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Author Topic: The Arena (fantasy) [NC]  (Read 502 times)

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Offline elfguyTopic starter

The Arena (fantasy) [NC]
« on: April 09, 2012, 04:37:34 AM »

Every year in the Kingdom of Aleria, an event takes place only known as The Arena. This is where the Queen of the land holds a competition to find the best, strongest warrior in the country, to become part of her elite guard, a position highly respected by all. This event is not a typical battle however. The purpose is as much to test a contestant's physical strength as it is to test their skills, ingenuity, and mental readiness. As such, there is only one rule, no death blow, with the challengers instead being highly encouraged to humiliate and break down their opponents as much as they can. The Queen will decide the winner at the end of the event, based on the performance of each of them.

All the men and women who apply to be in The Arena will all be sent to the large sand ground at the same time, and left to battle among themselves until only one apparent winner remains standing, or until the Queen decides to end the round. Thousands of people come from all around the land to see this event, and they praise cruelty. The Queen doesn't reward pure brute acts, but instead those who can humiliate others and break them down best. Will you be strong enough to endure the toughest test of your life?

So for this RP my idea was that a group of challengers would enter the arena, and then people would start fighting. There is no pre-set pairing, although I would encourage people to pair up while they play. If you get done with one opponent, you could move to another. There can be 2 on 1 attacks, and so on. This way everyone can play together, at the same time, and when players drop, you can just switch to another character, and we can even get new recruits later down the road if need be.

The idea is not to kill your opponent, instead to break them, usually by managing to pin them down then abusing them physically and sexually. Expect the fights to be heavily focused on sex. It's still going to be in the extreme section so that those who don't mind getting physically beat up can be. There's also no system as to who wins and who loses, and that's why the character sheet asks specific questions, and while the story goes on it's important to communicate with other players so that you decide who's going to win each fight. This is a fantasy world so swords, axes, staffs, elves, ogres, etc. Right now I'm thinking no magic, although if people would prefer to have magic as well that could work.

If that sounds interesting, sign up. I'm open to comments and suggestions.

Character sheet








Preferred stance: (winning, losing, both)

Offs: (how extreme do you want to take things for your character)
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Offline elfguyTopic starter

Re: The Arena (fantasy) [NC]
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2012, 04:43:30 AM »
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Name: Fael D'Urima

Race: Elf

Gender: F

Age: 176

Equipment: Wrist guards, boots, necklace, staff

Bio: Fael is an elf warrior coming directly from the Great Forest. That's where she learned to be the best of her clan, and she already proved her skills in battle many times. She uses a very unique fighting tactic, using a staff instead of a sword or axe. Her staff is her most prized possession and is made of solid metal alloy, shaped in a way that allows her to do many intricate fighting moves. She fights very offensively, using her staff to strike and keep her opponent always on the defensive, hence she wears basically nothing to give her as much agility and moving power as possible. She heard of the competition a few years back and was always curious, but now decided to try it out, confident that she can win. Her personality is usually uplifted and she can be very flirty. She has a strong, fit body, able to compete with some of the strongest men, and she loves to show it off.

Preferred stance: Both

Offs: Open to all extremes except death, mutilation, herma/futa
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