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January 18, 2017, 06:21:10 AM

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Author Topic: Lusa's Quest for Fandoms (And Originals Too!) Currently looking to be dominated.  (Read 515 times)

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Offline LusaTopic starter

Heya everyone! I'm a newbie to rp, but not to writing, and I'm here looking to satisfy my cravings for fandoms (and maybe also some originals.) I hope I'm posting this thread in the correct place, by the way!

I would prefer to come up with plots collaboratively, so there aren't any real plots summarized here.

First up, I just love nonhuman partners. I love playing a human character that pairs with an inhuman one. Not animals, I don't do bestiality, but beastly characters are all good! I'll also pair with normal ol' humans, but they have to be at least very manly and rugged  ;) Here are the multitude of fandoms I'm interested in.

Bold indicates an especially strong craving <3

1. Fallout Series. Ghoul/supermutant/robot love, baby. I have pretty extensive knowledge of Fallout lore, so this is one of my top requests. I like pretty much all ghoul and peaceful supermutant characters; I'll enjoy canon characters and OC alike.  I'll play the Courier or Lone Wanderer if my partner wants, or an OC. I also love Craig Boone, so...yeah.

2. Pokemon. I adore the idea of TrainerxGijinka (pokemorph.) I'm thinking a human trainer, doing his/her job; capturing and training his pokemon (pokemorph?) and using her/him in battles and in bed. In this scenario, I would be cool with playing the pokegirl or the trainer. Perhaps the pokemon comes across an unusual evolution stone, and becomes humanized. I'd like to explore the dynamics between a pokemorph and his/her master. I'm also completely up for a human pairing here, TrainerxTrainer or something.

3. Mass Effect. I'm into pretty much all alien races in Mass Effect, in particular turians and krogans, but all are good to me. I'd rather not RP as Shepard, since she has such a strong personality, so for me, an OC would be in order. There are so many possible plots that could happen in this universe.

4. Elder Scrolls. I'm most familiar with Oblivion and Skyrim. I don't need the beastly bit going on here; it would be nice, but I simply enjoy the world of Elder Scrolls so much that I will play pretty much any scenario in it. I am open to most any plot that you could want in the Elder Scrolls universe. Seriously, I want this one bad.

5. Harry Potter. Yeah yeah, it's silly, but I like magic, okay? I also adore the Weasley twins and would jump on any plot involving them. I'm also up for plain old 'future or past generation at Hogwarts' plots.

If you think of something else that might interest me, pretty please let me know! I would also enjoy originals, involving pregnancy, surpernatural partners (vampires, werewolves, demons, and the like),

Oh, yeah, the stuff I don't like. I absolutely do not do scat, watersports, vore, gore, death, or anything extremely degrading or humiliating.

I consider myself a sub, and I enjoy light bondage and discipline, but the fun stops for me at actual injury. Just check out my Ons and Offs, yeah?
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Offline LusaTopic starter

Edited to link to Ons and Offs, changed fandom preferences slightly, added boldness.