Mordred seduces (or drugs) Guinevere – and so ends Camelot [M invites F to play]

Started by Boatman, March 24, 2012, 06:09:26 PM

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In the original medieval tale of King Arthur, the knight who made off with, and made love to, Guinevere was not the shiny-armoured suave and invincible Lancelot, but the villain Mordred.

So, this story is an attempted re-enactment of how, when Arthur hurried off to Europe with his knights leaving his wife Guinevere and his nephew Mordred in charge of Britain,  Mordred managed to bed Guinevere.

Was it that Arthur was too virtuous and boring and Guinevere fancied a bit of rough?
Or did Mordred feed her magic mushrooms?  Did Merlin have an off day?

The setting is the Roman Castle of Portchester that looks almost as impressive now as it did in Arthur’s time (pic) and passes for Camelot when there is mist in the air.

Writing Partner Wanted to Play Guinevere:  Guinevere is a British princess, turned queen, who has had the good things in life and been the wife to an ancient superhero. What was it about the swarthy, dark haired and dangerous Mordred that attracted her more than her ‘goody two shoes’ husband?

Whatever the cause of the affair, Arthur quickly got wind of it and hurried back to sustain a mortal injury in combat with Mordred before being whisked off to Avalon.

If any lady is interested in playing this out with me, then please PM me to let me know your character and plot preferences. Nice plot, romance and sex (perhaps forced – to be decided jointly).

I love both forum story creation and the immediacy of messenger - so whatever medium suits you best.


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