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Author Topic: Desires of the Lamenting Quill (F seeking Dom M & all types F, no doormat subs)  (Read 9108 times)

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At the billionaire's mercy

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Lilia Clark, daughter of one of New York wealthiest business billionaires, thought her life was easy as pie and all she would ever have to do was smile at and charm the guests invited to her father's lavish parties, but her life is about to come crashing down all around her.

Her father's business is about to go under and his business's only salvation is another very successful young billionaire shopping around for a partner, Lilia's father is desperate to become that partner.
How does he intend to do it? It just so happens that he took notice of the young man's interest in his daughter Lilia at that past few functions, so he has formulated a plan.

As he is kissing up the wealthy young man, he also has ordered his daughter to be extra nice to him at any cost to ensure he likes them... even if it means going to bed with him if he asks.
Lilia is distressed when he father reveals to her the state of his business, but she has no choice but to obey her father if she doesn't want to be end up penniless and in the gutter.

So the eve of a very carefully organized party in her father's opulent mansion, Lilia prepares herself for an evening of giving into every whim and desire the young billionaire has.

Online LamentingQuillTopic starter

Single Witch Seeking Sexy Single Vampire

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Giselle Simon is a good witch with beauty, a spunky personality and a very successful Wiccan supply shop used by witches all over the United States and even some aboard.
However, she is very lonely and longs for companionship, but she is unwilling to settle for meaningless hook ups with shallow men that only want one thing. She yearns for a soulmate.

Finally, she takes the advice of her best friend and signed herself with a reputable dating service, hopeful that she might be able to find the hunk of her dreams, a man comfortable with her being a witch and would love her for all she was. Someone she could love in return.

In only a matter of weeks after her application to the dating site, she is called and told that a blind date has been set up and that she was to meet him at the Burke cafe at a table under the company's name on Satuday at 8:00 pm.

Online LamentingQuillTopic starter

The dragon's lady

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Twenty two year old Serenity Parker lives is rather dangerous part of LA, California, the streets are ruled by the notorious gang The Golden Dragons, their leader a handsome young man known only by the mysterious alias of Seiryu. The name of an Oriental dragon god.
She has done her best to avoid any and all areas The Golden Dragons frequent during the day and she never ever goes out at night, there is no where safe after the sun sets beneath the horizon.

True that the infamous gang did not go after every single individual that crossed their paths, however it really doesn't help her situation that back in highschool, Seiryu had tried to pursue a romantic relationship with her, but she had flat out rejected the dangerous alpha male. He had told her that one day she would regret rejecting him, that one day her only option would be him.

Then one night, the worst thing possible for her happens, Serenity receives a call from her eighteen year old younger sister Jasmine whom had just gotten her own apartment. Her sister sounded frightened and said there was someone at her apartment that wanted to talk to her.
Before Serenity can question Jasmine about whom it was that wanted to speak with her, a new voice speaks in the phone that chills Serenity's blood ice cold... Seiryu...

She only got a few short comments before the phone went dead.

"The Han Palace restaurant on Baker street.... 8:00 pm.... there will be a table under the name of Seiryu... be there Serenity or your sister is going to suffer something very unpleasant.... oh, and do dress nice, this is not some casual run of the mill restaurant..." Click!

Online LamentingQuillTopic starter

Bump! (For lack of a new idea at the current moment, lol)

Online LamentingQuillTopic starter

Reunited- Harry Potter Fandom

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This roleplay is based off a fanfiction I wrote that got pretty popular with readers, I loved it so much that I decided to turn it into an rp. Though I am of course aware that it will most likely not go the same route as the fic, that is just unreasonable and hardly fun.

This fic starts at the beginning of sixth year, it is revealed to Harry by Dumbledore that he has a twin sister that was hidden for her safety and the time has come for them to be reunited, his sister Zelda is being brought to attend Hogwarts with him for sixth and seventh year.

Unfortunately for the Potter twins, they will not have much time to rejoice in their reunion as an old foe thought gone returns to threaten their new happiness.

(This is intended to be a romance for Zelda with one of the following males of your choice: Snape, Draco, Ron or Neville {He got hot, bite me, lol} )

Destiny calls- Labyrinth fandom

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Sarah turns out to be the reincarnation of a murdered queen from a fantasy world much like Jareth's, when she is attacked by her past murderers, the spirit of her past life slumbering within her transports her to the underground to protect her.

There Sarah must hide from her pursuers and deal with a sexy goblin king very angry over being rejected...

Online LamentingQuillTopic starter

Bride of Darkness

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Beautiful good witch Rowena Walberg was happy and content with the tame serene life she lived. She worked at the most charming antique bookshop, own the cutest little apartment and even had a few pleasant dates here and there.
Her life however is turned upside down when one day, the most sinfully gorgeous man walks into the bookshop, browsing only briefly in the books before approaching the desk with a keen interest in Rowena.

What she does not know?

The sinfully gorgeous man is the prince of darkness himself, Lucifer, and he has been watching Rowena... He wants her... He wants to take her back to hell with him as his princess of darkness... whether she likes it or not..

Online LamentingQuillTopic starter

Shadows of the Past

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Long ago,  there was a powerful demon lord madly in with a beautiful moon fairy, the princess of her people.
The demon lord tried to court the princess, but she found his dark nature to be terrifying and disturbing, utterly refusing his courtship. That pushed the demon lord to desperation in his lovesick state, he discarded the notion of trying to win over her heart the proper way and settled instead for abducting her and forcing her to become his bride.

That night before the demon lord could come to their bed to consummate their union, the princess used a dagger she smuggled from dinner to stab herself in the heart, ending her life.

Now in our present day, centuries after the death of the princess, the demon lord is shocked to come across a human female... that looks like a mirror image of his beloved princess...

Is it possible she was reborn in this age as a human? He does not know, but he is determined to find out...

Online LamentingQuillTopic starter

Buffy fandom (No clever name thought of yet)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
What if the night Dracula visited Buffy in her room, more happened than she initially allowed her friends to know... what if she and Dracula had made love...

What if Buffy had gotten pregnant?

Buffy was careful to keep the existence of her daughter a secret and sought help from the only person that had experienced this situation before, someone she can trust to help protect her precious daughter, her sweet little Melody.


What will happen when sixteen years later, Dracula learns of the existence of his daughter through spies he has placed in the United States. He promptly comes back to Sunnydale to meet the daughter that was kept secret from him and to confront Buffy for daring to rob him of sixteen years of their daughter's life.

(There will be two romances here. Dracula/Buffy and Connor/Melody)

Online LamentingQuillTopic starter

The princess and the tower

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Princess Celewyn has found herself in quite the predicament, a mysterious army of goblins and orcs stormed the peaceful elven kingdom of Silver Mist and slaughtered any of whom got in the way of their goal. What was that goal? To abduct her of course, though she had no idea why or just whom enlisted them to do it. They were definitely an army for hire, they put far too much effort in to make sure they got their job done and got paid. A normal army would slack off at least a little, these guys did not.
So here she sits now in a nearly impregnable stone tower at the very top room, waiting clueless to meet the purpose for which she was taken.

-This is intended to be a non-con romance, whomever had the princess abducted is up to you. So long as he's good looking and sexy, I'll be happy ^.~)

Online LamentingQuillTopic starter

Blood and sand

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Archaeologist Marina Sanders was over the moon with the discovery of a lifetime, she found in the sands of Egypt a lost tomb of a blood drinking god of darkness, locked away by Osiris and Isis for being too cruel, too evil...
As Marina and her assistants open up the sarcophagus of the god, Marina accidentally cuts her finger on the aged stone and a few drops fall into the mouth of the corpse within.

From there, all hell breaks loose as the corpse comes to life and slaughters all of Marina's assistants, he then transforms back into the sinfully handsome god he once was.
He thanks Marina for freeing him and says he intends to reward her by making her like him and taking her as his bride for all eternity... whether she wants this reward or not...

Online LamentingQuillTopic starter