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Author Topic: Help a kitty with her cravings?  (Read 1259 times)

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Offline drakarifireTopic starter

Help a kitty with her cravings?
« on: March 30, 2012, 09:36:39 AM »
Alright I've got one 'sort of' plot and another more developed plot. But I'm interested in both (and your opinions on any changes you might enjoy seeing)

Alright first plot: (full plot)

Captivated: There are two kingdoms, a kingdom of humans and a kingdom of Anthros (full furry not just ears and tails). The kingdoms have been at war for as long as anyone can remember, and both races have a general hate towards each other. Then one day the human kingdom gets the upper hand. Realizing that they could loose the war the kingdom of Anthro offers a trade. Their crown prince to work as a servant beneath the human's crown princess, in trade for whatever it is the humans have as leverage as well as an end to the fighting (for now). The crown prince will be an angry, violent, self-righteous  man who is disgusted that his own father would hand him over to the humans. And he becomes even more hate filled when said humans fit him with collars to control his behavior and practically give him to the princess as a pet. My character, the princess is spoiled brat that always gets what she wants. She doesn't understand why she has to have 'That beast' in her presence at all times, but puts up with it because her father promised her she'd get all the jewels they find when their plan to invade Anthro succeeds. What happens next could be discussed between us.

Second plot: (half plot)

Capture: (High fantasy, or World of Warcraft) Basics of this plot is that my character (which will be either a Blood elf Hunter or a human) is captured by your character. Preparing to die my character isn't aware that her captor has other plans. Could include forced sex/rape, bondage, BDSM, ect. She'll become willing over time but at first she fights and hates it. The one condition I have is that your character be bigger then mine, like twice her size.

So yeah those are my plots. They can be changed up so that it's girl on girl or guy on guy if that's what you want.

Offline drakarifireTopic starter

Re: Help a kitty with her cravings?
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2012, 03:34:15 PM »


THE TEAM: Solid smut, possible doubling,  incest ,ect. I'm looking to play a cheerleader who's older brother is captain of the Football team. One day his buddy decides to come over after a game, find said cheerleader taking a shower and decides to bring her downstairs so they can have some fun.

Offline drakarifireTopic starter

Re: Help a kitty with her cravings?
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2012, 01:54:02 AM »


The Team - taken
Captivated - Taken

New Plot: I want something with tentacles. I've never done it before.

Offline drakarifireTopic starter

Re: Help a kitty with her cravings?
« Reply #3 on: April 11, 2012, 03:16:54 PM »

All previous plots taken.

New (and last) plot :

Teach me: My character is 16 when her parents die in a horrible accident, just a week shy of her seventeenth birthday. With confusion surrounding the will, and her guardian she is finally handed over to her godfather a much older man who's been a friend of her father since she was small. But who'd been out of the country for years. Contacted as to his new responsibility concerning his goddaughter who had no other relatives shipping his young charge over to his estate. He finds out she's grown into quite the beautiful young woman, and has decided as guardian to take it upon himself to show the naive seventeen year old everything he knows.

Offline drakarifireTopic starter

Re: Help a kitty with her cravings?
« Reply #4 on: April 15, 2012, 01:39:37 PM »


New (possible last, depending on which is taken first) plot: True Blood verse. Werewolf x Vampire, Male x Male x Male. Possible three people group or threesome. My werewolf is a sweetheart he's naive and kind to everyone he meets.  Even vampires despite having grown up being told that vampires are no good and to stay away from them. But  he's not a pushover. If he believes in something he goes out and does it. And though being rather smart people consider him stupid for having gotten into college on a football scholarship and not on his grades.  Despite all this he makes friends with a vampire in college. This vampire is a lover of all things nerd, he introduces my werewolf to comic books, world of warcraft, video games, fantasy and sci-fi books. You name it. This vampire is also a new born, having only two or three years of undead under his belt. And their friendship lasts up until my wolf graduates college.

Moving into Shreveport my werewolf thinks of opening his own business as a psychologist for the supernatural. He is doing fine until he gets caught up in the current vampire vs Werewolf vs Witch war. In the struggle, while attempting to save some innocent people who got caught in the crossfire he gets caught by a vampire. This vampire is older, stronger, and becomes infatuated with the brave and handsome werewolf that stood in his way. SO he steals him and decides to make him his body and soul.

The vamp best friend could show up later, we can figure out how to bring him into the plot. Or whatever.

My werewolf:

Offline drakarifireTopic starter

Re: Help a kitty with her cravings?
« Reply #5 on: April 22, 2012, 01:05:45 PM »


My class is over yay! two weeks of freedom xD

No more tentacle, craving came and went. sorry :/

Best Friends: They've known each other forever. Since they were in diapers. They're parents used to joke how they'd end up together one day. Only she doesn't seem to show any romantic interest in him. He's always 'her best friend' nothing more. Then he sees her kissing another girl and he finds out why. Needless to say his heart is broken. He was in love with her, but he now he doesn't stand a chance.  He starts dreaming about them. Every dream growing more sexual and vivid. Soon he feels like the dreams are his haven and he starts trying to sleep longer. Eventually the dreams bleed into reality. He starts to think he's dreaming when he's awake. What happens when he tries what he dreamed of on the real thing?