The Lizard Returns (monster rape game)

Started by King_Furby, March 18, 2008, 01:57:04 AM

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I have found a partner for this

After a long time of thinking i have finally come up with a concept to play a lizard monster in. I am wanting to do a monster rape game, but something with a little more to it then just that. But i call it that as it's an easy way to classify it.

This is the monster i will be playing

Basically it involves the following. There was a legend in the jungle that a powerful beast once ruled over the tribes on the continent. This beast was considered a God and forced people to worship it as it sought power and a proper mate. The beast killed and forced villages to give it women as he mated with then in hopes of finding the right mate to carry it's eggs. The problem was there weren't any of it's kind left so it had to settle with humans, but because of that not many humans could carry it's eggs. It was on a constant quest to breed and control others. But one day the beast stopped and no one ever found it. Now 200 years later it has awakened from hibernation and will resume it's quest to find what it could not before.

A young women while checking traps discovers a man badly injured and clinging to life. He is panicked and speaks a story of a monster raping their women, and them being powerless to stop it. He speaks the horror of a village destroyed by one beast like creature. She runs back to her village as they prepare a hunt for the beast, after this tribe prides itself of being the best hunters. They go out and find the beast but none of them expected that the monster would take an interest in one of their women.

I play the monster, you play the tribal women. While there will be rape in this game and it may be common but i am going to be putting story elements in it too. Story elements involve the monster turning the young women into a guide and someone who will do it's bidding. It needs loyal subjects to make an example of and to make it's goals happen.

I want to talk in PM before a game beings, post here and i will PM you or just PM me if interested.

Also i know there is a place for games like this, but i don't know where it is. If someone could tell me that, i would be grateful.

I am wanting this to be at a pace of roughly 3-5 times a week. That is my minimuim goal but i would like to post more then that. I will try to post more then that.

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A game like this would go in the NCEF single threads board.
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Hm...  Mind if a guy stepped up and volunteered to play one of the girls? 
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Truth is i haven't really played with a male playing a female before. But i think i would be fine as long as someone could play the role right. I am looking for a 1 on 1 right now meaning i only need 1 person to play the female. While i may be open to others coming in some time in the future (if the game has a long future) a 1 on 1 is all i can handle.