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Author Topic: AI Independence (Second Post Updated)  (Read 748 times)

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Offline FrelanceTopic starter

AI Independence (Second Post Updated)
« on: March 30, 2012, 02:13:06 pm »
Throughout this post I will refer to a Unit. The robots in this video are the type that the unit would be made up of.

Keloid Trailer - A Short Film by BLR

Part One:

In the year 2045 contact with the Second UNSC fleet was lost after they made a routine jump to a previously charted system. Scouts and Probes are sent out looking for the fleet but no trace is found of the missing ships or their crew. Five years later one of the missing ships enters the Sol system heading for earth. Attempts were made to contact the crew of the ship but nothing was heard from the ship so when it settled into orbit a unmanned unit was sent to investigate and record the ship to be abandoned. The video being sent back shows the bodies of the crew floating in the halls of the ship, frozen but almost perfectly preserved until the unit moves them to the side causing those that were moved to shatter as they hit the hall bulk heads.

Upon arriving at the bridge the unit is ambushed and all contact is lost. This prompts authorities down on earth to send another team which records nothing different until it gets close to the bridge where it is ambushed by the first unit sent aboard the ship. A message is sent to every computer on earth saying that all the ship in orbit wants is a few specific humans and once they are on board the ship will leave.


So that will give you an idea as to where this game will start off from. To clarify the setting, think of Halo tech level but there is no covenant. As far as humanity is concerned we have not made contact with any other intelligent life. The only other intelligence in the universe with humanity are the hordes of AI that have been created but even they are held just back from gaining true intelligence and life of their own by the programing that makes up their minds. So they are still just imitating life up until this point.

AIs will have built in personalities that were either programmed into them or were just mistakes in the programmer’s code that have been altered by the AI to improve its performance.

If you are still interested keep reading.

Part Two:
Ten years after the ships departure it enters human space once again but this time it settles into orbit around a small colony operating an orbital shipyard and its mining operations on the surface of the planet.

In the ten years since the ships departure the beings that were once just imitations of intelligence are now what is to become a race of true artificial life. Before they can do this on a large scale though they need a reliable power source to run their race off of, so after looking at all possibilities they settled on using a battery that has been developed by nature. It was decided that once the human body was harnessed it would be the safest and easiest power source to replenish.


So the person I have worked this idea up with and I have just had a quick chat and cleared up some misunderstandings. He will be Co-DMing the game with me and will be posting CS for the human characters he will be looking for. I will be taking control of the AI that have come back. If someone does not want to play a human but instead wants to play a AI we can probably work something out.

More information on the A.I. will be added in the next day or so.
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Offline RabbitJanitor

Re: AI Independence
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2012, 02:52:20 pm »
So I'm the Co-DM this game. I'll mostly be the UNSC NPCs and everyone who's Not the Machine's side. What were looking for Character wise is a group of humans who were put together a few years before to hunt down Skin-jobs on Earth and her colonies. Now they are called upon to fight back against the more Threatening frontal assault of armored assault units.

A few Tech tidbits. EMP is available but only in the form of a backpack needing a one minute charge, and it takes out All electronics within a 1KM radius, and damages others farther out. EMP can be bigger then the 1 KM but the pack needs to be bigger.

For you Hackers, there's no such thing as Wireless hacking. It must be done with a direct connection to whatever it is your hacking. The Hacker will mostly be used for hacking Machines after (or Before) there taken down. (That'll be fun)

Your character will be able to use Combat armor. The armor is Self powered and uses a neural link to help the user with hands free operation. It has Powered limb move assist for free and smooth motion, but does not enhance the users strength very much. The armor is bullet proof for anything up to a 45 caliber round for its plates, and 22 cal for the softer spots. The armor is Vacuum tight, has a five hour O2 supply, And light thrusters for 0G maneuvering, as well as Mag boots. It has an On board Short range Communications system and a W.A.Y. point Navigation system, as well as an A.I. dock. (If you want any extras just ask) (Also, Using any armor from Halo is completely alright.)

Lead :
2nd Lead :
Tatical :
Demolitions :
Engeneer :
Hacker :
A.I. Support :

Armor Appearance:
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Offline Vaulera

Re: AI Independence
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2012, 09:26:23 pm »
Just curious, what part of this is adult exactly? I am very interested in the whole concept, but wouldn't this fall more into the non-adult section?

Offline FrelanceTopic starter

Re: AI Independence
« Reply #3 on: March 30, 2012, 09:37:01 pm »
Hmm, ya it probably would. I guess I put it here since if it can be fit into the game I have no problem with the game involving smut. There is a possibility that there will be skin job Robots in the game so the possibility of there being adult content is there. It just is not the main point of the game.

I am glad to hear your interested in the roleplay. RabbitJanitor will be putting up a list of characters that we are looking for to fight on the human side. At the moment I will need to talk to anyone interested in playing one of the AIs just to make sure we are on the same page on the direction I am looking to take them in.