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Author Topic: Looking for RP, send me a PM.  (Read 677 times)

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Looking for RP, send me a PM.
« on: April 02, 2012, 08:21:48 pm »
Hello [you],

Thanks for stopping by to have a read of my request thread, just a quick mention of what I like.

I'd prefer long stories over short, and some plot/character development over repeated sex, though smut is welcome if it's part of the story. I play over PM and threads, though I like planning in YIM/Skype. I might be open to using messengers to support the RP (like conversation over IM and then writing it up in a post later if you want more natural conversations). I'll play with males or females, though my ideas are written mostly with M/F characters in mind so if you wanted something else you'd have to let me know.

My O/O is here.

I really don't like playing established characters. I don't mind working in established worlds, but if a character has been written I don't always connect with them, so I avoid playing them. I have less qualms about you playing established characters, or vaguely established characters (like Darth Revan or Commander Shepard) but much, much rather playing original characters.

OOC contact is a big plus!

Plots ~ Plots I would like to write or specific settings I would like to write in.

Nothing here just yet - keep an eye out!

Vague Ideas ~ More like plot prompts than stories.

Zombie Apocalypse
Our characters are one of the few left alive after zombies have taken over the earth. Maybe it's pandemonium on the streets as we fight our way from safe spot to safe spot, maybe it's a compound in the country we use as a base for raids into the cities, or maybe we're part of a well ordered if somewhat small community of survivors retaking the world.
Nuclear Winter
Somewhat similar to Zombie Apocalypse, but with radioactive mutants, biological weapons and other goodies instead of the walking dead. Maybe there's only a single, small room where our characters can be free from their protective suits; maybe it's a Fallout-esque world where society is run by the powerful and slaves are kept in the richest homes; or maybe society is on the up and up, mountain conclaves keeping the worst at bay while a bastion of humanity struggles to keep civilisation from collapsing.
Fantasy Realms
Elves, monsters, magic, knights, thieves, deities - as much or as little of the fantasy staples as you can stomach, but always something to keep it from being just an alternate history. Lots of room to get in trouble with spells, fighting the dark lord's hordes (or for them), taming mythical beasts etc.
Costumed Crimefighters
Two heroes; two villains; a villain and a hero; a hero and a sidekick; a villain and his top hench(wo)man. Whatever combination you want, though, again original characters are greatly preferred. There's some leeway if you want to play as part of the X-Men or the Justice league though, we could make up our own characters and have them join.
Alternate History
A somewhat fictional look at history, maybe a made-up samurai clan in the Sengoku wars, a noble house in the crusades or a Roman landowner. There are loads of possibilities - from the stone age druids and nomadic tribes to the prohibition era crime rackets in the US.
Space Opera
Not really a space opera in the strictest sense, but rather sci-fi in space (like Star Wars) rather than one kept to Earth (like the Matrix). Galactic governments and planetary interests vie over worlds ripe for colonies, start systems loaded with resources and technology that gives them an edge. Lots of ship time for fighting and character development, lots of planet-side action for more of the same.
Earthbound Sci-Fi 
Unlike the Space Opera, this will never leave Earth (or at least never leave whichever planet we're on). Interplanetary struggles are a note in the sideline at best, but androids roam the streets and artificially intelligent computers keep the world running smoothly, subservient to mankind. Or not, if you fancy a little Terminator style action (but hold the time travel, it makes my head spin)
City Noire
Somewhat different to the Alternate History, I'm really thinking more along the lines of an art deco story - the 20's to the 50's told in a stylised way. Think that Batman cartoon where the Joker's played by Mark Hamill - but without superheroes. Lots of smooth talking and smoky bars, revolvers and tommy-guns, rarely a beam of sunlight falling on the mean streets.
Wild wild west
Not the movie, but gun toting cowboys, rustlers, bandits. The frontier is ripe and settlers are moving west. This would include wage slavery and such (think of the Chinese workers on the railroads), so if you're iffy about that let me know. Looking to build a meaty community to write in too, so native American, Mexican, Chinese, European American and African American characters are welcome! 
Little to really say about this, just some good old fashion high seas mayhem. Lots of sailing about the Caribbean or the Mediterranean (Berbers!) looting and pillaging. You could be a captive, a captain, a stowaway, the first mate - anything.
For those who don't know, this is essentially modern technology made possible through steam power (and some sci fi stuff too - steam power jetpacks perhaps) with a Victorian aesthetic. Lots of brass, leather and dark rich colours. Dieselpunk is much the same, but with WW1/WW2 aesthetics and, well, petrol power rather than steam. Think of it as fantasy with a twist, and the technology can range from barely better than it was then to truly ridiculous (like that spider walker in Wild Wild West...)

Fandoms ~ Universes I am willing to play in and know something about. Feel free to ask about others.

A Song of Fire and Ice/Game of Thrones
Assassin's Creed
DC Comics
Dragon Age
Jade Empire
Lord of the Rings
Marvel Comics
Metro 2033
Star Wars
Tenchu Z
The Elder Scrolls
Warhammer 40k
World War Z

Also various anime/manga series - check with me to see if I've seen it!
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