Life on the prairie [Male seeking a switch/submissive female]

Started by makizushi, March 31, 2012, 08:57:37 PM

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First of all, look at my on and offs in my signature.

The biggest thing to take away from that is that I thoroughly enjoy writing lengthy replies back and forth.

I don't have a ton of knowledge about the source, but I would like the group a skeptical woman with an adventurous man who meet each other on their way to their land. Perhaps conveniently the land they'd already purchased is combined. She's lost her husband and he's lost her wife. Now jaded against love, they decided to live and work together for the sake of survival.

The topic intrigues me above all else. That time period involves incredible exploration and discovery. I want someone who is sexual involved but also who is willing to put off sex for the sake of a realism. Their struggle will be real, but of course eventually they will be stuck in their homemade log cabin as it pours down rain. And even if their lack of their original partners, they warm up to each other.

I want rough sex in the end. Maybe they hate each other, because she is more of a bitch and less submissive and he doesn't take commands but instead issues them. I want to pose two characters against each other who's personality's clash, yet in the end they stop and come together in their effort to survive. I can see them now, resting, cuddling together by the warmth of fire.

If you have ideas... holla at me. 


hurry up now...

i need to see some strong women in this scene....

now fuckin message me!  C:)