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June 22, 2021, 05:47:24 am

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Author Topic: It's a Mass Effect Extraction (F for M, Sci-Fi, Action, Consensual)  (Read 720 times)

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I've recently been introduced to the Mass Effect games. M.E. 3 came with the purchase of my new xbox and though I found it strange to start a series from the 3rd I thought, "why the hell not." and to my surprise I really enjoy it. I don't know much about the history of the games, but I am interested in creating a story off of it. My inspiration was James Vega. I really like that character in both personality and physical stature and though I can get him to flirt with my girl, they haven't done anything further yet so in my impatience I figured I'd create my own story using my female Shepard's appearance as a new character. Because she is a brand new character, I haven't written a well balanced history of her just yet, but I am working on that.

Enter: Serenity Rose. Taken as a teenager from her colony by a group of outlaw slavers, she was forced to be a servant. Chained together with a diversity of Species they traveled in the dark only to see light for a few moments as they were herded to be bought by eager merchants and pirates. Tears had filled her eyes at the thought of her own enslavement and when no one had bought her, she was only temporarily relieved. Fear swept over her as her capturers loomed over her and the rejected slaves. Feeling none of these were good enough, the outlaws went down the line killing each unsold merchandise. Cowering beside a weak Turian, the girl whimpered.

"Do not show them fear. They do not deserve it. Stay strong and it will pass." the turian said to her. Serenity looked up to him and her body shook violently as she watched the turian withdrew his last breath and collapsed upon his knees. Screaming, Serenity jerked at her chains as her captures crept closer to her. Trapped and cornered, the girl let her instincts take over and she rushed the outlaw instead. The outlaw was taken by surprised and  hurled over as his own knife impaled him through the gut. That move saved her life for a batarian found something he could use in Serenity at that very moment.

Years later Serenity Rose is still a slave, but having had gained the batarian's trust, she works as a multiple Species Extractionist. Her job sits heavy in her gut and eats away at her conscience, but due to her determination to live, she does as she's told and prays for forgiveness. "I'm sorry..please don't take this personally...I'm just doing my job."

Okay so my original idea was her next target would be your character. Serenity likes to study her targets before extracting them. She plays nice and can be a bit seductive, a belief she has that honey catches more species than brutality. I can picture Serenity slithering her way into ones trust and then extracting them to give to her keepers in an act of betrayal. Maybe though..instead of leaving your character to rot, she comes back. So that's all I got. I'd really like a James Vega or a Garrus to play the part, but that is not a demand. I'm fine with you choosing your own character. Keep in mind though, Serenity finds humans and turians sexually attractive.