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Author Topic: [F for M] ► Lusty's passion◄ PUBG /BattleRoyal?  (Read 2108 times)

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[F for M] ► Lusty's passion◄ PUBG /BattleRoyal?
« on: April 09, 2012, 03:36:38 AM »
  Welcome to: Lusty's passion

Last plot update: 16/12/2017
Last significant page update: 29/11/2017

Hello to all those reading!

I’m Lusty, twenty six year old female and I love roleplaying.
I have been on Elliquiy for a while now, obviously, but just recently got back into roleplaying after a couple of years on hiatus. The roleplaying stopped during that time, but the writing did not. Coming back here is like coming home, a home I never should have put aside.

A little about me; I expect exactly what I give and nothing more  - accordingly, my expectations may be high at times. Overall, I am told to be a nice person who is very easy to get along with and has overly active imagination mixed with some dark humor.

I only like heterosexual pairings. However, if we are doubling up, I can play whatever you would like me to for your pairing. accordingly, I do not mind what so ever what my co-writers gender is. So women can write amazing men, some men can write amazing women. Internet is the best place to be whatever you like, no need to be ashamed of it.

My writing: English is my fifth language. That is not an excuse, it’s a statement. I am literate, I know how spell check works but I am also human who can make grammar mistakes. Luckily, I love feedback so even if you see me make a mistake, you can always point it out. It will make my writing better and your reading more pleasurable. Win / Win right?
Other than that, I usually tend to write at least three to eight paragraphs. Time skips and introductions aside, in those I tend to really exaggerate. It may of course vary on what I am giving to work with. Note, I get bored easily with short replies which could obviously have more meat. It does not mean I will disappear, be assured if I am not getting what I want or expect, you will know. Communication, what a concept, right?
In accordance to the aforementioned, I usually post at least once a day. In case something changes, I will always let my partners know. I work weird shifts so I can be online at very irregular hours.

I have a glitch in the system disguised as a feature. I love dominant pairings. There is nothing better than watching two alpha personalities go at it in any way possible. Fighting, yelling, seducing, manipulating while being a united front against the world? That’s my kick. Overall, the concept of vanilla love is not something I am familiar with and won’t be able to write it well for my main pairing. I can easily fake side characters.

With that in mind, my own main character is not easy. At this point in my writing I found that I enjoy roleplaying most with my main character, so that probably won’t change anytime soon. Therefore, expect a busty blonde, too pretty for her own good who is manipulative, seductive, intelligent, loves mind games, lacks any moral compass and will kill for the man she loves while making him go through hell in which he will find both great pleasure and pain. Psychological and physical alike. I like my relationships twisted, angry, full of hate, lust and attraction. Yell at my character, throw her against the wall and expect her to laugh at you for trying to get to her while knowing she won’t love anyone but you.

Now, with that woman in mind it is very hard to imagine something but a very dominant male by her side. Someone who is strong willed, intelligent, arrogant, knows exactly what he is worth and how to handle himself. Basically, one hell of backbone. Cold, deviant, I want the anti-hero. I want the guy all the good guys want to fight with. Comlex, his own flaws and insecurities.

Overall, I want to know why. Why do the characters act the way they do, why they say the things the do? What makes them tick, what makes their blood boil?

I know it’s a lot to ask for, but I have meet my share of amazing people here overtime who build my expectations and trust me, most people here underestimate their worth.

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Re: Let there be Blood.. [Looking for M]
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2012, 11:46:37 AM »

My Available Plots

Safety First
[ Bodyguard / Tycon's daughter / Dom x Dom]
The VonDeMeere family own a chain of exclusive hotels, several successful brands and politicians. They are known for not being afraid to get their hands dirty either. It seems like the only weakness the head of the family has, is his children - boy, older, the obvious heir to the fortune which is far from being ready to take over and a girl who tends to get her self in to life threatening situations out of fun or boredom. After she has been kidnapped twice, the father decided to put an end to this by hiring an assassin who works for him and he knows he can trust to serve as her bodyguard, pretty much paying assassin's hourly rate to babysit the girl.
The issue is, that the girl is in fact a woman in her mid twenties, educated, manipulative, clearly not the one to sit tight and hope for the best. She has a very shaken moral compass and she is absolutely stunning, using it to her advantage any chance she has.

Gifted / X-Men - New World Rising -Taken
[X-men / Gifted / Mutants / Dom x Dom]
  My character is a powerful mutant with the ability to control ice and liquid. She is a member of the X-men.
When all hell broke loose between humans and mutants, she and a few other X-men approached your character, a very powerful mutant (best works with a mixture of Jean Grey and Phoenix powers) for help and he refused since he decided to isolate himself due to control issues with his powers, knowing that the only thing keeping the next apocalypse from happening due to him is his self control.
Some time passed, mutants lost the war and went in to hiding with authorities looking for them. X-men disappeared, my character got imprisoned in a comatose state by the Sentinel services. Your character took the lead in helping mutants and running the underground, knowing he was the only one powerful enough to be able to actually make a difference.
Upon a raid on one of the labs where mutants are imprisoned, he saved my character right before the place burned down but she is far from being a passive grateful princess. She doesn't accept his authority on the underground, has great anger issues with him not helping the X-Men in the first place and pretty much focused on finding the other X-men, not really caring who she hurts in the process.
Basically, it would be fun to see two mutants, both very powerful colliding with their struggles. She, very much in control of her powers but has no control of her metal state as she is furious, he, barely any control over his powers but very much in control of his own physiological state, remaining calm and collected. Who will tip the scale?

Rock me  -Taken
[Dom  x Dom / Band  / Rough - Angry sex / Addictions]
When a promising new (metal / rock) band recruits a new temporary guitarists, the sister of one of the guys on the band, they are very surprised to see that she in fact, is a she. The woman is absolutely gorgeous and knows how to use it. She is intelligent, fun loving and quickly becomes 'one of the guys' especially since their band has become a lot more popular with her in it. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks she is a blessing is disguise, the main singer see's her as a spoiled brat that uses her looks to get by, and her arrogance to manipulate everyone around her. The two constantly disagree on everything for months, they fight so much it annoys everyone around them but when the band goes out on a tour which requires constant contact and a whole bunch of hotels things get tricky. Add alcohol and drugs in to the mix and it's very obvious that most of the tension the two had was strictly sexual and it is only a matter of time until it lashes out.

BloodRedLust -Taken
[Original- Vampires / Dom x Dom ]

In an old world, vampire council is in charge of all vampires in the world.
Two ancient vampires are at the top of the food-chain - Holding the two largest clans underneath them.
You character is an heir to one of the two most powerful vampires alive (sorry for the pun, couldn't resist). He is the obvious "price", powerful, great heritage, natural leader, etc, etc. Basically, the undeniable future of the vampires who is truly loved like a son by his sire.
My character is the young, newly turned vampire of the other - barely twenty years old as a vampire. She is exceptionally beautiful, very natural in being a vampire and overall extraordinary. Seductive, manipulative, strong and intelligent. She was raised as a human by her sire, groomed to be his own heir which caused major rivalry between his older turned.
Our characters meet at a ball thrown by my characters Sire. There is an instant attraction but barely anything happens. Your charters sire does not wish for you to even socialize with her due to her importance to the second ancient vampire, his very close and dear friend and pressures your character into finally finding his own mate from other clans.

Time passes and my characters sire gets assassinated by one of his own vampires. You characters sire gets my character out of the massacre and brings her to his own home, with your character. The two hit it off again but your characters sire does not approve of this at all. He does assign your character to train mine, knowing that she will still be the rightful heir of the second strongest clan.

WIP Plots - General thoughts

Focus - general idea based on the dynamics of teams. If you ever watched Leverage or Scorpion it is what interests me to explore. A group of people, each expert in their fields, ran by a mastermind. Basically the idea can be either criminal or the other way around. A group designated for a set of specific goals, like extracting someone from a kidnapping, stealing something etc. This will require both me and my partner to write extra side characters as we go along. The idea s that my character is brought in to the team for a specific mission which works with her specific skills with the thought of recruiting her. She can be something along the lines of a thief with great athletic skills. The team already has it's dynamics for each member and is shaken off a bit by it. Your character with whatever he does is a very dominant personality, but not the mastermind nor is he interested in it. He dislikes the idea of my character (maybe an old story between the two / drunken one night stand / etc) and doesn't really accepts changes in the team which causes overall rivalry. I would love to explore this idea with someone.

Released- Dark Angel plot. Still working on it, but the main idea is that our characters are from the X5 series, meant to be mated together. You character was working on a way out of Manticore when they brought my character in. Both very strong willed, best of their series. She found out his plan to escape and helped him but something went wrong and she stayed behind. Years later, he is working on keeping the escaped people alive and out trouble, she is sent to kill him.

I am always up to hear your plots! Try me.
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Re: Let there be Blood.. [Looking for M]
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2012, 03:48:34 PM »


I know, right?
Seriously, the man drives me nuts.
After I saw the movie the character amazed me. The rough posture with just a bit of subliminal complexity and the reluctant hero aspect.
I don't strive for a DC roleplay, I want the character - not the Aquaman.
Same goes for him in the show Frontier, the brutality as casualness is extremely alluring.
Again, this is the overall references of the personality I want to roleplay with (the looks are obviously a huge plus).
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Re: Looking for a dominant male for my dominant female!
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2012, 10:44:41 AM »

Inspiration pictures and music

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Re: Looking for a dominant male for my dominant female!
« Reply #4 on: July 11, 2012, 10:11:10 AM »

Old and irrelevant plots

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Bloody Mess
[True Blood / Eric x OC / Seduction / Blood play / Fantasy ]
Imagine a world without Sookie, Pam and Bill where Eric did not turn in to a wuss. He is the sheriff of his town and the head of his club but when a council member shows up out of the blue to look for a criminal vampire in his area he has no choice but to work along with her to get him out as soon as possible or else his position might be compromised. One thing the man does not take in account is the fact that the council member is manipulative, seductive, infuriating mistress that does not stand for his wishes and does absolutely everything that she can to get to him. [/s]

The song of Evil
[Game of Thrones / Fantasy / Seduction / Rage ]
Imagine Robb Start, right after the death of his father, out to avenge his death and claim his throne only with original characters (I can be convinced otherwise).
He is blinded with anger and out to destroy everything in his path along with his army but the young king has no idea what waits ahead and soon enough realized that he in over his head, leading his soldiers to a certain death right as they sail towards the King Landings. Water all around them, the men haven't seen a woman in months, water and food is slowly running out and men are getting sick. The young king is nowhere to be found and only his closest friends and advisers know that the king's dreams are often visited by a woman who whispers of power and great glory, slowly driving their kind to insanity by appearing to him even when he is awake.
Little do they know, the woman is real, and she is after the king's soul.
Falling Skies
[Survival / Action / Passion ]
Recently I've been really craving a story that goes along the lines of the Falling Skies series. I've been very fond of the show from the moment it aired and I would love to try it out with someone who watches the show.
What I had in mind is something along the lines of what Maggie and Hal have. They are great partners and fighters and I would love to try this dynamic with the cannons or original characters.[/s]

The will to survive
[Zombie apocalypse / Assassin x Target]
Well, it's pretty simple actually, my character, a daughter of a wealthy Hotel chain owner who stepped on a tail of someone from the Russian mob is on her way to New York for a fashion shoot. Without her knowing, the mob sent out a hit-man after her who is supposed to kill her so they can send a message to her father. In the airport, they meet up but there is no right moment for him to do the job so they get on the plane that crashes in the middle of nowhere.
There are two possibilities here; either they walk out of the crash with a few survivors to walk up to some small town where everyone is already infected by Zombies or they woke up in a hospital.[/s]

[Dom Vampire x Dom Vampire / Questing /  Heavy blood play / Rough - Angry sex / Kidnapping]
You character, an elder among his kind, a powerful Lord in charge of a vampire clan, he lacks nothing and slowly he is getting bored with his life. He goes after a very sacred artifact and falls in to a trap that inflicts him with deadly poison. There is no cure that one knows about and he slowly accepts his fate but just as he was about to give up completely, his friend, an elder elf healer tells a Lord about an artifact called The Dragon Tear. Legends told about it and most considered it to be a myth because no one even knows where to start looking for it but The Council has a very unique and useful artifact that shows the way to what it's master wants most. There is no way to get it peacefully because the Lord has very tense and dangerous relationship with the council so after a long debate, they decide to kidnap the head of the council, a very powerful man and make him give them the artifact. Long story short, things go wrong and they end up kidnapping my character, a woman who is a bit hard to handle. She is a second chair in the council, has very playful relationship with the leader of the council and without a doubt can get anything she wants from him.It doesn't take the two long to end up in a lustful, angry relationship with a lot of power play and teasing. She does whatever the hell she wants with his people and him, showing absolutely no regard to his status and to make things worse, she constantly tries to seduce him for her own fun. [/s]

Highway to hell.
[Based on the show Supernatural / Dom Demon x Dom Werewolf - Human - Demon / Rough - Angry sex / Shape shifters]
After encountering another round of demons, the hunter and his partner are trapped with no way to escape. They tried everything to get out but with no luck until another hunter shows up and saves them, explaining that their informant sent her. The girl is strong and deadly, showing no sign of remorse of consideration when she is up for a kill which makes the two wonder where she came from. After a while of hunting together, the two end up hearing from other demons that the girl has sold her soul a long time ago and is up to being the next crossroad demon in charge of binning souls to hell.
(Instead of two partners you can have one, have him be whatever you want from a werewolf to some kind of yellow-eyed child. If it will fit the plot better I can give my character a partner too. It's necessary for you to know the show for this one)[/s]

Frozen hearts
When a group of college students decide to go up in to the snowy mountains for winter break, they don't even expect to find them self stranded in a house with no electricity, freezing air and no one miles away. The fantasy ski trip quickly turned in to disaster as the storm came and without much effort disconnected them from the world with no way to survive unless they find a way to stay warm. This scenario is good enough to turn every enemy in to a friend and when a girl like mine who hates absolutely everything about your guy, thinks he's an arrogant prick and a guy like yours who considers my girl to be a dumb slut, finally allow their stuffed up emotions to run wild within closed doors, no one knows what might happen.

X-men Roleplay
She is a member of the X-men team with a shady attitude and too much power for her own good. He is a feared mutant who is potentially the next Phoenix only a lot more powerful. Both of them are Omega level mutants and have trouble separating fantasy from reality but she is outgoing, fun, lustful and manipulative and he is dark, cold and a loner. A fated meeting puts him in the question of why the two of them, both mostly controlled by their powers and with the same background of high class family's ended up so different so he begins to investigate.
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Re: [F for M] I crave passion!.. And fantasy.
« Reply #5 on: July 25, 2012, 12:59:24 PM »
Updated: 25/7/2012

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Re: [F for M] I crave passion!.. And fantasy.
« Reply #6 on: July 31, 2012, 07:16:10 AM »
Updated : 31/7/2012

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Re: [F for M] I crave passion!.. And fantasy.
« Reply #7 on: August 06, 2012, 12:52:04 PM »
Updated: 6/8/2012

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Re: [F for M] I crave passion!
« Reply #8 on: November 26, 2017, 05:31:12 AM »
Updated 26/11/2017 - Yes, I'm back. Big time.

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Huge update.

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Re: [F for M] ► Lusty's passion◄ [Dom&Dom]
« Reply #10 on: December 09, 2017, 03:35:31 PM »
Added: Focus

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Re: [F for M] ► Lusty's passion◄
« Reply #11 on: December 16, 2017, 11:06:12 AM »
Added: Safety First