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Author Topic: An Eternal Empire [An Asian Themed RP Setting]  (Read 817 times)

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An Eternal Empire [An Asian Themed RP Setting]
« on: April 06, 2012, 01:55:26 PM »
Hi there! Since I have a setting I've been working on for a little while with a number of varied ideas I felt that this was deserving of its own thread. Unlike my other thread that are smaller ideas in relatively 'open' settings hte ideas I will be posting in this thread will be strictly related to this one setting of my own design. The format will be a bit different but otherwise expect the same things found with regards to my usual RPs on here. :)

First Post - Setting Information
Second Post - Roleplay Ideas

Setting: This game takes place in a setting that is meant to have various themes from the East, in particular, Asia. As a sort of benchmark I would say the games technology and social setting (other than the male/female reversal) is similar to that of Japan just before the Sengoku Jidai, the Age of the Country at War. So cities, towns, names and things like that should consist of names that would seem to fit the area, though they don't have to actually be Japanese or Chinese or anything like that, so long as it actually fits.

Location: Spanning over hundreds of islands consisting of various sizes the Eternal Empire is the only nation that now exists over an area which had once been dominated by petty kingdoms spread out across the ocean. Having been part of the Empire for a long period of time most of the various cultural groups that once existed have now largely faded away, only some of the islands on the outer rim, known as the Outer Isles, still attempt to retain their long lost heritages. The majority of the population identify themselves quite distinctly as citizens of the Eternal Empire and are proud to do so. For as long as the Empire has reigned supreme peace has generally been kept across all of its holdings.

The islands themselves tend to vary in temperature depending on their location but most of the islands are temperate with the northern and southern islands being the coldest. In the very far west one of the few pieces of land not under control of the Empire exists, a vast desert of red sand known as the
Blood Wastes. It has never been explored deeply and attempts to navigate along the coastline have proved fruitless, though it is rare for many people to be headed in this direction. Previously known as the Western Isles the islands in the west are now often referred to as the Corrupted Isles due to the presence of the beasts that continue to emerge from the Blood Wastes and inhabit the islands.

In the very centre of the Empire the area known as the
Capital Isles resides which include the large island containing the reigning throne of the Immortal Empress Yuu. The capital city of Tazhou-Xing-Lao (commonly referred to as Xing) is a vast metropolis that expands over the entire central island and on to some of the other Capital Isles. While it is the biggest city in the entire Empire it is not the only one and throughout the islands there are many that could almost rival its splendour spread out across the ocean.

Since the creation of the Empire and the crowning of the Empress roles and positions that had once belonged to males were taken over by their female counterparts. All higher up Imperial positions are held by females and everywhere in society it is women that control the workings of the Empire. This is no surprise considering the past of the islands and that the population consists of a slightly larger number of women then that of men. Even in the military female warriors make up the majority and are often commanders and generals. That is not to say that there are not roles for men in imperial society, simply that they are now often in the position that many women were in prior to the
Ascension, the Empress's rise to immortality. Due to how long this has gone on however it is simply a part of every day life.

History: For 2000 years the Immortal Empress has reigned over her Empire. However how this came about is as important now as it was when she first brought all of the island kingdoms to heel. Known simply as the Dark Times the period before the Ascension of the Empress is one of tragedy and hope.

For as long as anyone could remember various kingdoms existed throughout the islands and fought each other in order to establish dominance. In their societies it was men who had supreme control over the state and many women were forced into subservient positions with no hope of gaining an equal life. Yuu was one of these women, she was born in the Western Isles over what was then the
Sapphire Kingdom. As a maid in the royal castle she watched as her king continued to fight the other neighbouring nations for control of the region, the death toll rising by the day. Her and many other people in the kingdom simply wished for peace and an end to the fighting.

It is believed that the greed of the men that reigned as kings or princes were the reason that disaster soon descended upon the islands. From the desert in the west a great darkness emerged, known as the
Tempest. Soon great monsters and beasts began to pour into the Western Isles, the forces of the Sapphire Kingdom being no match for the enemy that came against them. Yuu and others fled eastwards with news of the Tempest and the destruction it had wrought in the west. None would listen and band together to fight, instead using the darkness as a cover in order to continue their wars with one another. With her homeland lost Yuu did not know what she could do. Not wishing to see more death brought to the people of the islands she steeled herself and set out alone to battle the horde of monsters that were overtaking more islands each day.

The maid, Yuu, fell swiftly in battle and her corpse was left strewn behind as the beasts continued their advance. From this however she suddenly found new life breathed within her and strength coursed through her body. Single handedly she fought back a wave of the Tempest's minions and then returned east, knowing she could not do this alone. With her new found powers and an Eternal life from the Gods she rallied many to her cause. Her first plan of action however was not to head back and combat the recuperating enemy forces in the west but to attack the central islands and take them over for herself as a means to coordinate future attacks from. Her forces easily conquered the region and Yuu, coming from a humble background, replaced all of the high ranking male officials with women as means of punishment for what they were believed to have caused. In one night the roles of women were completely reversed.

From here Yuu set out westwards with her army, again battling at the front against the Tempest forces and slowly forcing them back. Each time the darkness recuperated Yuu would take over more kingdoms and slowly add to her own domain, eventually managing to subjugate every island kingdom. With the forces of the islands now unified Yuu led a final campaign west and took back all but the most western of islands. In these locations the Tempest had taken hold for too long and could not be easily shifted. Instead Yuu retired back east and finally ushered in the age of the Eternal Empire and herself as the Immortal Empress. For 2000 years the fight against the Tempest in the west has continued with no progress on either side, even with Yuu herself no longer leading every charge. From humble made to an Immortal Empress the life of Yuu has effected the lives of everyone living on the islands to this day.

Magic & Technology: Other than the powers of the Immortal Empress Yuu magic in the world is not very common for humans. For many it seems little more but a conjuring trick or used to help out with some basic functions in life. Those able to perform it are marked and referred to as Branded, their powers simply being more a nuisance than anything. Only through contemplation and research is one of the Branded able to access more of their abilities and learn more about what exactly they can do. Those who are able to use their powers more so then a commoner often head west in order to battle the forces of the Tempest or offer their services to the Empress's court where such powers can be studied and utilised in other ways. Much about magic is still unknown and often the practice is shunned in some areas of the Empire simply out of fear.

With steel swords and chain-linked armour the warriors of the Empire battle the Tempest any others attempting to cause unrest. The military is divided into various groups with the majority of men and women consisting of the general infantry and cavalry divisions and then the more elite
Samurai, almost exclusively consisting of the best female warriors the Empire has to offer. Add to this Ninja and other groups and the might of the Empire is a truly  formidable fighting force in the region. The very elite of the Empire is the Sapphire Guard, women who protect the Empress. Made up of descendants from the Sapphire Kingdom they are the elite of the elite and are often leading the fight against the Tempest, one member of the Guard worth almost a whole division of ordinary troops, whether on horseback or not.
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Re: An Eternal Empire [An Asian Themed RP Setting]
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2012, 01:56:24 PM »
This post shall contain the many ideas I have for only this setting. My ideas elsewhere that don't take place in this universe can be found in a separate thread. As always I am happy to adjust things to suit you so please don't be afraid to suggest things to me, I am a willing listener! ;)

(Also names can be changed if you wish, I am also very much open to carrying out these ideas in IMs if preferred. I would also absolutely love if you suggested to me your own ideas to take place in this setting of mine!)

Purple = Your Role
Teal = My Role

Idea []: Blank because, well, this is where you suggest to me your own idea! Simply PM me or something with the basis of some idea and we can work something out I'm sure. So yes, just get back to me if you have an idea yourself for what you'd like to play with in this setting (preferable pairings though being either M/F, as the male, or even F/F)! ;)! :)

Idea I: The small outpost of Kazema is a poor and understaffed position bordering the corrupted islands still under the control of the Tempest and the nearest population centre further inland at Koso. Despite being so close to the enemy Kazema's garrison have faced very few attacks in its history and, as such, has a light garrison often stocked with new recruits on their roundabout tour of the western territories. This day was like any other as the fire from the previous night was put out and those within were only just stirring from their slumber. Reports had already come in previously that a small vessel had crossed the short distance from Tempest controlled territory and had made landfall on the southern beach with Captain Rei, the commander of the outpost, dispatching some forces to intercept. It was a normal and well known landing point for enemy forces and it seemed almost routine that the forces at Kazema would head through the fields to engage them and drive them back into the sea.

With her attention focussed on the south however Rei did not realise that her scouts resting on the north had not yet sent back their reports and had in fact been silently taking out by the Tempest. The small garrison at Kazema, reduced further by having sent troops south, was thus forced to try and defend against the approaching horde with little chance for help. Captain Rei herself originally planned to stay behind and help defend but eventually was persuaded to change her mind via her aides and some of the other officers who urged her to retreat towards Koso. After dispatching one final message to the troops that had left southwards about her plan Rei took off with most of the Empire's troops in Kazema, leaving behind enough to delay the enemy for a few days. Rei needed the enemy to be held up long enough for her soldiers to prepare a better defence of the town and send word to the outside.

Arriving in Koso the captain found that word of the enemy advance had preceded her and the column. Some of the outlying farms had already been raided by Tempest scouts and now it was clear that their next move would be to try and take the town. With so few numbers however Rei was unsure if she could pull it off, the loss of Kazema still plaguing her. Most of her soldiers were either recruits or levies from the local population, she had few professionally trained samurai at her disposal and, even with the conscription of many of the towns folk, their numbers still paled in comparison to the force rumoured to be approaching them. Even Koso's male population was called up to serve and organised into lightly armed and organised bands, one of their normal roles of looking after the equipment of the warrior classes giving them just enough experience to be useful. From their numbers Rei was also forced to pick another to assist her in such duties since the man previously assigned to it had been killed in their flight.

Shei was chosen more to fight than to carry her equipment and, meeting for the first time in Koso, Rei prepared the young man for the battle ahead.

Captain Rei - A relatively fresh recruit Rei has risen through the ranks relatively quickly despite her age and has impressed many in the military with her skill and prowess. Unfortunately this ability has also earned her much ire from those who feel Rei is advancing to fast and hence her 'promotion' to Captain at the backwater Kazema outpost. Some of her superiors hoped that this placement would perhaps end her career, unaware of the impending storm that was approaching that position from across the sea.

Shei - Born the son of a blacksmith Shei was an apprentice for his elderly father when word came that Tempest minions were approaching. Drafted into service he was told he would personally be joining with Captain Rei as a servant. With the incoming horde this formality meant little as Shei is expected to fight alongside the Captain now in Koso's greatest hour of need.

Direction - Though still able to be heavily developed the current plan consists of Rei and Shei becoming bonded through combat and the destruction brought on by war, with possibilities to evolve into multiple directions. While things will start in Koso there can be expansion to other islands and locations as things progress and dependent upon any ideas brought to the table by yourself. Many little details can be worked out and I am happy to help iron out any ideas you may bring to the table, I am willing to change a great deal if it would suit!

Idea II: Throughout the Empire their are many samurai and great warriors who, without a master to serve or place to call home, spend their time wondering about the various islands and living each day as it comes. These Ronin fight to survive and carry out missions, for good or ill, that allow them to live for another day and to continue on with their travels. One such wanderer is Suzumi who finds herself passing through the Central Isle and the Imperial Capital itself. Her previous venture had left her with some spare coin and so she decided to spend the rest of that day venturing down towards the market district in search of something worthy to purchase.

Passing by silks of various colours and foods whose smell permeated every inch of the place Suzumi found herself passing through the slave markets, a place where lesser criminals or dishonourable people were sold to others in order to keep them from troubling society further. As she wandered through the ronin found her eyes drawn to one man in particular, his aggressiveness and attempts to scare others from buying him somehow drew her in. For whatever reason Suzumi found herself bidding for this man, managing to acquire him for such a low price that many surprised glances were cast in her direction. This slave seemed to despise authority and others wandered how this lone warrior could keep him in check, they believed that he would make a break for it at the nearest opportunity. Surely she had just wasted her money?

After being handed the chains to
Lang, her new purchase, the ronin prepared to set off out of the city with him. She would continue on her journeys about now, not alone...

Suzumi - A ronin who travels the land in search of purpose. Her past is known only to her but she is well known as being a great warrior and can accomplish any task given to her. She has acquired enemies through her time wandering the land and even now there are those who would seek revenge for wrongs they believed she has caused them, both from inside the Empire and from without.

Lang - A criminal who was caught and sent to the slave markets. He was deemed too hostile to be released back into society and it had been ordained that if a buyer could not be found for him then he would be put to death. Aggressive and aggravated with his place in the world he does not wish to be some docile sword bearer and will fight to retain his freedom.

Direction - Another idea where a great deal can change based upon the personality of Suzumi. I'm open to everything but I would be very interested in any ideas that involve a more dominant female archetype attempting to tame Lang in some way. The plot itself can go in many directions and I like the idea of there multiple 'episodes', if you like, of their journeys. As I say I'm quite willing to change a lot, as always, really just suggest what most interests you and I can probably incorporate it in!

More Coming Very Soon!
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Re: An Eternal Empire [An Asian Themed RP Setting]
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2012, 11:30:04 AM »
Added Idea II - The Ronin and Her Servant

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Re: An Eternal Empire [An Asian Themed RP Setting]
« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2013, 04:37:28 PM »
Still looking for takers for any of these ideas.

More than happy to compromise or discuss even more additional ideas! :)
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