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Started by MagicalPen, March 13, 2008, 11:40:06 AM

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Well I find myself with a pretty concrete schedule now and some spare time on my hands. I also find a few partners having gone MIA (one of which hasn't logged in in over a month) so a few more ideas, some stemming from the games I did have going.

"Stuck in the Snow" (Name of original idea/game)

Mark has always been pressured by his parents to get married. His older brother got married when he was his age, and its made his parents start pressuring him even more. Its time for the holidays, and the family is gathering at his parents house. He is to drive to the airport to pick up his sister-in-law = his brothers wife. His brother, like always, got caught up with work and will be arriving on a later flight the following day. A major snow storm is expected and its a race against time for Mark to get home before the worst of the storm hits. They don't make it in time, and the car gets stuck in a snow drift. They'll have to wait until the storm passes before digging out, but the temperature inside is getting colder, forcing him to get closer to his brothers wife. Body heat, its soon reasoned, is the warmest way they'll make it through the night...

[After this initial scene, there will be the family gathering/holiday for the more mental aspects to play out, and perhaps a chance for another encounter in a more...comfortable place]

"When Worlds Collide"

Captain Peter Simon, Special Forces, was leading his team into the heart of Germany. There were some well hidden German Labs hidden in the mountains and it was their task to capture the Scientists and destroy what they were working on. His orders didn't go beyond that. There was no explanation on what exactly the Germans were working on that needed to be destroyed, but he wasn't in the habit of asking questions. Some local partisans would help them out in the attack on the lab, which had been constructed near an ancient medieval ruin.

The operation started smoothly, the element of surprise on their hand helped them overwhelm the perimeter guards, but after that things got sour. Now alerted, the remaining garrison put up a stubborn fight. The Captain and his men inched their way inside and breached the last door into the room where the Scientists had taken refuge. The last thing the Captain remembered was a large explosion.

When he awoke, he found himself in a strange, new land.

The mountains and snow were gone, replaced by a field which a dirt road ran through. He found himself laying in the middle of this road, untouched, but all alone. He wasn't in Germany anymore, he knew it right away. A rider on horseback approached him. What would he do?

"The Apprentice"

Konrad was tutored by Balthasar, the greatest Mage known to mankind. Konrad himself was more powerful then many of the Archmages himself, and at only 100 years old, he was far younger then any of them too. Living the life of a bachelor - he is very much the object of desire - in a different Kingdom, he is somewhat disgruntled to receive a letter from Balthasar, stating that Konrad was to become the tutor of a new mage. The mage had been under Balthasars tutelage too, but as things in the Kingdom of Ribery turn more towards war and a hatred to towards Magi, Balthasar has sent his latest Apprentice out of harms way.

Konrad expects the worst out of the new apprentice, but will be more then shocked when it turns out to be a beautiful young girl. The girl herself is surprised by the charming, handsome man that is to be her new tutor, having also expected an older, aging man like Balthasar. This does not put an end to the numerous women Konrad sleeps with or has over, but is that jealousy in the eyes of his new apprentice?

What sort of relationship will evolve between them?

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