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Started by Dingo, March 14, 2008, 07:03:50 AM

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Please if any of these game ideas sound interesting to you, do not hesitate to send me a PM. That works a bit better for me than checking this thread itself.

These ideas are just that ideas, specific details can at all times be discussed.

Power, Wealth and Beauty Permanently Closed

One night at her high school graduation party, this really cute, really hot guy asked her what she would sell her soul for. And she answered: "Power, Wealth and Beauty." and in her drunken state she even signed the contract he offered her in her own blood. Entertained by the game.

Her life has been charmed from that day onwards, and everything went her way, her career had skyrocketed, and she was at the top of her game.

And then he walked in again.

This is a typical devil's bargain game, that is, there is a little magic involved and a whole lot of nastiness. Looking for someone who can play the powerful, beautiful, wealthy (insert profession) woman, who signed the contract, and her life of servitude is now due. Or else she loses all that he gave her. (I might actually be looking for someone else who can play the devil too, and then I will just read the thread as it's sure to be amusing)

Greenthorn and I are playing this one. So far it has been quite fun.
UPDATE: We finished the first chapter, and so far it's really fun. We also finished chapters two and three and ended the story. It was great fun.
UPDATE: This one is entirely finished.
UPDATE: Reopening this one.
UPDATE: Playing this one with Leelan.
UPDATE: Thinking about chapter two. On Hold for now.
UPDATE: Permanently Closed


Giftwrapped [BON] Open

One day, an ordinary day, the doorbell rings, and Daniel McCain opens the door and a crate is delivered, addressed to him, sign on the dotted line, etc, etc, etc.

With some effort he takes the crate inside of his house and opens it, only to find a beautiful bound and gagged girl in their with a huge red ribbon tied around her. When he frees her the fun starts, but for who.

It turns out that the girl, while utterly devoted to her new master, also has very specific ideas about how he should treat her, and will not take no for an answer, but does not give no as an answer either.


I am looking for some Lady who actually understands what I mean there. I think that what I am looking for is a devoted bottom who is also very dominant.

UPDATE: Going to try this with Petra'
UPDATE: This is also on my new list.


The New Boss [NC-H]

To finance her education at the University, she not only stripped, something she has been quite upfront about in her job interviews, but she also turned tricks. Something that not even her husband knows and she has always kept a secret.
And it could have stayed a secret, as she only worked on conventions and with foreigners only.
Now she has a real career, a husband worthy to be shown in public with his own career, and a job of importance in a big company, and her past is her past.
At least, until she meets her new boss, one of her former clients, the new owner of the company she is working for.


This is a game all about blackmail, and even though the material is fairly flimsy and good cause for a sexual harassment case, she buys it. Maybe she truly loves her husband, but he doesn't understand. Maybe she actually likes the attention and the naughtiness that follow. For whatever reason she gives in slowly, but completely to her new boss.


The Illusionist [NC-H]

"Assistant for Illusionist act wanted. No previous experience needed." That was on the sign, and that's why she came, after all getting a life in Vegas is difficult.


This is a game that can go everywhere. Maybe the Illusionist has real magic at his beck and call, maybe he's leading a white slavery ring, selling his former assistants to the most bidding. Perhaps he will display them on stage in various sexual acts, yet leaves them no memory of it, and perhaps he's more than human. Or maybe all of the above. This game can go in almost any direction, and it's all open for discussion.


Last Round [NC-H]

A bar or a tavern in a city somewhere, somewhen is run by a single woman, with a strong independent streak. One night, her bar is visited by a handsome stranger, and he is staying there all night, drinking quietly on his own. When her last regulars are left, she decides to well pick him up for company during the night, as she has done several times before. Except this time she bites of more than she can handle.


What starts out as a seduction by a lovely lady bartender, turns nasty as the customer isn't the gentle and nice type he appears to be. The main theme here is a seduction by her turned into a rape by him. Other themes can be explored as well. This is a game intended for the dark recesses of my own mind, and might evolve into a game where poor female patrons are lured into his trap, for a fate similar to the bartenders. (actually I hope it evolves into that)

The Incubus [NC-E]

The words were spoken and he appeared within the boundaries of the summoning circle, and a huge smile crossed his handsome face, and he stepped out of the circle, much to the dismay of the maiden that summoned him.


Okay, this is a game where I will play an Incubus (a male Succubus) released into this world, and out on a prowl. I would like someone to run this for me, playing many a different victim of the Incubus (Male or Female), each at the end either enslaved to him to bring in more victims or devoured, sapped of their life energy. I know, this isn't the biggest game theme, but specifics are open for discussion, but I just want a game where *I* get to indulge myself fully.

The Queen [NC-E]

In a kingdom far away, in a male dominated society, the only way to rule as a woman is to stay unwed and virginal. Once wed, her husband shall inherit the throne and she'll end up being nothing more than just a factory for heirs. Male heirs.

The current ruler is such an unwed Queen and she is highly popular with the people, but not everybody likes her as much. A Demon is summoned by one of her rivals, to take her and make her his [the demon] bitch. Her rival has even managed to get her signature on the contract the demon required. Then, when she is thoroughly had (as part of the contract agreed upon by the Demon) the rival intends to take the throne, except he had not expected the Demon's (or the Queen's) nature. And they wed making the Demon the rightful ruler of the lands.


Very basic story, very simple one too

The Temple of Aphrodite [NC-E] Open
She is a heroine, in the style of Lara Croft, Indiana Jones and many others. And she's a total slut, with sex on her mind. She is also a very competent warrior and archeologist's, she just has these urges that end her up in naughty situations too often. She also has an opinion of how she should be treated by her captors and she'll be quite disappointed if she's not raped at least once. She also has great experience with being tied up, and isn't above pointing out flaws in that.


This is supposed to comical lighthearted style of a game, where the heroine writes letters to her younger sister about how things happened. Of course she does not tell the truth in her letters at all.

UPDATE: Playing this with Blue Rose
UPDATE: Open again.

Pax Romanum [No Clue] Open

The Romans have conquered the Brittish Isles at last, and many Roman soldiers who had participated in the battles against the Brittish, were actually given lands there. Rich with slaves and land, Britain became something like a resort for the Roman nobles, where they spend their summers, away from the searing heat of Rome. But this story will not be about them, instead this story will be about one of the Roman Tribunes who after the war was won, decided not to return to Rome and just stay. Surrounded by his looted wealth, his captured slaves, and those soldiers still loyal to him, he became the district governor of the province of Kent, the most lush and fertile area of the Brittish Isles.


At game start the male lead is a former Roman soldier sentenced to be a gladiator. She will be a freshly captured slave to be used by him. Much more there than meets the eye. Long term game.

UPDATE: Starting this one with Asherah
UPDATE: Open again due to Ashera's withdrawal.

Writers Block [var]

A popular blogger who writes about the sexual adventures of an imaginary characters, ends his last blog with:
"I am sorry, but the blog will end, as inspiration has left me." and then days turn to weeks, and no update is done.

A female fan who loves to read the blogger's thread, decides to help him get his inspiration back.


This game can be very meek, but it can also be very dark, depending on how insane the fan actually is. Details are open for discussion. Perhaps one girl who actually likes playing multiple different characters, an entire fan-club perhaps, the one important thing is that this is a crazy fan (from harmless to truly dangerous) who intends to help her favorite author.

Martial Arts Princess [var]

Once upon a time, in a city in China there lived a governor's daugter spoiled rotten. To fix her attitude, her father hires her a private tutor. He is supposed to teach her martial arts, medicine and to make her behavior more humble. But he teacher her so much more.


This is a game about the relationship between a teacher and student. Except that in this case the teacher breaks all rules regarding teaching. I have been thinking about this one and I think it might be fun as an Exalted game too, where the female lead is a Dragon Blooded and the male lead actually a Solar Exalt.

Till Death do us part [var] Open

She has met the perfect gentleman, and after a stormwind romance, she gets married to him. She goes to live with him on his estates and then she learns that her husband is a domineering, jealous man, who keeps her in his house. In public he is perfect, in private he's a monster. What will she do ?

This is a game idea about a man who has two faces with his wife. In public he will treat her as a princess, but as soon as the audience is gone, he uses her for whatever he pleases.

Plagiarism [NC-H/EX]

An aspiring writer talks with an established writer he has met and shows her the manuscript he is working on. A few weeks later she is all over the news for having written an entire new type of book and it's the fastest rising best-seller. There are movie producers interested and there's even talk to turn the book into a play.

He has gone for a vacation and misses all the commotion, but when he returns, he discovers that it is his manuscript that is now a bestseller. When he returns home in a hurry he finds the door to his apartment forced open and all his possessions rummaged through, but only his computer and the hard copies he kept of his manuscript are truly gone.

He lacks proof and plots for revenge.


This is a story about revenge sparked by a recent event. I'm looking for a victim who can play someone cruel enough to pull that stunt. My character will have completely snapped and it might end quite horribly for the writer.


Sounds like fun. I'd quite enjoy playing the devil, if you decide you just want to read it. I have a demon prince in another thread that would be quite happy to expand his area of influence.
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Wow!  You have some really good ideas here!  I would love to play the Illusionist rp you have, but if your not up for that I am willing to rp the Incubus with you.  Are you still looking?



Sephora, I totally missed your reaction in this thread. I am sorry.


well hey, the offer still stands.


I like the Giftwrapped plot.


"The Queen" made me shiver in the best way.

I'd love to play that one!



Sephora, still interested ?


Are you still looking for Subject 2348? This sounds like something I could push my boundries on....



Ohhh Dingo..you didn't tell me about Writers Block!

Is it taken? :)




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I have updated it, and removed a few ideas I don't like.

I have returned.



Nya! I would love to RP 'Temple of Aphrodite' or 'Martial Arts Princess'!! are you still looking for an RP buddy?
;D Yuugi-chan ;D (discord is Princess_Vegeta #1438)

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Sent you a pm about "Last Call" or " Til Death do us part"! ;)
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Wondering if you could PM me on specifics of Gift Wrapped. I think I's like to play that one.



You have some really good ideas, I envy your creativity.