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Author Topic: Pet  (Read 810 times)

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« on: April 16, 2012, 08:47:11 AM »
(this is a short story I wrote, it seems kind of long but in comparison to a novel it's technically short. There's a couple scenes that have been edited due to explicit material, if I get accepted as a member I'll post the unedited version in the adult storytelling forums. Comments and critiques are welcome, just please be nice about it)

Chapter 1: Him
She wasn't sure if it was incense, candles, or an oil burner, but there was a smell of bayberry and cinnemon in the air. An intoxicating aroma that made her feel calm and oddly aroused. She didn't know where she was or what was going on. All she really knew is that she had been abducted off the street and that she was helpless.
She couldn't see anything through the thick fabrick that had been tied over her chocolate brown eyes. She had given up on even trying to see and just closed her eyes. By the lack of protection against the vent's cold breeze she could she was only in a bra and panties, though the silky feel of them told her they weren't hers.
There was a wall behind her, one that she was shackled to by her wrists. The cold metal feel of the shackles sending a shiver of fear through her. She felt warm, plush carpet against her bare feet as she shifted slightly.
"I...Is anybody there?" she questioned. Her voice was soft, a mousy whisper of noise, but it was enough to stir the man who layed in wait there.
He stood and smiled. She really was quite beautiful, standing before him. She had shoulder length black hair, though he could tell it had been dyed that color. Her skin was smooth to the touch, he knew that already. Her voice, though slightly soured with the sound of fear, was like a sweet symphony to his ears.
"I am here pet." He murmured.
Fear sliced through her as a deep, decadent voice responded to her. A small, almost inaudible, whimper escaped her. "Pl...please s...sir, I don't know why you have brought me here, but I havn't seen your face or where we are. Please, set me free." Her voice trembled as she began her plea for freedom.
A heavy sigh fell upon her ears and she knew she hadn't succeeded in getting her freedom. "If I let you go then I would be without my pet..." he responded simply. She heard his footsteps approaching her and she flinched when she felt something wrap around her neck.
He stepped back to admire his pet, now wearing a black leather collar that matched the silken black outfit he had put her in. He hated how she flinched away from him though. "Please, do not fear me, you will come to like it here." He stated silkily as he reached out and gently ran the back of his hand over her cheek. She didn't flinch away this time but her breath did hitch in her throat. He got closer to her, close enough that she could feel the heat from his body on her skin.
He turned his hand to gently cup her face. He watched as she licked her drying lips and smiled. "I must say milady, you look exquisite." She didn't answer, but then, he hadn't been expecting her to. He leaned in and gently, but firmly, captured her lips with his. At first she tried to struggle, to pull away but after a few moments she melted into the dizzying kiss, a small whimper escaping her. He ran his tongue over her lower lip, seeking entry to her sweet mouth and she gave it to him.
Tenderly he explored her sweet mouth, he pulled away for air and smiled. Her usually pale skin was flushed as evidence of his effect on her. He leaned in close to her ear and whispered in a low, rumbling voice. "Tell me pet, do you wish to experience more?"
She swallowed hard as his alluring voice asked her such a loaded question. She felt heat spike to the apex of her thighs and she knew she had to take a chance. She nodded "Y...yes." she responded hoarsly. Her throat felt dry and she swallowed again trying to ease that.
He smiled and knelt in front of her. (explicit scene removed here)
"Rest pet." he muttered before walking away and leaving the room completely.

Chapter 2: A taste
She awoke with a start and immediately began to panic. She called out for help, terror gripping her. She screamed for a good 10 minutes before her entered the room and saw her pulling against her shackles. Tears stained the black cloth of her blind fold and ran down her face as blood ran down her arms. Her screams for help were strained and he could tell her throat was raw and sore. Quickly he crossed the room and grabbed her arms to stop her from doing any more damage. "Shh, shh, you are ok pet. I'm here. Shh." he murmured softly into her ear trying to get her to relax.
It didn't work, instead it just renewed her attempts to call for help and she kicked out and she got him the solar plexus as he stepped back. He grunted in pain and it took him a few moments to recover. He thought hard on how to get through to her. He side stepped her flailing feet and slapped her hard, a red welt forming on her cheek almost immediately. Her screams caught in her throat and she stopped kicking. Silent tears continued down her face and he sighed. "Now, if you will allow me, I will take you out of those shackles so that I can see just how severe the injuries to your wrists are. You're bleeding rather profusely pet." She nodded silently and he unlocked her restraints.
She was still in so much shock that she didn't even try to make a breat for freedom as he removed her blindfold. She kept her eyes closed as he tossed the tear soaked article aside. She could feel him using another piece of cloth to gently clean away enough blood to see the wounds. "They're no deep, but they are bleeding quite a bit." She felt his hand on her face and she turned away from his touch.
"Look at me pet." he commanded firmly, taking hold of her face to force her to facce him. Slowly she opened her eyes and stared directly into golden ones. she licked her lips and tried to pull away again. "Let me go." she whispered hoarsly.
He shook his head and help onto her. "You shouldn't have done that pet, you could have hurt yourself pet much worse if I hadn't come in here." He let go and tore pieces off of his large, baggy, white t-shirt. He used them to tie off her wrists to staunch the bloodflow. She didn't look at him and he sighed. "I didn't want to have to slap you pet, but you gave me no choice." She didn't respond.
He sighed and picked her up into his arms. "Don't stuggle, I'm taking you to a new room." He stated as he carried her out the door and down a long hall. He opened a door and set her down. "There are three rooms that are connected here. This is the center room." He stated closing the door behind him.
"The door on the left leads to my room, this is your room, and the door to your right is your own personal bathroom." He pointed toward his room. "That door is rigged to alert me should you decide to come to me. Both this room and the exit to my room lock from the outside, there is no exit door to the bathroom. Meals will be delivered to your room by me personally." He turned and grabbed the door handle. "Consider this your taste of the freedoms you can earn pet." He stated before walking out and locking the door behind him.
She sat on the bed and cried for what seemed like hours before deciding to investigate the bathroom. In it she found a small shower, sink, and toilet. Uner the sink was some medical supplies that she could use to tend her injuries, a hairbrush lay on the counter and there was body wash, shampoo, and conditioner in the shower. She found towels behind the medical supplies and she sighed. Might as well clean up." She stripped and turned on the shower to steaming hot.
After washing up she dried and bandaged her wrists. They were tender but at least they weren't bleeding. She found a sheer nightgown on her bed with a not that read 'Dinner in my room if you are interested.' She rolled her eyes, tossed the note aside and crawled into her bed. "As if" she grumbled. She slipped into a fitful sleep and didn't awaken until the next morning. She rolled over and saw a tray on her dresser. It was covered with every kind of breakfast food imaginable. There was a note that read simply 'eat well...'

Ch3: Here
Things went on the same way for a few weeks. She would wake up, shower, eat, nap, eat again, and sleep. There were always small notes on her food trays. Invitations to join him in his room...things of that nature. After a few weeks however she started to think about it all. Thus far he had really shown her nothing but kindness, aside from the initial kidnapping and chaining up.
"Maybe I should give him a chance." She mumbled. She had started talking to herself just so she didn't feel so alone in the room. She tried to recall things about him, but all she really remembered was his golden eyes, rough yet gentle hands, and an intoxicating voice. She walked toward his door, and reached for the handle. She hesitated for a few moments before grabbing the handle and opening the door.
A small ding sounded through the room. She stopped and took a step back. "No, he kidnapped me, why would I got to him.........but he HAS been so KIND." she mumbled to herself for a few moments before walking further into his room. "H...Hello? I...I'm here" She called out rather quietly.
"I can see that my pet." He responded as he entered his room. He locked his door with a key that he had around his neck. She stared at him, complete shock showing as she stepped back again. He sighed. "Come now pet, am I really that terrifying?" He asked smoothly, holding out his hand to her.
She took in everything she could about him; his shoulder-length untamed black hair, his olive skin, the open v-necked shirt, leather vest, and...kilt? He really was a strange one. She reached out to him, her pale, pasty, flawed skin making her feel suddenly...embarrassed in comparison to him as he pulled her to him. She looked up at him and frowned. "Why?" she muttered feebly.
"Because I wanted my pet, and you were perfect." He stated simply as he looked down into her eyes. She looked so frightened. He wanted nothing more than to soothe that fear away, but first he had other plans.
His grip on her tightened. "You kept me waiting far too long pet." He growled low in his throat. She looked up at him, her eyes wide and uncertain, her pupils dialating with pure terror. He turned her so that her back was against his front. He hand slid up her arm, over her shoulder and to her neck. He wrapped his fingers around her throat and leaned down to nip her earlobe. "Give me a reason not to punish you pet." He muttered in her ear.
She closed her eyes and silently wished she hadn't come into his room. "I...I'm sorry, sir, I didn't...I didn't mean to upset you." She whimpered quietly.
He smiled and let go of her. "You're sorry...that's your reason?" She nodded and he shook his head. "Tsk tsk pet. If sorry always made everything alright then I wouldn't have been so alone! I wouldn't have lost the..." he stopped, realizing his voice had risen. "No, pet" he said quietly, his voice calm and chilled as he cornered her. "Sorry doesn't cut it this time."
She looked up at him and saw only the sad eyes of a tortured soul. "I didn't mean to leave you so alone...Master...I just wanted to be completely healed for you, I'm useless when wounded. It'd be like playing with a broken toy..." her voice cracked and she looked away. "Not that I'm whole exactly..." She didn't elaborate, instead she just forced herself to smile. "But at least I'm no longer physically broken, sir." She held out her arms, palms up in a submissive 'put the cuffs on me' type of pose. "So you can put me back in the shackles if you like. I'll do my best not to injure myself again."
He stopped and frowned. She was hiding something, a dark past of some sort. She wore a fake smile, forced herself to be his docile pet so that he could be comforted. He didn't like this, he felt suddenly horrid. He turned his back to her and shook his head. "No, I don't think I will. Go back to your room. I'll come to you when I've decided I want you." His words were curt, harsher than he meant them to be.
Her arms dropped to her side and he face fell. "Y...yes sir." she muttered as she left the room and layed down in her bed. She curled into a ball, her back to his door and sighed. Slowly she drifted off to sleep, though it was restless and disturbed by nightmares.
--Every time she slept she saw a faceless man, one who she couldn't actually place. He constantly changed, but the way he tried to look out for her never did. He seemed kind, but he always left. Every single time she would just start to feel right and it felt as if her heart broke just a little every time.--
---She saw him this time, but only once, and instead of helping her, he drew his sword and she fought him. She could tell she wasn't fighting as herself, her weapons changed 7 times and she died every time. The last time she died however, was the 8th and she didn't see him, she just knew.---
She screamed, sitting straight up and crying. She could almost feel where his sword had severed her neck. She heard the door open, she didn't even look up. The edge of her mattress sank and she felt strong arms pull her close as she continued to cry.
"Shh. It's ok pet. I've got you..." he felt her relax into him and he layed down with her still in his arms. "I'm here..."

Ch4: Only You



She woke with strong, warm arms around her and she smiled. He had come to her when she had needed comfort, nobody did that for her. She snuggled into him and sighed contently.


He pulled her into him and nuzzled her neck. She smelled of coconuts and strawberries (the bodywash and hair products he supplied) and it made him smile. Her perfectly rounded backside was pressed against his groin and it made him want her desperately. "Morning, Pet." He muttered as he shifted her hair out of his way. Gently he grazed his teeth over her neck and smiled at the little whimper she made. "How did you rest pet?"


"I rested well, Master." She responded sleepily as she turned to face him. She looking into his eyes and smiled, their golden hue brought her some comfort.


"Good, I'm glad." He stated, his hands roving over her body. She wasn't shying away, she wasn't trying too hard to be what he wanted, she was just bein her and he revelled in the feel of it. Slowly he mobed his hand to cup her breatst. She gasped and a small, becoming blush crept into her cheeks. "You are beautiful." He murmured as he ran his thumb over her nipple through the sheer fabric of her black nightgown. She wouldn't look at him, she had closed her eyes, turned her face from him.


He pulled back, put some physical distance between them. Sure she physically responded to his touch, but she was cold to him otherwise. She looked up at him and frowned. He could tell she was confused. "It's obvious you aren't completely willing, and I've done a lot of things but I won't force myself on you." He rolled off the bed and headed for his door.


"Master! Wait!" she reached out in protest. "Please..." she got up out of the bed and walked toward him. She kept her eyes averted, head hung low, a show of submission, of surrender. She walked up to him, reached up to cup the back of his neck, pulled him down and kissed him. "Please Master, I want you...o...only you." she whispered as she pulled away, head still hung low and eyes averted.


He put his hand under he chin and lifted her head. "My Pet should be proud of who she is and hold her head high, she is a beautiful woman." he murmured before thinking about what she had said. "Are you sure?" he stared down into her fathomless dark eyes. "100% sure?" she nodded slowly, taking his hand. He lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it. "Then come with me." he murmured, pulling her toward his room. She followed obediently. Once they were in his room he closed the door and swept her up into his arms.


She clung to him as he carried her to the bed. He kissed her lips gently as he layed her on the bed. He lay next to her and pulled her to him. His kisses became hot, passionate, possessive and she rose to match his fire. His hands roamed over her small yet supple body. He slowly slid the night gown up and pulled it off of her.


"Beautiful" he whispered, causing her to blush and look away shyly. He was caught up in the way she blushed at compliments, at the way her long lashes lowered to shield her chocolate brown eyes, the way her silken hair fell to cover her face when she looked away in embarassment. Every move, every simply innocent thing she did made him crave her. He discarded his shirt and had to grab her hands as she reached out to undo his kilt.


"No pet, this time around you don't get to touch." He murmured as he pinned her hand above her head. He kept them pinned with one hand as his other travelled down her curves. He brushed the fabric of her panties with his fingertips. "These are in the way." he growled tearing them at the side seams. He pulled the torn fabric away and smiled. "Now...can I trust you to keep your hands to yourself? I have to remove my kilt." she nodded and he let her go. He finished undressing, his back to her, just before he felt her hands on him and he turned to see her pulling away.


"S...sorry sir. I look so strong and yet you're so soft...I don't seem like you can be real."


He grabbed her hands, forced her to lay down, and stared into her eyes. "That's going to add to your punishment for later pet." he leaned down to kiss her and that's when his world began to spin.


After his kiss her memory grew hazy, a whirl of colors and scattered images. She slept in his bed with him that night and she honestly couldn't remember a night she had felt safer.

Pet ch5:Alone


She slowly woke up and smiled. "Morning..." she mumbled as she rolled over. He wasn't there. She sat up and looked around the room. She whimpered as her fears took over. She pulled her knees to her chest.


He had left her, abandoned her just like everyone else had. He had gotten what he wanted from her and now he was gone. He had worked her over, made her believe that she could put herself in his hands and not fret about being hurnt. Now she knew better.


She forced herself to get out of his bed and walk to her bedroom. She opened the door and saw that her room had been cleared out completely. There was no bed and no dresser. It was just an empty room.


She closed the door behind herself and went to the darkest, furthest corner of the room. She curled up on the floor; knees to her chest and face buried in her knees. She let everything flow out, all of her fears and sorrows fell in her tears. She was alone, completely alone.


He walked the halls of his home aas he let things settle in his mind. He had felt his cruelty flare up this morning and he wasn't ready for her to experience that side of him. Things began to calm in his mind as the storms of his inner battles dissapated. He stopped in the hall and looked around. He was on the opposite end of HIS hallway. He wanted her, he wanted to enfold her in his arms and possess her again.


He began a brisk walk that ended in a run by the time he had reached his door. He walked in and stopped. She wasn't there, she had managed to escape. He clenched his fist in anger at the very thought, then he heard it, the soft sobs of sorrowful woman. He frowned and followed the sound to her room. He opened the door and saw her, huddled in a dark corner, crying.


He knelt beside her and put his arm around her. He pulled her into his arms and just held her until she calmed enough to speak.


"You left...abandoned me. J...Just like everyone else." she whimpered trying to pull away.


He held her tight and shook his head. " Pet. It's ok Pet." he rocked them back and forth as he held her close. He was baffled; he had watched her for several weeks before he had taken her off the street, she had seemed so strong and independant. The woman he held was a broken woman, someone who had known nothing but pain and was finally crumbling.


He felt his heart aching at seeing her in such pain and he clenched his teeth. His reaction to her pain told her all he needed to know. She really was the girl he had been helping all these lifetimes. "I've got you Pet...You'll never be alone again, we'll be each others forevers." he murmured tenderly.


She looked up at him and shook her head with a frown. "I don't want to be your forever... I'm just a Pet." she stated disdainfully as she pulled away from him. "What should it matter if I'm lonely, if I'm Sad?" she got up and walked toward the bathroom. "If you have any sort of heart I'll have my bed and dresser back so I can sleep alone when you aren't using me." she snapped angrily. She slammed the bathroom door and slumped against it.


He stood, angry at the infuriating woman, turned on his heel and stormed to his room. He slammed the conjoining door so hard it broke. "Damn it WOMAN!" he snarled as he hit the wall. He hit it so hard it caved in. All he really wanted was to make her whole again. Sure she hadn't realized some of the things he had but she wouldn't even really give him the chance to prove himself.


She opened her bathroom door some time later and discovered that her captor had indeed brought her bed and dresser back. She approached the bed and discovered one of his notes. 'I have a heart, though it is tattered by a long journey.' she scowled at the noted as she tore it in half. "Any human with a heart doesn't do this to another human being."


On top of her dresser sat another note and a thick leather bound journal with a pen. 'I have one that matches this one, please, make use of it to help you through your nightmares." she tore up his note and crawled into her cold bed. "I'm alone, as I've always been."

Pet Ch6:Memories


She awoke with a start and looked around. Nobody was in her room with her. She walked to the dresser and her journal. It had been a couple of months since her angry attack on her captor but the feeling of rage hadn't lessened a bit. She flipped to a blank page almost halfway in and began writing.


-My special protector used to be so wonderful, I wish he was here now, he could save me. I learned something new today, he has brown eyes, though they are really more the golden color of honey. In my latest dream he kept looking at me, those gold eyes filled with concern and kept saying the name Lillith. I suppose that was my name back then. I was surrounded by beautiful flowers, flowers that filled me with pride, as if I was their care taker. He took my hand in his and asked me to forgive the past and take him into my heart. It hurt so bad, I wanted to wrap him in my arms and tell him yes, but I couldn't. I had to say no, to protect my broken heart. I didn't really see him after that. He seems to do that a lot, abandon me after making me happy for a mere moment. I feel as if I should hated him, but I can't because my heart still loves him. It's too bad he hasn't shown himself in this life. I wonder if I could forgive and love him now, though I'm not sure I know what to forgive...-


She set the journal down and went back to her bed. She fell asleep and let her soul search for answers.


He sighed as he hit his punching bag so hard it broke the thick chain that held it He had been very edgy the past two months as he waited for her to regain the right memories. He would go to her when she did, make her realize it was him. But first she had to remember.


A couple weeks later she felt it, felt a pull into her first life. She was Lillith then too, her golden eyed protector saved her, then abandoned her. She hurt so back that it broke her. It broke her heart and it made her splinter, now she knew why he wanted to be forgiven, she just wasn't sure if she could. Her hear hurt so bad she broke down and began to cry uncontrollably.


He heard her sobs from his room and rushed to her side. She was repeating one word over and over. "Broken" it was then he knew she remember. Her eyes were glassy with tears but held a vacant expression as if still thousands of years in the past. "Lillith?" he muttered looking down into her eyes.


She blinked and stared into golden eyes. "Y...You?" She muttered, he nodded and she tried to pull away. "N...No. He was supposed to save me from you, rescue me from this horrid place."


She pulled away again as he reached for her. "So what? Is this your vengence for not forgiving the past?" She spat angrily. "Well you can forget forgiveness because I.HATE.YOU!" She reached out and slapped him hard. "How dare you do this to me!" she bellowed. She drew back to slap him again, only this time he caught her by the wrist.


"Listen to me you pathetic wretch." he commanded, his voice holding a cold anger, his grip tightened on her. "I did this because YOU were too much of a thoughtless, selfish, cold hearted bitch to accept me in your life when I first came to you!" she whimpered in pain as he went on about her. "I have pieced you back together since my mistake in the garden, but you don't care. I have grown to accept the fact that you are my Eternal soul mate, that you are my love."


He let go of her wrist and for the first time in a long time he let his emotions truely show There was nothing but pain, sorrow, and love in his eyes. There was no more fury, no more lust or longing, just pain and love.


She stared at him for a few long moments before she shook her head. "No, if you loved me you wouldn't hold me prisoner." she pushed him away and curled into a ball. "You disgust me."

 Pet Ch7:Realization


He winced as her words cut him deep. He stood from the bed and removed the chain that had the door key on it. "You're right, I was wrong. You're free." He dropped the key and walked away, unshed tears in his eyes...


She stared at the key for a long moment, certain that it was a trap that would get her beaten, before she reached out and grabbed it. She stood and headed for her door. She unlocked it and stepped out into the hallway. She wandered the halls for quite some time before she finally found her way outside.


Months passed and he heard no word of the delicate flower of a woman that had taken his heart with her. He didn't leave his home much and he rarely even left his workout room. Training was the only thing that numbed him. He felt empty without her.


She had managed to return to her daily life. The police had wanted to know who had kidnapped her, and it would have been so easy to tell them, but something in her made her lie to them. She had told them that she had never heard the person speak, seen their face, or where she had been held. They didn't even contact her after that.


Months went by and she managed quite easily to move on with her day to day life. Part of her though never seemed the same. She dreamed of soft golden eyes and gentle kisses. She longed for tender hands and a deep soothing voice. She missed his warm embrace. Every time she began to miss him though, she had to remind herself that she hated him, that she was better off without him. It worked for a while but it never made the pain go away.


He heard his doorbell ring and sighed. He left his punching bag, still swinging, and went to answer it. When he opened the door he was shocked to see who stood there. She was back. She ran straight into his arms and wrapped her arms around him.


"I'm so sorry." she said as tears began to well up. "I...I can't do this any more. I love you and I just want to be your forever."


He wrapped his arms around her as the shock wore off and smiled. "I forgive you dear." He pushed her back slightly and tilted her chin upwards. he leaned down and kissed her. "We can be each others forevers."

(I think this qualifies as pg-13, please if I left anything too explicit just remove it. I apologize now if it was too explicit)

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Re: Pet
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I thought this was a good short story :) Not too long!

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Re: Pet
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I also enjoyed it - especially the kilt! :) I think it works well as PG-13 too.

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Re: Pet
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Beautifully written!!! ALL of it!

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Re: Pet
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VERY WELL DONE!!!!! Can't wait to read it how it was intended to be