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May 25, 2018, 03:55:21 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking F parter for long term game  (Read 326 times)

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Seeking F parter for long term game
« on: April 07, 2012, 02:39:19 PM »
Love locked in stone


Every myth, every legend has an origin. The man of the modern days know a lot of stories about mythical creatures which considered to be part of human imagination. But the truth a long time ago these creatures did exist, such as magic did exists. However they were almost wiped out from history even their memories. That was the way how facts changed into stories.

A very few human remained who know the truth. They also part of this lost world, they have the power of magic. They consider themselves wizards and forming secret societies. But magic has changed and they no more throwing fireballs or summon demons. Most of their magic looks like coincidences and not likely events, so the rest of the humans won't get suspicious. They choose to their mission to destroy all creatures of evil what survived through the ages.

In the Dark ages one of the most fearful creatures existed were the gargoyles. They were strong, hard to kill and they were able to file. At that time wizards and witch hunters hunted them done the best they could. Finally a great wizard came up with a solution. It was known that gargoyles turned into stone during daytime. The wizard work out a spell which used this weakness against them. He casted on every castle he arrived to protect the people who lived there.

The spell turned any gargoyle into stone immediately as they touched the walls or towers of the castles and they remain that way until they were connected to the castle. So the people who lived there build the gargoyles into the castles so they never wake up again.



She is an archaeologist in New York. She work in a museum. From Europe a shipment of medieval object arrives and it's her work to sort them categorize them, and organize an exhibition. The shipment contains a stone gargoyle which was removed from a castle.

Since she had to teach at the university too, she works mostly at night. She became very fond of that gargoyle statue, sometimes speaking to it, when she feels lonely. Then one night the statue became alive. (Since the gargoyle was removed from the castle the wizards spell slowly lost it's strength until the gargoyle could break free.)


She was born in a rich family in England. Her family owned a castle, and they lived there too. She spent her childhood there. Her grandfather used telled a lot of about the castle and the mythical gargoyles who protected the castle. She was very afraid of the statues so her grandfather tried to comfort her that way. It worked better than he expected, because she started to befriend one of the statues and imagined as he was alive.

When she grew up she moved to New York and bought an apartment at the top of a skyscraper. With that she also owed a part of the rooftop. She settled in, find a boyfriend too and her life went along well. Until one day her father lost a lot of money on his business. The only way they could pay up the debt if they sold the castle back in England.

Of course she wasn't very happy about that idea. She liked that castle, she grew up there and she didn't want to loose it. She traveled back to spend a few days there before it was sold. She found the old statue again and it bring up a lot of memories in her. That was the point when she decided that at least she will have the statue. So she made arrangements to move it to New York and she placed it on the roof. Her boyfriend wasn't very happy about it, he hate the statue from the beginning. Then one night when she enjoyed the summer night air on her patio the statue became alive.


Here comes your idea. If you don't like the two of above I'm more than happy to hear your idea.

Other information:

I want this to be a long term romance game between the woman and the gargoyle. It also will have andventure, because in both plots the secred wizards society will became aware of the gargoyle and try to destroy him.

For the gargoyle he won't be a monster at all. He will be rather confused and helpless in the beginning because the world changed much. I would like to made the first part of the game that he had to adjust the new world and she helping him. After that the adventure could begin.

For each plot I will play the gargoyle as main character, and a lot of side characters as well. My partner should play the women described in the plot and some side characters which my character could interact when he is not with her.

For both plots I would like to build them up slowly, and I don't think there will be much sexual intercourse in the game. There will be some but that's not the basic idea for this one.

Please be sure to read my on/off thread before contacting me. (you find the link in my signature). Also for now I want to start only one game of this, because the two plots not the same but very similar.