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Author Topic: " soft bound and gagged sexiness." (MxF)  (Read 609 times)

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Offline Jonathan WhiteTopic starter

" soft bound and gagged sexiness." (MxF)
« on: April 15, 2012, 10:12:39 AM »
"He had done the worst to her, what any man could do to a woman - he made her helpless and then he took her where no one would find her to have his way. He teased her endlessly, asking whether the lingerie she was wearing was something she put just for on him or whether she could dance for him with a vibrator in her panties. He had overwhelmed her with his lust by touching, teasing, and kissing her in the right places. She fought it as much as she could until she couldn't take it anymore. She begged for him through a ballgag and he was eager to comply. The sex was fantastic, even after the fact that she was his prisoner and he was a bad guy. So much so that now she was thinking about being tied up and helpless again, rubbing herself against the corner of her desk and moaning through her gag to please her captor...

Hello! I am Jonathan White and I love kidnapping, tying up, and playing with bound and gagged women using a foreplay-heavy style of roleplay. Unfortunately this is mostly what I do in terms of sexual roleplay, but I am open to new ideas and horizons!

Here's some things I won't do, however:

- Steampunk.
- Toiletplay.
- Underaged characters.
- Not really a fan of medieval fantasy.
- Zombie apocalypse? A bit overdone.
- Mostly anything involving the canon of popular culture. Sorry!

Here's the things I specialize in. Most of these can be combined together:

The Basics
  • Hunting. A kidnapper tracks a cute young girl to her apartment and scopes out the place while she is away, leaving bugs and setting up traps for a future playdate. Whether he succeeds or something happens, that's up to us.
  • Home Invasion. An uninvited intruder picks the door locks on a cute girl's apartment and surprises her while she's in the shower, watching TV, exercising, taking a nap, and more!
  • Kidnapping: The kidnapper takes the girl back to a private residence to do whatever he wants to her, whether it's for ransom, interrogation, or just for some good old bondage sex in private.
  • Detective hunting: An attempt at leaving a red herring is made for a cute female detective to follow up on. The kidnapper surprises her and attempts to overpower her.
  • Tempting the Kidnapper: A girl attempts to draw the kidnapper here for her entertainment or something more sinister.

Now here's the real reason why I'm dramatically reforming my roleplay soliticitation post: The Ideas Bucket! Yes, I have ideas on what to do now. Ideas like:

The Ideas Bucket!

The Immortal Girl
A peril-heavy roleplay in which a girl who is beautifully immortal is forced to be part of an underground and very illegal Internet show where she is forced to escape or "die".

They brought her out bound, hooded, and ballgagged in a silky white dress that barely even covered her thighs. She kicked and thrashed, like she always did, and they touched her body and fondled her, just like they always did. They managed to get her up to the gallows and in front of their appreciative audience, sliding the noose over her neck as the camera got good looks of her body and her drool-covered ballgag.
She began to try and work out the handcuffs already, but it was harder than she thought. The silk opera gloves she wore that were not only stylish, but also good at keeping her from getting the fine details of her restraints...

The Job Interview
A girl in desperate need for a job in a desperate hiring field is shown how far she will have to go to be a secretary.

This idea can be played out with a multitude of characters. An investigative reporter, for example, could take the job and find herself enjoying it as much as she hates the depravity of it.

"Do you trust me?" he said to her as he took the handcuffs and moved behind her. She didn't know what to say. She was expecting the "What is your greatest weakness?" question, or possibly solving some brainteasers. She knew all the answers to those. But he was suddenly putting the handcuffs on her wrists and she realized that she didn't know.

His hand moved over her mouth. "Do you trust me enough to let me unbutton your shirt?"

I am willing to play over forums and PMs, but if you wish I am also willing to play over IMs.

Thanks for your consideration!
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Offline Jonathan WhiteTopic starter

Re: " soft bound and gagged sexiness." (MxF)
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2012, 09:31:47 AM »
5-21-2012: Re-made post, added two new ideas under "The Ideas Bucket".