[Interest?] Grissom Academy: Ascenscion Project (Sci-Fi)

Started by Antisoul, April 14, 2012, 10:06:59 AM

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Alright, so I have been having this idea pretty much since finishing Mass Effect 3 some time ago but decided against trying to run it as I honestly can't portray cannon characters to save my life. However if someone did want to manage it or as I'd envisioned a sort of communal effort if you will. But enough of that, here is the synopsis along with a list of the few cannon characters that would need to be filled.

Time Frame: Following the events of Mass Effect 2 and prior to 3.

Brief description: The idea is thus, to form a group to play out the daily lives of the Academy's Ascension Project's students and staff and all the drama to go with it. Adult characters would largely be the Senior Staff & Instructors and maybe a handful of faculty such as security (Alliance Marine), lab assistant, maintenance or nurses. Though ideally these roles would mostly be left to be used as narrative props or stand in characters for when your own is tied up waiting on a reply or some such.

Everyone else would be either biotic students or in attendance due to some innate or prodigal affinity for a particular field of study. In either case students are all Human and between 16 and 19 years of age, beyond that they would be already on their way to work for the Systems Alliance.

Cannon Characters who would need to be filled (I am not running this, just posing the idea so if it does start to get off the ground I suggest that the group as a whole come to a consensus on which user if any that want to write them should do so.)

If you are interested in the idea and in playing one of the Cannon Characters rather than a character description you will need to provide a short scene writing as the character (~4-5 paragraphs. A paragraph is generally 3-4 sentences long, now you know :-P) If you are so inclined of course feel free to write more.

Khalee Sanders


Nick Donahue

Grissom Academy Okay.. so just link. As well, biotics, the Ascension project and a dozen other thinks link off of this stub so. Enjoy.


I am down with this.

However I am not down with running this.  :)


No worries, and I understand. I'd run this myself save that I think my brainpan burnt out a few weeks ago maybe. So far this post is the most productive I've been most of the month. *sigh*All the same though I felt the idea was perhaps one that someone else would want to see put together. (I'm not even sure I'd be able to regularly participate, RL kinda wacky atm)