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Started by rick957, April 09, 2012, 04:01:50 PM

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Hi.  This is nothing more than an attempt to get information that I can't seem to find anywhere on my own, after about 15 minutes of digging.

I seem to remember the top-of-screen banner saying something about an Elliquiy Writer's Group and/or some Elliquiy-initiated publishing or self-publishing venture.  Also I have this vague memory of seeing an Elliquiy thread once where you had to ask for permission to join it and it had something to do with writing stuff and something about needing 1000 posts to qualify or somesuch.

Can anybody tell me what any of those things were, if they're still around, and if not, what happened to them? 

Thanks in advance for any insights you can provide.  :)
-- Rick


Thank you lollipop!  I knew it was someplace really obvious before, but I looked right over it somehow.  The number of storytelling/writing/arts/media sections around here still confuses me a little.  (I know, there are explanations posted that I could and sometimes have read, just not recently because I'm lazy.)

Okay, so I have additional questions -- just a couple -- but now I don't know if I should ask them here or PM Caeli, as was suggested at the bottom of that link. 

Little help anyone?  (Caeli are you out there?)  I'm always a bit hesitant to PM someone out of the blue because I don't want to be a bother ...

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I would try PMing Cecilia (I believe she is looking after the Writer's Group now) or any active staff member (they can direct you in the right place) instead as Caeli stepped down some time ago. :-)
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Staff do not mind receiving PMs from anyone out of the blue, the is why we are here.  So send away, Rick.  Or if you feel your questions are more general in nature you can ask them here and we can answer them for others to read as well.  Either works for me.


Elliquiy has so many nice people, it's practically overwhelming!  I had no less than five different people, altogether, offer their help!  Thank you all so much. 

I hope it doesn't seem too rude that I'm writing this one reply and sending it to all of you instead of writing separate replies.  Any of you generous people out there are welcome to answer.  Um, I mean -- you don't all have to answer or anything! but I can't pick just one of you!  So -- much -- niceness!  ;)

I just wanted to ask if the E Writers' Group is actually an active thing these days, or if it's kinda quiet.  Also, if you happen to know, has it been very active for any stretch of time in the past year or so?  The reason I'm asking is just to get a better sense of how much interest there is in literary discussion at Elliquiy at the moment.  I've looked at all the relevant public forums, but the Writers' Group is a mystery to me, because I never attempted to join myself (being busy with other things, y'know).

I'm going to put this question into the thread I started and ask for a reply there, just in case anybody else who sees the thread is looking for the same information. 

(Thanks again, you guys!)


The EWG seems to have bursts of activity, but is not particularly active right now. I would love to see more interaction there, and I think the people are very well intentioned.  So many of us just don't have much time to devote to it, but I think people are somewhat responsive when you do post something.  It would do you no  harm to join the group, and you can choose to ignore the board if you don't find if to your liking, or we can remove access as well. 

Others in the group are more active than I am, but I do read just about every post made there. 


Thanks Cecilia!  Your answer confirmed my expectations.  It's perfectly understandable that literary discussions, especially detailed ones, aren't exactly all the rage around here.  :)  I think most people come to Elliquiy primarily to RP or to socialize, I suppose, and not to strain their brains dissecting each other's writing.  Then again, with all the gifted writers and dedicated readers and generally smart, friendly folks on the site, it seems a shame that there isn't any continuously-active venue for literary discussion at Elliquiy, even on a small scale. 

What spurred this whole line of thinking and questioning from me now was a thread started by a more recent joiner of Elliquiy over in the Literary Discussion section.  She was encouraging people generally to make more comments in the Storytelling Forum, as a way of spurring overall activity over there.  The response to her well-intentioned plea has been somewhat lackluster thus far, I think, and I suspect that's for an obvious, innocent reason -- people are just occupied with other things on the site, or other things in general.

I've never been motivated to try to join the EWG in part because I guessed that it was largely inactive anyway, but mostly because I don't like the idea that it's only available to certain members and not to everyone else.  I've got more than 1000 posts by now, I think, but I remember seeing that "500 post minimum" rule back when I was a new member, and frankly, it made me feel excluded at the time.  I suspect that for the EWG or any similar group to actually become more continuously active, it would require the help of some enthusiastic fledgling members (like Isobel, from that thread above), ones who haven't become jaded about the quixotic nature of their efforts.

Nowadays I have just enough time and interest to become an infrequent participant in preexisting, ongoing discussions.  Although I've tried before, I no longer have the will or energy to initiate such discussions myself, and I think that's what would be necessary -- for a small handful of Elliquians to participate in active discussions over a prolonged period of time, long enough so that the activity would become more popular and self-perpetuating on the site.

I'll keep an eye out, though, to see if anyone else manages to accomplish that task in the future, and then contribute as much as I can.  Anyway, thanks for reading and for helping me to stay abreast of things.  :)