Various Genre RP ideas, M for F (updated 20/07/2012)

Started by Cold Heritage, March 24, 2012, 01:43:56 AM

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Cold Heritage

Post-Apocalyptic Idea

I've recently discovered the indie pen and paper roleplaying game Apocalypse World. It seems pretty neat. It's a storygame set 50 years after the end, and the oldest people alive only have fleeting, childhood memories of the golden age of legend before everything went to shit. It posits a world where there's a barter economy, and concerns itself with the stories of the people in it. The player characters enjoy a privileged position in the narrative, being specially the role they pick - there are other medics, but only one Angel. But the game's rules and what-not are not super important to my idea.

The basic post-apocalyptic setting is that ticket. I'm thinking that I would play a type of character know as the Faceless: masked violence-doers with a touch of horror movie baddie. I'd like a partner character to be female. Sexual interaction is not required or even really that much desired.

I am thinking that the gist of the plot-starter is that your character comes to enlist mine's help. It could be because my character ran with a crew that included a member of your character's family - what exactly family is can be up to you; shared genetic material probably doesn't go as far as it used to - that my character owed something to. Or maybe my character doesn't owe the crew a damned thing . . . but he's the last, long shot that your character has.

Why might your character need mine? Maybe he's the only soul on the planet left who might give half a damn whether she ends up in the hands of slavers. Maybe she needs a posse to help rescue a family member or someone precious from slavers or a gang. Maybe she's working for some warlord with a grudge on my character, and everything she feeds him is a lie to get him into the warlord's ambush. Maybe your character's best beloved is a slave in a prison of the old world, still standing, run by a cruel man, the Warden, and my character's the only one who's ever broken out of that prison to tell the tale.

I guess this idea isn't really well thought out, but there's a lot of plot bits that could be slotted into the basic framework to make it go, it anyone were interested.

Sci-Fi Bodyguard Idea

Deus Ex: Human Revolution went on sale on Steam over the weekend, and I picked it up, so it's sort of the impetus for this idea. I'm not too far along, so there's not necessarily a lot lifted from there. It probably owes more to Shadowrun than Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It's a cyberpunk sort of idea, set maybe in 22XX where corporations wield a huge amount of power (perhaps even going so far as the extraterritoriality and Corporate Courts of Shadowrun - certainly corporations having their own private armies equipped with the latest and best technology at least), state militaries are glorified private military companies, the police and medical sectors are entirely privatized, and human augmentation, whether mechanical, chemical, or biological, is commonplace.

The idea entails my character being a bodyguard to a female who is important enough to merit protection. My initial conception of the idea was that my character's charge would be the daughter of the CEO of some large mega-corporation, but it occurs that she could also perhaps be a scientist who has developed some new cutting edge product or process that a lot of people want because it would be incredibly lucrative, or perhaps, like in Johny Mnemonic, she has sensitive data located in a data storage device in her brain (e.g. a cure to a disease that some AAA megacorp makes a lot of money selling treatments for, say, or evidence to indict a CEO at a megacorp of wrong-doing that would see them convicted by the Corporate Court or exempted from normal protections from persecution for the severity of the crime). My character would be a street samurai type, a jaded warrior of a thousand little bush wars and covert actions whose service record, if it could be acquired - though all leads would certainly turn up that such records are missing, deleted, or omitted - would look like sheets upon sheets of black bars.

The game would be about their flight, the dangers they encounter as interested parties try to recover the female character (and perhaps they even succeed! but rescue would be on the way), and the bond that develops between protector and protected.

Older Ideas:

High School Supers Idea

My idea for a game revolves around the player characters that will be high school types, like 16 to 19. The main setting would be the fictional small town of New Calmton. The population within the city limits is roughly 5,000 people. There's a bunch of adjoining farms and properties outside the proper city limits that accounts for about 300 additional people. High school football is a big thing in New Calmton; the team is called the Hounds. The Hounds play against their rivals from the bigger city of Sigil City, the Lions. Sigil City is a one and a half hour drive from New Calmton, on a good day, and it might end up being the location of a few scenes. There's also high school teen drama to transpire - as an example, I had envisioned that my character would begin the game coming off a break-up with a cheerleader named Stacey, who is the typical blonde, leggy, buxom type. She would direct some vindictiveness towards my character and any new romantic interest.

In terms of super-ness, it would be the characters just discovering their powers in a world that is more or less just like ours. There's no super people in the past; the kids don't learn about a masked avenger who won WW2 by flying around in a mask and cape. They're not alone, of course. I have a bad guy in mind who would be a Sylar-y type filtered through a bunch of poorly remembered X-Men comics, and a few other plot points I'd enjoy to bring around (for example, a build to a Darkseid style villain, with the reveal that my character is said villain's son, sent to subjugate Earth and several low points designed to weaken his resolve - unless a faithful friend/lover can help him stay strong). Appearances by expies for Spider-Man and Batman are something I'm kicking around in my head; I was thinking of a Batman type as the leader of a group of underground homeless kids who tap into the city's power grid and steal to secure their needs (whether they engage in criminal activity or are hunted by traditional criminal types is sort of up in the air). My intention is to start things out fairly low key and move on to bigger scope supers stuff. The character I want to play is a young Superman type who is a nice, popular guy on the football team. He's not perfect, but he'll try to be the best that he can - but that's guaranteed to be a struggle (hopefully something another player character can help him to cope with).

I'd like to play alongside a female character who is his equal, however a prospective partner choose to make the character so.

I'm up for pretty much GMing and playing my guy, so the writing partner would just have to play their character. But if a prospective writing partner wanted to take up more roles I'd welcome their contributions. I just don't want anyone to feel like they have to take the reins and play a lot of NPCs. We can talk and work it out!

Hoping for a writing partner who can do a paragraph or two a few times a week. I don't really envision this involving a lot, or even really any (if it happens probably much later on, if the game lasts that long - but it's negotiable), sexual content, but some teen romance would be welcome. Basically, what I'm saying is that the plot is more important to me for this than sex. I want to focus on the story.

Urban Fantasy Idea

This idea draws a lot from the World of Darkness setting that White Wolf set a lot of their games in, and the urban fantasy romance novels that Laurell K. Hamilton wrote about her Anita Blake character.

It involves a human detective or private investigator (that would be the role the prospective writing partner would take on) being brought in on the 'conspiracy.' The secret that supernatural beings exist and that the powers that be know about them, and more or less try to keep that secret because the consequences would be deleterious to the status quo. Probably also because the vampires and other immortals are so entrenched that the pull a lot of strings and make a lot of people with political clout dance to the beat of the vampires' drum. It's typical in most cities that vampires rule the night by virtue of entrenched position and political clout and set policy. In the particular city that our game would be set, the various werecreatures have banded together into what is called 'the Beast Court,' with each werecreature type forming a subfaction within it to scheme for power and advance their agenda. As a unit, the Beast Court has enough might, magic, and influence to challenge the vampires, and they do not like that.

So when it's made to look like the chief of the werewolves was killed by the swan prince, an independent investigator is brought in to ensure the impartiality of the investigation. The role I would play would be that of a werebear, tasked to protect the investigator. The two would investigate the obvious culprits of the vampires, but as they go on they could discover that perhaps the wolves did it themselves, as the culmination of lupine politics, or perhaps the were-eagles, to all appearances the staunchest allies of the were-swans, desire to depose the swans as the reigning beasts and assume the throne for themselves.

Fandom/Random Ideas

These ideas are a lot less fully formed/realized.

Mass Effect 2: I really liked the character of Jack, Subject Zero. The romance of working through all her barriers and getting her to let someone in was really touching for me. I'd like to play out something with someone else playing Jack, and I could play my own Shepard. I'd like this to be a romantic sort of thing. Probably a fairly brief story, but we could probably hash out ways to continue it on. Where we start it out is something to work out too, I guess. I'd be willing to play out a breakout with myself as some random merc or unnamed Cerberus agent, and we go full-on AU.

Three's A Crowd: I'd like to do an MMF story. I'd play the two males. There isn't really anything concrete to this beyond that; I could go for something simple and smutty like a newly divorced middle-aged woman going to a bar and picking up a pair of studs to treat herself to what her unfaithful husband hasn't given her for years, or maybe something saccharine like two guys going after one girl in a love triangle ending up resolving a teary plea that she not be forced to choose between them by deciding to just be one happy girl-sharing unit. 

Elven Maiden vs. Human Barbarian: I'd enjoy doing something along those lines. Doesn't have to be NC, but it could be (even just coercive NC). Started a couple threads that, sadly, did not get off the ground for lack of time on my partner's part. and

Perhaps my character could be a human barbarian that a dark elf maiden approaches, offering her body in exchange for the barbarian horde my character commands and his pledge to help her take back her castle/kingdom and/or get revenge on the enemies who forced her into such a desperate position?
Thank you, fellow Elliquiyan, and have a wonderful day.