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May 27, 2018, 09:09:29 AM

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Author Topic: Interest Check: Battle Slaves  (Read 363 times)

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Offline InnocenceTopic starter

Interest Check: Battle Slaves
« on: April 09, 2012, 02:30:52 AM »

Evening Ladies and Gents,

I'm in the mood for a group battle roleplay [because I'm a maliciously vicious person that wants people to get hurt] And just seeing if I can illicit enough interest to get it running. 

Back story:
It is the centennial anniversary of the sport 'Battle Slaves', an international sport that allows slaves of both sexes to fight for their freedom.  The game first started in the year 99 AA, with a group of nobles arguing over who held ownership to the strongest slave.  The only way to end the dispute was to put their slaves into an arena and allow them to fight for victory.  Back then the winner only received the recognition of their owner and perhaps a broken arm if lucky.  After turning the event into an annual tradition, it was agreed that the winning slave would be granted their freedom.  In the year 109 AA, the game was released to the aristocrat society, and in 112 AA, became a nationally recognized sport for anyone that owned a slave. 

Recently, the game has been receiving more and more applications, with more and more slaves wanting to fight for their freedom.  However, the first rule to the game is that slaves may only enter with the permission of their owner. 

I was thinking of playing the GM or 'Controller' as it would be called in this universe.  Who is in charge of organizing the tournament.
It is now the year 199 AA, the Grandchildren of the original noblemen are once again debating over who has the strongest slave. 
For the first time ever a 'criminal' has been entered into the tournament as a slave.
This is kind of set in the future.

Main characters to be played:
First Nobleman's Grandchild - Open
    Probably the Wealthiest of the four families, and has a long running record of having the most Slave winners.

Slave 1 - Open
    Newly hired.

Second Nobleman's Grandchild - Open
    Has discovered that 'second place' is a better position for their slaves because this noblemen dislikes losing 'valuable assets'.  And so he orders his slave to lose on purpose.

Slave 2 - Open
    This slave has been employed by their owner for 5 years now, and in those 5 years has always placed second due to their owner's demands.  Whether they decide to finally fight for their freedom or to stay by their owner's side for whatever reason is entirely up to the player.

Third Nobleman's First Grandchild - Open
    The legitimate child, spoilt and vain so they made a bet with their half sibling [read below]

Slave 3 - Open
    [Can't think of a back story for this one, so you can make one up yourself]

Third Nobleman's Second Grandchild - Open
    The illegitimate child, has made a bet with their half sibling that if their slave wins the tournament, they will become the sole heir to their father's inheritance.

Slave 4 - Open
    [Can't think of a back story for this one, so you can make one up yourself]

Fourth Nobleman's Grandchild
- Open
   Sick of losing, this person has hired a murderous criminal as their slave in order to win the tournament. 

Slave 5/Criminal - Open
   On death row, this murder was bought by the noblemen as a slave to enter the tournament, being promised their freedom, they gladly accepted to enter in battle. 

Rules of the tournament:
1. Fight to the death or out of the ring
2. Your surroundings are your weapons [I will set the scene for each battle]
3. Time limit for each round is 48 hours
4. You enter the arena with nothing but the clothes on your back.
5. Slaves must be over 18

Rules of the Roleplay:
1. I'd like to get an even number of male and female characters
2. Characters MUST be over 18 [E rules]
3. I would prefer if Slaves 2 was over 23 [just because they'd need to have been at least 18 five year ago]
4. This will only be 50% battle and 50% M/S
5. I will be GMing the battle scenes and playing 'tournament staff'