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Author Topic: Raha's Delicious Dirty Desires - M for F  (Read 716 times)

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Raha's Delicious Dirty Desires - M for F
« on: March 26, 2012, 02:36:36 AM »
Please send your thoughts, interest in PM.

This thread is an effort to reorganize my old and new plots. A galore of my desires and preferences, hopefully updated to reflect my current craving while preserving a history of my old one for me to replay them. My organizational skill has always been lacking, so I ask forgiveness if you have trouble with that and I welcome suggestions from my fellow member.

Lets start with some generic guidelines and ideas about myself.

I love building stories and reading them. Passion, lust, taboo send a rush through my blood and make me come back for more. I try to be honest and I care for intentions behind actions. I have been burned here in Elliquiy and in other places with bad executions of good intentions. I respect my partners and all fellow members but incapable of handling drama. An introvert, non English speaker in real life, I do try my best to engage with my partners and write the best of my abilities. But I know I have lots of lacking, some of which I already mentioned, so I ask for constructive criticism from my partners and ask to seek my intentions before judging my action alone.

Seriously, if you have praises or criticism about any of my game or other (like this) thread, I welcome a PM. I would also love suggestions that you might want to share.

Lets stop the ranting. Here is a link of my Ons & Offs which I plan to make more organized  :-[ so wish me luck.
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Present Craving
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2012, 02:58:57 AM »
Themes or Pairings
  • A high born roman lady, gorgeous and headstrong maybe with a cruelty streak and the stubborn male gladiator who manages to find a clinch in her armor. Gladiator/roman slave and high born ladies. A dominant female lead is interesting, so is a sort of in fighting for the favorite gladiator and the bad consequences for him.
  • A young  Gigolo in a bunch of scenarios from simple smutty one-shot to complex multi character story of jealousy, and taboo lust.
  • A rich, older billionaire Sugar Dad and his lover(s). A simple story of money and sex or is it a story of gold diggers wanting to be his next wife, giving him the power for an unofficial harem
  • Celebrities, Rich Wives, Powerful/Influential women and their secret lust maybe something they don't know themselves, the story of their corruption or them corrupting some unsuspecting male
  • Stripper in a small group of female and what happens when girls are in a high mood and a lewdly exposed male is available, bachellorate party etc.

Offline rahatngtTopic starter

« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2012, 08:13:03 PM »
Her Client, Her Crush - A Little Surprise
Unprofessional crushes happened to other people. Elizabeth herself has always been driven and completely professional and she prides herself in it. As a publicist her reputation was really good and male clients felt real safe with her. At least that how things went before the unthinkable happen and she found herself drooling herself about one of her client. Her long marriage burning out couple of month ago may have something to do with that or maybe she had just hit that particular age. But it wouldn't have been that bad if the newly minted celebrity client of her wasn't as young as he was.

Elizabeth's first unprofessional crush lets her invent herself as a gorgeous Cougar.
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The Unexpected Office Menage - M/F/TS
At 33, Lilian was one of the top VP of the company. Single, gorgeous yet too driven for a relationship as far as what everyone at office knows. And if one has eyes like Marcus, he would also see how enamored Julie was with the lady of the office, not that Marcus himself was much different. What intrigued him was that Lilian actually seem to be interested in Julie, from what little Marcus could glimpse from her look as he had the chance to as her executive assistant.

It is only after Marcus had a glimpse into Lilian's very intimate secret that he understood what was happening. But to Lilian's surprise, Marcus wasn't too intimated by her surprise and he found a way for her and Julie to come together.

I think you got the clue. Would be lovely to see Julie's surprise and how they all cope together :)

Black Widow's Unexpected Fall
Natasha's confidence about her latest assignment was given. The top end shield agent was simply too capable where it was blasting through men of ill ilk like a venous spider or by the wiles of her charm and fabulous beauty. His current assignment was simply too easy for her. Ruben Vanhorn was short, soft and known concierge of beautiful woman. He even had a weakness for redheads. Natasha has been inserted as his temporary secretary as his current one had a little accident breaking her ankle. Natasha needed some blueprint stolen from Vanhorn industries whose R&D was something shield wanted. She was sure that once she had the man a putty in her hand, accessing their mainframe and stealing the data would be easy enough.

It was all going perfectly until Natasha found how such a trivial looking man became a playboy and it wasn't so much because he was rich. Natasha Romanoff, the invincible Black Widow was begging for the first time in her life just to be touched the right way.
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An extreme (includes WS) but quite different version involving Natasha Romanoff. Stopped since partner is absent in Elliquiy for now :(