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Author Topic: The Orion Incident: Interest Check for a Aliens/Predator Universe Game  (Read 1688 times)

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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Weyland-Yutani Corp. Transmission EH-842; Priority: Extreme
Recipient: Karl Bishop Weyland, CEO
Originator: MOTHER

Contact lost with research station Orion. The occurrence of an incident has been confirmed. Research station Orion is currently the primary location for work on xenomorph bio-weapons projects. Intelligence and transmissions from the research station's security system indicate a rival corporation as the possible culprits. The Colonial Military has been notified, In addition, all observation equipment on the Orion has been activated. Analysts are standing by to evaluate xenomorph performance against Colonial Marines personnel. R&D projects that the combat data and xenomorph threat response patterns that this situation will produce are worth several times the material loss associated with the damage to the Orion.


USCM Command
      Opperations Brief # 57532

We have received word from the Weyland-Yutani Corporation that they have lost contact with one of their research stations orbiting a small civilian colony, last known contact indicates possible corporate warfare. In following with Colonial Law the USCM is authorized to take action to insure peace within colonial boarders. USCM Alpha Platoon of Charlie Company, 5th Regiment is hereby dispatched to above stated facility, where it will assess the situation, determine what events took place, identify any threats, and eliminate said threats with extreme prejudice. Any surviving non-combatants are to be protected and evacuated. Mission objectives in order of priority are as follows.

Establish Contact with Weyland-Yutani research facility "Orion".
Identify any previously and currently existing threats
Eliminate said threats
Protect Weyland-Yutani Corp. equipment and facility
Maintain minimal USMC losses
Protect surviving Weyland-Yutani Corp. personnel.
-Brief Ends-


Ok, so as some may remember I GM'd two Aliens/Predator verse games before. And both of those games were quite fun. Ever since the second one ended I've toyed with the idea of restarting it/creating another Alien/Predator game... This is my idea for just such a role play. I've done some more work finetuning the system so I should have all of the kinks worked out. This game while similar to the previous ones will have a very different plot from those that came before. But just like the old ones it will tell the story of a single platoon of marines. Specifically the 1st(Player Characters) and 2nd(NPCs) squads of the platoon, as they first attempt to complete their mission, and later simply attempt to survive. It will ideally be filled with action, suspense, interpersonal interaction, and fun!

The GMs (myself and hopefully someone else I can wrangle into Co-GMing be playing the part of the world around them, as well as that of the Alien Hive and other antagonists, I’m looking for some people to play the marines.  The game will be a system game that will use a custom made system of my own design. The system will be used to determine the results of combat between the marines and their enemies but not the individual actions of the marines. It will also effect some aspects of the games plot, such as what items the players can interact with. Other than these things the game will be freeform. Hopefully this will appeal to many people because it leaves room for creativity, as well as allows for unpredictability/fairness.  So if you’re still interested the character list, character sheet, a stats explanation, a weapons/equipment list and system explanation are as follows.


First off I’ll explain when/how the system will be used, as well as how it will work. There will be three different systems used in the game, each one is original and each one is a simple as I can make them while taking everything into account.

Normal Combat: The system will be used to determine how effective the marines are at killing their foe, as well as how effective the Aliens are at attacking the marines. Here is a simple scenario to show what I mean. For example a marine is walking down a hall way he/she encounters an Alien and opens fire the Alien runs to attack the marine the marine manages to shoot the Alien in the head and the Alien dies without harming him/her.  Post wise this is how it would happen, the marine’s player makes a post saying that he/she is walking down a hall way, the system would be used to tell if the marine spots the alien and if he is able to kill it or if it isn’t his lucky day and he gets wounded/has to run/possibly worse. As far as our marine player is concerned the game is essentially freeform with them simply posting using statements such as "My character shoots at the alien aiming for its head" rather than "My character shoots the alien in the head." This allows me to control the action from behind the scenes by being the one to use statements such as "the bullets hit the alien" or "The bullets miss the alien" without bogging down the players with dice rolls, stat comparisons, ect. Ideally this allows for both the player and myself getting to add a bit of creativity without the normal problems of freeform combat games(God modding, disputable outcomes, ect) or the problems of a system game (long amounts of rolling and stat comparison work for relatively small amounts of posts.)

World Interaction: The system will also be used to determine the marines' ability to interact with some aspects of the world around them. For instance, if a door locked and a marine tries to hack/pick the door their Intelligence stat will determine their success or failure in the attempt. Or if a character comes across a very heavy weapon/object their strength may decide if they are able to move/use it.

If there is interest and this role play gets off the ground I will be posting up 3 threads in the Extreme Small Groups forum, the first will be the I.C. thread where the story will take place, the second will be an O.O.C thread which will….well be the O.O.C. communication place, the 3rd thread will be for lack of a better way to put it, a Xenopedia, it will contain everything that the marine characters ‘know’ about the aliens they encounter including known stats ect ect, this will be to help the players tell what they are up against, as well as for fun. So far I have purposefully left the system’s explanation rather vague, if there is interest in it, I will explain it in depth giving examples for each situation, and posting up a ‘dress rehearsal’ of how the system will work at different points in time

Character List
The open character slots are as follows
1st Squad(Required)
1st Squad Leader:
1st Squad's Sergeant:
1st Squad Smart Gunner:
1st Squad Flamethrower Man:
1st Squad Member
1st Squad Member
1st Squad Member
1st Squad Synthetic

Character Sheet
Here is the character template that will be used
Code: [Select]



Position in platoon/rank:(Squad Leader, Sargent, Squad Member, ect)

Personal history:

Stats Before Equipment:
Ranged Attack:


Stats After Equipment:
Ranged Attack:

Stats Explained:

Each player gets 50 points to use as he or she sees fit.  The stats start at 0 each and the minmum score for each stat is 3(before equipment), and the max is 10(after equipment) with the exception of Health who's max is 20,  so you can have a health of 11 but not an attack of 11. The only other exception to the basic process is Ranged Attack, which does not use stat points, it is determined by your equipment only. If a stat is brought lower than 3 after counting for equipment (I.E. a piece of heavy armor brings your agility to 2) that's ok, though having any stat that low is inadvisable due to the high likely hood of it imbalancing the system against your character.
Health: How many points of damage your character can take before they die.

Attack:  How much damage your character will do in up close/hand to hand combat

Ranged Attack: How much ranged firepower your character has (does not use stat points, is determined by adding the ranged firepower bonuses of your weapons/kit)

Accuracy: How likely your character is to hit what they are attacking (both in ranged and close combat)

Agility: How likely your character is to avoid an attack. And how likely they are to outrun what’s chasing them.

Intelligence: How much more likely your character makes it for your team to succeed (effects the outcomes of your squad's major objectives), how likely your character is to make certain machines work.

Defense: If hit, how much of the damage is not taken to your character's actual health.

Perception: How likely your character is to notice what’s creeping in the shadows, how likely they are to see a trap before it is sprung.

Stealth: How likely your character is to avoid being detected

Luck: If good or bad things just seem to happen to your character, slightly effects all other stats, effects how likely your character's team is to succeed.


Each player gets 20 kit points to use however he/she pleases, for the sake of simplicity we will assume that ammo is not a factor/leave its existence and running out to our own freeform devices. Each entry below will have a short description of what it is, the amount of kit points it costs, and how it effects your character’s stats. Also some weapons and equipment are exclusive to a specific character slot, for example it wouldn’t make much sense for anyone but the smart gunner to actually have a smart gun.

Universal weapons and equipment
These Items can be chosen by any member of the squads and represent standardized kit that every marine would have access to and be trained to use.
Combat Knife:

Description: Blades, in one form or another have been used by men and women for thousands of years, this primitive weapon is still in use within the USMC which prides itself on training marines who are not only expert shots, but excellent hand to hand combatants. A combat knife is standard issue to every marine both for its usefulness in combat, and as a simple tool.

Effect: +1  Attack


M4A3 Pistol:

Description: The USMC’s standard issue sidearm, the M4A3 fires 9mm rounds, and possesses an impressive level of accuracy, albeit at the sacrifice of stopping power. Marines are advised to use the M4A3 only on ‘soft targets’ or as a weapon of last resort should their heavier armaments be exhausted. A common joke amongst Marine grunts about the M4A3 being that the only way to really put down a target with it is to score a head shot….and even then you may have to do it twice just to be sure.
Effect: +1 Attack, +1 Accuracy


AP Rounds(Requires Pistol):

Description: Many marines find their M4A3 lacking in the ability to penetrate its target’s defenses, with this in mind many arms manufacturers have taken to producing alternate forms of ammunition to be sold privately to the marines, the most popular is the armor piercing round, replacing the standard 9mm round with a uranium tipped round more capable of penetrating most  light armors.

Effect: +1 Ranged Attack


Fragmentation Grenade:

Description: A standard grenade, designed to explode 3 seconds after its pin has been pulled, showering the immediate area with high speed, razor sharp shrapnel. Marines are encouraged to use grenades when large numbers of enemies are grouped together.

Effect: +1 to Ranged Attack, +1 Luck, -1 Stealth

Flame Grenade:

Description: A non-standard grenade, designed to explode 3 seconds after its pin has been pulled, blanketing the immediate area with flames. Marines are encouraged to use grenades when large numbers of enemies are grouped together, as well as to provide cover for an escape, or keep an advancing enemy at bay.

Effect: -1 Agility to enemies

M41A Pulse Rifle:

Description: The standard USMC firearm, it is as much a symbol of mankind’s mastery of technology and warfare as it is a deadly weapon, the M41A is capable of firing in either semi-automatic, 3 round burst, or full auto modes. It fires the standard high velocity armor piercing round, and is capable of supporting multiple modifications. It is light, compact, easy to use, and even easier to maintain, the only thing that’s hard to do is break it. Every marine must qualify with the M41A before completing their training to insure that, should the need arise any member of the USMC is able to pick up a rifle and join the fight.

Effect: + 3 Ranged Attack,

Cost: 5

Under slung grenade launcher (Requires Pulse Rifle):

Description:  An under slung grenade launcher for the M41A Pulse Rifle, it fires shaped charge grenades at long range giving the average marine a way to effectively eliminate heavily armored opponents. 

Effect: + 2 Ranged Attack, -1 Stealth


Side Mounted Flame Caster: (Requires Pulse Rifle):

Description:  An side mounted light flame thrower for the M41A Pulse Rifle, it is capable of projecting a small gout of flame at any close range target in bursts of 3 seconds, any longer is unadvised due to the possibly of overheating, it is in no way a replacement for the M240B, as it is  lacking in range and power by comparison to the USMC’s flame thrower. In addition to this, the standard infantry man's armor lacks the heat shielding of the flamethrower man's "Ape Suit" and prolonged exposure to the heat and light created by the flame caster has been known to have negative effects on the senses of sight and touch.

Effect: + 2  Attack, -1 Perception


M33 Shotgun:

Description:  The M33 is a pump action shotgun, designed for use in close quarters and urban settings, it is made to offer the greatest amount of punching power while remaining as compact and manageable as possible, it is somewhat less effective at range due to the large spread of its shot as a result of its shortened barrel.   

Effect: + 3  Attack, -1 Ranged Attack


Full Auto(Requires Shotgun):

Description:  Replacing the M33's pump action with a fully automatic loading system, the M33 is now capable of fully automatic firing, allowing it's user to literally paint an area with firepower. The recoil on a fully automatic M33 is many times stronger than that of the standard shotgun, giving it the nickname "the mule" amongst weapon's manufacturers with regards to its kick. 

Effect: + 2 Attack, -1 Accuracy


M10 Pattern Ballistic Armor:

Description:  The current model of body armor issued to USMC marines consists of a chest and back plate, in addition to a helmet, it is designed to effectively stop  small arms fire, as well as rifle fire, but is outclassed when pitted against larger caliber weapons.

Effect:+ 1 Health +2  Defense,


M12 Pattern Advanced Personal Armor:

Description:  The current model of body armor issued to USMC marines consists of a chest and back plate, in addition to a helmet, it is designed to effectively stop small arms fire, as well as rifle fire, but is outclassed when pitted against larger caliber weapons, in an effort to correct this problem the M12 Advanced Armor is in development, sporting a thicker layer of protection, as well as chemical resistance treatments for protection against enemy who choose to ignore conventional rules of combat.

Effect:+ 1 Health +3 Defense, Defense stat is immune to Acid based attacks.


XV35 Motion Tracker:

Description:  An optional motion sensor. By detecting micro changes in air density the XV35 is able to sense movement in every direction regardless of where it is pointed. It relays this information to its user through an attached screen, as well as through a series of mechanical beeps, which grow louder and closer together as the movement draws nearer.

Effect:+ 2 Perception, -1 Stealth,


M111 Combat Helmet:

Description:  A stronger combat helmet, than the standard issue, the M111 possesses a radio transmitter and receiver, and is also capable of supporting a side mounted camera.   

Effect: +1 Defense, +1 Intelligence when deciding the outcome of a major event, Allows its user to communicate with any member of the platoon who also possesses radio equipment. Regardless of location as long as there is nothing jamming the signal. 


Side Mounted Helmet Camera (Requires Helmet):

Description:  A side mounted camera for the M111 Helmet, it provides a constant feed to the platoon's officer, allowing him/her to evaluate the tactical situation of every member of his/her squad.   

Effect: +1 Perception, +1 Intelligence when deciding the outcome of a major event.


MS3 Medical Kit:
Description:  A large first aid kit, in the right hands it can be used to handle almost any battlefield injury.

Effect: +2 Health


Smoke Grenade

Description: A non-standard grenade, designed to activate 3 seconds after its pin has been pulled, blanketing the immediate area with a thick cloud of smoke. Marines are encouraged to use grenades when large numbers of enemies are grouped together, as well as to provide cover for an escape, or keep an advancing enemy at bay.

Effect: -1 Perception to enemies, +1 Stealth

Squad Leader Exclusive Equipment

M557 APC:

Description:  The APC is the primary driving ground vehicle used by the USCM. It has one front mounted twin Gatling turret, and one top mounted twin cannon. The APC has a top speed of 50 miles per hour. It is capable of single-handedly offering heavy fire support to USMC personnel, but also has a habit of becoming a target for any enemies in the area.

Effect: +5 Defense when in use, +4 Ranged Attack when in use, +4 Perception when in use,  +3 Intelligence when in use, -6 Stealth when in use, cannot be used within hallways/small rooms/anyplace it wouldn't fit,  Allows its user to communicate with any member of the platoon who also possesses radio equipment regardless of location as long as there is nothing jamming the signal.


M579 'Daisy Cutter'(Requires APC)
When extreme firefights are expected or when requested by the squad's leader, a 20mm quad Gatling system can be added to the M557 APC's already formidable weaponry. The turret is controlled by a highly accurate multi-spectrum sensor and placed parallel to the APC's primary turret. Despite mild international outrage at the use of anti-aircraft weapons in a ground role. The M579's impressive field results have encouraged Marine Command to turn a blind ear and def eye to the negative publicity.

Effect: +6 Ranged attack vs human sized targets

Cost: 5

Door Guns(Requires APC)
There are many ways to turn the M557 APC into a 'gunship' and once such method is to deploy limited traverse door guns at each of the vehicle's three entrances (one on each side and one rear) these weapons are simply heavy machine guns and harnesses built into the APC's interior in order to allow its passengers to fire from the doors while the vehicle is either moving or stationary.

Effect: +3 Ranged Attack per manned weapon(total of +9), requires a player character or npc to actively man the weapons or there is no effect.

Cost: 2

L7 Personal Computer:

Description:  A high speed, compact, personal computer designed to offer the command and control capabilities of the M557 APC, without the APC’s high profile.  The computer is capable of providing radio contact with all members of the platoon, tracking each platoon member’s movements, and analyzing any machine or deceased organic specimen , programs allowing it to analyze living organisms are currently said to be in development.

Effect: +3 Perception, +2 Intelligence, Allows its user to communicate with any member of the platoon who also possesses radio equipment regardless of location as long as there is nothing jamming the signal


Uplink to FATHER(Requires Personal Computer):

Description:  A high bandwidth connection to the orbiting USS Mitchum, which in turn is connected to FATHER, the bio-computer at the heart of the United States Military Computer System, by relaying received information to FATHER any battle field analysis can be made near instantaneously.

Effect:  +2  Intelligence when deciding the outcome of a major event, allows the personal computer to analyze living organisms providing instant intelligence on said organism’s life functions and weak points(Gives detailed info on any ‘bosses’ encountered).


AURORA Uplink(Requires Personal Computer):

Description:  A high bandwidth connection to the orbiting USS Mitchum, and it's fire control computer. Allowing the use of the AURORA space based assassination system.

Effect: Allows Platoon Leader to fire a single AURORA blast per encounter with hostiles, this blast is capable of instantly killing a single target of human size or smaller.


M190 Key Personnel Body Armor(Replaces All Other Armor If Equiped):    

Description:  Despite accusations of being ‘cold’, ‘inhuman’, and ‘heartless’ the USMC openly acknowledges that it values the lives of its officers  more than that of its standard grunts, stating that the amount of time and training put into creating an officer far outweighs that of a grunt. With this in mind the M190 Key Personnel Body Armor is made available to all marines who achieve officer rank. Designed to protect its wearer from all known threats the M190 is considered by many to be the top of the line in personal battle field protection.

Effect:  +2 Health, +4 Defense, Defense stat not suffer damage from chemical/acid based attacks, provides immunity to attacks made by facehuggers


West Point Ring:

Description:  Little more than a symbol, it is the skills and training received at West Point that are the true value of this ring. 

Effect:  +1 Intelligence, +1 Stealth, +1 Perception, 


Every officer has one as far as the men and women under his command are concerned. Whether its one for being kind, cruel, stern, wild, or anything else almost all reputations have been earned by the actions of the officer and serve to endear or infuriate those under their command. 

Effect: Allows for the selection of one of the following options

Cost: 2

-An Officer and a Gentleman(Lady)
He/she has a reputation for holding him/herself, and the men and women under his/her command to the highest of standards from the morals of honorable combat, to physical fitness, and even the quest for further knowledge. In many ways he/she represents Marine Command's ideal image of what an officer should be. Those ranked higher then him/her cannot help but realize that he/she is destined for more and those below him/her often find themselves striving to be more like him/her.
Effect:: 2+ Intelligence(representing his/her abilities to command his/her marines), +2 Health, -1 Stealth

Not everyone can have hundreds of missions under their belt, everyone has to start somewhere! Fresh out of O.C.S.(Officer Candidacy School) he/she is still very green...and it shows...But hey...every marine knows that God loves the green ones!
Effect: +4 Luck,  -1 Perception

-He's comin' in. I feel safer already.
It must have been brains that got him/her through OCS, because it sure as hell wasn't brawn or marksmanship....He/she has developed a reputation for being a little 'ineffective' in the use of his/her weapons. But his/her mastery of combat tactics is very impressive and everyone knows it.
Effect: +3 Perception, +1 Intelligence, -1 Accuracy

-Ultimate badass! State of the badass art!
Some commanders win battles through finesse, maneuvering, and superior tactics. Others do it by simply steamrolling over their opposition... 
Effect: +2 Attack, +2 Ranged Attack, -1 Intelligence

-He's a damn loose cannon!
He/she puts his/her men before the mission and has proven more than willing to destroy corporate property for the sake of saving civilian lives. In short he/she is a loose cannon, the kind that Marine Command would much rather have die quietly at the ass end of the galaxy then anywhere near where they can raise up a mess.
Effect: +3 Defense, +1 Agility, -1 Health

-You don't see them fucking each other over a goddamn percentage
A corporation slime-ball in a marine uniform. He/she's been secretly on the company's payroll for quite a while and even though no one has ever proven anything his/her reputation for putting corporate interests before the safety of his/her men and those they are supposed to protect is pretty well known.
Effect: + 3 Stealth

Officer’s Saber:

Description:  Commonly used for ceremony, but still kept razor sharp a USMC Officer’s Saber is rarely located far away from its owner due to its symbolizing the officer’s honor….and the fact that it is a required piece of attire when attempting to enter any USMC Officers’ Club for a drink.

Effect:  +2 Attack


Sergeant Exclusive Equipment


Description:  Bad for your health, but good for your nerves, frowned upon by doctors yet smiled upon by fighting men and women for years. 

Effect:  +3 luck, -1 Health.


A little bit of liquid courage never hurt anyone! Despite what the medics say, it puts a little hair on your chest and lets you ignore a little pain....Sadly, Marine Command doesn't share this opinion due to the adverse effects it has on marksmanship and so the only ones who seem able to get away with holding onto a little booze are those who have been in the Corps for quite a while.

Effect: +3 Health, -1 Accuracy

Cost: 1

Customized Scope(Requires Pulse Rifle)
Sometimes the sights on the M41A just aren't enough to make sure that you're able to 'reach out and touch someone.' And so some of the more experienced marines in the Corps. know its a good investment to set aside some of their money for a nice rifle scope. So that when the time comes they can pick off anyone who's trying to hide in the distance.

Effect: +1 Perception, +2 Accuracy

Cost: 2

M38 HEAP Round(Requires under-slung grenade launcher)
The M38 HEAP(High Explosive Armor Piercing) round is a replacement for the standard grenade round used in the M41A's underslung grenade launcher. Capable of penetrating 7cm of steel this round is extremely useful against 'hard' targets.
Under slung grenade launcher (Requires Pulse Rifle):

Effect: + 2 Ranged Attack,

Cost: 2

357 Magnum Revolver:

Description:  Any marine who’s ever seen combat can attest to the near uselessness of the M4A3 with this in mind many NCO’s choose to carry ‘non-uniform’ side arms which are able to prove useful in close quarters as well as at range.

Effect:  +2 Ranged attack, +2 Attack


Advanced Communications Gear:

Description:  The communication between a platoon’s NCO and Officer is vital, with this in mind Platoon Sergeants are granted access to better radio communications gear.

Effect:  Allows its user to communicate with any member of the platoon who also possesses radio equipment regardless of location, Advanced Communications Gear signals cannot be jammed allowing the Sergeant to always hear who is talking to him/her and who he/she is talking to to always hear him/her. 


Heavy Anti-Personal Rounds(Requires Pulse Rifle) :

Description:  VERY non-standard rounds, currently considered contraband by the USMC due to the fact that there is currently a case being made in Geneva by several governments to make them a breach in the rules of combat.

Effect:  +2 Ranged Attack


Squad Synthetic Exclusive Equipment

Synthetic Body (Must Have):

Description:  Manufactured rather than born, synthetics can be looked at with both pity and envy, their programming forcing them to wish to be human, while their bodies are far superior in almost every way. They are stronger, faster, and tougher than will ever be humanly possible.

Effect:  +2 Health, +2 Attack, +2 Agility, Aliens will ignor him/her unless he/she attacks them.


Advanced Motor Skill Upgrades:

Description:  Further upgrades to a synthetic’s body, these upgrades are focused on increasing said synthetic’s movement speed far beyond human capabilities.

Effect:  +2 Accuracy, +2 Agility


Modular Construction:

Description:  Further upgrades to a synthetic’s body, these upgrades are focused on increasing said synthetic’s survivability far beyond what any human can achieve.

Effect:  +2 Health, +3 Defense, synthetic is capable of initiating self repair when not under attack allowing him/her to recover up to half of their maximum health regardless of their current health.


Guerilla Warfare Upgrade:
Description:  Further upgrades to a synthetic’s body, these upgrades are focused on turning a synthetic into a warrior capable of spotting and surprising his enemies with minimal effort.

Effect:  +4 Stealth, +4 Perception, Synthetic possesses an on board motion tracker, allowing him/her to detect movement without sacrificing stealth.


Flame Retardant Treatment
Description: Upgrades added during a  synthetic's original construction process. The synthetic's "skin" I coated several times over with flame retardant chemicals in order to allow it a substantial measure of protection against flames and heat.

Effect: Flame based attacks deal 1/2 normal damage

Cost: 2

Electronic Warfare Package
The modern battlefield is one filled with a plethora of advanced technology. And to meet the challenges that this fact represents several suppliers of synthetics offer an electronic warfare package. Integrated equipment allows the synthetic to not only be protected from nearly all forms of anti-mechanical  weapons but also allows said synthetic to preform several functions which allow it to disable the technology of its enemies.

Effect: EMP weapons, and electricity based attacks have no effect on the synthetic, Synthetic is able to jam its enemies motion detectors and communications

Cost: 3

Construction & Repair Programming
The usefulness of a mechanic on the battlefield cannot be understated. With soldiers relying on several forms of technology, a squad containing someone who knows how to repair and rebuild said technology will almost always preform much better than one which does not.

Effect: They synthetic is able analyze use and repair any equipment it comes across on the battlefield regardless of said equipment's requirements, Synthetic will have access to several unique opportunities to construct new equipment or modify the squad's existing equipment

Cost: 5

UA-571C Sentry Gun:

Description:  The sentry gun is the end all be all in automated defense systems, armed with a heavy machine gun, onboard motion tracker, infra red detection, and a “Smart Shot” targeting computer the sentry gun will find its target, and it will not miss. But all these abilities come at a heavy cost, the sentry gun weighs in at several hundred pounds over what would be humanly possible to carry, as such when deployed they are paired with a synthetic tasked with transporting and carrying the weapon.

Effect:  +3 Ranged Attack when deployed, +2 Accuracy when deployed, +1 Perception when deployed, -2 Agility at all times, Can only be deployed, transported, and programmed  by a synthetic, is immobile unless being carried while un-deployed by a synthetic. 


Smart Gunner Exclusive Equipment

M56 Smart Gun (Must Have):


 The standard machine gun of the USMC. Despite the fact that the weapon weighs nearly 40 pounds, it can be easily carried and operated with the assistance of a servo-controlled harness. It is called a "smart gun" because the weapons fire is guided by an infrared tracking system on top of the gun's barrel and on a head-mounted goggle system, guided by a targeting processor in the harness. When a target is designated by the tracking system, the harness automatically guides the operator and gun to the target. Switching targets is as simple as pointing the gun's barrel at a new target. The gun can fire in a three round burst or in fully automatic

Effect:  +5 Ranged attack + 3 Accuracy, +1 Perception


Radioactive Ammunition:

Recently approved for anti-terrorism operations, after a military tribunal’s decision that those who would target innocents do not deserve protection under the rules of war, using self contained radioactive slugs which shatter upon penetrating their target, the smart gun is able to cause wounds that slow down, and inevitably kill their victim without near instant medical care. Some marines have expressed hesitation to using radioactive rounds, claiming them to be ‘bad juju’

Effect:  +3 Ranged Attack,  -1 Luck


E5 Advanced Targeting Lens:

A lens fitted over the Smart Gunner’s eye it replaces the standard targeting lens and allows for the Smart Gunner to prioritize targets, as well as achieve quicker response times from his/her weapon.

Effect:  +1 Accuracy, +1 Perception


Continuous Cycling Barrel:


Studys have shown that due to a maximum in human reaction speeds there exists a 1-1.5 second 'window' between when a Smart Gunner will spot a target and decide to open fire, and when the first round leaves the Smart Gun after the barrel has had time to cycle up. To counteract this a continuously cycling barrel system can be used.

Effect:  +1 Ranged Attack, -1 Stealth


Lightened Frame:
The average Smartgun weighs in excess of 40lbs, even with a sevo-assisted harness this can prove to be quite a burden for the weapon's operator. As such newer production runs of the Smartgun have been constructed out of more advanced alloys which offer a lighter weight to mass ratio while still maintaining the weapon's toughness.

Effect: +1 Agility

Cost: 1

Polymer Chest Plate
Smartgunners normally come under more fire than other marines, this is simply because of the enemy's tendency to focus their fire on the one with the biggest gun. In order to compensate for this USCM command has begun issuing new polymer chest plates to smartgunners in the hopes that the added protection will help cut down on casualties.

Effect: +2 Defense, -1 Agility

Cost: 1

Magnetic Velocity Enhancer
The relatively light caliber of the smartgun's rounds has caused many members of USCM command to question whether a new round need be designed and produced. The costs of the associated re-fitting and re-supplying, to get these rounds into the field would be quite considerable. In order to avoid these costs Marine Command is experimenting with using magnetic coils built into the smartgun's barrel to accelerate the weapon's rounds even further before they exit the weapon. Hopes are high that this will offer the smartgun greater punching power at a much lower monetary cost.

Effect: -2 to Enemy Defense stat

Cost: 3

Rear View Mirror:

Taken from a bike, a car, a bathroom, or a barbershop, a Smart Gunner's rear view mirror is exactly what it sounds like a mirror the smart gunner can use to make sure nothing is sneaking up behind him/her rather than having to turn around with his/her heavy harness

Effect:  +1 Perception,


Flamethrower Man Exclusive Equipment

M240B Flamethrower(Required):

The M240 Incinerator Unit is a lightweight, carbine-style flamethrower which uses a pressurized ultra-thickened napthal fuel. The M240 Incinerator Unit can be supplied either through canisters or a direct mains supply.

Effect:   +3 Attack, +2 Ranged Attack


Range Reactive Nozzle: (Flamethrower):

A targeting system for the M240 Incinerator Unit, using a laser sight the M240 is able to measure the distance between its barrel and the target. The M240 responds by either expanding or contracting its flame nozzle, allowing it to project either a tight stream of flame or a wall of fire depending on which which will be more effective.

Effect:  +2 Attack, +1 Ranged Attack


M119 Ape Suit(Replaces All Other Armor if Equipped):

The standard armor for a squad’s flame thrower man, it is capable of protecting its wearer from the M240’s flames as well as any other flames. The suit itself is completely sealed with a smooth, re-enforced faceplate.

Effect:  +1 Health, +3 Defense, Provides immunity to flame based attacks, Provides immunity to Facehugger attacks.


M120 N.B.C. Warfare Kit(Requires Ape Suit):


An upgrade The standard armor for a squad’s flame thrower man, with the realization that any battle involving flame throwers will most likely involve chemical warfare the Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare Kit offers protection from almost all forms of non-standard attack.
Effect: Provides immunity to acid based attacks


Powered Joints(Requires Ape Suit):


An upgrade The standard armor for a squad’s flame thrower man, mechanical motors are built into the joints of his/her suit allowing him/her to move with a before unknown level of grace for a heavy weapons specialist.
Effect: +2 Agility


Thermite-Plasma Remix
The replacement of the M240's napthal fuel with the currently top secret chemical substance known as Thermite-Plasma. Developed as part of the Chigusa Corporation's "Prometheus Tech" advanced weapons line, Thermite-Plasma offers a much hotter burn heat than napthal with no known drawbacks.

Effect: +1 Attack, +1 Ranged Attack

Cost: 2

White Phosphorous Injection
Commonly used in incendiary grenades white phosphorous can also be added to flamethrower fuel. When a flamethrower that has had white phosphorous fires it not only projects flames but also tiny burning pieces of white phosphorous. Each one of these tiny pieces lets off extreme amounts of heat at levels so high that even those normally shielded from flame attacks are damaged.

Effect: Enemies who would normally be resistant to flame attacks are not resistant to the marine's flamethrower

Cost: 3

Kinetic Dampeners (Requires Ape Suit)
An upgrade for the standard armor for a squad’s flame thrower man, kinetic dampening systems are built into the suit in order to allow the marine to have much more stable footing even when faced with forces that would normally knock them from their feet.

Effect: Attacks that would normally knock the flamethrower marine onto the ground no longer do so with the exception of extreme cases

Cost: 1

Squad Member Exclusive Equipment:

Shoulder Born Flashlight:


A simple flashlight placed on the shoulder pads of an infantry man's armor, allowing him/her to make the dark a little easier to see in.
Effect: +2 Perception


Combat Stims:


A set of stimulants issued to marines to be taken at their own discretion, these drugs increase their physical abilities for a short period of time with not immediate adverse effects, though they have been known to be habit forming.
Effect: +1 Attack, +1 Agility, +1 Accuracy, +1 Health


A45 Auto Ammunition Selector:

With the creation and manufacture of several various types of ammo for the M41A the A45 was designed, using a mini computer the A45 determines the best type of ammunition to use against a targeted foe and loads said ammunition into the M41A.
Effect: +1 Ranged Attack, +1 Intelligence, +1 Luck


Anti- Armor Ammunition (Requires Ammo Selector):

A M41A round type designed to penetrate heavy armor.
Effect: +2 Ranged Attack when facing a 'boss' opponent


Explosive-Tipped Ammunition (Requires Ammo Selector):


A M41A round type designed cause maximum damage to enemies while destroying any protection they may be hiding behind.
Effect: Attacks have a 50% chance of lowering enemies defense stat by 1 point when facing "boss" opponents.


Hollow Points (Requires Ammo Selector):
A M41A round type designed to cause maximum damage against lighter armored foes.
Effect: +2 Ranged Attack when fighting any opponents other than 'bosses'


Lucky Round:


It is common practice within the USMC for marines to save the casing of the very first round they fire with their issued rifle, the casing is said to bring good luck when it is needed most.
Effect: +2 Luck


Stun Grenades:


Specialty grenade used to stun an opponent with a flash of light and a loud concussive bang, causing temporary blindness, deafness, and disorientation. A bit more complicated to use than the average grenade they have been known to allow marines to clear an entire room without taking any fire at all.
Effect:  +1 Intelligence, lowers enemies Agility by 1,  Has a 50% chance of  permanently lowering a 'boss' opponent's Perception, and Accuracy


Demolition Charges:


Charges used to destroy walls, doors, and in large enough ammounts buildings, they can prove a useful tool to a group of marines who need to make a new 'door'
Effect: +2 Intelligence when deciding the outcome of a major event.


Medic Training:


Medic Training is optional for all marines, it means an extra 3 weeks of boot camp, but in exchange it teaches them how to keep themselves and their squad mates alive. Official USMC policy is to HIGHLY ENCOURAGE all recruits to sign up for medic training.
Effect: +1 Health, +1 Defense, +1 Health added to all marines involved with any enemy encounter when medic trained marine is present.


A small chemical torch used to light up dark areas.

Effect: When used all USCM characters have perfect perception while in the area where the Flare was dropped,  One time use only, purchasing multiple flares does not change it's one time use status.

The M5 RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) is shoulder launched reloadable anti-armor weapon, while low tech compared to most other ant-armor weapons, its small size and light weight make it perfect for small infantry squads.

Effect: Allows for a 1 time Ranged Attack with a power of 30

Cost: 4

Spare RPG Round(s)
Extra rocket grenades for the M5 RPG.

Effect:  Each one allows the weapon to be used  one more time.

Cost: 1(Each, I.E. 3 rockets will carry a total cost of 3)

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What up, Urban? I'm in with the squad leader or my old character if you like.

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I don't have time to play in this one, unfortunately, but I wanted to say for the benefit of anyone reading this that the last game Urbanzorro ran was a ton of fun. He's a great GM. If you're interested in the genre, don't let the equipment list intimidate you -- character generation is easier than it seems.

Best of luck with the game, Urbanzorro.

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@CmdrRenegade: I'm gonna say go with a new character ;D

@Ebb: thanks for the compliment, if you wind up having the time before the game starts you're welcome to join.

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Hey Urban. I think I was a member of one of these RP's once. I'd like to try again, if you're okay with it. And while I'd prefer to be the Xenomorphs (I know, I know, I can't do that) I'll fill any roles you want\need.

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@XenoLord: I'm only accepting marine characters for this one but you're welcome to any of the open slots. ;D

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What year does this take place? After The Recall in the 24th century or not?. Just  kind of curious.

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It takes place before The Recall, also before the Xenomorphs are anything more than extremely classified knowledge. Basically sometime right after Alien 3. Hope this helps?

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An Urbanzorro Roleplay, and an Aliens one to boot. Count me in for one of the marine slots.

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@Sani: Will do ;D

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I know, I know, same old hicks photo. Its not like there are too many decent avp marine picks that aren't of a marine being eaten out there :p

Name: Corporal John "Blackheart" Carstaire

Age: 27

Position in platoon/rank: Squad Member

Personal history: From an early age, John wanted to get away from earth. He felt trapped, confined in his life there, constantly bored and depressed by the despair of day to day life. When his parents signed up to go out on a colony ship when John was 17, he delayed until his 18th birthday, at which point he refused to sign up. He did not want to be trapped on some backwater colony for the rest of his life doing menial work. Instead, he headed for the nearest Colonial Marine recruitment office. This was the real way to escape his boring life on the urban blight that is earth. Despite his somewhat dark outlook on life, he did well in the marines, usually carrying out his orders efficiently and coldly. His marksmanship is not something to be ignored on the battlefield, and he has a reasonably astute tactical mind. Recently, however, some members of the squad have noticed that he seems shaky and irritable more and more often when not in action, and that when he is, he seems to be using his combat stims more and more, in increasingly higher doses. This has however been dismissed as not a cause of concern so far- it has not impaired his combat performance yet.
Stats Before Equipment:
Health: 9
Attack: 3
Ranged Attack: -
Accuracy: 7
Agility: 6
Intelligence: 6
Defense: 3
Perception: 6
Stealth: 5
Luck: 5


M41A Pulse Rifle
A45 Auto Ammunition Selector
Hollow Points
M12 Pattern Advanced Personal Armour
M111 Combat Helmet
Combat Stims
MS3 Medical Kit
Combat Knife

Stats After Equipment:
Health: 14
Attack: 5
Ranged Attack: 4 (6)
Accuracy: 8
Agility: 7
Intelligence: 7 (8)
Defense: 9
Perception: 6
Stealth: 5
Luck: 6

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He looks good, approved ;D

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Unfortunately I'm a bit too bogged down to give this another go, but I second Ebb.  Your games are always a lot of fun and the system about as unobtrusive as can be.

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Having heard that you have revamped the way you'll play this and restructured it so we don't run afoul of the same problems that troubled us before I am tempted, though I too am too busy with games at the moment, so its not a good time. I'll keep an eye on it and see who else returns to reprise their role, though.

I'm guessing Aiden will be too busy with his Harry Potter game so maybe its one to put aside and try another time?