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Author Topic: [POKEMON] Semi-Realistic Pokemon RP. [8/8 Slots] FULL  (Read 10434 times)

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Offline Meliai

Character Sign-up Sheet:

Name: Reilly Fox
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Specialty: "Creepy"

Appearance: Reilly has dark, neatly combed hair that usually obscures her eyes and a nearly perpetual grin that is often described as unnerving.

Personality: Cheerfully morbid, Reilly was born and spent much of her early life in Lavender town. Her mother worked as a medium, claiming to communicate with the spirits of deceased Pokemon when their former companions came to mourn. She had no real powers, but was a skilled cold reader and worked with a Ghastly as her partner. Reilly developed a fervent interest in death, bones, and all the general minutiae that kids going through a "morbid" phase gravitate to, but her interest was always more academic than dramatic. She devoured any book event tangentially related to her subjects of interest, be it philosophical treatises on the afterlife or heavy tomes describing how the skeletal and muscular systems interact.

When she was 15 a scandal broke out when numerous former customers came forward to try and out Reilly's mother as a fraud. As countless shady dealings and questionable affairs came to light, Reilly's father petitioned for full custody and won. She moved with him to Fuchsia city where the next few years were much more peaceful. Seeing that she was having a rough time integrating with her new Step Mother and half-siblings Reilly's father, who had made an excellent income producing and selling antidotes to various poisons before the Purge, decided to indulge his daughter's fascination and purchased a rehabilitated Zubat that had been poached and eventually discarded by team rocket when it didn't take well to training.

Reilly has no real interest in battles (in fact she finds them rather cruel and barbaric) but has accepted the fact that she'll probably be partaking in plenty of them in her journeys. 

Reilly grew up relatively well adjusted, though she has mountains of trust issues and a highly skeptical nature due to the fact that she watched her mother constantly scam emotionally vulnerable people for much of her early life. She is very honest and has little tolerance for deceitful people, but respects others' privacy. Though her interest in the dark and creepy remains strong she's actually quite skittish when faced with a frightening scenario in real life; she's very nervous around Ghastly and its evolutions in general and completely terrified of her mother's in particular due to "terrify the ten-year-old" being one of his favorite hobbies when she was young. While she never grew out of her dark phase she did eventually learn to reign it in, at least a bit. She tends to unnerve people when she's not careful, but she can manage most social situations as long as she doesn't get distracted

Starting Town: Fuchsia City

Starting Pokemon: "Echo" - Zubat - Has a large nick in one ear and a black ribbon tied around his neck. Tends to bite anyone who tries to touch him and isn't Reilly.

Offline DemonLord FuriousPyro

I can't pass up a good Pokemon rp, so I decided to throw my hat in.

Character Sign-up Sheet: Name: Amy Kerensky
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Specialty: Water/mixed water types
Personality: Can you say perky much? Amy is one of those "happy, happy, happy all the time" people, that usually annoys the heck out of everybody else. She seems to almost bounce and skip everywhere she goes, and talking all the while, like she's high on sugar or something. Given that fact, she's not afraid of anything, in fact, she's almost obvious to any danger from anything. She'll bound right up to complete strangers and just start chatting up a storm. She's also obvious to the fact that she irritates everybody around hrt, which means if you snap and yell at her, she'll hard blink an eye or pause.
Starting Town: Cianwood
Starting Pokemon: Seel (Water)

 Name: Shar Kerensky

Age: 20
Gender: Female

Personality: Some say her parents were guided when they named her. As she has grown into a strong, independant yet wise, and serious young woman. Her life has put her through tough challenegs in all walks of life and often she is scared from these hardships although she pulls through them. She doesnt speak much nor show much emotion but her actions towards her younger sister indicate that she has a caring side beneath her cold beautiful appearence. Her strongest belief, "success requires a little blood". Despite her cold outward glow, she treats her pokemon well. Not like pets or rather tools to be used to gain fame and tossed aside when no longer useful. She in fact rescued her Misdevious from an angry group of towns folk, single handedly. The incident required her to relocate with her younger, hyper sister Amy, but if she were given s second chance, shed do it all again.

Starter: Misdevious
Starting Town: Cinawood

Offline AcidTopic starter

Not accepting anymore CS. RP is full. I may reopen for submissions at a later date if a role opens up.

If interested in RPing a very minor role in the future, PM me.

Offline summoner2183

Re: [POKEMON] Semi-Realistic Pokemon RP. [8/8 Slots] FULL
« Reply #78 on: April 17, 2012, 05:19:58 PM »
Uhhh so do I need to tweak my CS more or what?

Offline AcidTopic starter

Re: [POKEMON] Semi-Realistic Pokemon RP. [8/8 Slots] FULL
« Reply #79 on: April 18, 2012, 05:19:32 AM »
It's full, you don't need to tweak anything.

Offline DemonLord FuriousPyro

Re: [POKEMON] Semi-Realistic Pokemon RP. [8/8 Slots] FULL
« Reply #80 on: April 26, 2012, 11:53:40 PM »
Hey trainers