking room!"

"I hope you know how much I appreciate all this.  It's really just wonderful."  Unable to keep from making obvious expressions, Charlie ran forth into the buzzing, whirring, bubbling inventing room, immediately busying his mind with things other than the perfect shape of Mr. Wonka's smile.  He was so beautiful, it sometimes made his tummy ache something terrible.  "I was also thinking about little raspberry kites, with licorice instead of string."
Charlie grabbed a pen from the junk box, then popped on a stool and started reaching for a few different syrups.  "I'm going to need an ink that stays on...something bold..."

(Lovely post.  Feel free to skip through things or take the lead any time, if you have an idea or something.  I'm pretty flexible about the flow. (: )

Offline NeonDonut

Re: Charlie Bucket and the Amazing Chocolatier
« Reply #9 on: April 21, 2012, 01:49:57 AM »
*So the week past without incident as Willy and Charlie were very busy inventing, experimenting and eating! Charlie and Willy became rather close friends in the process, even Willy had to admit he was beginning to be charmed by the bright little spark*

'Charlie! The pens are great! I love the lemon flavour!' Mr Wonka was drawing a lemon on a piece of paper then proceeding to lick it off, grinning all the while. 'They will be ready to ship out today! Which means that they will be branded with the brand new Wonka/Bucket logo!' Willy said this with a grin, marvelling at the progress the boy had made.

It was at that moment a high pitched whistle sounded off, to which Willy turned around to a steaming tank of clear fluid, and pulled a few levers causing the whistling to stop. Unfortunately for Willy the same flying Oompa Loompa had lost control of his jetpack once again, this time it had detached itself from the oompa loompa, and flown straight into the tank, boiling water splashing onto Willy's hands. 'Oh, Bother! Ahh Ahh!' Willy said in a rather high pitched voice.

Quickly pulling off his gloves, he sighed in relief.

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Re: Charlie Bucket and the Amazing Chocolatier
« Reply #10 on: April 21, 2012, 03:11:51 PM »
"I'm usually a cherry person, but I think the lemon flavor is my favorite too!" Charlie grinned excitedly, extremely proud of himself for finishing the product.  He watched Willy lick the paper and felt another blush creeping up over his pale face, partly because the chocolatier was so inthralled with his invention, and partly because...well, he couldn't help but wish that maybe...

Charlie shook the notion from his head.  "Oh're right!  It'll be the first product with the new logo."  The boy sighed dreamily, in awe of their progress; it was surreal!  He looked over at Mr. Wonka, a bright sparkle in his chocolate eyes, and suddenly felt so happy he might have hugged the man.  The loud pitched whistle interrupted his thoughts, and Charlie shouted at Mr. Wonka to duck out of the way.  He put his arms up as the jet pack splashed, but the water didn't splash in his direction; Willy flailed, and the steaming purple gloves hit the floor.

Obviously having an enormous weak spot for Mr. Wonka, Charlie rushed over and grabbed his hands, inspecting them quickly.  "Are you alright, Mr. Wonka?  Are you okay??"  He took the graceful looking hands into his own slightly smaller ones, holding them like they were made of glass.  "I think you took them off in time..."  Charlie stroked the top of them gently, glancing up and smiling shyly.  "You have beautiful hands, Mr. should show them more often."  They were slender, yet not too feminine, and suprisingly soft.  "They're perfect...I've never seen such a flawless person."  Charlie smiled, looking up at the chocolatier with obvious admiration in his eyes.

Offline NeonDonut

Re: Charlie Bucket and the Amazing Chocolatier
« Reply #11 on: April 22, 2012, 06:48:07 AM »
Blushing slightly from the comments, Mr Wonka assured Charlie he was fine, before calling out 'Goorla! Be careful with that thing!'

Looking down at Charlie, Mr Wonka smiled 'Thank you Charlie, your kindness is much appreciated, I think I'm fine' It would have been the normal time to let go of Charlie's hands at that time, however Mr Wonka continued holding them in his own, looking at Charlie. Mr Wonka then realised something he had been unsure of until now, the boy was in love with him. How Willy felt? He wasn't too sure just yet.

'Charlie, would you like to accompany me to my quarters? I need some new gloves and we can work on new ideas and such! You haven't seen my bedroom yet either!' Wonka flashed his brilliant smile at Charlie

(Just void the scars on his wrists)

Offline LilySnapeTopic starter

Re: Charlie Bucket and the Amazing Chocolatier
« Reply #12 on: April 22, 2012, 08:51:05 PM »
Charlie stared into Mr. Wonka's eyes as he held his hands, an innocent and curious twinkle in his own.  Just the warmth of the man's fingers was enough to put him in a trance, and he found himself wishing it could last forever.  The daydream was broken when Willy Wonka spoke up.

"Oh wow, that would be splendid!" Charlie replied, a wide grin on his face.  He ran over to the glass elevator, waiting inside for Mr. Wonka.  "I can't wait to see it.  I never once thought I'd ever get to see the inside of your room!  I bet it's something sleep in there right?  I bet you have the coolest bed ever-
Charlie stumbled on that sentence, feeling immediately embarrassed for thinking about where Mr. Wonka slept, like it was too personal or something.  "-bed...side table!  And...I bet you have a crazy looking dresser too!"  The boy tried to make up for his awkwardness, rubbing the back of his neck and waiting for the glass elevator to arrive.

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Re: Charlie Bucket and the Amazing Chocolatier
« Reply #13 on: April 28, 2012, 10:09:03 AM »
I'm really sorry, I've lost interest in this roleplay. I can't seem to find the inspiration to continue. I'm so sorry :(