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Author Topic: Geek's Roleplay Search [M/M]  (Read 789 times)

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Geek's Roleplay Search [M/M]
« on: March 25, 2012, 12:25:17 AM »

I'm looking for some new roleplays.  The information below will give you a better sense of my interests. 
If you're interested feel free to send me a private message.

Gender and Sexuality
Male     Transgender FTM     Gender-varient
Top     Switch     Bottom
Gay     Bisexual     Straight

High Fantasy     Low Fantasy     Urban Fantasy
Scifi     Post-Apocalyptic     Steampunk
Slice of Life     Crime     Comedy
Military     Action     Adventure
Mystery     Western     Historical

For more information check out my O&Os.
I like getting writing from my partner that I look forward to reading, both in content and structure. I hope that my partner will find my writing style acceptable as well. Creativity and ingenuity are appreciated. It helps to move a plot forward and make the whole experience more enjoyable. That being said, massive plot twists should be discussed in advance. I'll do my partners the same courtesy.  Post length sufficient to keep the story going is essential.

My O&O thread can be accessed HERE and will provide ample information on what I like and what squicks me out.
I'll put this here again just in case, since it seems to beg repeating.

I am not interested in either playing or playing with overly-effeminate characters.
Sometimes a gentle sub is nice, but some masculinity to back up the anatomy is a bottom line for me.
If I wanted to play M/F it would be much easier getting partners.  That should tell you my interest level.

I am also not interested in: whiny, spineless, weak, crybaby, melodramatic characters.
I occasionally play hurt/comfort and reasonable scenarios in which anguish is appropriate are fine.
I'm not, however, interested in mollycoddling a broken character for the entire game. 
I don't begrudge anyone who wants to play that out, but you won't be satisfied with me as a partner.

Any preference I have in a pairing will be bolded. 
If something is bolded I'm probably not interested in the other part.
If neither is bolded I'd gladly play either part.
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Re: Geek's Roleplay Search [M/M]
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2012, 12:25:34 AM »
Current Craving

  • Capax Infiniti See Below
  • Torchwood.  Especially Jack and Ianto.  I'd be happy with a COE Fix-It, AU, Classic, or whatever else we come up with.  I draw the line at Season 4 though (to be honest, I didn't even bother finishing it).
  • Battlestar Galactica.  I want to play Gaeta; I'm flexible regarding what period of his character arc it takes place in.  Anyone who is willing to play Hoshi/Gaeta would definitely make my day.  But the Chief would be fine too.

Some Additional Features I'd Find Fascinating:
  • Letters/E-mail - Something where there is correspondence included in the roleplay, or the roleplay itself is written as though it is correspondence .  It can also involve an MMORPG.  I find it fun to roleplay characters who are physically apart but communicating.
  • Large Time Jumps - I'd like to try playing things at intervals.  Like a roleplay where we only play each Christmas and show elapsed time between the years through the differences in character interaction, as an example.

Any amalgamation of these elements is fine, and they can all be absent if you choose.  They're just general curiosities.
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Re: Geek's Roleplay Search [M/M]
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2012, 12:25:53 AM »
Plots I'm Currently Interested In

Capax Infiniti

This roleplay would focus very heavily on character development and depicting things subtly through character interaction.  We would play a family (two men and their son).  One of the men has HIV.  The roleplay will depict only Christmas day from the time the characters wake up to the time that they go to sleep.  The holiday's a day when everyone is either happy, or feels the need to put on a happy face, so issues are sometimes masked, thereby requiring us to depicted the underlying issues with subtlety and care.  Due to the issue of the HIV, the characters might already see time as a bit fleeting, which I think gives the accelerated speed of the roleplay the potential to be especially powerful.  I imagine issues regarding how the family copes with the HIV as a unit would be a focus but doesn't have to be all-encompassing, and the other character can have his own concerns and plot points.  It would require a fair amount of OOC chat to agree on what happened during each year we skip forward.  I would like to play the character who is HIV positive.

I think this would make for a fascinating writing exercise.

Frivolous Adventure Stories
  • A serving boy, and best friend to the crowned prince, finds a dragon egg.  Dragons are rare and those who find and bond with a dragon in its first moments of life have a lifelong bond with the dragon and is the only person a dragon will bear.  By finding the dragon and becoming his rider the boy ascends the military ranks and earns himself land and a title. 
    ((I'll play either the dragon or the serving boy.))
  • Two lands are separated by magic, as a result of a peace treaty.  The two lands are very different but no one still living has ever seen the other side.  Two children learn that they can cross the magic barrier, become best friends and occasionally crossing into the other's lands while playing.  Now teenagers, the children are being pulled in different directions and must choose how to go forward.
  • Characters wind up in a (story, book, film) and decide to try and change the ending.  They go on an epic quest to change things that are going to happen and may potentially screw up the entire world of the story, or make it far better.

I like brainstorming and collaborating.  I'm open creating something entirely new, especially new scifi with some world-building thrown in (just a thought).  If you have an idea feel free to throw it my way.  I can't swear it will be an instant win, but I'm a pretty easy going guy.
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Re: Geek's Roleplay Search [M/M]
« Reply #3 on: March 25, 2012, 12:26:14 AM »

Battlestar Galactica
  • Hoshi x Gaeta
  • Gaeta x Tyrol
  • Head Six x Gaeta x Baltar  (Plot)

  • Jack x Ianto or Ianto x Jack
  • Jack x Owen or Owen x Jack
  • Owen x Ianto or Ianto x Owen
  • COE Fix-It
  • Classic
  • AU

White Collar
  • Peter x Neil


Gensomaden Saiyuki
  • Gojun x Tenpou
  • Sanzo x Hakkai
  • Gojyo x Sanzo or Sanzo x Gojyo
  • Gojyo x Hakkai
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Re: Geek's Roleplay Search [M/M]
« Reply #4 on: March 25, 2012, 12:26:31 AM »
Here are some plots I'm keeping on the shelf for another time.  Feel free to read them, but I probably won't be anxious to take them on right now

Dungeons & Dragons Roleplay
I want to test run my new D&D campaign and it would be awesome to do that with one partner.  It will give me the chance to work through it and get the kinks out, maybe try some new challenges.  It will be 3.5E with massive tweaks to the deities.  I can give you loads more information than you probably want on it, but the basic premise is that a guild of thieves and a guild of assassins are on the verge of war after the unexplained death of several assassins guild members and the retaliatory killing of several thieves guild members.  The leaders of the two organizations put together a group comprised of half assassins/half thieves who are charged with finding the true murderer, during which a temporary cease fire is in place.  However the two groups have extreme distrust for one another and this party is likely to just kill each other.  The two guilds have extremely complex cultures so if you're interested say the word and I'll be happy to flood your inbox with useless information.

One Shot Roleplay
A series of one shot sex scenes.  We can change characters each time, work out a theme or a kink or something we want to focus on in each encounter and just give it a go.  I've never done anything like this so I have no idea how well it will work and I'm a little uncertain about it.  I'd be curious to give it a try, though.

I make no guarantees that every kink will be a go with me.  There are quite a few that I feel no need, desire, or inspiration to write.  However, all suggestions are totally welcome and I won't push you to write anything I suggest if you're not into it.

Biologically male and gender variant characters would be the focus.   I'm not interested in cisgendered female characters.  I'd like to focus primarily on male/male pairings, with an emphasis on masculinity.

For this it would be really cool if my partner was comfortable playing a switch.  I don't mind topping 70% of the time but I'll get bored with a parade of extremely effeminate dudes.   Also a commitment to playing characters that vary widely would be a definite bonus, since it will most likely be new characters in every exchange and they should all be individuals.

Of One Mind
Arlo was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age fifteen, but started showing symptoms around age eleven.  It was only around his fifteenth birthday that his parents learned that his best friend of four years had never been enrolled in his school, had never moved there from Pittsburgh, in fact didn't exist at all.  The diagnosis had been shattering and the when Arlo's parents tried to put him on anti-psychotics Arlo tried to kill himself.  He was happiest when he was off in a delusion, because reality was frightening and confusing.  It wasn't only that the world was entirely different and that Kaleo was gone, but that he wasn't who he thought he was when he was on those drugs.   As the years went by Kaleo went from friend to lover.  No matter what happened to Arlo, as long as he wasn't taking the medicine, Kaleo was always by his side. 

Kaleo needed Arlo as much as Arlo needed him, perhaps more so, because without Arlo, Kaleo was merely a disembodied voice crying out from the darkness.  Whenever, Arlo took the medication Kaleo felt like he was drowning, and so he did all that he could to keep Arlo with him, even if it meant that Kaleo couldn't always be nice.  Kaleo has had to do some things that he's not proud of.  He's alienated Arlo from his family, guilted him out of treatment, shouted and screamed at him.  Over the four years following Arlo's diagnosis Kaleo learned how to make Arlo bend to his will.  However, it's all for the greater good.  Because he and Arlo, they're meant for each other, and anything else would just be wrong.

((In case this isn't clear, Kaleo is Arlo's primary delusion, and the story will take place when Arlo is nineteen.  I will play Arlo.))

Guided Path
In a Native American tribe as part of a coming of age ritual boys when they reach the age of maturity are sent into the wild with hallucinogenic drugs.  The boys cannot return until they have found their spirit guides.  When a spirit guide comes to them the two engage in combat or a chase.  Once the human has bested their spirit guide the creature becomes a part of them.  After that point the human can change form into their spirit animal fully and at will.  The people almost always come back changed.  These personality changes are often attributable to the nature of their spirit guide.  This would be a story regarding two boys who were best friends when they set out on their journey, and getting to know one another again after coming back changed.  Then shortly after they return from the ritual the tribe goes to war with a neighboring tribe and the two set off together to fight.

Ai No Kusabi (Raoul x Katze)
Raoul, a biologist and sociologist, finds himself the target of an assassin. He believes that one of the Tanugaura elites is trying to get rid of him and Iason has suggested that until he catches whoever has put a price on his head he will be hunted like an animal. He suspects that it is an elite that covets his station or perhaps his scientific and material achievements.  He does not realize just how wrong he is.  What he needs is someone with a knowledge of the scumbags of Midas and Ceres, also he needs someone who has the ability to do research into confidential files, he needs an expert hacker. When it comes to these objectives there is none better than Katze: head of the black market and arguably the best hacker in Tanugura (Midas for sure).

Iason in an attempt to help Raoul solve his problem lends him Katze, his furniture or rather his former furniture who is still in his employ. At first Raoul is disappointed in the inadequate aid that Iason gives him. What does he want with mongrel ex-furniture anyway? He has perfectly satisfactory furniture of his own.  However, after several days of conversing with Katze he cannot deny the man's intellect.  There are several problems, however.  For one, Katze smokes like a chimney, a distasteful habit that has made Raoul's apartment stink.  Katze is bold nearly to the point of impertinence and the insane theory he seems to be formulating regarding Raoul's situation seems entirely implausible.  However, worst of all, the old used furniture is undeniably attractive. 

The red haired mongrel is incredibly intelligent, a trait which the scientist is quite dazzled by. Raoul tells himself that Katze is just interesting, a subject to study, and an example of how natural selection can create such desirable traits.  Yet he also feels the growing desire to take Katze, to bed the castrated mongrel and relieve him of what little freedom he has left.  Raoul is desperate to to take him as a pet, the only way he knows how to channel this overwhelming desire.  However, he is well aware that his maker doesn't love him the way she loves Iason and such actions would not be permitted.  Raoul knows that Iason would agree to giving him Katze permanently, if only he worked up the courage to ask. Still he doesn't know what he would do with Katze practically given the opportunity.

  • Character A is a rape victim.  (The incident will have happened before the game.)  He was too ashamed to go to the police, didn't say anything to anyone, except Character B, who's trying to help him get his life back together, and is probably trying to convince my guy to go to the police.  Character A won't be willing to talk much about it, or even state his needs.  So Character B must be willing to look beyond what's going on on the surface.
  • Character A just lost a (parent/child/sibling) and no one seems to know how to act around him.  Character B is not exactly a friend, but can see he's not handling it well and is there for him.

Fandoms I Sometimes Play But am Not Interested in Currently. . .

Jayne x Simon

  • Dean x Castiel
  • Michael x Asher (as grown ups)
  • Gabriel x Michael

Death Note
L x Original Character

Introductory Post For An Established Plot

Kira establishes his ideal world. He rules over it and crime is virtually non-existent. While the idea of utopia is nice in theory eventually the necessity of Kira is minimal except as a symbol and there is very little for Light to do. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a vandal and thief begins to threaten Kira outright. The criminal provokes him every way possible and publicly challenges Kira to take him out. Whispered in quiet corners and internet murmurs people start championing this vandal named Kali for the goddess of time, dissolution, and destruction. It turns out to be the most fun that Light has had in months despite the minor aggravation of being challenged and the competition between Kali and Kira becomes intense, almost to the point where neither wants the feud to end.

UNKOU was his mission, his creed, the thing that made his heart beat and his lungs draw breath. It was, perhaps, for that reason that Hotaka Watanabe was spray-painting it everywhere within his reach. He had a particular affinity for police offices, mailbox, and anything else government-owned. Bold black spray-paint shouted revolution and motion to a generation that had been slowly beaten into submission and drained of its lifeblood. Hotaka thought that it was because he lived in Japan that he had such a longing to change things. After all, his home was Kira’s personal stomping ground.

It had been years since Kira had first appeared. Hotaka was in his second year of university and had decided to make it his personal mission to anger the man who ruled over their society like a god. Hotaka barely remembered a world without Kira’s influence. Japan was where it had all started and Hotaka had decided that Japan was where it would all end. He had begun making provisions for the war to come. He could feel an unnerving stillness, like the quiet before a storm. It wouldn’t be long before his blatant provocation of Kira resulted in an attempt to strike back. He was sure that the multitude of painted slogans, as well as several broken windows at police stations, and a few instances of theft, never from citizens, always from the government, had reached Kira’s ears and gnawed on his impatience.

There was a particular hatred aimed at law enforcement and the government. As a boy both his parents had been on the force. His mother had died in the line of duty and his father had clamored approval for Kira when the criminal had emerged. His mother would have been ashamed of his father’s behavior. The government had conceded to Kira practically without a fight and it made Hotaka’s blood boil. He had no interest in controlling the police as Kira did. Instead, Hotaka intended to make just as much an enemy of them as he did the serial killer himself.

It was nearing two o’clock in the morning. The streets were deserted which gave him the cover of darkness and the privacy to paint treasonous phrases on the front of the police station. The hooded sweatshirt hid his face. Though he thought his looks quite ordinary, short black hair and warm hazel eyes were still hidden from view. One thing that he couldn’t hide was his height. He was a bit small for his age, though he thought that might work to his advantage should he be seen. Most people took him for a high school student, not one who was in university. If someone glanced at him from afar that could work to his advantage.

The public had already come up with a name for him, Kali, the goddess of time, dissolution, and destruction. While he wasn’t interested in being a god, much less a goddess, destruction sounded about right. He was going to tear to shreds everything that Kira had built. He slipped away from the police station into the darkness. He was sure that none of the security cameras had caught him. Along with being a small time thief and revolutionary he was majoring in computer technology. He could hack anything from the camera in a traffic light to a satellite in outer space.

Fifteen minutes later he was inside of his childhood home. His room was upstairs. He wanted nothing more than to slip in undetected. Unfortunately, his father was perhaps the only person who was always a step ahead of him. The man was constantly breathing down his neck. Hotaka had a feeling that the man was suspicious of him already. His moves at home needed to be very carefully calculated, less the man should report in to the station that his son, Hotaka Watanabe, was indeed Kali.

“You’re in late,” the man stated coldly. “Yeah, I was at a party and missed the last subway train. I hope I didn’t keep you up,” he answered. His father’s eyes narrowed to slits. “Only people with reasons need to come in after dark. Soon enough your marks will no longer excuse your late night wanderings” he stated. With that he turned and went back into the living room. The television was flipped back to the local news. There was some sort of show about wanted criminals on television. They had been airing the series practically non-stop lately. It was ammunition for Kira really, thinly veiled as a show for entertainment purposes. Hotaka wasn’t fooled, and the boy suspected that his father wasn’t either.

He went up the stairs to his bedroom and threw his book bag in the closet. He was very careful about where he left his spray-paint and other supplies. The art supplies were usually stored at school in the art department. However, after these late night excursions they needed to be brought home with him. Returning to the school would alert suspicions. The boy went straight to his computer, the only thing that he wanted to see after a long hard day. He browsed two of the websites that he had taken a liking to, both of which had been put up recently. They focused on Kali. One even had animated graphics as an intro. It specialized in covering the battle between Kira and Kali. Whoever had started this website was brave. It was a small rebellion, anonymous in a way, yet bold. He would feel it out for a while, yet if the tone remained the same he would like to meet the site’s creator.

After a half an hour more he crawled into bed, set his alarm, and succumbed to sleep.

(An alternative for this roleplay would be to start it in the form of documents, journal entries, police reports, letters, internet postings, newspaper articles, etc.  That I would always be willing to give a shot.)

Original Characters Only

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Original Characters Only

Soul Eater
Stein x Spirit

Samurai Champloo
Mugen x Jin

Code Geass
  • Suzaku x Lelouch
  • Lelouch x Rolo
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Re: Geek's Roleplay Search [M/M]
« Reply #5 on: March 25, 2012, 12:27:15 AM »

Offline Callys

Re: Geek's Roleplay Search [M/M]
« Reply #6 on: April 02, 2012, 08:14:40 PM »
Sent you a PM. :)

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Re: Geek's Roleplay Search [M/M]
« Reply #7 on: April 13, 2012, 01:15:32 AM »
13.4.12 - Updated
  • Removed Cyborg from my list of "Additional Features I'd Find Fascinating" - Taken
  • Removed World War II Plot - Taken
  • Added Capax Infiniti to "Plots I'm Currently Interested In" and "Current Craving" - Seeking
  • Removed Supernatural from "Television" - Lost Interest
  • Added Supernatural to "Fandoms I Sometimes Play But am Not Interested in Currently. . ."

I'd be interested in adding two roleplays.  Preferably one fandom and one original.  I'm flexible though, and open to collaboration/brainstorming.