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Author Topic: Thies - Master/slave, D/s, harem, N.C, exhibitionism, light bondage, ‘survival’*  (Read 434 times)

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Offline BehemothTopic starter

TAKEN - thanks for your interest.

Erotic Content: Master/slave, D/s, harem, N.C, exhibitionism, light bondage, ‘survival’* (see below for a link to a full list of my On/Offs)

Concept: A woman is marooned on a mysterious island (see below for a short introduction). There she is given refuge by a mysterious ‘Lord’ who lives in a large castle-like compound with a large number of other men and women. What at first appears to be a secretive idyllic, amorous retreat where the people enjoy orgies and other ‘taboo’ pursuits, turns out to be much darker. Soon she learns the truth – the Lord is not human, the people are not all simply ‘guests’, this is not a just a secret resort for the rich.

Roles: Young woman (21-25 y.o played by you) & ‘Lord’ of the island (35 y.o played by me).

Setting: Modern world – an isolated island wilderness.

*There will be no risk of our heroine dying but I’m imagining chase scenes where she’s being ‘hunted’ and may be in fear for her life.

NOTE: This roleplay will involve ‘supernatural themes’.

As well as the above erotic content, more of what you can expect...
- Group Sex
- Violence (slapping, holds, gagging etc. nothing too extreme)
- Costumes and apparel
- Oral/Cock worship
- Facials/Bukkake and Cum Swallowing
- Size disparity/Large cocks
- Humiliation/degradation
- Curvy women

Who I’m looking for…
A friendly female or male writer/roleplayer who likes detailed erotic stories with plot and character development and who can make well-written posts of two or three paragraphs (at least) a few times per week or more.

Please shoot me a P.M if you’re interested.

It was to be the holiday of a lifetime. Three weeks sailing the ocean on a luxury yacht all expenses paid. No work, no rat race, no stress. Nothing but sunshine, a bottomless bottle of champagne and a cute sailor’s butt to check out. It had cost Kelsey three months of wages to pay for the holiday. She’d been looking forward to the trip for another six. However, fate had other plans.

Seven days into the trip the storm hit. Battering the little white yacht and tossing it around on mountainous waves like little more than driftwood. A massive wall of water crashed over the vessel – that’s when she heard the crunch and cracking sound as the ship’s hull was torn asunder.

Screams, then darkness. Am I dead? Water boiling up everywhere through the cabin. More screams… then… silence. Darkness again. Kelsey found herself free of the cabin and in the open freezing waters of the ocean. The sea was a tumult of violent waves intent on dragging her down.

“There is no chance. Everyone’s gone. All that’s left is for the water take me now… time to die…” However, something deep down inside simply refused to give-up, to lie down, refused to die. She barely managed to keep her head above the frothing waters. One arm over then the other. Somewhere out in the darkness she could make out the silhouette of a massive shape – land, an island! Mammoth cliffs of dark stone loomed to one side, lined with rocks. Somewhere up there she caught a glimpse of… light… a building?

Suddenly another wave crashed over her, pushing her down, rolling her in its cold, crushing embrace. Darkness again.

When she woke, bright light was all around her. She felt wetness on her cheek and belly, a salty-earthy taste in her mouth. Her head swam, every muscle in her body ached. Slowly she lifted her head up. As her vision cleared she could see she was laying face-down on a beach.

She was alive, but alone.




My On/Offs:
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