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June 27, 2022, 07:38:31 am

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Author Topic: [To Steal Your Soul] Seeking RPs  (Read 1206 times)

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[To Steal Your Soul] Seeking RPs
« on: March 27, 2012, 03:44:23 pm »
To be straight forward:

--+ Shooting a PM is the best way to reach me. And only message me if you have a plot in mind. Otherwise, gtfo.

--+ I usually play a Male Role. Most of these plots have MxM in mind. But MxF is also allowed but only if the plot and characters grab me enough. FxF is excluded from any of my RPs. I may like lesbians outside of RP but otherwise, it does nothing for me.

--+I don't roleplay with less than two paragraphs. Grammar, spelling, and all that are necessary. I cut slack for those with English as their second language. (I don't roleplay with people who don't know how to use spell check.)

--+I don't roleplay with people who try to godmode my character unless it's a scene where not much can be done.

--+I DO NOT roleplay with people who play weak and needy submissive characters. This applies to people who have characters that need to be 'broken.'

Things That I Like:
[Ones with --+ are necessary but can be negotiable depending on the content while * are plot dependent]

-Dominant/Switch characters --+
-Knife play *
-Blood play *
-Potential rape/forced consent *
-Mental torture --+
-Physical torture *
-Dominating --+
-Forced Submission --+
-Cutting/Piercing/Branding --+
-Leaving marks such as bruises or scars --+
-Giving punishments such as spankings --+
-Orgasm denial [others] --+
-Orgasm control [others] --+
-Breath control [others] *
-Restraints --+
-Biting [giving and receiving] --+
-Gun play *
-Incest *
-Older characters --+
-Bondage --+
-Punishments --+
-Handcuffs --+
-Blindfolds *
-Ice/Fire play --+
-Hetero *
-Homo - MxM *
-Death *

[These are HARD LIMITS.]

Pregnancy/Risk of
Macro/micro anything
Any characters under the age of 18
Mommy/Daddy/Kid incest
Sparkly Vampires
Sissy males/females
Body modification
Bathroom anything
Breaking of Characters
Weak Characters




I'm trying to get back into roleplaying and currently craving dark and gritty plots that will grab my full attention. I want blood, fighting, and mental anguish. I want characters who are fucked up and can only obtain some semblance of love through dark acts or can only be brought back from the brink through such acts. I'm not against seduction and romance, but I want Darkness. I want Dark Love, not frilly romance. I also want sarcasm and comedy with my plots. I also want people to die in the plots - not necessarily the characters, but I want death and sorrow and heartbreak.

So I guess the term would be Grimmdarke. Or something like that. Anyways. Here is a list of pairings that can be used to create plots:

Demon x Angel
Angel x Vampire
Vampire x Demon
Vampire x Human
Human x Demon

Brother x Brother
Brother x Sister
Cousin x Cousin

Werewolf x Demon
Werewolf x Vampire
Werewolf x Human
Dragon x Vampire
Dragon x Human
Dragon x Dragon

Teacher x Teacher
Student x Student
Student x Teacher
Coworker x Boss
Librarian x Patron
Firefighter x Cop

Flight Attendant x Pilot
Patient x Nurse
Doctor x Doctor
Prostitute x Cop

Bounty Hunter x Cop
Bounty Hunter x Doctor
Servant x Servant
Military x Military

Hotel Manager x Patron
Thief x Thief
Samurai x Samurai
Samurai x Intruder
Enemy x Enemy
Captain x Passenger
Captain x First Mate
Bodyguard x Client
Club owner x Client
Server x Patron

Countess x Guard
Prince x Prince
Heir x Mentor
Knight x Knight
Knight x Dragon
Countess x Angel
Rogue x Knight
Rogue x King
Jester x King
Jester x Knight
Jester x Demon

Sociopath x Psychopath
Serial Killer x Serial Killer
Serial Killer x Detective
Serial Killer x Victim
Serial Killer x Doctor
Serial Killer x Supernatural Creature [Could be a lot of fun]
Stalker x Stalker
Stalker x Serial Killer

Assassin x Sociopath
Assassin x Serial Killer
Assassin x Stalker
Assassin x Assassin
Assassin x Victim
Assassin x Vigilante

Priest x Sinner
Priest x Werewolf
Priest x Vampire
Priest x Sociopath
Priest x Serial Killer

Current Plot Cravings:

--+ So their parents had finally tied the knot. He wasn't too happy with having a step-brother much less a brother and mother around. But he had to admit, his new sibling was just as messed up as he was. Especially with the things they did at night that made it all worth while.

--+ Being a part of the Priesthood meant being a holy man and staying on God's path. But one Father finds it hard to stay on the path of righteousness when a sinner walks in and breathes of things he could only fantasize of doing. And crave like nothing else.

--+ It's one thing to be crazy, but it's another to meet someone just as murderous and beautiful. What happens when one serial killer meets another and play a deadly but wonderful game of life and death?

--+ Humans have been lead to believe that Angels are holy and pure. But one human is about to find out that an Angel has been watching all too closely. And will find a way to make the human belong to him in any way possible.

--+ When a cop finds himself in the path of a Dragon, his whole world is turned upside, especially when the Dragon steals him away and reveals a new side of reality neither thought was possible - with seduction both horrific and beautiful. [Dragon would be a shifter]

--+ He's new to this world. All the darkness, sex, and music that comes with the more hidden side of clubbing. But what he doesn't get is he's about to be pulled into a world never thought possible: The World of BDSM and all the twisted desires that can go along with it. Especially when he meets someone that turns him inside out and upside down that he questions his own sense of self and reality.

PM me or leave me a note here and I will be sure to respond to it. I hope to find someone willing to RP any of these plots [or make a brand new plot] as I'm trying to get back into the swing of things RPwise- as I have stated previously in this thread. Plus, I'm not that scary.
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Re: [To Steal Your Soul] Seeking RPs
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2012, 03:45:23 pm »
Additional Plots/Ideas:

If you know of American Horror Story, I would love to do a plot involving Tate. I would love to try a plot with the young maid corrupting him or something along those lines. Tate is one of my favorite characters in the show so anything dark with him involved would be amazing.

I also would like to do Dystopian societies with a mixture of either futuristic/steampunk or victorian/steampunk. I will not explain what a Dystopian society is as it isn't the easiest thing to explain. I can only suggest if you've read 1984 or anything similar, that is what a Dystopian society is. I would also like any of these plots with a post-apocalyptic edge.