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January 24, 2021, 07:07:50 AM

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Author Topic: Gruesome but sexy! Seeking M or F for sexy role-play combat (and other stories)  (Read 1000 times)

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Offline TiaanTopic starter

I'm very easy going and friendly but I am a very literate girl. I really want to find a partner who writes descriptively, uses adjectives and can spin out a metaphor or two! I’m an anime fan – I only mention this to let you know that I don’t find it out of place to see my character wearing a short, pleated skirt in a steam punk setting or a pair of hotpants and a bikini top in a fantasy setting (I know it jars with some people so there’s your disclaimer :p!)

On to my ideas:-

Death, blood… and sex!REALLY CRAVING THIS ONE!

    I’ve been fancying something violent and bloody for a while now and reading the Hunger Games has fuelled it into a full blown craving. Something deadly but very sexy; like WWE Diva’s meets Roman gladiatorial combat.

    OK so, the idea I have for this is, first we decide upon a setting; e.g. a fantasy arena with magical traps and living vines that seek to ensnare and subdue our fighters, a roman style amphitheatre complete with hungry lions chained up around the perimeter, a futuristic sci-fi ring equipped with electrified force field and all manner of devilish technological traps. Or whatever else our devious minds can concoct…

    Then we create a character each, complete with blunt or bladed weapons and accessories (nets, bolas, darts, throwing knives etc); male vs. female is my preference but male vs. male would work for me too, female vs. female is at the bottom of the list (but if you really want a girl on girl battle do tell me and I might be up for it).

    Then we let our fighters loose on one another. The way I envisage this working is as a very basic dice game. At the start of each post we roll a dice for ourselves and also roll for our opponent, it’s a strict success or failure (if you roll higher than your opponent you score a hit, otherwise its blocked or misses, an equal roll doesn’t add to the total score but it can be role-played as a hit). Then you play out your action, role-playing the outcome of a hit (what kind of damage is done, whereabouts your opponent gets injured etc.).

    When one or the other has scored four successful hits they have basically won and the game switches to ‘fatality mode!’ (a la Mortal Kombat!) where the opponent is basically a rag doll for them to humiliate and dispatch of in whatever gruesome way they decide! Bend them over a rock and screw them before casually snapping their neck; hold them by their hair over a pit of spikes and make them beg for their life, laughing as they urinate themselves before simply letting go and watching them get impaled bodily. However you like : )

    If you’re the merciful type, maybe the king/emperor/president who’s presiding over the games gives the ‘thumbs up’ and they are to be spared; maybe they are given to you as a slave or you’re allowed to drag them back to the ante chamber to have your way with them before they are sold into a life of hard labour in the salt mines.

    However gruesome, bloody or kind you like! I am up for anything : )
    (Don’t think I’ll go easy on you if I win though!)

    Message me if you’re interested! I’m really craving this one!



    “Minstrels of old sang of a secret place – a place that hid on the border between life and death, between oblivion and eternity. In that mythical niche could be found a palace of wondrous entertainment. It was a fantastical neverland, with a staff of surpassing beauty, and a proprietor who was more than human. Only those blessed by Lady Luck would ever stumble through its legendary doors.

    And now, as if plucked from a children’s storybook, that very palace looms invitingly before you…
    (from Final Fantasy XIII-2)

      That’s the in game text description for Serendipidy, a wondrous casino cum theme park that floats through the void, existing in a place where time doesn’t flow. Staffed by long tailed, cat eared girls; soft tailed, long eared bunny girls and girls that resemble chocobo’s it appears to be a gamblers paradise holding the promise of unlimited rapture.

      That’s where the game has left it so far. Personally I have a much darker idea over the origins and functions of Serendipidy which I won’t mention just yet since it would ruin the surprise…

      For now we can just enjoy the vast wonderland of Serendipidy, you can fill it with whatever you want; erotic games and side shows, over the top spectacles, high stake gambles where more than just money is bet, areas where you can fulfil your deepest, darkest cravings. Even games of death where the workers are pitted against each other to lose their lives for the customer’s enjoyment (were they really ‘alive’ in the first place anyway? How did they end up working there? Can any of them even remember?).

      The important thing is that despite the possibly moody and disturbing origins and mechanics of the place, it is all about fun and enjoyment. Opulent, self centred behaviour; the kind that gives you that immediate rush of happiness but fades ever so quickly, making you crave more and more of it. As the story develops we will get closer and closer to the truth…

      I would play one of the girls working there; her exact role will be decided together. You could play a guest/customer; maybe he’s been there for a while and has amassed a considerable pile of currency, or perhaps he’s just landed on the steps and has no idea what lies past the cute attendant on the steps. Either way he will be powerless to resist Serendipidy’s thrall.

    PM me if interested!

    Never owned a slave before?

      I’m forever coming back to master/slave settings, I do really love them.

      My character has been a slave for a long time; she’s been sold at auction, won and lost in card games, stolen, sold by a penniless master to buy drink and drugs, seized by the authorities to cover her masters debts and generally found herself passed from sleazy, ignorant owner to sleazy, ignorant owner since she first had the misfortune of becoming a piece of property.

      Your character is a young, upbeat, fun loving man of lesser repute. He’s a thief and a crook but not a hardened, cold eyed criminal although I’m sure he’s killed before. Somehow he ends up with her in his possession (finds her wandering the highway after her master was thrown off his horse and killed, wins her in a bet, sees an opportunity and outright steals her… I leave it up to you). He’s never owned a slave before and now he has one, he doesn’t know quite what to do with her. Her soft skin, fresh face and magnificently curved behind gives him a few ideas though…

      I want to keep this fun and upbeat, gloss over the appalling life she’s had and just focus on the fun he can have with her. This is a sexy story but not all about sex, be creative about what he could do to earn a few gold coins with her!

      Fantasy setting or possibly far future sci-fi.

    PM me if interested! Also, you could read my big white dragon story to get a better idea of where my head’s at!


      I really love these things, I find them so sexy. If anyone can work out a setting around one of these delightful contraptions I would utterly melt!

    That’s all for now! Please do say hi : )
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    Offline TiaanTopic starter

    Expanded 'Death, blood... and sex!' - I'm really craving this one! Come and play with me : )

    Offline Decrepitdan

    I'd love to play Death, blood and sex with you!