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Author Topic: Ninja? =O  (Read 804 times)

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Offline SkyeBlackTopic starter

Ninja? =O
« on: April 12, 2012, 02:27:47 AM »
Basically, the plot will be this, based upon participation:

Having just graduated from a lifetime long training compound in the mountains of China, a small band of ninja take on a rather menacing force from Japan who is hellbent on destroying civilization as we know it. It is contemporary, however the use of guns will be limited (we ARE ninja, after all.) If there is anyone who is interested in doing this, I will post the plot in greater detail. For now, if it seems like something you would like to do, post a quick intro for your character. In the story, we have just taken our first steps from the compound.

The rules (besides those already in place on this site,) are simple:
You must have a primary weapon other than a gun (you may have a gun, but I would rather keep it ninja...)
You must not "switch sides" at any point in the roleplay (unless your character would betray the only friends he/she has ever known)
You must be a very descriptive writer (especially battle sequences)

That is all. Post if you are interested.  ^_^

Offline SkyeBlackTopic starter

Re: Ninja? =O
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2012, 03:08:52 AM »
Sixteen years... Sixteen revolutions of the earth since she had touched the ground outside Jing Compound. Apprehension worked tirelessly in her throat as each labored footfall took her farther from the iron gates through which she had seen the world go by. A hollow 'clang' caused her stride to falter. They had swung shut behind her, those metal guardians of her youth, sealing her fate. She was a full fledged Ninja, till death do her part. Barely noticing her comerades, the young woman stared ahead, refusing to glance back at the formidable fortress which she had called her home since her fourth year of life. Instead, she merely drew in a breath, sighed, and moved to seat herself upon a rather large rock, one she had come to call "Whale Rock" since her childhood as she had gawked from within. To touch it drew a shudder, but she ignored her initial emotion and plopped down, gazing out over the mountains as she unstrapped her katana from her side.
Kaitana Uri, or Kai for short, was quite a sight to behold. It wasn't that she was Geisha gorgeous, not by any means, but her striking jaw and sharp features was easily remedied by brilliant cerulean eyes, an extremely rare occurrence for one of Japanese descent. The rest of her, all 5' 10", was bound with layers of hardened muscle, and if one looked closely enough, one could see that her alabaster skin was slightly flawed in several places with deep scar tissue. Yes, vigorous training tended to cause these malformities, and to the untrained eye (basically every eye other than her dear friends,) she appeared to be a young man. She was adorned not in her traditional attire, but in street clothes, a pair of light bluejeans (black, silk boxers peeping out of the top), and a men's tank top. She needn't worry about being detected as a female, however, for her breasts were slight and easily bound.
Kai sighed yet again, allowing the air released to caress her lips as her hand subconsciously went delving into short raven locks.
"Well, guys... What now?"

Offline sexhaver

Re: Ninja? =O
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2012, 06:00:54 PM »
Dude, we're ninjas! We graduated from ninja tech. Dude, I'm gonna go to parties, and people are gonna be at parties and won't even know I'm there, and they'll be like, "Did you hear something, Tad?", and they look up and I'll be clanging up on the ceiling, and they're gonna be like, "What the? A ninja, awesome, it's a party", and I'm like, "Just throw the cake up here please"

Offline Tezzeret

Re: Ninja? =O
« Reply #3 on: April 14, 2012, 12:03:34 AM »
Although he had spend all but five years of his life within the training compound Lei did not consider it his home, but rather the institute that crafted him into a weapon, a weapon that would be used to defend those closest to him.
Lei Yang Nan stood six feet tall and was dressed in a baggy white shirt and bark trousers which disguissed his oddly thin complexion.

As he walked further from the compound his urge to take one last look at the place he had been crafted deminished, he was instead distraced by an unfariiar breeze causing his short dark hair to wave. He had always been taught that the world was a cruel and violent place, and that as ninja they needed to be on their gaurd at all times, ever vigilant of enemies and ready to kill without hezitation...
He looked up to the sun throught the trees alowing himsef to become dazzeled by its radience, becoming all but lost in it. He drifted on towards the whale shaped rock that Kai had went ahead to. His baggy shirt revealed years of punishment apon his disciplined body, Lei saw these injuries as mistakes that would forever remind him of the concequeces he faces as a ninja.

with a cleansing breath he lay his backpack on the ground, the leather bag contained all of his worldly possetins which consisted of one steel kunai knife, a douzen or so shuriken battered and worn from use and a sharpening/ cleaning set for his katana, which never left his back. It was this that would be his greatest treasure, a sleek black casing surrounded the mirror like blade which was kept as sharp and as clean as possiable. The hilt was steel embossed with the symbols for 'power' 'discipline' 'friendship' and 'honor' the handel was wrapped in white ribbon and held in place by a gold cap at the end of the sword.

Being in general a layed back person among his friends was a complete contrast to how he was in training, he became a focused machine whos mind was set on the mission and its success. This trait however has had many drawbacks, smetimes causing him to make rash and bold moves that have high risk but high reward.

Lei sat for a moment by the rock before answering Kai...
'well I guess we head for a town and try to figure out our next move'

Hope you like it, and any comments or pointers would be appreciated.  ;D