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May 20, 2018, 03:01:48 PM

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Author Topic: Stop, I'm already dead. (M looking for F!)  (Read 587 times)

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Offline ThePrinceTopic starter

Stop, I'm already dead. (M looking for F!)
« on: March 31, 2012, 11:54:22 PM »
My old thread was getting long in the tooth and became self aware. I took it behind the shed and beat it to death with a shovel.

Check out my O/O thread first to make sure that our kinks match up.

Time and places I can play.
I am available to play on Fourms, PM and E-mail. I usually post in the late PM Eastern Standard time. I try and post once a day, but usually ends up as posting every other day. I have responsibilities outside of E and they have to come first.

Note: While I have a lot of these roles fleshed out, I like to discuss and work part of the plot out with my partner.

The Girl with the Burn Scars.
This could be set in High School, College or just Adults. This is basically a romance story, with a twist. The girl has a tragic past and has burn scars down the right side of her body. She is very timid and withdrawn, to the point that sometimes she never leaves her room. Being very self conscious of her image and dresses conservatively to hide her scars. If in High School, she could be going to a private school for students with disabilities, where she can get the mental treatment she needs and a education. My character would be someone who sees past the scars and sees a lonely and sad girl and tries to be her friend. He might have a disability of his own, especially if it takes place at high school. Just because she will be shy and timid doesn’t mean I expect her to be ultra submissive. This doesn’t feel like a D/s role, more of a fluffy, happy feel good romance comdey staring Ryan Reynolds.

This idea is taken heavily from the oddly tasteful Dating Sim game called Katawa Shoujo. You should check it out because it’s fan made and free.

Image dump! Now these pictures are basically anime, but I am not expecting that. As I know some people don’t like anime. These pictures should be used as setting and ideas for clothing. You are free to develop the character as you wish.

Image Dump!

Forbidden Love Story
There are two ways I see this story playing out, but there is a bit of backstory first. This story is to take place in the not too distant future. Where mankind has discovered a new intelligent species and has to coexist. (This can be humanoid aliens, elves, anthros or androids.) As you can expect, mankind has not totally embraced the ideas of equality, tolerance or acceptance.

This could be a story of two lovers trying to get by in a world that rejects their relationship. I will be playing the part of a human male possibly a police officer, detective or some figure that would be at the front of any interspecies tension. He is in a relationship with a female of the other species and can not be seen or openly express his love for her. I see D/s play involved, but how much can be discussed.

The other side is that the male lead is in a position of some sort of power, say a politician or a police officer. He is vocally against interspecies relationships and is pro-segregation. However, he has a dark secret, he is seeing or having an affair with a woman of the other species. You know how every now and then the news reports that someone who has been vocally against gays and lesbians was found in bed male prostitute? Well I want to play on that theme, except my character isn’t that bigoted or at least he thinks he isn’t. He truly believes in segregation, but he can’t help but love this woman. Again D/s would probably be involved in some way to be discussed.

Also, I am not interested in the other intelligent species being werewolves or vampires, I think that’s kind of played and in the shade as they say.

A Gor RP!
I have a specific idea for a Gor rp, it would require someone with a working knowledge of what it means to be a Gorean slave and the positions that they are required to learn. If interested PM and I'll go into a bit more detail.

Concept: a non dominate and a Slave
This is more of a idea that keeps coming in my head. A totally submissive woman (not necessarily a slave) encounters a non-dominate man. I use the term non-dominate as this person would not be submissive. Rather naive of the dominant/submissive lifestyle. But when he encounters and interacts with this submissive woman, she draws out his inner dominance and it turns into a Master/slave relationship. A problem that I am having with this is that it seems like the female submissive has to act like she is topping from the bottom, which is something I think most people (and me) do not like to play. Which is not the intent as the character just doesn't understand why she would be acting that way and is trying to find his own dominance. But once the change happens, he is a fully capable dominate. I don't have a story fully prepared for this yet, but if someone is interested I think we could work something out.

A Not so Modern Family
Lets start of with this has nothing to do with incest, sorry folks maybe next time. We have my character; a young bachelor with a decent life, he is single and not interested in long term relationships. But walking home from work one day he finds a little 8 year old girl. She seems lost and afraid, when he tries to help her he discovers that she is blind and mute. After some difficult communication he discovers that she is a orphan and as run away from the orphanage. Seeing as it was getting late and she was hungry he takes her to his place to stay the night and return her the next day. While she is over at his house he grows attached to her and wants to give her the family that she desperately wants. But taking care of a disabled little girl is not easy for as it looks and he ask his next door neighbor for help. She would be a independent single woman who found her neighbor to be attractive, yet turned off by the fact that he wanted to remain a boy instead of growing up and starting a family. But when she sees him take care of this girl and show some maturity, she finds her attraction rekindled. Could also be played as the male lead's wife or girlfriend.("Honey, she followed me home. "She's blind you jackass!"") This would be a light, comedy/drama/romance, but possibly with bedroom kinks!

High School Problems (High School Guy/Gothic chick)
She is a hot goth chick with a sharp wit, sharp outfits and the brains to back it up. She is aloof, thinking herself smarter and better than her classmates, she has few if any friends. When suitors come a calling asking her for a date, she eats them for lunch. Yet this is all a mask, to hide her insecurities, either from a broken home, a medical condition or something else. He is well.. he is insane. Not in the laughing maniacally, eating bugs, criminally insane, this is “Leprechauns are plotting against me! I must strap these comics book to my chest to protect me!” Is surprising that he is still allowed in the school. He is strong and can take a hitting and would be great at football, if he had the attention span and mental clarity for it.. These two are polar oppistutes in the extreme and they are at war with each other. To the goth girl this for her amusement. While he might be crazy, he doesn't fit into the boring cliches of school life. He however, truly believes that she is a powerful necromancer and queen of the undead and only he can stop her.

All this would be another day of high school if something terrible hadn’t have happened. Something has come to take her, be it evil aliens, dark demonic forces, or something slender man mythos. She is outnumbered and on the run. The only person who can help her is him, they must put aside their differences and stand together. And maybe something more will come of this.

(This idea is based off of a the webcomic Megatokyo, just something that came in my head. This is to be lighthearted and a comedy. May not be D/s and the other perverted things I like to do. Pictures of the what I image the female lead are here and here

What if our dimension or more importantly our earth, was a crossroads. I place you had to enter and pass through to enter another realm. This would explain UFOs, extraterrestrials and crypto animals we sometimes speculate about. What if there was a realm that resembled a fantasy world, possible populated with elves or other intelligent fantasy races. There is a princess who is in danger, she has to leave her world and seek a safer place. They only have the power to send one person into the crossroads. So they make a bargain, they find a human from our world and offer jewels and gold for her escort across the United States to a spot where she can travel to a safer world. So its a cross country road trip, with a girl who has no idea of American or Earth norms or technology. Plus those who would harm the princess have come to get her! Is her protector up the challenge? Is he in it just for the riches or will she grown on him?

Border Patrol Officer/illegal immigrant
Have you ever seen the movie Cool Hand Luke? If you haven't you should probably stop what you're doing and watch it. It’s got Paul Newman and a bunch sweaty shirtless men, that should be up most of you peoples alley’s. Remember the boss with the reflective sunglasses, and how he seemed to have no eyes, just an empty blackness under his skin, and how if he stared at someone it was if there soul were laid bare. Well picture that character in modern times as a Border Patrol Officer. He is one of the best officers on the force, with a impressive arrest and drug confiscation record. The Coyotes and drug smugglers live in fear of him, worse then the helicopters and the dogs is the man with no eyes. He is a strong believer in the US stance on illegal immigration, and when not at his job, he spends time speaking to local political groups on this issue. He is not a racist man, he just believes in the word of the law and finds that he is very good at his job. But this man has a secret, something so terrible that he could very well lose everything if it got out. He works long hours patrolling the desert, but when he comes home there is a woman waiting for him, an illegal alien. They have a deal, he gives her a safe place, decent pay and protection from the authorities and anyone else. She gives him a clean house, good food and a warm body at night. But what if something grows from this secret? Could he risk his life for this, could he throw away his principles? How could she love such a man? Could she live with their love a secret? More of a Dom/sub role. A lot like the Forbidden Love Story idea, but with a more Tex Mex flavor.

Crazy weird Fandoms I want to do.
Most people seem to want to rp Harry Potter, or Supernatural or Hunger Games or whatever else is popular at the moment. Me, my fandom rp ideas are literally insane. Seriously, I doubt anyone else would find these ideas interesting, don’t believe me? Take a look.

Bleach/Wheel of Time
I don’t know why, but aes sedai and the Gotei 13 really seem to work well. I like to play Byakuya to a OC female Aes Sedai.

Gundam Wing/ Sailor Moon
Again, they seem to go together. I don’t know DON’T JUDGE ME!

So if you see something you like, feel free to PM me.

Have a good day.