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Author Topic: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde  (Read 10462 times)

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Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« on: April 17, 2012, 12:51:49 am »
Okay, I imagine I'm not the only one to play Minecraft here. Nor am I the only one who thinks how it would work in real life. So, I have a little RP possibility.

The Story So Far...
You arrived on this strange planet by some unknown means. There was a group of you, all appearing in the forest, naked, and confused. You all came from different backgrounds, and had vivid memories of who you were before this happened. On this new planet, you are forced to survive by night and day, the very trees humming with your impending doom.

It has been six years since you first arrived, and you, along with your small group of survivors, have hewn a living out in this hellish world. Zombie Sieges... Skeleton Arrow Vollies... Spider Blitzkriegs.... you've survived it all. Even when the green ones attack, you fear nothing. However, something is stirring in the night air, and it wreaks of something new. Something powerful. Something evil.

You are not alone, however. Over these six years, you have banded together and constructed the last, best... only bastion of human survival in this hostile plane. Castle Creeperguarde. Built from stone carved from the earth by the strength of your arm and the sweat of your brow, forged in the fires of Hades himself, Castle Creeperguarde is a beacon for humanity. Hope. Prosperity. Peace. With the castle, and all it provides, you can survive. You will survive. You must survive!

The Premise...
The premise behind this roleplay is to gather about 5-9 (plus me) people from varying 'mundane' walks of life, and see how their skills would apply in the strange, stone-age world of Minecraft. Lawyers becoming soldiers. Doctors becoming miners. Students becoming teachers. You will all begin inside the walls of Castle Creeperguarde, humanity's only hope of surviving this ravaged world. Should the walls of this majestic castle fall, so shall your lives.

The System...
The game will operate by a simple day\night system. At the beginning of each day, everyone will set about the task they are assigned, and at day's end, they will return with whatever they have collected. Miners will dig for stone and other ores, hunters and farmers will gather food, and lumberjacks will gather wood and plant trees. At night, creepy crawlies of multiple walks come out to play, and those outside the castle must retreat, for once the sun falls over the Castle, the gates shut. If you are not in by the time the gate shuts, you must fend for yourself... and pray you live to see the morning sun.

The Baddies...
For those of you not familiar with Minecraft, here is a list of all the baddies you'll meet.

The Zombie Horde (Minecraft Version): Slow and powerful, the Zombie is, by far, the most frightening enemy encountered to date. Though possessing no ranged capability, they can only be harmed by either direct brain damage, or severing the head. Guard Captain Erizen has noted they resemble humans, but so far, you have found no other humans on this planet.

The Skeleton (Minecraft Version): Dumb and slow, what the skeleton lacks in anything, it more then makes up for in accuracy. Guard Captain Erizen clocked a skeleton's accuracy within six inches at fifty feet. They are, however, lacking in the melee department.

The Creeper (Minecraft Version): The Creeper is everything you fear. Silent, durable, intelligent, and destructive. Demonstrating tactics boardering on the best military minds, Creepers will sneak up upon unsuspecting survivors and explode, dealing tremendous bodily harm, and massive structural damage. Few can survive a direct hit from these 'green exploding motherfuckers' as Guard Captain Erizen put it.

Giant Spiders (Minecraft Version): Thankfully, spiders are fairly non-hostile if you keep your distance. Though not poisonous, they can leap tremendous distances and climb any surface. Thankfully, they have shown to not be able to climb on any horizontal surfaces, save the ground. The Castle has been built with a lip at the wall to avoid Spider incursions. Not strong, their string is valuable to fishermen and soldiers alike.

The Spider Jockey (Minecraft Version): These buggers scare the bejeesus out of anyone who sees them. Thankfully rare, the Spider Jockey is the ranged lethality of the skeleton, and the mobility of the Giant Spider. A powerful hit will dismount the skeleton. Guard Captain Erizen suggests ranged combat against them.

The Goal...
The goal is simple. Live by day, survive by night.

This will mainly be a Live\Survival game, yes. BUT! There will be plenty of time for character\relationship building. If anyone has any questions, post them here, or PM me.
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Offline Primarch

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2012, 04:42:00 pm »
Could be fun. Throw my name in.

Offline XenolordTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2012, 07:37:05 pm »
To all who are interested, I would ask you to make a character sheet. Here it is.

Character Name: (Pretty straight forward)
Age: (Between 16 and 36. No one under the age of 10, or over the age of 30 was taken.)
Gender: (Gender. Do I really have to explain this?)
Description: (This can either be pictoral, verbal, or both.)
Occupation Before Event: (What your character was prior to being taken.)
Occupation in Castle: (What your character does in the castle.)
Schedule: (Their sleep schedule. Because the castle is attacked at night, most guards have Sleep Schedule B, whereas most everyone else has Sleep Schedule A. See below for details.)
Possession: (Each person was stripped naked upon being taken, save for one possession left in their hand. What is it?)
Carrying: (Tools of your character's trade, personal mementos, whatever.)
Equipped: (What your character has equipped. Details below.)
Likes\Ons: (What your character likes, or what turns them on.)
Dislikes\Offs: (What you character hates, or what turns them off.)
Orientation: (Sexual Orientation.)
Strengths: (What qualities do they possess that have allowed them to survive for six years?)
Weaknesses: (What qualities do they possess that make people wonder how they've survived for six years?)
Favored Target: (When Night falls, what do they like to shoot first? Creepers? Zombies? Skeletons, maybe. Killing your favored Target yields better drops.)

Sleep Schedules...
Because the castle is constantly under siege at night, Guard Captain Erizen has created two unique sleep schedules.

Sleep Schedule A: Allowed to sleep from sun set to sun rise. At sun rise they are required to wake and attend to their jobs.
Sleep Schedule B: Allowed to sleep from sun rise to sun set. At sun set, they are required to don their armor and weapons, and take up defensive positions around the castle.

Equipment and Restrictions...
Because of the limitations of the natural resources around the castle, equipment has been restricted to certain professions. Guard Captain Erizen reserves all the Diamond and Iron supply to equip the guard, only left overs go into common usage.

Diamond Armor Set (Consists of a Diamond Chestplate, Diamond Helmet, Diamond Gloves, Diamond Grieves and Diamond Boots.): The best armor crafted by Castle Crafters to date. Light weight, durable, and incredibly protective, Diamond Armor is given to only those Castle Guard members who have proven themselves as assets to the Castle. Restricted to Elite Defense Force Members only.
Diamond Weapons (Sword, Axe, Arrows, Dagger): Powerful, lightwieght and durable, Diamond Weapons are sharper then anything every created, and they do not dull or break. These are given to only the most seasoned and respected members of the Castle Guard. Restricted to Elite Defense Force Members only.

Iron Armor Set (Consists of Iron Chestplate, Iron Helmet, Iron Gloves, Iron Grieves and Iron Boots.): As a member of the Castle Guard, Iron Armor is the standard uniform. Fairly durable and abundant enough to be used in such a manner, Iron is the symbol of the Castle Guard. Restricted to Castle Guard Memebers only.
Iron Weapons (Sword, Axe, Arrows, Dagger): Iron is a fairly common resource around the castle, and whatever iron is found is sent to Guard Captain Erizen, where it is either refined into weapons and armor, or redistributed to the common usage. Restricted to Castle Guard Members only.

Leather Armor Set (Consists of Leather Tunic, Leather Pants, Leather Gloves, and Leather Boots.) Leather is a common commodity around the castle, as many farms have raised cows for the use of their milk, beef and leather. Although weak, and unable to stand against a Creeper's Kamikaze, or a skeleton's arrow, it is durable enough to protect the miners in the harsh conditions of the mines, and the wood cutters from hurting their hands. The Leather Armor Set is the only one without a helmet.

Stone Equipment: Stone is common, so common, it's used as almost a throw-away material. Stone Pickaxes are used by miners to execute their trade. Stone Shovels are used by farmers to plant crops. Stone Hoes are used to till farmland. Stone Swords are common enough to be distributed to the common man, and anyone strong enough to wield one. Stone Axes are used by both soldiers and lumberjacks to ply their trade. Stone Arrows can be lethal up close, but due to their weight, loose range fast.

Wooden Equipment: Heavy and weak, Wood is often seen as the ultimate 'In Case of Emergency' defense. Most wooden equipment is kept only in emergencies. Wooden Swords are carried by children to practice combat and learn basics of responsibility. Wooden Arrows, little more then sharpened shafts with feathers, are used primarily as practice arrows for aspiring archers. Wooden Pickaxes or Axes are used by those who have broken one of the Castle's commandments, as a form of punishment.

Previous Professions...
The original survivors all came from Earth, taken from their against their will, they all held professions before arrival. You can be almost anything, from a doctor, to a criminal. Some examples include...

Civilian: In case your character was under the age of 16 at the time they were taken.

Current Professions...
Everyone in the castle pitches in. From the moment you turn 16, you are considered an adult, and are required to help around the castle. At 14, every child, boy or girl, must apprentice with a profession, and are required to choose one at 16. The current professions include:

Miner: You spend your days under the earth, digging for stone and other valuable materials. Miners answer to no one, but understand their duty, and it's importance.
Stone Mason: You keep the Castle and it's buildings in working order, repairing any damage done during the night.
Soldier: You keep watch over the Castle as the others sleep, ever vigilant for the ones who stalk at night. You answer only to the Guard Captain.
Smith: You forge tools, armor, and weapons for everyone in the castle. You answer only to the Guard Captain.
Lumberjack: You spend the morning planting trees that were cut down the previous day, and the evening cutting down trees to use for wood in fires and other applications.
Farmer: You spend your days tending the fields and growing food for the castle.
Livestock Farmer: You care for animals, and are well versed in Animal Husbandry. You raise cows for their milk, meat and leather; Chickens for their eggs, feathers and meat; and pigs for their meat.
Demolitions Expert: Creepers are scary. But if you can kill them without setting off their Kamikaze Defense, you can salvage Gunpowder from their carcass and make explosives. Explosives can be added to arrows, or used in mining.
Fisherman: Castle Creeperguarde is built by the ocean, and the oceans are teeming with fish, ripe for the catch. Sailing out in boats, you cast your line from sun up to sun set, hauling your catch back to the castle.
Shipwright: You mend and build boats for the fishing fleet.

More will come later.

Important People in the Castle...
Castle Creeperguarde has no 'Leader'. The people are guided by the Guard Captain, and an elder.

Guard Captain Erizen Prophecy: The charismatic, defacto leader of the Castle, Erizen was the one who took the reigns when you first arrived in this strange world. A capable soldier, and a good medic, the castle would be lost without Erizen's guidance.
Elder Lorianne: Elder Lorianne was there from the beginning. Not as strong a fighter, or powerful a leader as the Guard Captain, the Elder has proven to be just as loved. She is the voice of the common man in the castle, and will listen to all plights, bringing them to the the Guard Captain.

Important Poeple int he Castle; Detailed...

Character Name: Erizen Prophecy
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Description: Erizen Prophecy is five nine, and a hundred and fifteen pounds. Her long, auburn hair ends at her butt, a cute orange ribbon tied in her hair. Her armor is made of Iron and Diamond, with gold inlay. The cloth is silk, spun from Giant Spider silk and dyed blue with the ink sacs from the squid in the sea. She is calm, collected, and a powerful fighter. When she first arrived in this world, after watching droves of the original Five Hundred die on the first night, she grabbed the reigns and roped everyone into shape. Creating the first fighting force on this world, she was named Guard Captain when the Castle's groundwork was laid, and oversaw it's construction.
Occupation Before Event: RN. Hometown: Texarcana
Occupation in Castle: Guard Captain
Schedule: Guard Captain Prophecy sleeps when she can. Which is almost never.
Possession: The orange ribbon in her hair was a present from her mother, and has immense personal value. She carries it always.
Carrying: The Lightning Warrior; a specially crafted Diamond Sword.
Equipped: Temple of Desire Armor; a specially crafted set of Diamond Armor, consisting of a chest plate, greaves, boots, and gloves.
Likes\Ons: People who do their jobs and don't ask questions. See ons and offs for Ons.
Dislikes\Offs: People who question themselves or her, people who don't do their jobs. See Ons and Offs for Offs.
Orientation: Guard Captain Erizen has no time for relationships. She does, however, make time for one-night stands with some of the women in the castle.
Strengths: A powerful fighter and a competent doctor, the Guard Captain is as likely to kill you as she is to heal you.
Weaknesses: She works herself to the bone, often collapsing at her desk from exhaustion. She leaves no time for herself.
Favored Target: Creepers.

Character Name: Lorianne Ducat
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Description: Lorianne Ducat, standing five seven and weighing about a hundred and fourty pounds, dresses in what can only be described as leather bondage gear. Her hair turned blue due to extensive Dentonium (The official name of the Creeper's explosive material) exposure. Caring and thoughtful, Lorianne has taken, tentatively, the duties of the Castle's 'elder'. She is the voice of the people, and when they have a complaint, she hears them. She brings these complaints to the Guard Captain if they are needed to.
Occupation Before Event: None. 14 at the time of being taken.
Occupation in Castle: Elder
Schedule: Elder Lorianne sleeps when she can, which is usually at Night. Officially, Sleep Schedule A.
Possession: Lorianne kept a ring her sister gave her just before she passed away. It means the world to her.
Carrying: Nothing.
Equipped: Nothing.
Likes\Ons: People not afraid to express themselves. See ons and offs for Ons.
Dislikes\Offs: People who bottle up their emotions, or who don't care for people's emotions. See ons and offs for Offs.
Orientation: Straight
Strengths: A thinker and a listener at heart, Lorianne has learned to take in her surroundings and develop that into a strategy.
Weaknesses: Pacifist. Refuses to attack anything.
Favored Target: None.

Phew... that was winded... sorry about that. Anyhow, if you're interest, please create a character! If we get enough interest, or enough people wanting it, this could make a good Big Group game.

Offline Revenent

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #3 on: April 17, 2012, 10:20:19 pm »
The concept definitely interests me. Give me a little time to catch up with all of this reading, and I'll let you know for sure if you have my interest.

Offline Latooni Subota

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #4 on: April 17, 2012, 11:54:22 pm »
Interested as a Miner!

Edit: Scratch that. My ideas won't work well here.
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Offline Kairi

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #5 on: April 18, 2012, 12:01:26 am »
Well I think you guys need a chick '.~ I like to play the part of the healer but to be honest never played mine craft... How direct are you going with the mine craft? would I be able to catch on??

Offline XenolordTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #6 on: April 18, 2012, 12:19:25 am »
Honestly, the game is only based on Minecraft. Even if you've never played it, you should be fine. I'll be giving a pretty detailed intro, so you should pick up on the basics of play.

Offline Kairi

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #7 on: April 18, 2012, 01:19:45 am »
Alright, thanks and can you give me an example of a char sheet that would be acceptable?
I'd like to join, I like to play with the big boys. Or rather Talli does. ^.^

Offline Revenent

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #8 on: April 18, 2012, 05:22:32 am »
There's already a character sheet template up. Third post from the top.

Just to check, are we ignoring the old Minecraft rule that you need an iron pick to mine Redstone and Diamond? I was thinking of doing a coal miner character who occasionally seeks out redstone to wire castle machinery, but he would need at least an iron pick to do that if we follow those rules.
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Offline XenolordTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #9 on: April 18, 2012, 10:30:08 am »
The higher quality pickaxe you use, the more iron\diamond\redstone you can mine, but no, it doesn't require a certain type. Except wood. Wood cannot mine anything higher then coal. The pickaxe breaks.

And yes, Character Sheet's in my second post, right at the top. :P

Offline kobrakid92

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #10 on: April 18, 2012, 08:13:35 pm »
This looks very interesting, I'm also a minecraft fan so that helps alot. I'd be interested in a guard/soldier or fisherman or a lumberjack or stone mason character.

Offline XenolordTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #11 on: April 18, 2012, 09:36:30 pm »
I'mma seeing a lot of interested parties, but no character sheets. Come on. Make some characters. Fill that castle with some bodies!

Offline Revenent

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #12 on: April 18, 2012, 09:37:30 pm »
I'm working on mine right now, actually. :-)

Offline Revenent

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #13 on: April 18, 2012, 10:07:43 pm »
Let me know if this works for you. Oh, and is it a one-character limit for this game?

Character Name: Isaac Klein
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Description Isaac stands at just under six feet tall, his fairly attractive face usually covered in dirt and coal dust from his long hours of work. He dresses quite a bit more simply than the Elder, wearing a simple red dyed cloth shirt and brown pants, along with leather boots. On the job, he'll also wear leather gloves and a leather chestplate for protection.
Occupation Before Event: Student; side job as a waiter
Occupation in Castle: Miner (prioritizes coal, but will take one or two days a month to delve deeper in search of iron and redstone)
Schedule: Sleep Schedule A
Possession: A picture of him and his family on vacation a few years before he was taken. Had someone craft a frame for him so he could keep it near his bed.
Carrying: One stone pickaxe, along with a few sticks to build a new one if it breaks; one stone sword for fending off monsters in the caves; a decent supply of torches; one large container of water, for quenching his thirst and emergency situations involving lava; a couple bits of pork to keep himself fed during the day; some rope and stick ladders for spelunking.
Equipped: Leather gloves, leather chestplate, leather boots.
Likes\Ons: People who are optimistic about life on this dangerous but wonderful new world. See Ons/Offs or ask.
Dislikes\Offs: People who are glum all the time or think it's beneath them to do a bit of physical labor. See Ons/Offs or ask.
Orientation: Bi, with a preference toward women.
Strengths: Above all, Isaac survives by being very proud of his work, providing fuel for the ovens in the kitchens and the furnaces in the smithies. If additional help is needed elsewhere, he's always willing to lend a hand, too.
Weaknesses: Beyond it being very hard to tell when exactly night is falling when you're down inside a cave, Isaac tends not to think ahead, and will occasionally mine out so much ore that he practically has to drag it on the ground to get it back to the castle.
Favored Target: Zombies. They fall the easiest to brute force and, from time to time, they happen to be carrying tools or armor that he can either use himself or take back to the Guard Captain for distribution.
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Offline XenolordTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #14 on: April 18, 2012, 10:19:04 pm »
Is your possessions tab intentionally empty? Otherwise, approved.

Also, it should be noted that I'd like a 1-to-1 Characters-to-players ratio, but if it proves that you can pull off multiple characters, then sure.
In short, do it if you think you can. No more then 3, though.

Offline Revenent

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #15 on: April 18, 2012, 10:28:34 pm »
Ah, I skipped over that part because I hadn't thought of anything yet, then forgot to go back and fill it in. Give me a minute...

As for multiple characters, I'll hold off until I see how many other people we get, just to make sure we have a decent number of characters.

Offline Kairi

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #16 on: April 19, 2012, 12:34:01 am »
Working on a cell phone ill have it up in a couple hrs at longest.

Offline kobrakid92

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #17 on: April 19, 2012, 06:04:42 pm »
I'll try to have one up this weekend. I sadly won't really be able to post after this weekend for roughly two weeks. The reason why is in my A&A page.

Offline XenolordTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #18 on: April 20, 2012, 01:27:26 am »
Once Photobucket stops being RETARDED *Kicks the Photobucket* I'll get some shots of the castle up for you guys.

Offline Belisuavious

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #19 on: April 20, 2012, 03:57:37 am »
Character Name: Charles d'Salle
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Description: Charles is a modest 5'11, and solidly built from all of the training and fighting he does in a suit of iron armour. His reddish brown hair is about shoulder length and he keeps it tied back at all times unless bathing or sleeping. His arms bear a variety of old scars, mostly arrow wounds and some zombie scratches. The most impressive scar is on his stomach, and it was thankfully acquired pre-transport, during a sparring accident at one of the SCA tournaments he went to. He doubted there would be anything in this world that could help him other than a swift blade to the heart to end his pain.

Occupation Before Event: Student, occasional stage actor when a show came through town
Occupation in Castle: Guard
Schedule: Sleep Schedule B
Possession: Simple silver chain necklace that was a present from his parents when he turned 16
Carrying: Iron axe, iron dagger, pork strips and container of water for a quick snack, folding shovel for throwing up quick field fortifications (making a dirt fort if on a long patrol for example)
Equipped: Iron breast plate and helmet, leather gloves and boots.
Likes\Ons: Confident people, easy-going people, most types of people actually aside from those who are constantly trying to pick a fight over something.
As for Ons, well I'm still figuring out specifics besides "women" and "pretty", so I'll just say anything not on my offs list.
Dislikes: People who go out of their way to start an argument/fight for no real reason.
Offs: Vore. Scat, watersports, mutilation. Still working out the details for these as well, so I'll just let you know if something is not working for me
Orientation: Hetero
Strengths: Charles is a good warrior, who is very casual about his own life, but incredibly serious where the lives of others are concerned. So if his death will help a lot of people, than the choice is already made in his mind.
Weaknesses: Almost idiotic bravery, since it hasn't gotten him killed yet, he has stayed fighting long after the order to retreat has been given a large number of times. His near complete disregard for his own life is also a bit of a weakness, since he sometimes forgets to think things completely through.
Favored Target: Zombies, since they die easily and he can dodge a clumsy attack far better than a speeding arrow or an agile spider.

Offline AndyZ

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #20 on: April 20, 2012, 03:11:39 pm »
So, I had the idea of an inventor.  Between redstone, gunpowder and the like, she'd start trying to figure out how things work, maybe figure out how to craft muskets and the like.  This wouldn't really fit canon Minecraft; would it follow in your design?

Offline XenolordTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #21 on: April 20, 2012, 03:34:53 pm »
That actually fits right into my plan for this roleplay. UNLIKE Minecraft, I actually have an end-goal with this, and your idea of a inventor fits it perfectly.

Offline Revenent

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #22 on: April 20, 2012, 03:37:16 pm »
...Minecraft does have an end goal...and a final boss and everything.

Offline XenolordTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #23 on: April 20, 2012, 03:39:19 pm »
Yea, I know. But it's just "Oh, here's a dragon. Kill it." There's really no reason behind it.

I plan on changing that with this. Trust me.

Offline Revenent

Re: Interest Check: The Siege of Castle Creeperguarde
« Reply #24 on: April 20, 2012, 03:44:46 pm »
Of course there's a reason for it: getting to read a foreign video game developer's really bad existentialist dialogue.

Speaking of, are we going to have Endermen walking around, or is that getting into spoiler territory? I imagine they would be an utter pain in the ass for the castle, since they could just teleport inside with no problem.