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Author Topic: CriminalMinds New Idea's Thread [18/07/2012]  (Read 476 times)

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CriminalMinds New Idea's Thread [18/07/2012]
« on: July 18, 2012, 12:36:35 PM »
PM me if you are interested in anything rather than posting here, thanks :)

Okay, so a few things about me and what I like first, because I haven't created another thread anywhere else detailing this so far:

What I love:

  • Plots
    I love a good story with a good plot. Yes, I love adding in the sex scenes here and there, but I want a story that's more than just sex. Give me a good story and you will have me hooked on the roleplay until the very end.
  • Romance
    I love a plot that builds and develops a romance. I love my stories to have romance as the side plot with a bigger story enveloping their romance.
  • Conflicts
    I don't expect plots to be all smooth, happy and full of love. I want fights, conflicts, ups and downs. Anything to turn the plot and romance upside down. I love that.
  • Modern
    I mainly like modern roles. I make an exception to some light fantasy roleplays, and some light sci-fi roleplays, but I'm predominantly a modern setting roleplayer.
  • Multiple Characters
    I love playing more than one character. The more characters we throw in and add stories for, the better. I normally end up playing more than one character and find this natural.

Roles I Really Want A Plot To:
I want to play the characters in bold.

  • Soldier/Civilian
    I imagine this to be like a modern day dear John type role of a soldier meeting a civilian that he falls in love with. I want there to be trouble. Maybe he falls in love with her in a war zone. Or maybe she's already with someone and they start an affair. I haven't got a plot, so PM me any ideas you have.
  • Arranged Marriage - Older Man/Younger Female
    I want this to not be the typical arranged marriage. I was thinking that it starts out as the father arranging his eighteen-year-old daughter to be married to his boss who is between thirty-five and forty. At first the daughter doesn't want to get married to him because of the age difference and because of how her father always complained at home about his boss. But with them married, she sees him in a new light and actually falls for him.
  • Older Brother's Best Friend/ Younger Sister
    For this I was thinking of breaking the boundries of a best friend's relationship by the friend starting a hidden affair with his best friend's younger sister.
  • Hitman/Rich Girl
    He is a hitman, she is the famous daughter to a bimbo model and a businessman that is the CEO to a major corporate technology firm. One night she bumps into him after he's completed a job. Somehow (we can plot and work this out) they end up together, but at a cost. His family don't like him being distracted, and her father is doing dirty dealings with the underworld. I have vague plot ideas for this :)
  • President's daughter/Bodyguard
    He's her bodyguard. He's supposed to protect her, not have hidden feelings about her. So what happens? Don't have much of a plot for this but what I do want to happen is for there to be a lot of action - people after her, the romance, possible blackmail if people find out that she's having an affair with her bodyguard, stuff like that.
  • Secrets - Man/Woman
    They dated throughout highschool and college and were going to get married. Unfortunately his friends had other plans and concocted a story and set her up that portrayed her as a slut in which he broke up with her. She left unbeknownst to both of them that she was carrying his child. Five years later she returns with his son. Does she tell him or not? And can their relationship be rekindled. I can also play the male in this role if any females want to take the character of the woman
  • Payback's A Bitch - Man/Enemie's Wife
    Two men who are bitter enemies. One of them has a wife. They are always competing against each other yet he never comes out on top. Now he's got the perfect plan. Take his wife from under his nose. What he doesn't expect is to fall for her. She's trapped in an unhappy marriage and turns to someone for comfort. Unbeknownst to her, he's her husband's enemy.

My Do's and Don'ts:


  • Pregnancy
    I love my character ending up pregnant and having children so I like stories that can involve this.
  • Sex
    I love the sex scenes as long as it doesn't dominate the story. I'm okay with virginal, anal and oral.
  • Light BDSM
    I like it light, not too heavy on this. It all depends on the story we have going
  • Ask Me
    If it's not on my do or don't list, just ask me and I'll say if I do or I don't :)


  • Mutilation
  • Castration
  • Death
  • Scat/Watersports
  • Incest
  • Beastiality