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Author Topic: Third District Jail [NC]  (Read 649 times)

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Offline elfguyTopic starter

Third District Jail [NC]
« on: April 05, 2012, 06:19:44 PM »

The prison building in the middle of Nevada, referred to as the Third District Jail, is a fairly small jail, one that houses dangerous criminals that just don't fit anywhere else. In fact, most of them are too violent or deranged to be put in jails that are close to towns. So instead, this one is in the middle of nowhere, and both the prisoners and staff know it. Whatever happens inside the jail, doesn't get out. As a result, the staff has quickly started to consider this their personal amusement ground. The prisoners are their toys, and they abuse them whenever they feel like it. But of course, prisoners don't let the guards get the better of them that easily, and they fight back any time they can. This leads to an interesting power play, and abuse becomes commonplace within the walls, both physical and sexual.

I named this the Third District Jail because this is the third time I would run a jail RP. The previous 2 times went well and I'm hoping we'll get a lot of interest for this one as well. You can basically play a prisoner or a guard, and obviously in most cases guards would be the dominant types with the prisoners being the ones being abused, although I'm fine with reversed situations when both partners want it. The RP is in the NC section so anything that obeys the players' on/offs is fine, short of really extreme stuff like blood and gore.

Apply within if you want to participate, and I'm open to comments as well!

Character sheet




Role: (guard/prisoner)

Equipment: (prisoners only have an orange prison outfit, plus any contraband they brought in)



Sexual preferences: (dom/sub/switch)


Offline elfguyTopic starter

Re: Third District Jail [NC]
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2012, 06:43:13 PM »
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Jessica Sanchez

Age: 24

Role: Guard

Equipment: Jeans, short boots, bra, leather gloves, sunglasses, baton, handcuffs, tazer gun, knife hidden in boots

Personality: Jessica is flirty, but can be very cold when someone doesn't respect her. She enjoys pain, both dishing it out and being on the receiving end, and being in positions of power turns her on.

Bio: Jessica has always been a wild girl. Ever since she was young, she's been out looking for arguments and fights. She quickly learned how to survive on the streets and how to take care of herself. She was involved in various juvenile crimes but nothing could be proven against her. She craved conflict and power, and in high school participated in an MMA club, which gave her an impressive physique and the ability to fight against people twice her size. After high school, someone suggested she try to become a jail guard, since that would keep her under control and give her the power she craves. Ever since she arrived in Third District Jail, she loved it. This allows her to vent her anger on the prisoners, and abuse them any way she wants. Being very flirty and hyper sexualized, she doesn't wear much and enjoys showing off her fit body.

Sexual preferences: Jessica is a switch. She usually likes to dominate, but also craves being subdued by the right person.

Offs: Herma/futa, being completely powerless, severe injuries or death

Offline Miyu

Re: Third District Jail [NC]
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2012, 07:36:57 PM »
Character sheet


Name: Amy Johnson

Age: 18

Role: Prisoner

Equipment: Prison suit

Personality: She is the type of girl that can get whatever she wants if she just seduces the person. However now that she is in prison she is the type of girl who it's quiet and does not want anybody to talk to her thinking that she can just walts her way out of here and make her time without anything happening to her.  She it's the type of girl that it's not afraid to say what she thinks however when she is provoked often times using her petite body to get out of troubles by running away from them.

Bio: She was your normal teenager going to school, her parents however were the real criminals often abusing her and leaving her scars all over her body. On school she was your typical rocker girl always hanging out with the boys that shared a common interest with her. Not really being one to get into trouble she just rode off the abuse and tried to hide the wounds given by her parents. However one day everything turned for the worst. Her father came home drunk and started raping her, she tried to get out of his way but could not as he ended up tying her up to the bed posts and using her whenever he wanted.

For days she was left there as they barely feed her any food, just enough to survive however she was constantly hungry. A ring gag was placed in her mouth not allowing her to do much of any screaming. However one day she managed to get out and instantly grabbed her fathers gun and loaded the gun inside his body. She then went to her mother and stabbed her to death, the police found her with the knife on top of her mother and instantly sent her to prison without even a jury to defend her.

Sexual preferences: Sub

Ons/Offs: Anything but Scat.