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Started by Xerial, July 13, 2005, 01:52:54 AM

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How much interest would there be here in playing a co-ed prison, with players open to be staff and/or prisoners, as well as the ocassional outside party?

Basically it's a total re-start of the game I ran with some success on RPOL, with the setting intact, and a few of the story ideas that developed later in the play being integrated.

Any takers?


I would be interested. As a prisoner that is.


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Ok folks, once more I'm checking interest levels, here's the skinny:

With the system swelling overfull of felons, and crime still on the rise, a desperate measure has been proposed. The Blackrose Correctional Institute, a women's prison starving for extra backing from the government's coffers, has asked to open the country's first co-ed prison block.

The result, is the newly built Cellblock C (for Co-Ed). The block is host to a series of mid-level offenders - no murderers, or repeat offenders - who live together in the same complex. Cells are assigned by gender, but swapping is often undertaken, and as long as everyone's present in the morning, the hacks could care less. The guards also ignore a small flow of contraband, as long as everyone keeps form being too violent. Every woman in the facility is put on birth control, and thorough checks for STDs are conducted upon arrival.

Warden Harris, the overseer for the project, hopes to profit from this project in more than just the obvious ways. Unbeknownst to his superiors, he is using the cellblock's camera network to film any sexual encounter that goes on, and distributing them through a middleman on the internet. As well, he is using his unique position as Warden of the high profile project to curry political favor by booking 'visitations' between inmates and interest politicians.

There would be room for guests, inmates, and staff. As well, people are allowed to play more than one character.


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Sounds interesting to me  :)
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Well... why not, I guess?


Maybe.  Could be a challenge, playing some one on the inside.  I'm willing to give it a shot.


What the heck, I'll go for it.  Perhaps as the last uncorrupted guard? ;D


How long would that last, I wonder  ::)



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Bad Wolf

This sounds interesting. Are you still thinking of running it? There seems to be quite a bit of interest...


I think I'd enjoy playing a Guard, to be honest. Guard or Prisoner, doesn't matter much to me, really. This sounds like a lot of fun.


Quote from: Xerial on July 26, 2005, 08:05:08 PMThe result, is the newly built Cellblock C (for Co-Ed).

OMG!! I was being in original game on RPOL!

I so happy you being back online and wanting to restarting game! I playing Akiko in Cellblock C!! I would muchly loving playing Akiko still in Cell block! ^^



Ok, after an extended absence from home, I'm back and looking to start a little something... I've been thinking, however, that this format might need a bit of tweaking... while it worked well for RPOL, it didn't have as gritty a feel as sometimes it could have... those still interested, would you like to see perhaps a maximum security facility? That could add into it a Death Row, and solitary might be more of a factor...


Up to you, either way I'm not particularly biased, though my current character concept works better with the original idea.


*Laughs * I was on it too. As David Talonski i think was his name...i think he raped the doctor >.>;;
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