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Author Topic: Mercy Thompson Universe: Portland, Oregon (Supernatural Roleplay)  (Read 757 times)

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Welcome to Portland, Oregon

Population: 583,776

Supernatural Population: Unknown

The City of Roses is a proud sponsor of peace between all the races. Humans and Werewolfs as well as Fae are friends!
*This announcement was paid by the government of the United States of America

Welcome to Portland, where our Supernatural Community actually gets along! :D

O.k. so I jest a little bit there. What we are is a game based in the Universe set forth by Patricia Briggs in her Mercy Thompson series of books. This world includes: Humans, Fae, Walkers, Witches, Werewolves and Vampires. We have removed ourselves from the life of any canon characters from the books themselves and have created our own little playground using Ms. Briggs rules and now that we've gotten our own new and shiny Board to break in we are opening up recruitment once more!

Right now we are focusing recruiting on Humans, Vampires, Witches (white and black), and submissive wolves. We may open up for Fae, Walkers, and Dominant Wolves at a later date but right now we'd like to round out the groups we have a bit more and start a whole new groups by adding Humans into the mix! These humans do not necessarily have to be friendly to the Supernatural Community and if you wanted to make anti-(insert Monster here) groups you are welcome to do so. Supernatural friendly Humans are welcome as well. :)

As for the Wolves, at the moment, we have enough "Generals" and need some "Soldiers". In Briggs terminology that means we need, what she calls, submissive Wolves. This does not mean that the Wolf has to have a submissive personality! The biggest difference between a Submissive and Dominant Wolf is that the Submissive will ask questions first...and then pound your face in. The Dominant will pound your face in first...and ask questions if s/he remembers to before you pass out! A Submissive Wolf can still kick-ass, but they aren't going to end up at the top of the food chain within the Pack.
The Story so Far:

The Supernatural Community in Portland has had a, tentative, truce for the last 50 years or so. All the leaders recognize that with humanities increasing technology, playing nice is just good business. No one wants to start a modern day "Cleansing" of any sort. A Neutral Space was established called "Diana's Refuge" in which creatures of any Supernatural type may come and rest and be safe. Human's aren't allowed inside the Refuge itself without an escort and the powerful magics surrounding, and throughout, the place keep most from even realizing it's there.

Over the last few years, Fae and Werewolves have "Come out of the closet", so to speak because it was recognized that humans were reaching the point of being able to discover them through their medical advancements anyway. By exposing themselves, they controlled the media coverage and the image that they put out to the world instead of one wrong autopsy catching them unawares. The Fae (controlled by the Grey Lords) have been very select in who they have allowed the humans to see and Wolves that let it be known what they are have been promised financial aid and protection should their revealing of themselves lose them their jobs or put them in danger. Vampires are still in hiding and have no real plans to change that fact anytime soon.

Currently the peace that the Portland Community has established is being threatened. Brutal murders are happening around the city and they look suspiciously like nothing human could have managed them. Bodies are mangled and torn in such a fashion that whispers are starting to circulate, speculations are stirring and eyes are beginning to glance at the Wolves while others are wondering just what sort of creatures the Fae might not have shared with the world at large.

With trouble already brewing, Samhain is also fast approaching and tears are appearing in the veil between the this world and that of the Fae, allowing some of those beasts they keep hidden to slink through. Only a few so far, and those have been pushed back, the tears sealed, but what is causing them? Why such tears in the veil of reality when usually it only thins?

If it's not clear already, this is a plot-driven game though there is nothing to stop characters from having a good time when they choose to as well! We are also not a fast moving game. Many of our writers have RL considerations like kids, school, work (sometimes all of the above) and other family or health considerations that don't necessarily allow for a fast paced roller coaster ride. What we do have is a fun story and a group of writers willing to communicate openly with each other and toss out ideas for new plot twists or interactions!

If you've made it through my rambling you deserve a gold star! Attached to this post is the CS for the game, please visit out board, see our game, fill one out and PM it to myself and Haloriel (your friendly neighborhood GM's), once approved we'll help work you smoothly into the storyline and let you loose to explore and have fun!

As always, if you have questions, feel free to ask here, or PM myself and/or Haloriel and we will get you answers as quickly as we can!

Code: [Select]
[b][u]Name:[/u][/b](Insert name here)

[floatleft][spoiler=True Name][b][u]True Name:[/u][/b](Insert True Name Here)[/spoiler][/floatleft]

[b][u]Sex/Age:[/u][/b](Insert Sex/Age/Apparent Age here)

[b][u]Occupation:[/u][/b](This is your actual job, like, what you do!)

[b][u]Appearance:[/u][/b] (Give a few paragraphs of appearance here)

[b][u]Personality & Other Traits:[/u][/b] (This is optional, but helps the rest of us know where your character stands on a basic level)

[b][u]Race and Powers:[/u][/b] (Give your race - Fae, Human, Were, Walker and then powers here - flying, what have you.)

[b][u]Scent:[/u][/b](Technically Optional but a cool section all things considered!)

[b][u]Important position[/u][/b](This is if within your race you have a position of rank - this is rare, generally.)

[b][u]Brief History:[/u][/b](This is your history - give us a few paragraphs on where your character has been in life and why they are now in the Portland area - or how they have lived in the Portland area if local.)
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Re: Mercy Thompson Universe: Portland, Oregon (Supernatural Roleplay)
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2012, 09:00:21 pm »
Here is some information on the types of characters we have so far, and those we're looking for. Any questions, please PM myself and/or Haloriel or simply ask here and we will answer as promptly as possible!


WEREWOLVES: (*Information taken from Patricia Briggs site! She is the whole mastermind behind this!)

Things Patty has said concerning the wolves:
-->Wolf magic doesn't come from the moon, it's internal; part of what makes a werewolf a werewolf.
-->Originally the Weres were all Europeans, they came over with the rest of the immigrants

Werewolf information (General Behaviour and the likes):
 ->They have a tendency to do well in the military and secret government agencies. This does not mean that all of them work for the government, some wolves have jobs as teachers/firefighters/Dentist/etc.
->Despite all the physical benefits they gain, the average lifespan of a werewolf from his first Change until his death is ten years (See below toward why they don't last long...In other cases this isn't true. If a human is more in control of it's werewolf then the person last longer).

->Most werewolves die in dominance fights with other werewolves (this is why most of them don't last long).
-> Werewolves' instincts are inconvenient--that's why they don't tend to live long (See).

->Werewolves are hot-tempered and aggressive, but they aren't of an evil nature.

 ->Some werewolves can tell if a person is lying (because they have overdeveloped their smell sense, which lets them take in the changes one person may have on their perspiration or scent).

->As werewolves age they gain abilities.

->Werewolves talk as if they and the wolves they shared their skins with were one; some werewolves had nothing more wolfish about them, even in wolf form, than a nasty temper and a need to kill things that ran from them.

->Wolves communicate well without words, it is all in the body movement.

->Werewolves, like their natural brethren, are territorial, and they don't share their hunting ground easily with other predators.

->Werewolves tend to lose their human halves when badly injured, but they can be recalled to themselves by a mate or by a more dominant wolf.

->Wolves are blunt creatures, mostly impatient with the soft-pedalling that the rest of the world considers politeness.

What does the werewolf look like?

->Werewolves usually have markings that are more dog-like than wolf-like.

->Werewolves are very densely muscled; they tend to have a difficult time swimming even if they want to, because, like chimpanzees, they have too much muscle and not enough fat to float.

->For all their size werewolves still resemble their graceful cousin the timber wolf more than the mastiff or Saint Bernard who are closer to their weight.

->Werewolves can run faster than greyhounds.

->Werewolves' front legs are built more like a those on bear or a lion than a timber wolf.

->They aren't really built for running, they are built for fighting, and there is a deadly beauty to them that comes out only in battle.

->Cells repair themselves and remove damage of age, disease and experience (they heal fast).

->Cannot be mistaken for wolves; much bigger and a lot scarier.

->They have strength; semi-retractable claws and inch long fangs.

->Werewolves don't like the heat.

->They are very good at sensing arousal; not just smells, but elevated temperature and increased heart rate.

->Arousal in werewolves tends to bring out the fighting instinct in all nearby males.

->To others they have a distinctive musk-and-mint scent.

When encountering a werewolf do this:

-> Werewolves respect bravado.

-> The trick with werewolves is to never confront them straight on.

-> Werewolves don't take to strangers well. So if you meet one try to introduce yourself nicely!

->Some werewolves can tell if a person is lying (this is because they have overdeveloped their smell sense which let them take in the changes one person may have on their perspiration or scent). So, never lie to a wolf!

->Showing weakness to another is a sign of trust.

If you want to survive a meeting with a werewolf...Don't do this:

-> Never make a werewolf feel cornered; a cornered wolf is a dangerous wolf.

->The trick with werewolves is to never confront them straight on.

->Fear brings violence out in the wolves.

->Never make eye contact with them if you are not ready to take up a fight. If you aren't as dominant as the wolf you are daring, then you could die.

How do you become a werewolf? (Information on the first change and shifting)

->Any person bitten by a werewolf doesn't turn into another werewolf; it takes an attack so vicious that the victim lies near death to allow the magic of the wolf to slip past the body's immune system.

->Most disabilities would be healed by the change.

->Most people don't survive the Change if they're already too sick.

->Usually when a wolf lives through the Change but doesn't survive his first year, it is because the human cannot control the instincts of the wolf.

->Werewolves can take as much as fifteen minutes to shift shape.

->Shifting is not easy or painless at the best of times, and it is worse without the aid of the moon's call (Full moon). The whole magic of shifting leaves them a bit grumpy for a couple of minutes afterwards.

->Sometimes the shift helps werewolves heal faster; usually the shift from human to wolf but the other way works as well.

->Females don't survive the change as well as males that is why they aren't as many and they are treated as treasures.

----->Protocol about changing someone into a werewolf:

------->No one should be changed against their will.
------->Second is that no person may be Changed until they have been counseled and pass a simple test to demonstrate that they understand what that Change means.
------->There are occasional attacks by rogue werewolves; it is one of the duties of a pack to kill the rogues and find their victims.

The Effects of Silver:

->Werewolves scar with wounds caused with silver, if not treated fast.

->Prolonged exposure to silver increases sensitivity.

->Silver ammo makes wounds that don't heal fast; there is a chance of bleeding out.

->Silver is harder than lead, and the bullets sometimes blow right through and leave the wolf sick, in pain, and alive.

How to kill a werewolf:

->First and foremost, werewolves are too tough to die easily.

->There aren't many options for them to commit suicide.

->The first popular option to killed a werewolf is death by another werewolf.

->The second is drowning.

Pack Information:

->Packs sometimes take their public name from their leader; more often they find some geographical feature in their territory.

-> Packs usually settle in bigger areas where they can hide better, or, rarely, in smaller places where they can take over.

->Packs only move into open territory or territory they have killed to take.

->The pack is always aware on some level of the other pack members; they know when one of their own was in distress; they know when one has died

->The average pack is 20-30 wolves; they fluctuate depending on how jobs and moving goes.
->Wolves are added into a pack by passing blood and flesh to a new member from the Alpha.

->Walkers are able to join werewolf packs.

->Traditionally packs are informed and introduced to those who intend to become members.

->As a member of a pack, one is all but immune to enthrallment from outside sources.

->Pack bonds are not built to subdue individuality to the Alpha or enforce behaviour of any kind.

->A pack needs all its differences and they find strength in that.

->There are all sorts of protocols they insist upon when a new wolf comes into someone else territory.


-->It is a matter of safety to always know where you rank in the pack.

-->Pack trouble stays within the pack.

-->Wolves are meant to run in a pack (this does not mean that lone wolves don't exist).

-->A pack won't accept a wolf who causes too much trouble.

-->Wolves who can't control themselves are eliminated for the safety of the pack.

-->The werewolves are strongly discouraged to discuss the matter of being a werewolf with anyone other than permanent mates; punishment for disobedience is harsh.

-->Werewolves, outside of a well-run pack, will kill the wounded or weak.

-->Once in a pack, only the Alpha or the member can break it.

-->Pack law is necessarily brutal.

-->Packs are dictatorships; the Alpha makes the ruling and all must follow.

-->The 2nd and 3rd position in command of a pack-- in most cases the ranks are so close that there is always some tension between the wolves who held these, especially without the Alpha around.

-->Dominance among werewolves is a combination of force of personality, strength of will, physical ability and a component of other that can't be explained to anyone without the eyes, ears, and nose to sense it-and those with the proper senses wouldn't need it explained; willingness to fight is as close as it can be explained.

--In the best of scenarios, an injured wolf will be protected by his pack mates.

Werewolves, Pack Organization

Name: Bran Cornick-> In the series. He is the oldest werewolf in the new world and possibly in the old world as well.

->He is made Alpha of all the Alphas and by the power of that, able to take on any other.

->Kills any werewolves who allow the wolf to lead and the man to follow; preventing-mass-slaughter sorts of reasons.

->This status gives him enough power to overrule any alpha's final ruling.

->the Marrok and his pack have oversight of all the werewolves in North America.


->Alphas are uncomfortable outside their own territory and interact badly with other Alphas.

->The only thing it takes to be an Alpha is power, not intelligence or even common sense.

->Alphas, especially the Marrok, never look away when others are watching them.

->Alphas can help control the wolves of newly Changed werewolves.

->The pack is sworn to obedience to the Alpha.

->Penalty for disobeying a direct order from an Alpha is brutal.

->An Alpha never admits weakness in front of the pack.

->Meeting an Alpha on his home territory puts him in a superior position.

->Being an Alpha isn't easy; it's a lot of responsibility, a lot of work.

->if a pack member is hurt, flesh and blood of the Alpha can help heal him.

->it's not an easy matter to oust an Alpha, in North America, that never happens without the consent of the Marrok.

->Alphas heal faster then regular wolves due to the power of his pack.

->Strong Alphas can force the change on another wolf.

->They are obsessive control freaks >.>

Dominant Wolves:

->it's hard for a dominant wolf to hurt a submissive wolf--if he's sane--their instincts tell them to protect them.

->Dominant wolves heal faster than submissive wolves.

->When an extremely dominant werewolf meets someone's gaze with his wolf in the fore, even humans bow to their knees.

->Arguing with dominant wolves could have unpleasant results.

->Really dominant wolves can add a push into their voice; like a command.

Submissive Werewolves:

->A submissive werewolf is not incapable of protecting himself: he can fight, he can kill as readily as any other.

->They don't feel the need to fight-not the way a dominant does.

->They are a treasure in a pack; a source of purpose and balance.

->Protecting a submissive is far more rewarding because a submissive will never wait until you are wounded or your back is turned to see if you are truly dominant to them.

->They unite the pack with the goal of keeping them safe and cared for.

Omega Werewolves:

->There are more male Omegas--because there are more male werewolves. The female population of Omegas is not that big.

->Like dominant werewolves, being an Omega was mostly personality when human.

->Omegas serve much the same purpose in a pack as submissives, but more so.

->Not constrained by an instinctive need to obey a more dominant wolf. Omega's are the only wolves who could go against an order made by the Marrok himself if they want to.

->Has all the protective instincts of an Alpha and none of the violent tendencies.

->They don't answer to the pack structure; they are considered to be out of it.

New Werewolves:
->New werewolves have to be taught how to use their senses

->There is a support structure to educate the new wolf, to keep him and everyone around him safe.

->A new werewolf just doesn't stand a chance against the older ones.

->One of the danger signs watched for in a new werewolf was a sudden change in personality or mood that seemed to have no obvious cause, an indication that the beast was gaining control of the human.

->The wolf can supersede the man often in newly Changed wolves; they are vicious, unpredictable, and dangerous even to the people they love.

Lone Wolves

->A lone wolf is considered an outcast.

->A lone wolf is a male that either declines to join a pack or cannot find a pack that will take him in; females are not allowed that option.

->Lone wolves are, in general, an odd bunch, dangerous to themselves an others.

---->Rogue Wolves:
---->A rogue is a wolf who has no official standing.
---->When tracked down a rogue is given the opportunity to join a pack; lone wolf under the Marrok's rules, or killed.

Female Werewolves:
->A mated female takes her pack position from her mate, but unmated females are always lower than males unless the male was unusually submissive.

->Unmated females belong to the Alpha.

->Werewolf women can't have children.  The change is too hard on the fetus.

->Werewolf women miscarry at the first full moon.

->Human women miscarry a little over half of the children they conceive by a werewolf father. They can carry to term only those babies who are wholly human.

Little Facts:

*Wolves stop aging in the mid twenties to thirties, which is when our human bodies start to break down. If a child survives the changed they will age until they reach that number.

*If they don't heal properly bones must be re-broken for them to heal properly.

*Most packs the males have the authority, but this doesn't mean that it is unspoken for a female to occupy a position of power in a pack.

*Moonstruck:When the moon comes, you can't stop the change. When moonstruck the werewolf would kill anyone near him; they can become out of control through no fault of their own.

*Moon's Call: The voice of the Alpha only holds the power of the moon, and it is much like the deadly quiet that precedes the start of the hunt. Wolves answer to their alpha no matter what during this, even lone wolves if called on command appear.

*Shadows Spell: Used by packs to conceal fights or kills or anything else they didn't want the rest of the world to know about.

*The Reveal: Not all wolves had to go through this, only the alphas and other powerful wolves. Anyone who decided to do this not only gets the help from the Marrok (even financially) it also awards protection to them. This was done to avoid any blackmail that could happen since technology has continued to advance the point that it was possible humans would find out the truth on their own.



They are shifters who can only change into one certain animal.  These are Native American - which means groupings like: Sioux, Navajo, Ojibwe, Seminole, Aleutian, Iroquois, Salish ... First Nations folks, not European, not Asian (I specify this as not everyone even has a clue what 'Native American' means - and we must consider that. <3).  Half-blooded natives are permitted.

Mercedes Thompson is a Walker-Turns into a Coyote.

Other Walkers can turn into:

*Wolf-They don't need to be bitten (Think of them as normal sized wolves with unnaturally colored eyes).

*Thunder bird.


*Lynx & Mountain Cat.



*Sometimes confused by Skin-walkers, they are different because they do not killed to get their power, they are just born with it.

*Humans do not know they exist, they think of them as mythical creatures. Other super-naturals may not know they exist, except for some of the werewolves and the vampire community, who once hunted them into extinction for their supernatural abilities.


Who rules them and enforces justice: Lord of the Night/The old one/ The Master *Isn't a known character in the series; he is just mention. Lives in Milan.*

*The vampires once addressed each other only by title since they believed that they could attract evil with a name.  (Ex: The teacher, The Wizard, The Courtier etc.)

*Some lived within a seethe or coven ( a small palace where a king/queen- always the oldest vampire there- rules them). They can live in peace with the werewolves and other super-naturals since they avoid claim for territories and stay within the safe walls of their home.

*Some vampires may not want to live inside the seethe, so they opt for a space of their own still answering to the king/queen of the territory they live in.

*They drink human blood, though some prefer werewolf blood, or even walker, witch, or - while it isn’t recommended - Fae blood.

*They die because of the sun or fire, though some powerful vampires have the ability to walk during the day thanks to magic. They can also be decapitated but afterward they need to be burn.

* They can own their menagerie of human feeders. It is a whole process for someone to turn into a vampire, and not terribly pleasant.  At least several blood sharings must occur before the blood is drained - then drink until the person is about to die and share vampiric blood with them.

*When they pass the change they acquire certain abilities or powers. Some can see the future and others can do magic. Some can fly or move from place to place by appearing and reappearing or feed from their donors from a distance or call the dead. The list goes on.

->>>If your master or mistress has a certain talent then it can be possible that it transfers to you.

*They are very powerful and even the werewolves are susceptible to their charm.

*If any vampire breaks the rules establish by the seethe in power, they pay with death.

*Vampires dislike Walkers and Skin-walkers:They once almost exterminated them due the fact that walkers can find their secret lairs and homes; they hunted the vampires. Although they don't hunt them anymore since not many are left and none know how to control such powers.

*They must be invited into a home in order to enter and an invitation can be revoked.  They dislike religious artifacts; if someone has enough faith in something they can't harm them.

*They are still hiding from the public and will be for a long, long time.

Faepology  n. The scientific study of the origin, the behavior, and the physical, social, and cultural development of the Fae.What are the Fae?
->The Fae are a vengeance hungry race. You may know them as Faeries, but never ever call them that to their face.

Fae facts (Behavior and the likes):
->The Fae are whimsically evil-which means if you annoy them, you are likely to cease to exist--or wish that you might cease to exist.

->The Fae aren't very organized, and tend to ignore other people's problems.

->They are old creatures and they tend to follow the old laws of their people. They don't take change lightly.

->The Fae are a secretive people, and even the risk of disobeying the Gray Lords' orders is not worth giving up all of their secrets.

-> A lot of Fae are predators by nature, and among the things they like to eat are people. This has been banned though, but it doesn't mean that it does not happen.

->Fae often say things that sound odd to human ears.

->With a Fae it was always a good policy to bring an extra gift in lieu of a "thank you".

->They are cursed with the love of beautiful things and no ability to create them. Not all Fae, of course. But many of those that are most deeply steeped in magic give up creative abilities of all kinds

->Fae are not able to tell a lie...but truth and honesty are rather different. They can also detects lies. They are very good at making you think they are saying one thing, when they mean another.

->Fae who are suspected of crimes tend not to survive to need lawyers.

--->What kind of Fae exist?

---> That is a question that is very tough to answer. There are Water Fae, Forest Fae, Air Fae, Fire Fae and even what some call 'Gremlins', though the ones who go by that name admit that it's just the closest thing to their nature and are not really Gremlins.

--->Gremlins, along with some other Fae, can manipulate metals and are not allergic to them like most of the Fae's are supposed to be. These are very hard to find though.

---->If you meet a Fae, beware of:

---->Talking about them too directly, this lets them listen into the conversation you are having.

----> Asking for favors, not only will it put you in-debt with them but also they may think of it as if you are insulting them.

----> NEVER-EVER-EVER-EVER!!!!!!, say 'Thank you!' to one of them. You might find yourself spirited away to Underhill or worse, a slave for centuries to come. Saying those words is dangerous, as most Fae take them to be an admission of obligation.

----> Getting on the wrong side of them, always treat them with respect.

----> If you are offered a gift of some sort, remember you have the choice of declining the gift but if the Fae keeps insisting then take it. Do remember: ALL Fae gifts are mixed blessings and never say 'THANK YOU!' (heed my words!).

---->The Fae are not fond of attracting outside attention; it can be dangerous for everyone. Remember this...

What does a Fae look like? (Anatomy, Glamour and such)

->They often smell like the four elements that the old philosophers proposed: earth, air, fire, and water, with a healthy does of magic.

->Not all Fae have their organs in exactly the same places that humans do.

->Some of the Fae bleed colors other than red.

->The Fae change their appearance by magic--glamour, they call it-- generally Fae cannot see through each others glamour - it is considered rude to try.

->Glamour works best for sight and touch, very good for taste and hearing, but not as well for scent (it can be broken thanks to scent).

-> Few of the Fae are beautiful with their glamour on; beauty doesn't blend in very well. the Fae, like werewolves, spent a long time learning to hide in plain sight.

->With enough glamour, a Fae can take on the appearance of any living thing, but something inanimate is harder. They can also use this to hide their real homes from strangers.

The Nameless Ones or The Grey Lords

* They are the ones who rule all of the Fae. They do justice and are feared by all.

->The Grey Lords are the most powerful and rule the Fae - often worshiped as former gods.

->They are driven to preserve their species; their methods have a strong tendency to be more expedient than fair.

->They are rich and own different law firms within the U.S. as well as the remainder of the world.

->They are the ones to decide who comes out and who does not. They also were responsible for killing most of the Beast Lords for fear of these letting the humans know of their real nature.

->They tend to hate humans and weak Fae.

->They are the guardians of some powerful objects.

*Officially, all the Fae are out to the public and have been for a long time; but the truth is that the Grey Lords have been very selective about which of them the public gets to know about and which ones might upset the public.

Known Grey Lords:
♆The Sea King: Long pale hair that reached the back of his knees; damp with saltwater and tangled bits of sea plant. Eyes greener than Lincoln green. His skin is several shades paler than his hair. His veins a bluish cast just below his skin. Smells cold and fishlike and he chooses to speak as though he hailed from Southern England. Resides in Underhill.

☽-Baba Yaga:Russian/Slavic fae. Baba Yaga is featured in the stories of a dozen countries scattered around Eastern Europe; she's not the hero in most of them; she eats children. Flies in a huge mortar. Can heal mortal wounds.

♐Nemane:Carrion Crow: Is one of the Morrigan, the battle goddesses of the Celts, one of her jobs was delivering the killing blow to the heroes dying in the aftermath of a battle to end their suffering. She is blind and her appearance changes. It's her job to keep the humans safe and she has a high sense of honour; pointless death or wrongful death is an anathema to her. She speaks as though she were born of Ireland.

♔La Belle Dame Sans Merci
: Beautiful and deadly. She loves beautiful things and entraps males under her charm, then kills them. The pulse of her magic holds fascination and lust to those her focus is on.  Her preference is the French tongue, and speaks English with a French accent.

->>The Reservations: After their coming out the government decided to not only create a Bureau of Fae Affairs (BFA), but also create places where all of them could live in as a way of keeping them under their watch.

--->If a Fae agreed to live on a reservation, he was given a small house and a monthly stipend; their children were given scholarships to good universities.

->Within the reservation the Fae do their own law enforcement.

-->The reservations were created on lands no one else wanted to live. Most of the fae who live there aren't the powerful among the fae -- but there are a lot of them, more than appear on the government's rolls; there is power in that kind of concentration. They have also fooled the government into believing that they are weak and powerless creatures that aren't like the ones from the old myths.

-->There are four known reservations. Two are the Walla Walla and the Nevada reservation, the others are unknown. Thanks to these reservations they Fae have begun a secretive process to open the gate of Underhill (which can be wherever it chooses to be and gives them a lot of power). The reservations have been around since the 80’s.

Anti-Fae Society Organization: Exist and are out on the open criticizing the Fae. Most groups are civil, others are not.

-Interesting Facts:

*The fae need humans; pure Fae do not breed easily, if at all; they need to intermarry in order to keep their race going and they hate humanity for that most of all; they are proud and arrogant and they hate humans because they need them.

* Fae don't consort with the enemy.

(Since there are so many Fae, I would advise you to let your imagination run a bit wild while following these ideas or go in search of Fae myths and create based off of those legends!)



->A bad time for all in Europe; the Inquisition had taken a terrible toll a couple of centuries before - and when it was over, the witches started fighting for power; only Napoleon kept them from exterminating each other entirely.

->The only Western European bloodline to survive the power struggle was the Torvalis line, which was interbred with the Gypsies.

->Witches were still born here and there into mundane families, but seldom had a tenth of the power of the old families.

->The Eastern European and Oriental witches had never established the kind of dynasties the Western European witches had, they guarded their spells from each other; so each family tended to specialise. Witches are generally jealous of each other, but not always.

->A witch is born to use magic.

->They are trained in spell usage.

->Witches do things with mind and body.

->Wizards have power over the physical -- and both do magic. The ends are sometimes the same, but the means are different. It's far easier to be a powerful wizard and still be a good person then it is to be a powerful witch.

>>>>Black Witches
->>They use the mind and body; anyone's mind and body; they toy with things that are alive - or had been alive.

>>>A dark witch gains power from others' pain and suffering.

>>>>>>White Witches

>>>>Most white witches were considered not powerful enough to be useful - which is not exactly true. The consideration has to do with witch magic getting its power from death, pain, and sacrifice, and white witches have chosen to eschew that entirely.

They often tend to be healers and seers, and can ward against dark magic.