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Author Topic: [F for M] I crave passion!.. And fantasy.  (Read 1405 times)

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[F for M] I crave passion!.. And fantasy.
« on: April 09, 2012, 03:36:38 AM »


►I am Lust, a twenty year old female who enjoys roleplaying as much as she enjoys breathing, its necessary for me to survive. I write three to eight paragraphs if I have something to work with but don't expect much if you don't give me much. Don't be afraid to talk to me, tell me if you're getting bored or you have a special scene in mind. Hell, if you think we'll be better off doing a completely different roleplay, do not, I repeat; do not be afraid that I might get mad or upset.
►I post often when I get on, probably at least ones a day, if I expect a change in my posting rate, my partners will be the first ones to know it!
►Heterosexual relationships only for me, even through I don't really mind a bit of girl on girl action once in a while as long as it's not the main focus of the roleplay.

►I am looking for someone with a back bone, open mind and a whole lot of creativity. I understand occasional spelling mistakes bt if u tak lik dis, I will scratch your eyes out. Same goes for talking out of character, do not underestimate how much illiteracy can anger me. I do not care if you're a man or a woman as long as we only play as a heterosexual pairing as our main. You should be willing to play multiple characters and drive the plot forward, don't expect me to do all the work for you, and yes, I have been tangled in those kind of situations and don't want them happening again.
►Give me detail. Lots and lots of detail. I want rare character traits, I want debt and complications. I want something out of the ordinary. If your character is going to run away in tears the minute my character insults him, you probably won't be getting a reply.
►I'm looking for a type; strong, intelligent, cold, deviant, seductive and determent. I need your character to know what they are doing and not wonder around looking for help.
►I'm not looking for a cute and fluffy pairing. I like my relationships twisted, angry, full of hate, lust and attraction. Yell at my character, throw her against the wall and expect her to laugh at you for trying to get to her. She will seduce you, drive you to insanity and do everything in her power to show that your character is nothing more than a puppet in her hands. If your character will break down and let her win, you should probably look for another roleplay.

Bloody Mess
[True Blood / Eric x OC / Seduction / Blood play / Fantasy ]
Imagine a world without Sookie, Pam and Bill where Eric did not turn in to a wuss. He is the sheriff of his town and the head of his club but when a council member shows up out of the blue to look for a criminal vampire in his area he has no choice but to work along with her to get him out as soon as possible or else his position might be compromised. One thing the man does not take in account is the fact that the council member is manipulative, seductive, infuriating mistress that does not stand for his wishes and does absolutely everything that she can to get to him.

The song of Evil
[Game of Thrones / Fantasy / Seduction / Rage ]
Imagine Robb Start, right after the death of his father, out to avenge his death and claim his throne only with original characters (I can be convinced otherwise).
He is blinded with anger and out to destroy everything in his path along with his army but the young king has no idea what waits ahead and soon enough realized that he in over his head, leading his solders to a certain death right as they sail towards the King Landings. Water all around them, the men haven't seen a woman in months, water and food is slowly running out and men are getting sick. The young king is no where to be found and only his closest friends and advisers know that the kings dreams are often visited by a woman who whispers of power and great glory, slowly driving their kind to insanity by appearing to him even when he is awake.
Little do they know, the woman is real, and she is after the kings soul.

Falling Skies
[Survival / Action / Passion ]
Recently I've been really craving a story that goes along the lines of the Falling Skies series. I've been very fond of the show from the moment it aired and I would love to try it out with someone who watches the show.
What I had in mind is something along the lines of what Maggie and Hal have. They are great partners and fighters and I would love to try this dynamic with the cannons or original characters.

Rock me 
[Dom  x Dom / Band  / Rough - Angry sex / Addictions]
When a promising new (metal / rock) band recruits a new guitarist they are very surprised to see that she in fact, is a she. The woman is absolutely gorgeous and knows how to use it. She is intelligent, fun loving and quickly becomes 'one of the guys' especially since their band has become a lot more popular with her in it. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks she is a blessing is disguise, the main singer see's her for who she is; a spoiled brats that use's her looks to get by and her arrogance to manipulate everyone around her. The two constantly disagree on everything, they fight so much it annoys everyone around them but when the band goes out on a tour which requires constant contact and a whole bunch of hotel's things get tricky. Add alcohol and drugs in to the mix and it's very obvious that most of the tension the two had was strictly sexual and it is only a matter of time until it lashes out.

The will to survive
[Zombie apocalipse / Assasin x Target]
Well, it's pretty simple actually, my character, a daughter of a wealthy Hotel chain owner who stepped on a tail of someone from the Russian mob is on her way to New York for a fashion shoot. Without her knowing, the mob sent out a hit-man after her who is supposed to kill her so they can send a message to her father. In the airport, they meet up but there is no right moment for him to do the job so they get on the plain that crashes in the middle of no where.
There are two possibility's here; either they walk out of the crash with a few survivors to walk up to some small town where everyone is already infected by Zombies or they woke up in a hospital.

[Dom Vampire x Dom Vampire / Questing /  Heavy blood play / Rough - Angry sex / Kidnapping]
You character, an elder among his kind, a powerful Lord in charge of a vampire clan, he lacks nothing and slowly he is getting bored with his life. He goes after a very sacred artifact and falls in to a trap that inflicts him with deadly poison. There is no cure that one knows about and he slowly accepts his fate but just as he was about to give up completely, his friend, an elder elf healer tells a Lord about an artifact called The Dragon Tear. Legends told about it and most considered it to be a myth because no one even knows where to start looking for it but The Council has a very unique and useful artifact that shows the way to what it's master wants most. There is no way to get it peacefully because the Lord has very tense and dangerous relationship with the council so after a long debate, they decide to kidnap the head of the council, a very powerful man and make him give them the artifact. Long story short, things go wrong and they end up kidnapping my character, a woman who is a bit hard to handle. She is a second chair in the council, has very playful relationship with the leader of the council and without a doubt can get anything she wants from him.It doesn't take the two long to end up in a lustful, angry relationship with a lot of power play and teasing. She does whatever the hell she wants with his people and him, showing absolutely no regard to his status and to make things worse, she constantly tries to seduce him for her own fun.

Highway to hell.
[Based on the show Supernatural / Dom Demon x Dom Werewolf - Human - Demon / Rough - Angry sex / Shape shifters]
After encountering another round of demons, the hunter and his partner are trapped with no way to escape. They tried everything to get out but with no luck until another hunter shows up and saves them, explaining that their informant sent her. The girl is strong and deadly, showing no sign of remorse of consideration when she is up for a kill which makes the two wonder where she came from. After a while of hunting together, the two end up hearing from other demons that the girl has sold her soul a long time ago and is up to being the next crossroad demon in charge of binning souls to hell.
(Instead of two partners you can have one, have him be whatever you want from a werewolf to some kind of yellow-eyed child. If it will fit the plot better I can give my character a partner too. It's necessary for you to know the show for this one)

Frozen hearts
When a group of collage students decide to go up in to the snowy mountains for winter break, they don't even expect to find them self stranded in a house with no electricity, freezing air and no one miles away. The fantasy ski trip quickly turned in to disaster as the storm came and without much effort disconnected them from the world with no way to survive unless they find a way to stay warm. This scenario is good enough to turn every enemy in to a friend and when a girl like mine who hates absolutely everything about your guy, thinks he's an arrogant prick and a guy like yours who considers my girl to be a dumb slut, finally allow their stuffed up emotions to run wild within closed doors, no one knows what might happen.

X-men Roleplay
She is a member of the X-men team with a shady attitude and too much power for her own good. He is a feared mutant who is potentially the next Phoenix only a lot more powerful. Both of them are Omega leveled mutants and have trouble separating fantasy from reality but she is outgoing, fun, lustful and manipulative and he is dark, cold and a loner. A fated meeting puts him in the question of why the two of them, both mostly controlled by their powers and with the same background of high class family's ended up so different so he begins to investigate.

Inspiring songs
Hinder - Get Stoned
Hinder - Use Me
Jace Everett - Bad Things
Ben Lee - Aftertaste
Bob Dylan - Beyond here lies nothing
Breaking Benjamin - So Cold
Breaking Benjamin - Breath
Breaking Benjamin - Here we are
Bullet For My Valentine - Bittersweet Memories
Danny Elfman - The Little Things
David Cook - Last Goodbye
Finger Eleven - Paralyzer
Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams
Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love
Maroon 5 - Harder To Breath
Maroon 5 - This Love
Neon Trees - Animal
Nickleback - How you remind me
Nickleback - Something in your mouth
Nickleback - Rockstar
Sick Puppies - I hate you
Three days grace - Wake up
Three days grace - I hate everything about you
Three days grace - Gone Forever
Sheeter and Amy Lee - Broken
Carrie Underwood-Cowboy Casanova

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Re: Looking for a dominant male for my dominant female!
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Re: [F for M] I crave passion!.. And fantasy.
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Re: [F for M] I crave passion!.. And fantasy.
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Re: [F for M] I crave passion!.. And fantasy.
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