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Author Topic: Kailean's small collection of fun things (m/m)  (Read 809 times)

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Kailean's small collection of fun things (m/m)
« on: April 13, 2012, 03:41:46 AM »

Thank you for taking a look at my humble collection of plot ideas. Have a look around to see what you might be interested in. Please do no reply to this forum though, instead kindly send me a PM so that I am not likely to miss you.

First thing is first though, please read through my Ons/Offs page before contacting me. My ONs/Offs are located in my signature as well as under my avatar, also my profile located under my avatar where there is a list of the different roleplays that I am currently involved in.

Secondly I want to set a few rules. I am a rather laid back type of person since I found out a few years back that it really isn't worth getting all bent out of shape over just about everything. I do have a few rules though, most of which are on my profile page. To shorten things up a little bit though I basically don't want to be doing all the work in the rp, don't be crazy about spelling and such, and don't be overly controlling.

Now on to all the good stuff!

  • Romance
  • Historical (generally victorian age, Scotland)
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-f

Below is a small selection of the different plots that I have in mind. These are plots that have been buzzing around my head and simply will not leave me alone. The things in bold are what I have been craving like crazy for what ever reason. I have a mixture of thought out plots and some ideas that I want to try.

Sinful temptations:
Players: A free lance assassin that is overly anal about where things are (aka neat freak) and a sparky bar tender that does just about everything in a rather chaotic manor.
Plot: They meet in the bar where the young man works while the sin is trying to locate a target, which the bar tender is dating at that time. The sin goes after the man, cornering him in an ally way not too far from the bar. The man was walking home after the bar was closed since he can't stay after hours. He always starts to walk home on his own knowing that the bar tender will be able to catch up after a while.The bar tender and the target have been dating for a while but aren't overly close emotionally. A lot of their connection was based on sexual gratification.

The boss' little brother:
Players: A mob guy, the boss' little brother(any group) and a young bell hop that is working at a high end hotel over the summer
Plot: The young bell hop that is working as a bell hop is assigned to a very high end client with instructions to do anything that he's asked to do. His boss tells him that if he wants to keep his job he is to keep the client happy no matter what happens to him. The reason why the owner of the hotel is so worried is because of the nature of the man's visit and his job. The mob guy knowing the owner of the hotel, since the hotel is a front for the mob, takes the boy's presence as it was intended and demands a blow job out of the youth. The boy freaks out feeling confused and violated but he doesn't feel anything like anger toward the man himself though just a whole lot of confusion. He decides to keep the boy around for the few days that he's there.

Demonic threat:
Players: Hunted demon, male nurse and a group of demon hunters. (Not a group rp just multiple positions in the story that need to be played out.)
A demon gets badly injured and is taken to a hospital where he meets this young “nurse” that more or less grabs his attentions. The demons though is too weak to actually get up so he has to trick the nurse into helping him get away from the group of hunters that landed him in the hospital to begin with.

The mission that changed his life:
Players:Young FBI agent, demon, and the "religious" group members that are being investigated. Perhaps hunters or some kind or something like that. The meaning of the group and how it relates is up for debate.
A young FBI field agent is sent on a mission that gets him hooked up with a group of religious freaks that believe that demons walk the earth. He first gets involved because a rather large threat was being posed by this group having biological weapons that couldn't be pinned down. At first its a normal mission that test the agent's mind as he tries to keep up with the group, until he has his first encounter with a demon setting his world on its head.

Lost in a world of his own:
Players: Earth human, street thug of this other world as well as some more creatures from that world.
In a world far from this one where human's don't exist at all there lives a young “man” of somewhat high standing on the streets. He had somewhat meager amounts of money which meant that he had to build and maintain his reputation on his reactions to how people act and also his muscles, making him something of a thug. That is until his glacial heart is melted by a young man that he finds shivering on the streets one afternoon in the winter. The man offers the boy a place to stay and the young man accepts with a rather odd accent that drives the man to ask where he's from. The boy answers “Earth”. The man keeps asking questions to figure out where this earth is but when he finds that its another planet that the boy lived on with others like him they go on an adventure to find out how to get the boy back home and why he was brought to this world to begin with while falling in love with one another.

Andrew's Stranger
Players: Andrew(Young man) and shadow demon
Warning: Contains reluctance/rape and abuse, maybe even some mpreg if I'm lucky.
A young man is sitting in the house that his father owns waiting for the man to get home from work so they can share a dinner. The young man is working and just out of collage with a somewhat strained relationship with his father thanks to the man's girlfriend. While waiting he hears someone in the kitchen and goes to investigate not thinking anything of it when he's attacked. The thing attacking him is not human but instead something very different(open to species and such). He manages to survive the attack but is changed in some way that he can't explain to his father so he runs after grabbing his stuff. When on the road he meets another like the thing that attacked him that is different in some way.

The Witch's CPO(Chief Petty Officer)
Players: CPO, Witch
Plot: A SEAL team is dispatched to collect a high value target for the CIA that they couldn't get out on their own. They find the young man in an abandoned warehouse with no one in sight. After grabbing him though they come under fire, he was left there more as bait since he wouldn't break, instead just hanging by his wrists singing What if the storm ends?. They eventually extract him but he forms a bond with a CPO through his magic unbeknownst to anyone there. When he gets back on his feet the team is brought into a special project where he forms a close working relationship with the CPO which leads to a hot and heavy personal relationship quickly enough. 

The bold ideas are my present muses.
-gladiator and house slave
-wolf shifters
        -As well as other types of shifters
-end of the world
-time shifting
-winged creatures (part of a different world that a friend of mine and I made)
-dangerous beast with prince made servant
-Magical based

I enjoy a little mpreg mixed into my roleplays as well. I have it here as a plot bit but having it as an add on works for me as well. I don't need it in every rp and understand if people don't like it. I enjoy it with the right plot or situation though.

If none of these things tickle your fancy and you want to try something different I am willing to give anything a try at least one. Just pitch me the idea and I'll look at it with an open mind. Below are a few of the different types of pairings that I have enjoyed in the past. This does not mean that I am tied down by these ideas or that I'll only do them.

  • Teacher/student
  • Brothers-in-law
  • Doctor/intern
  • Master/slave
  • vampire/wereworlf
  • hunter/hunted
  • street rat/royalty or nobility
  • strangers
  • half brothers
  • father/son
  • big brother/little brother
  • Big brother/little brother's friend
  • Little brother/ big brother's friend
  • waiter/waited
  • Business suit/party goer
  • dragon/human
  • basalisk/human
  • mermaid/human
  • sister's husband or soon to be husband/little brother
  • cross-dresser/"straight" guy

I am willing to hear out just about any pitch but if you would be kind enough to check out my ons and offs before contacting me. I know that I have said that a few times already but it gets a little frustrating to have to turn people away because they didn't pay attention when they were reading through my profile or ons and offs page. Just to prove that you have read through this please put cinntiú in the subject box. This doesn't really mean that I am not going to answer anyone that doesn't have that in the subject box, I'll just be more likely to reply right away to someone that has it rather then someone who does not.
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Re: Kailean's small collection of fun things (m/m)
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2012, 04:40:27 PM »
Update under Plots

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Re: Kailean's small collection of fun things (m/m)
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2013, 12:30:00 AM »
Some things were added in the ideas area.

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Re: Kailean's small collection of fun things (m/m)
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2013, 01:24:59 AM »
Andrew's Stranger and The Witches CPO were added. Sinful Temptation and The Boss' Little Brother were removed.

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Re: Kailean's small collection of fun things (m/m)
« Reply #4 on: November 22, 2013, 01:45:13 PM »
Changed some working under Ideas and took out plot Witch's CPO.