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Author Topic: Blackmail  (Read 1834 times)

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« on: March 19, 2008, 06:31:32 pm »

A tail of modern day slavery.  The enslavement of a high society house wife.  As she is thrown into the world of master and slave.

Back story:

Tara Smirfoff, thirty six years old.   Married for the past 18 years, a happy and successful marriage.  Her husband Taloc Smirfoff a successful international banker.  Which put him the catagory of wage income earner as a millionaire.   

Tara had given up her schooling, dropping out of UCLA, during her freshmen year wih having met Taloc Smirfoff a foreign exchange student from the Soviet Union.  Then when the former empire of the Soviets broke up  from Armenia.  From that point on every thing seemed like the perfect fairy book setting.   They have two childeren both in the first two years of their marriage.  They seem the perfect couple and family.

However, that perfect outward facade the world seen.  Was only an illusion.  For Taloc was a very sick inviidual with a cruel streak that loved to inflict pain.  As Tara spent a lifetime of covering the bruises inflicited by her twisted husband.  Yet like many women, she deluded herself into telling herself.  That he did these things, because he loved her.   

But he had a plan.  In the beginning of the marriage.  Taloc had taken out two life insurance policies.   With each worth for the both of them hefty sums, of around thirty million each.    He attempted to poison Tara, however in the attempt.  Which was lacing her normal late night cup of tea before bed.  She had been restless. Taloc had not come to bed.  He had been doing this quite often in recent weeks.  Then she heard the noise.  Banging coming from a room down the hallway.  Reaching into the bedside nightstand drawer.  Where Taloc kept his gun.  Tara in pull it out, would knock over the poison tea.  It would during the upcoming investigation go unnoticed as a insignificant thing.   A spillth cup of tea.   Tara moving cautiously down the hallway.  Would come to the door.  She hear the muffle moans behind the door.  Opening it up, she is confronted with her husband in the middle of fornication with the new house maid.  A Spanish woman, actually South American from Brazil.  She is stunned, her world is shattered.  She begins to back out.  She is going to run.  Run far away from Taloc and this life.   But Taloc is a cruel man, and he is angered, for one Tara has caught him. Secondly she has apparently not drank the tea.   So he rises up with a vicious look of hatred spread across his features.   He lunges, the gun goes off. And Taloc is thrown back to slump onto the floor dead or near death in his final throes.   The maid screams,  springs from the bed.  She is looking to escape.  But to Tara, she looks to be coming at her. Again the shot echos, and the maid slumps to the floor indeed dead. 

Tara is arrested, the trail takes six months to complete.  It is a high profile case.  Despite her testimony of him being cruel and her having to endure years of abuse both mentally and physically.  Their was no proof, she had for years hid it so well.  That now when she needed to speak the truth, she could not be believed it was the truth.  Her children,  A daughter 18 and a son 17,  both are emancipated from her.  As Tara is convicted and sentence to the death penalty.   

However a execution date or a life in imprisonment is not what is in store for the middle aged woman.  For Taloc has an younger brother.  Ten years Tara's junior at 26 years of age.  Jonas Smirfoff.  Who from his estates near Megri Armenia.  Runs a lucrative arms dealer black market.   Like Taloc,  ties to the Russian black market.    He sets up an arranges a rescue/escape.   In which  Tara becomes one of the top ten most wanted. As a convicted murderer that has escaped prison. 

Once Tara is secured, she is whisked out of the United States.  Finally to arrive at the estates of Jonas, out side of Megri.   Throughout the process of her escape/rescue that has been accomplished. Tara is on a roller coaster ride.  For the most part greatful for her unseen and unknown benafactor that had orchestrated this.  That is until she reaches the estate.   

For Jonas did not plan to kill Tara for killing his brother.   No he wished for her to have to live with it.  But she has no rights, nothing at all.  She is made to wear open lace open gloves, a garter belt and stockings with stiletto heels.  Nothing else, and this she is told will be her uniform.   She is not forced into these items.  However, she might as well been.  For she is told if she does not comply.  She would be turned over to the American embassy.  Where as she would be returned to the United States to await her execution for the murder of her husband and house maid. 


Need  a volunteer to play Jonas Smirfoff.  A international crime boss.  That deals in both weapons and opium trade.    He has had a sexual desire for Tara for the  longest.  Ever since he had hit puberty.  From when he had visited his brother Taloc and his wife Tara.  Because of this he enacts this kept as a slave.  For many in the family want to see her dead, for her seemingly senseless murder of a beloved son, couin or nephew.   And he does this, by blackmailing her.  Into obedience, with the threat of turning her over.  Where the prospect is death that waits her in the end.  So Tara is faced with the choice of debasement of herself or death.   The circles he walks in, are circles that the powerful indulge themselves with their various vices. 

Jonas holds all the cards. With the powerful tool that a date with her sentence of the death penalty awaits her.

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Re: Blackmail
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2008, 07:03:06 pm »
I have a male PC that I could modify abit to be Jonas Smirfoff if you want....