Looking for M for Fantasy role play (Ideas welcomed and encouraged)

Started by Loopy, March 28, 2012, 05:38:37 AM

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Hi :) im new here and would like to know if any of the fabulous men here would enjoy a fantasy role play with myself?
I will give more information upon request :)

Thanks :) xxx


I definitely enjoy a good fantasy role play. What did you have in mind


The idea i am saving for a good role partner issss:

its year 2231, earth has been destroyed. It is no longer a civilised place to live. The creatures then inhabit it have been forced into factions.
Humans: The most dominant race yet, one of the least civilised. A dictatorship has formed. I would play this race. A scout on the perimeter of our settleing. One of the most advance scouts in our race.
Vampire: The most civilised race. They have been round long enough to deal with such problems. They are calm and only attack when threatened. They have a lot of pride. My partner would play this race, the more dominant character in the RP. I wont give my more direction, id like you ro make the character your own.

The other races are Ghoul and Mutant. These we would only come across in a  fight scenario. Mutants are humans who have come into contact with radiation. They are mutated, burnt and all together quite scary looking. Ghouls are angry spirits passed on from all the races. A sort of hybrid race of there own.

I hope you find it interesting and we can get this going :) xx