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Author Topic: Hogwarts RP  (Read 606 times)

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Hogwarts RP
« on: March 31, 2012, 12:54:00 AM »
I have this character I've worked on for a very long time. He is my very first rp character I ever used. As such I'd like to use him some more. He's my little baby. <3 Here's his bio:

Jacob Brent

Jacob hates nicknames • 13 • human • half-blood • November 14 • 3rd Year • Hufflepuff

FAMILY: Richard Brent- Father- divorced, sends child support checks- no idea where he is or what he does
Cynthia Brent- Mother- pure blood (at least in name) wizard who works hard as a waitress- family loves her despite her marrying a muggle

HISTORY: Jacob hated school as a kid. He was sent to a muggle elementary school and hated every minute of it, especially when unexplained things happened. He never really fit in anywhere, and was terribly sensitive to what other people said about him. Although he never got bullied, he never had any friends either. His mother would tell him about Hogwarts and how he would eventually go there. Jacob's mother gave him the book Hogwarts: A History, and he carried it around constantly, reading it, even tearing up at certain parts, thinking he would go somewhere where he belonged.

Jacob's father was another matter entirely. He did not know that his wife was a witch when he married her. When he found out, however, he beat her, trying to get it out of her. He believed that she was of the utmost evil, even going as far as to get a priest to do an exorcism on her, to no avail. He finally left in disgust at his wife and the evil that he had created and grudgingly sends child support when he has to.

Year 1- When Jacob got the letter he was overjoyed. The time had come when he would finally go to Hogwarts. He rode on the train and was really to emotional about everything. He carried his book Hogwarts: A History with him everywhere he went trusting people and relying on them. Jacob also realized he had an aptitude for Herbology, finding out that he loved plants. He ended up having a pretty bad puppy dog crush on someone which ended in disaster. The boy he was crushing on was scared away by all the emotion and tried never to see Jacob again. Jacob wore his heart on his sleeve and got burned for it. He didn't have any friends either, given that they wanted nothing to do with his over emotion.

Year 2- By the time Jacob came back to school he resolved to not let anything like that happen again, doing a complete 180. He closed his emotions off to everyone and became something of a prickly person. He grew to be annoyed by people in general, especially due to his lack of friends. Now no one wanted anything to do with him because of his lack of emotion. He grew to admire Slytherins and hate Gryffindors due to a friendship with a Slytherin. He hates Gryffindors because of a certain incident involving Gryff bullies bullying a couple of Puffs. Granted he came to be annoyed by little Puffs too, but the incident stuck. He is loyal to his house, although not terribly fond of the type of people who come through it.

At this point Jacob really despises people. He really likes plants, though, and his book. He loves his mother as well. His best subject is Herbology. One wonders why he was sorted into Hufflepuff. The fact is, though, that loyalty is his strongest trait, if he had anyone to be loyal to. He is rather sadistic, though, a trait he grew into, so he does not have many friends at all. Jacob has a tendency to get in fights easily, especially duels. He's no stranger to fist fights either. Thus he's quite powerful when it comes to fighting. Not to terribly powerful as he's only a third year, but pretty powerful for his age. I see him becoming some sort of Dark Wizard when he grows up.

Jacob only has one friend in the entire school, and this is the part I'd like you to play:

Jacob has exactly one friend at Hogwarts who, yes, he is fiercely loyal to. They do things like cause trouble or harm to little kids that annoy them and neither one of them particularly likes to be around other people but each other. May or may not turn into a romantic thing later, but probably not right away if at all. If an when this happens, the characters will be at least 16, as per E's rules. That part can be discussed. He is the only one Jacob can stand to be around and vice versa. He is in 3rd year and Slytherin. Also a large part of the reason Slytherin is the only house Jacob can stand.

They met when Jacob got into a duel with a couple of older Gryffindorks and he stepped into the fight on Jacob's side. They ended up in detention with each other and have been close ever since.

If you're up for it, give me a pm. This takes place post Potter canon, so we don't have to worry about that. We can bring in more characters or more players later if this really takes off. I'd love to do a full rp here. Please contact me if you're interested. I don't bite, I promise! xD

If you want to do this I ask that you please please please be a good writer and not write super short posts. This is one of my favorite characters and I don't want to write with him only to have little to nothing to work with. I'm looking for a commitment to a semi-long term/long term story here, possibly for several rp years. RP years are obviously going to be much faster than RL years. ;)
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