Captured Prince M/M

Started by YaoiRolePlay, April 15, 2012, 01:48:01 AM

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I'm interested in an rp involving a captured prince. Think a Disney prince. Or Arthur from BBC Merlin. The romanticized fantasy prince. This prince was trained in combat from the time he was a young boy and primed to be the king and rule the kingdom. One day he was captured by an attack on the king's capitol city by the rebellion, and his captor is actually the leader of the rebellion, a rebellious lord in the king's kingdom. This rebellious lord actually has a lot of support for his cause, and capturing the prince is the first step in securing the kingdom. The other rebellious lords who are following the prince's captor do not know that the captor plans on using the prince for his own sadistic pleasures, however they are fine with it, as long as they take the kingdom. Specifics of why they are rebelling can be discussed.

Naturally I'm looking for dynamics in differing morality between the prince and the captor as well as the idea of rebellion and how the prince feels about that. I'd love to see the prince get taken down several notches from prideful, arrogant with a massive sense of self-entitlement to being humiliated by being forced to be humble. he would be humiliated from having to be nearly nude at all times and doing what his master tells him to do.

If this peaks your fancy, shoot me a pm. I would like to play the captor in this. Not necessary, but bonus points if the prince is not gay.