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Author Topic: Always Liked Boys (Sweeney Todd, M/F, forced crossdressing, girl to boy)  (Read 823 times)

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Sweeney Todd x Toby (My Character)

Sweeney Todd: Sadistic, devilishly handsome man in his late twenties/early to mid thirties, poisoned with hate for the world on account of his lost wife.  Works as the talented "Barber of Fleet Street" above Mrs. Lovett's Pie Emporium, but slits the throats of almost every customer to use as a meat supply. 

Toby: Slightly underfed, orphaned teenaged girl with an adorable boyish face and messy short hair.  Mischievous and street smart.  Her androgynous appearance makes her gender almost impossible to tell, but people assume she's a boy by her clothing.

~A Grave Mistake~

"Toby" is a sixteen year old girl living in Victorian London.  On account of her age, genes and a poor diet, she is a boyish curveless thing, flat chested and slender as a willow.  She is hired by Mrs. Lovett to help out in the pie shop, and also to clean upstairs where Mr. Todd works.

Though persuaded to be in a reluctant relationship with Mrs. Lovett, Mr. Todd finds himself drawn towards males.  He takes a liking to Toby, assuming she's the most attractive boy he's ever seen, pretty and handsome as well.  Mr. Todd isn't a gentle person, and finds that all he wants to do is take this "boy" for himself, to ravish him.

One night, he takes matters into his own hands and doesn't let Toby leave his shop, instead forcing himself on the "boy".  They end up on his bed, as the shop also doubles as his sleeping area.  There, heated and frenzied, Todd pulls Toby's shirt off, and ignores "his" protesting.  Noticing nothing, Sweeney's hand manages to confirm what he was least expecting would be in "his" trousers.  The man is furious at being lied too, and takes her roughly from behind anyway, punishing her.  He's irate that she's not fully a boy, but makes the best of it.  After all, Toby looks like a boy, and what better to have a boy with a small, perfect girl's ass?  In the end, Mr. Todd always gets what he wants.

~Always Liked Boys~

Of course Sweeney Todd was willing to eventually marry a woman, but every man has his perversions that don't involve the normal.  For Todd, the idea of a boy in his bed always seemed to tickle his fancy. 

He's had his eye on an orphaned youth that seems to linger around Fleet Street.  At a far glance, Todd assumed it was a pretty looking boy, but one night, when he catches the orphan watching him finish a murder of a customer, he finds that the little spy is a girl with long brown hair.  Sweeney Todd can't have anyone knowing about his murderous career...he threatens the youth that if she doesn't stay with him and do what he says, he'll kill her too.

Sweeney Todd notices her androgynous face, her boyish physique, and he gets an idea...

He cuts her hair off (she's already dressed in boyish rags) and calls her Toby, forcing her to work in the shop and live as a boy.  Toby turns out to be the most attractive boy Todd's ever seen, and though it may not be entirely consensual the first time, begins sleeping with her regularly.  Of course, the sex is of homosexual practice, for anything other would interfere with Todd seeing her as a boy.  Mrs. Lovett returns from her trip to find a new addition to the shop, and suspects nothing of what looks like a 13 to 14 year old boy.  Sweeney Todd's perverted fantasy of sharing a bed with a younger male is finally somewhat relieved.

He doesn't exactly treat her as a lover though, and pushes her around like he would a nuisance of a child, taking pleasure in treating the teenager roughly around the edges.  Toby doesn't realize that her tomboyish, smart-mouthed behavior makes her even more attractive to Todd.

Sweeney Todd played by Johnny Depp

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Completely new plot open!!

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