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Author Topic: Wrath of the Dragonkin  (Read 3659 times)

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Wrath of the Dragonkin
« on: April 03, 2012, 05:56:37 PM »
Vennar was a tall, raven-haired, middle-aged blacksmith who stood over an anvil, beating his newest sword into shape, occasionally looking over his shoulder towards the doorway to his forge. His children were yet to return, and after what had happened to his brother he feared for them being out alone in the city.

He picked up the sword, giving it a few practice swings and smiling as he saw that it was perfect as usual. This one was intended for a special use however, one he had long expected to come but had still dreaded. He walked over to where a small painting of a beautiful young woman hung, kneeling down in front of it and closing his eyes for a moment, before looking up at the image.

"I am sorry Ainur," he said quietly. "I have failed you. I promised I would protect our children from the wars that scarred this world, but now I fear they have no choice in the matter. I would go myself my age I fear I would not make it. They don't realise the task I am about to give to them though."
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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2012, 08:14:09 PM »
(Alright, I'll bite)

Jorn was a tall, raven-haired, young man who looked almost exactly like his father, except that his skin was a darker tan, evidence of his mother's darker complexion. Also, he was yet a few inches shorter than Vennar, as he was still rather young. Still apprenticing in his father's trade, he had been supplementing the family's income by running parcels between businesses in the city. It was good exercise for his legs, and it gave him a good exposure to many different parts of Tarnegar, and the way the different classes lived and spoke to one another. Despite never having the money for an education, his sharp mind had managed to pick up a great amount of worldly knowledge simply through casual conversation with the social elite and their servants.

The youth burst through the door quickly, eager to make up for time lost due to some delays on his last route. The smell of molten steel assaulted him like a force, and he wrinkled his nose at it, despite having dealt with it for all of his childhood. "Father! Fineg's been...", Jorn began to call out as he entered the enclosed but well ventilated blacksmith's shop, only to trail off as he saw his father engaged in personal business. The youth fell silent and waited at the door with a sombre look, one hand resting on the door frame, his eyes dwelling heavily on his mother's portrait.

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2012, 02:10:09 AM »
His son's voice jolted Vennar back to reality, causing him to turn around. He was unsure if Jorn had heard any of what he had said but he wasn't sure how much he couldworry about that now. He stood up, picking up a sheath he had bought earlier that day, placing the sword within it before kneeling down in front of Jorn and resting a hand on his shoulder, pausing before he said anything.

"Jorn, it is time I told you why I have been working so late for the last few days," he said. He suddenly realised the door was still open. He pushed Jorn inside, taking one last glimpse to make sure no guards were passing before shutting the door. "Your uncle has been captured by the king's forces and...well, we both know his likely fate. Myraz must be stopped but I am long past the age where I can do this myself. But this is dangerous, if you want to do this I know someone who can get you out of this city unseen. It is up to you though." He held the sheath out to Jorn, waiting to see whether he would accept the weapon or not.
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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #3 on: April 05, 2012, 05:33:01 PM »
Liliana entered her fathers shop bearing a basket full of freshly picked herbs, a gift from an older woman down the road, who had always been kind to Liliana since her mother's death, when she heard her father's proclimaiton of escaping the city. Lilian's dazzling blue eyes took in the scene, her father holding out a newly made sword to her brother Jorn, worry clear on her father's face. Her dark skin flushed with jealousy, 'Am I not worthy of such a weapon?' she thought to herself.

Appaled by such thoughts, the woman shook her head vigerously, pushing the dark thoughts away. "Father? Jorn? What has happened?" Her soft voice whispered as she stepped up beside her brother, laying the backet down on a nearby table to free her hands so that she could tie up her hair. She retrieved a blue ribbon from one of the various hidden pockets of her dress, then tied her hair up into a tight ponytail, so as to keep her long raven colored locks out of her eyes. "What talk is this of leaving the city?"

(Hope this was alright.)

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #4 on: April 05, 2012, 08:24:56 PM »
Jorn's first thought was that he was being sent to assassinate the king! The youth's eyes widened and he leaned backwards reflexively. Before he could respond, his dear sister interrupted. Her timing was extremely inconvenient, but her words reminded him of a vital detail he had overlooked. His mouth still partly open in surprise, he turned his head to look at his sister, and stared for a second, his wide eyes meeting hers questioningly, and it was clear he had no answers to her questions. They snapped suddenly back to Vennar, staring at the aged blacksmith pointedly. "...what?", is all he could say. The idea of leaving the city was akin to jumping into a volcano. He simply had no words with which to reply to such a suggestion.

"Fineg's been taken away...", he suddenly blurts out, his voice shaky and solemn. Fineg, the butcher down the street and close friend of the family, had always been so kind to Jorn and Liliana as they were growing up. Jorn had originally meant to relay this news upon his return home, and now, lacking anything intelligent to say about his own fate, he settled upon this. He glanced quickly at his sister once more, and then his eyes fell upon the sword in his father's hands. He stared at it with awe, at once knowing what was about to happen but at the same time very afraid of the consequences...

He opened his right hand in anticipation.

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #5 on: April 06, 2012, 02:47:50 AM »
"The king is clearly moving against his enemies already," Vennar said with a sigh. "I had hoped we had more time than this." He gave Horn the sword, disappearing into the back of the house and returning with an impressive looking longbow and a quiver full of arrows which he handed to Liliana. "Its not safe for you two to stay here any longer, even if your uncle doesn't reveal my part in his plan Myraz will figure it out for himself eventually. You'll have to-" He suddenly froze as he heard a knock on the door. He grabbed his nearest weapon, his own blacksmith's hammer, opening the door slowly to find an old woman dressed in a long brown cloak with flowing silver hair waiting on the other side. "Piri," he said. "Come in quickly, we have less time than I thought."

"I came as quickly as I could Vennar," the woman said, bowing to Jorn and Liliana. "You two have grown a lot since I last saw you," she said. "I haven't seen you since..." she paused as she saw the potrait of Ainur, shivering slightly before remembering why she was there. "If we are to contact the Dragonkin we must make our move now, while there is still a city for Stormrider to come and rescue. If you two wish to go I can take you to the edge of the Forest of Shadows but after that you will have to find your own way north. I do have a map though," she said, pulling a large parchment from under her cloak.

"Wait," Vennar said. "Shouldn't we at least tell them what we're asking them to do before we send them north?"

Offline PrincessAriel

Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #6 on: April 06, 2012, 09:25:22 AM »
Liliana knew of the dragon Stormrider, having overheard her father one day talking to himself while working at his anvil, but she did not want to enter the Forest of Shadows. It was a place of evil, or so the city folk said, talking in hurried whispers with fearful tones, keeping their eyes downcast whenever they passed its location. Merchants even went out of their way, circling around the forest so that they didn't have to face the dark forest. "We must enter the Forest?" Lilian asked, her voice soft and fearful, though she tried to hide it.

Her eyes were drawn to her mother's picture as she slipped the quiver of arrows onto her back, over her dark green dress, holding her longbow in her left hand. Her stare drifted over her mother's face, taking in the fearless, determined look in her mother almost always wore; the thought of her mother strengthened her resolve. Lilian tore her gaze away from her mother's face and faced Piri, uneasy clear in her bright blue orbs.

"Yes, it would be rather nice if we knew where we were going and why," Lilian's voice came out icier than she wanted, but being sent off to an unknown land didn't exactly fill Lilian will joy; her father had forced them into peril and it didn't settle right with her. She was normally happy-go-lucky, but the threat of death changed her demeanor into a calmer, colder one. Lilian took the map with a flick of her left hand and shoved it into one of her hidden pockets, making it dissapear into a fold of her dress.

She glanced at Jorn, taking in his awed look and bit her lip to keep from snapping at him; how come she was the only angry one here? She dug through her basket of herbs, deciding that since they were being sent away, they would need at least something with soothing or healing properties: Valerian (ease pain externally), Ginger (for when the nights are particularly cold), and some others that would sell for a bit at markets. Sadly, the city doesn't offer much, herb wise.

Lilian turned back to the others, gently slipping the herbs into inner-pockets.

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #7 on: April 06, 2012, 12:58:12 PM »
Jorn's fingers curled around the handle of the weapon, and he looked warily into his father's eyes. Gripping the sword tightly, he took a step back and drew it from its sheath. He swept the blade in a quick circular motion out to his right side to test its balance and distract himself while his mind tried to process what was going on while his father was busy fetching a bow for Liliana. The knock at the door quickly interrupted his meditations, and he immediately steadied his new sword in mid-air as Vennar went for another weapon. He pivoted on his left foot and glanced over his right shoulder at the door, raising the blade of his sword higher in preparation to strike any possible enemy who enters.

The familiarity in the voice of Jorn's father upon greeting the visitor put the youth at ease. He lowered his blade and turned about completely to face Piri and Vennar, with Liliana to his flank, and returned the blade to its sheath, allowing the weapon to rest in his left hand. He listened to what the silver-haired woman had to say. His jaw clenched in a stoic frown at the mention of going to the forest and beyond, and his ice-blue eyes sharpened in attentive focus, but he let Liliana do the talking. He caught his sister's glancing angry look, and returned a pointed one with a slight tilt of his head. It was the same look he always used to give her whenever they got into a quarrel he didn't care to continue. He then turned an accusing gaze to Piri and waited for the explanation the children were due.

Online Lord BaneTopic starter

Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #8 on: April 06, 2012, 01:12:46 PM »
"Myraz's power, and his ability to keep control of this city, isn't natural," Piri said as Vennar cleared a table for her to place the map on. "Hidden within his fortress is a Dragonborn artefact, filled with a magic stronger than anyone in this city can even begin to match. It was stolen from the dragons of the north centuries ago, but Myraz gained it by deception.  There was a tyrant who ruled this city before him, but someone told Myraz the tyrant's secret and revealed that the dragons could end the war in one attack. So he travelled the legendary fortress of Dragonblight and convinced Stormrider, the king and greatest of dragons to aid his ragtag army in return for giving the dragons their stolen relic back."

"But Myraz tricked Stormrider," Vennar continued as Piri set about laying the map out. "He had no intention of giving them the relic, when he had control of the fortress he threatened to turn the weapon on Stormrider if he didn't retreat. The dragon was alone against an army, he stood no chance of winning. So he retreated north, promising Myraz that the Dragonkin would return south one day and that Myraz and his kin would pay dearly for their betrayal. That was almost 150 years ago, Myraz has been king ever since and if the dragons have come south they haven't even reached the Forest of Shadows."

"If Myraz is to be stopped it can only be done with the aid of the dragons he betrayed," Piri said, the map now open as she signalled for the others to come over. "This is where we are," she said, pointing to Tarnegar's place near the bottom of the map. "That is where you want to be," she continued as she pointed to an immense mountain range at the top edge of the map, beyond which lay the frozen wastes of the north pole. "It is not simply distance which makes your journey difficult. Tarnegar is the last human city this far north, beyond the forest there are a few scattered towns and small farms but that is all the humans who exist there. Eventually you reach the lands of the Orcs, the Trolls...and far worse that humans haven't seen for centuries. Simply getting to Dragonblight may require finding allies along the way to ensure you can survive any potential battles."

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #9 on: April 07, 2012, 09:57:12 AM »
"First of all, what is Myraz? Considering that he has been around for at least a hundred-fifty years, I'd say that he can't be in the least bit human." Lilian interjected as she stepped up to look at the map with Piri and her father, hoping that Jorn would soon join them. "One such as him must be a force to be reckoned with considering he tricked a dragon into doing his bidding."

Lilian gaped at the map, watching Piri's finger point from the bottom to top, they were to travel that whole expanse of land? It seemed nearly impossible, considering they would probably be on foot most of the way, as far as she knew, her family had no horses to speak of. She could feel her feet aching already, but the heat of the story seemed to have taken away her anger and wary demeanor. She felt ready for an adventure, it'd sure be better than being married off to a bakers son, that's for sure. That kid was almost as doughy as the dough he worked with. She shivered at the thought of being stuck with a guy like that.

She shook the thought from her head and focused on Piri and father once more. "We will be receiving allies along the way? Well that's truly a relief, Jorn is crazy with a sword, but we could never do this quest all on our own." Lilian stated, smiling back at her brother encouragingly.

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #10 on: April 07, 2012, 06:19:13 PM »
Jorn leaned over the table and studied the map as he listened to the history being unfolded. A dreadful frown took over his face as his eyes scanned over the parchment, supposedly looking for a sensible route while his mind was really occupied with how he could possibly pull off such a reckless quest.

At the words of encouragement from Liliana, he smiled back at her, and then looked up at Vennar and Piri. "At the very least, we'll need allies to supply food...", he noted, straightening up again, "That's what Watch Sergeant Hayes told me once. The first rule of long marches is to plan a resupply every seven days, or you'll starve. But umm..." He glanced pointedly at his father's eyes and pursed his lips, trying do decide how to phrase what he would say next.

"Father...", he addressed Vennar to keep his attention while he continued to think, "...what on Earth am I going to say when I get there?"

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #11 on: April 07, 2012, 06:29:16 PM »
"We have no interest in keeping the relic in this city," Piri replied. "One way or another it will almost certainly bring about this city's destruction if it remains within the walls. Stormrider wants it back so simply promise him that in return for his aid you will give him the prize he wishes. But be warned, do not promise anything you cannot give him, I doubt Stormrider will be as forgiving if he thinks we've betrayed him a second time. How you say it though is up to you."

"I have supplies prepared already," Vennar said, disappearing into the back of the house before returning with two rucksacks packed full of food. "This should cover you until you reach the town of Semin to the north of the forest, you'll be able to restock your supplies there."

"When you reach the forest be aware not everyone in that forest will want you dead," Piri said, rolling the map up again. "There are Elven rangers who patrol its interior, tell them your mission and they may be willing to help you. If you make contact with a ranger called Anneke tell her my name, we are...old friends and she owes me a favour for me saving her life many years ago."

Offline PrincessAriel

Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #12 on: April 09, 2012, 12:01:10 PM »
(Sorry, not really in the mood to roleplay, but I'll push a post out.)

"If we say that we are going to give him the prize he wishes, wouldn't that be lying. Lying just like the king had done?" Liliana states, pulling on her pack of supplies as she watched Piri and father intently. "We won't be able to promise him the artifact because we need the artifact, yes?"

Liliana was actually a bit excited about meeting these Elven rangers, surely they could teach her a thing or two about her bow, though she did know a bit already. She repeated the name in her head, 'Anneke, Anneke.' Once she felt secure about having memorized the name, she nodded solemnly. "It's nice to know that not every being hates humans." Lilian whispered, feeling a bit of trepidation about the journey that was soon at hand.

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #13 on: April 10, 2012, 05:21:11 PM »
Jorn looked at his sister again and blurted out with a frown, "I don't want the artifact. Let him have it!"

He glanced at Vennar, and then at Piri, and down at the sword resting in his hand. His eyes dwelt there for a long moment. Something was nagging in the back of his mind, a terrifying dread that he was about to journey off to his certain death. But what other choice did he have? He knew he had to stay strong about it, for the sake of the others around him. Jorn only ever wanted to live his life by the simple principle that he would always do the right thing. Then he got out into the world, and it got harder and harder to know what the right thing was. He trusted his father's judgment often, but even Vennar had been wrong on occasion. He would have to go on that trust once more this time, but in the back of his mind, he kept on turning it over. Somehow, along the way, he would have to figure out what to do. Whatever that ended up being, the only thing he knew for sure was that it would involve keeping his sister alive. He resolved to make that his immediate focus, and finally looked up at Vennar with an eerie calm in his eyes - a confidence born of willful ignorance.

"Alright. I'm ready", he told his father.

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #14 on: April 10, 2012, 05:42:01 PM »
"He's right Piri," Vennar said. "We cannot afford to waste more time."

"You're right," she said as she sighed, her common sense telling her this was crazy but she knew deep down they were short of any other options. It didn't seem that long since she remembered them as young children and yet she was now sending them to war. "My cart is outside, there's an invisibilty cloak lying on the back of it, if you lie under it you will be invisible. Its the only way to get you past the guards unnoticed. Wait for me, I and your father have...personal matters to discuss before we depart."

"Good luck," Vennar said, putting his arms around his children and embracing them, part of him fearing that might be the last time they would ever see him. "Your mother would be proud of you," he said, fighting back the tears. "You take care of each other, where you're going you two may be the only ones you can both rely on."

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #15 on: April 11, 2012, 10:28:55 AM »
Liliana eyed her brother, angered slightly by his outburst, "Excuse me for trying to think rationally, brother." She stated, teeth clenched as she tried to keep her tone even and flat. She could already tell that this journey was going to be tough, but if her brother kept making outbursts like that... She shook her head, best not to think thoughts like that, she had to stay calm, even if her brother acted superior to her. She wasn't exactly ready, but she had no say, Jorn and Piri had decided for her. She gave a pleasent smile to her brother before turning back to Piri and her father.

Her father's heartfelt words touched her, but she stepped away from his hug, not wanting him to touch her. Wanting a hug after deciding to send them away? After deciding to keep the truth from them their whole lives? She decided right then that the best thing for her to do was block him from her mind; she had to come to terms with the fact that she would never see him again. Normally, she was the one to hug and state her love for their father, but today, a coldness swept into her heart, one she had declined entrance until now. Her father's hiding of the truth had set this coldness free; it seemed to grip her heart like a vice.

Her grip tightened on her bow as she turned away from her father's gaze, to see the hurt that was probably written there would make her hesitate. With a blank glance at Jorn, Liliana headed to the front door, her normally lively blue eyes as blank as still water. Without a glance back at anyone behind her, she exited the building and headed towards Piri's cart, it was easy to find considering it was the only empty cart on the street. Carefully making sure no one around was watching, she slipped into the back of the cart and covered herself with the cloak. She waited in silence for Jorn and Piri to come, knowing that they were all saying heatfelt goodbyes when she had said none.

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #16 on: April 11, 2012, 05:03:14 PM »
Well... I got put on hold so... I don't know what to do now.

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #17 on: April 11, 2012, 08:05:22 PM »
(Welcome to the on hold club. I see it as kind of liberating - I have nothing to lose if I decide to start trolling one day. For adult rp, try futanari palace. That place has no approval process.)

Seeing the cold way Liliana left the room made Jorn frown distractedly, as his father hugged him. He sighed in a conflicted way, and took the time to attach his sheathed sword to his belt. Looking back at his father again, he wanted to say some kind of parting words, but couldn't come up with anything meaningful, so he simply left as well, and walked out to the cart.

The fresh air that hit his face made his eyes sting a little after so long in the noxious atmosphere of the blacksmith's building. He narrowed his eyes to see more clearly and scanned the streets with a newfound sense of caution, suddenly suspecting every passerby as a possible spy for the king. At a moment when he was sure noone could see him or the cart, he felt around for the edge of the invisible cloak, and snuck quickly underneath it, coming face to face with his sister.

Seeing the look on her face, he knew better than to try to talk to her now, and just tucked himself into an inconspicuous position and waited, staring silently at the interior of the cloak, occupying his mind with how fascinating such a magical item was.

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #18 on: April 12, 2012, 12:06:12 AM »
(Welcome to the on hold club. I see it as kind of liberating - I have nothing to lose if I decide to start trolling one day. For adult rp, try futanari palace. That place has no approval process.)

For the record, there is a difference between On Hold and outright banned.  ;)

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #19 on: April 12, 2012, 02:29:56 AM »
A few moments passed before Piri exited the house, looking left and right to check for any guards before climbing onto the front of the cart and making sure he was prepared should they run into any trouble.

"Do exactly as I say," she said, loud enough for her two passengers to hear, but quiet enough that passers-by wouldn't. "Stay quiet until I say, if the guards spot you we're hugely outnumbered." She started heading towards the gate, the journey uninterrupted until they reached the gateway where a guard stopped them. "Is this really necessary?" she asked. "There are villages who need my supplies out there."

"My apologies Mistress Piri," the young guard said as he checked the cart, thankfully oblivious to the passengers. "The king orders all travellers are searched, it is nothing against you." He finally walked around to the front of the cart again and signalled to the guards at the gate. "Be careful out there," he said.

"Don't worry, I plan to," she replied before heading through the gate. She waited till she was at least halfway between the city and the forest before turning slightly. "You two can come sit up front," she said. "At this distance at night the guards aren't going to see you. Plus I have a couple of gifts for you before you leave."

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #20 on: April 12, 2012, 01:42:12 PM »
(I think I'll just try out <snip> won't really work on my crappy phone. lol.)

Liliana felt her breath catch as Piri spoke to the guard, but once she stated that it was all clear, Liliana slipped out from underneath the cloak. She sat up and gave a soft sigh of relief, then turned to Piri, "Gifts?" She asked, her face no longer filled with anger, more resignation and excitement than anything. "And, are you sure they can't see us from here?"

Liliana slid closer to the front, smoothing out her skirts as she did, her bow possitioned comfortably in her lap, her legs tucked beneath her. She gave a sincere smile to her brother, having forgave him as soon as the cart exited the city's gates; the coldness in her heart seemed to have retreated for the time being. "I'm sorry about earlier," She whispered to her brother, not liking to keep things in bad terms between the two of them. From now on she would try to keep warmth in her heart, or so she hoped.

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #21 on: April 12, 2012, 09:15:42 PM »
Jorn had kept silent as ordered while passing through the gate, but his ears strained warily for signs that he might be discovered. He grasped the handle of his new sword at times, but dismayed at the realization that it was too long to draw in such tight quarters. He realized that if found, he would have to punch and kick his way out. Fortunately, the guards seemed to respect Piri, and everything went smoothly. Jorn had hardly known her as a boy, and for the first time started to wonder exactly who she was.

This and other thoughts occupied his mind as the cart put distance between itself and the city. Even before her whispered apology, Jorn could sense Liliana's anger slowly fading. But it still troubled him, because the reason behind it didn't go away. They were still being sent on a perilous quest without preparation. Jorn wanted to believe that his father would not have done this unless he had no choice. But he could not even prove that belief to himself, much less his sister. He also thought about how he would handle himself in the forest. Living in the city his whole life, he had never really been alone. He dreaded the moment when the two of them would have to walk into the forest with no more direction than a map and the stars above. One could consider it an exciting adventure, if not for the ultimate price they would have to pay if they got their bearings wrong or didn't reach the elves fast enough.

The cart stopped, and Jorn climbed out to walk around to the front of it. He gave a warm half-smile to his sister at her whispered words; warmth in his eyes, but unease on his lips. Then he turned his attention to Piri and asked in a cautious tone, "Miss Piri...? Who are you? How do you know all these things?"

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #22 on: April 13, 2012, 02:30:19 AM »
"I suppose you deserve a proper explanation, considering your father knows the truth too," she said. "My grandmother was one of the soldiers who marched north with Myraz to speak to the dragons, and one of the few who tried to stop him betraying them. He let her live but...she was never the same again," Piri said, a haunted look crossing her face. "I don't know what Myraz had done to her but from that day on my family has been trying to find a way to stop Myraz. Then I met Anneke, who told me that if I ever needed her help I only had to ask, at which point I only needed two people young and strong enough to march that far north."

She reached into the back of the cart, pulling out a bag that had been hidden under the cloak with them that looked quite heavy, placing it on the cart next to her.

"I'm not giving you the cloak," she said. "It might help you in the human lands but there's a point where you will face creatures who can see through that cloak. Jorn, this is for you," she said, taking out an elaborately decorated sheath before pulling the sword it contained out, revealing a blade decorated in strange-looking runes. "The sword of the Dawnhammer tribe, a group of Elves who once united the races of the north against a great threat. This isn't a replacement for your father's blade, but show this to most creatures and they are more likely to be willing to help you. The old alliances aren't entirely forgotten." She sheathed it again, handing the blade to Jorn before reaching into the bag again and pulling out a small gem on a necklace. "Liliana, this you must keep by you at all times, I only know of three others in the world. Its a Dragonsblood gem. It serves two purposes: it glows when dragons are nearby and it allows you to understand their language and them to understand yours." She passed it to Liliana. "We can waste no-more time, I have offered you all the help I can but once you step into that forest this is your quest alone."

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Re: Wrath of the Dragonkin
« Reply #23 on: April 13, 2012, 09:13:32 AM »
(sorry, didn't know that was contact information..)

Liliana gaped openly at the wondrous jewel, the light playing off of the teardrop shaped gem at stunning angles. "How did you... How did you come across such a treasure?" She whispered, her voice full of awe as her shaking hands took the necklace from Piri, holding it close to her face to examine it further. The gem was mainly green, but swirls of red could be seen mixed in with the green, she never knew that dragon's blood could look so beautiful. Liliana unclasped the necklace, then secured it around her neck, it rested right above her breast, settling in the hollow at her throat. (hope that makes sense)

She felt a warmth emitting from the gem, spreading through her throat, then up into her head. It was a rather weird sensation, but not an uncomfortable one. As soon as the feeling came, it vanished, leaving her wondering if it had actually happened, or if she had imagined it all. Liliana truly felt honored to be wearing such a rare and precious necklace, she would surely keep it with her always.

Piri's words sent a pang through Liliana, would this be the last time they saw the older woman? If their mission was long, she may not be here when they came back this way. Liliana's eyes watered at the thought, but she held the tears back, this was no time for crying, instead, she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around the elderly woman's neck. "You just be here when we get back Piri, you aren't allowed to die on us. Neither you or father." The girl stated before kissing the older woman's cheek and releasing her from the hug.

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(looks like we'll have to continue without sexhaver, we can find a way around this)

"You'd better go now," Piri said, looking towards the forest with a slight nervousness. "I'll do what I can to protect your father but your main concern must be reaching the mountains with all possible speed. I wouldn't advise shouting to get Anneke's attention, she might hear you but worse things might hear you too. Goodbye Liliana and good luck."

Piri helped Liliana down from the cart, passing her the pack of supplies she had brought with them, before turning the cart around and heading off into the night, leaving Lililiana alone on the edge of the forest.

At that time of night there was almost nothing visible within the tree line aside from vague shapes which couldn't be identified as either trees or animals. However Liliana was being watched, a tall cloaked figure watching her from just inside the treeline, notching an arrow to its bow but waiting to see her next move before it took any action.