Pokemon RP and More (For the love of Me come look!)(OnexOne, F/F or Futa/F ;D)

Started by Wolfy, April 07, 2012, 11:30:05 AM

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So Yes, as if my pokemon RP interest check wasn't enough, I'm also seeking a nice one on one pokemon RP as well.

Set in the Kensei region, ours will be a story about two pokemon Trainers (Both at least 16, of course) who are out for adventure. The two are the best of friends, as well as being lovers, and are traveling together in this new region with their pokemon partners.

The RP will start off innocently enough, with them camping out beside a serene lake, a nice relaxation time between towns, where the two can unwind with their pokemon..but brewing in the background behind the story is an evil organization planning to take over the world (Cue M. Bison "OF COURSE" joke).

These two trainers, during their travels, will learn of this organization, known only as Team Meteor, as well as encounter members of them. They may even have their pokemon stolen by them.

All the while, one of the girls will be hiding a secret...a dark past that she has kept from her partner, something that she hoped would never come to light..but with the rise of Team Meteor, the truth may be closer than she would care to admit.

Sooooo....If you're interested, please Drop me a Post here or a PM...remember, I plan to make this either F/F or Futa/F. <3


MAN WOLFY! Why does your ideas always have to be so godly! I'd love to help. If you're cool with that.


:p I don't mind, as long as you don't mind playing a female character. <3


Dude. I have problems playing MALE characters. Female characters are like peanut butter to my jelly.


lol...ok then. <3

We should probably make a profile first, eh?



No, but seriously, yea we probably should.


Well, We'll leave out the Bio Section unless you'd like to include a past for your character before she met mine, or we could examine that through the RP, if you like.


Name: Hitomi Tanaka
Age: 17
Appearence: Hitomi Tanaka <- Picture NSFW, thus why I linked it..hope you like. :D)
1. Sparky, the Darmanitan
2. Shimmer, the Luxray
3. Stars, the Togekiss
4. Sticks, the Floatzel.
5. Chilly, the Froslass
6. Rocky, the Torterra
Personality: Hitomi is fun loving and cheerful, especially when she's around her best friend and lover. Her Happy personality masks a deeper, serious side that only comes out on rare occasions, and she is a little bit submissive when it comes to love making, though she can take charge when she wants too.

That should serve us for now..as for Ons/Offs, mine have changed to be up for nearly anything, except Scat, Vore, Gore, and Death.



You know, if anyone else is interested, feel free to Chime in. I don't mind doing multiples..;D


So, another RP idea that I had was for a Fairy Tail Based RP, set in of course the Land of Fiore.

Our characters are Two members of the Titular Guild, and are sent out on a mission to bring a Dark Guild to Justice.

My character will be a Water Dragon-Slayer/God-Slayer, but your character can have whatever kind of magic you'd like.

Now, I can see this going a few ways...one is romance blooms on the journey..or perhaps they already start off as lovers (Like the pokemon RP) and we focus on the story and chemistry between them...

Or one of the characters could betray the other and join up with the dark guild (For reals or as a way to get into their inner sanctum and take them down from the inside), and makes the still 'good' character into her little slut. :D