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May 13, 2021, 12:51:06 am

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Author Topic: Final Fantasy: Shining Souls. Very Simple System-Style AU; Profile Page/OOC  (Read 4028 times)

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Offline SnoweTopic starter

Oh. Urm..looks as if Latooni doesn't want to join after all, because my internet died for half a week.

So..looks like we have to wait for the final person again, sorry all..

Offline Revenent

We could always just start anyway and have the party recruit them a short ways into it, though I suppose that could be trouble if the fifth person never shows up.

Offline SnoweTopic starter

Mhm. We need the full group for the actual RP setting I have in mind. Otherwise I'd need to redo the entire story line I was going to do.

This is actually why I apprehensive of joining another RP site. This happened on the last site. Had everything said up and someone decided to just act the troll the moment we started and quit for some BS reason they made up. It really annoys me. Why join in the first place?

I mean, if the person has a good reason then fine, but when the reason is that I 'disappeared' when I explained that my freakin' INTERNET died and it's still not working correctly, that's just plain childish.

Offline Revenent

Really? It was, like, three days. Some people need to grow up.

Offline SargentToughie


So how goes the hunt for another party member?

Offline Revenent

Could at least offer to, as a last resort, play two characters so we'll have a decent party size? If we get five or more people, I'm sure one of our players is going to be mysteriously abducted at some point and stop posting, anyway.

Offline SargentToughie

It happens alarmingly often on this website.

Offline Revenent

We must be a popular target for aliens.

Incidentally, I had no idea the name of this website actually meant anything, but here you go:


Offline SargentToughie

Wow... that actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Somehow, it manages to fit a lot of this website's mindset to a tee.

Offline Meliai

Urban Dictionary is made of user-submitted definitions (meaning about 80% of the stuff on that site is immensely stupid)

I checked a few other dictionary sites, no sign of Elliquiy. Pretty sure it's not a real word and someone submitted the UD definition in reference to this site :P

Offline Revenent

Well, I figured it had to mean something for them to name the site that.

Offline Aoife

Well, if you need a fifth, I'd be happy to join in :)  What seems to be missing? Looks like pretty much everything is well handled (fighting. mage, etc.)

How about a straight up FFTA Thief/Assassin Kobold (as they seem the closest to a Viera/Mithra archetype).

Name: Casey "Ticks" Leendert

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Race: Kobold

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Grating and highly verbose, Casey is likely the loudest person around given any real setting.  A natural storyteller, Casey can turn any story into a grander and 'more interesting' tale given a minute to put her thoughts together, and is instantly a friend of anyone who (unfortunately for them) takes the time to listen to her stories.  Casey also has a fiercely possessive streak, and spends a great deal of time carefully maintaining connections and her own possessions - likely as a result of a profound paranoia that only very good thieves end up possessing.

Most of her personality is a direct foil to her mind, a carefully laid out labyrinth of plots and stratagems.  In a fight, she's incredibly dangerous simply by virtue of outhinking opponents and choosing the right tool for the situation, rather than rely on the same old tricks. Her improvisational fighting style is both unpredictable and highly dangerous.

Appearance: Casey is a small, lean member of the Kobold race, and picked up her nickname "Ticks" as a result of Hume nagging concerning her small size and perpetually underfed appearance.  Her hair is shorn close to under her chin, and her ears drop slightly, with one seeming to be perpetually dangling into her face. Her eyes are a plain brown, while her hair, while normally a light brown, has been bleached near blond by constant exposure to southern sun.  Aside from that, most of her appearance is simply bland, all the better for her talents.

She wears a very stripped down version of the standard combat uniform, with most metal plating and 'heavy' components ripped out in favor of cloth padding and light leather.  While it may seem ridiculous to forgo the extra protection, Casey survives largely by virtue of being incredibly hard to hit, rather than weathering a blow. Likewise, the rear of the lower armor has been largely ripped to allow room for her tail, which serves as an excellent gauge of her current mood (making her a terrible liar).

Class: Assassin

Assassin's are largely used as harriers and for psychological warfare, to make enemy troops feel unsafe in their own beds.  Utilizing a unique mix of martial training and stealth, Assassin's possess the unique ability to conceal themselves in nearly any environment, appearing only to deliver a devastating blow before fading away again.  Assassin's are well renowned for leaving their opponents dispatched in a variety of ways, from nailing their shadow to a surface, using venom to petrify their nerves, or the dreaded "Last Breath" - a sudden shock to the nervous system which is capable of instant incapacitation to an unwary opponent. Assassin's, while highly dangerous, are nonetheless very fragile, and rely on quick escapes to avoid danger.

Fighting Style: Knives, Greatbows, and Martial Techniques


  • Weapon: Jack Knife +2 Strength
  • Weapon: Cranequin +2 Strength
  • Blackened Face Wrap +1 Agility
  • Blackened Cloth Armor +1 Agility, +1 Vitality
  • Blackened Cloth Bracers +1 Strength, +1 Vitality
  • Blackened Cloth Boots +2 Agility
  • Ancestral Amulet +1 Vitality
  • Dented Coin +2 Luck
  • Potion, Antidote, Echo Herbs, Soft, Bandage

Skills and Abilities:

  • Attack
  • Corner
  • Steal
  • Item
  • Flee
  • ????


Shadowbind: Stops a Target (Weapon Range)
Last Breath: Instant KO (Melee)
Aphonia: Inflicts Silence (Melee)
Nightmare: Inflicts Sleep & Doom (Melee)
Ague: Inflicts Slow (Weapon Range)
Rockseal: Inflicts Petrify (Melee)
Oblivion: Inflicts Addle (Melee)

Steal: (ALL Melee)

Steal: Armor: Steal Target equipped Armor
Steal: Helm: Steal Target equipped Helm
Steal: Shield: Steal Target equipped Shield
Steal: Accessory: Steal Target equipped Accessory
Steal: Weapon: Steal Target equipped Weapon
Steal: Coin: Steal Money on target
Counter: REACTION: Immediately Attack an opponent who targets you with a melee attack following their attack (unless Ko'd).
Maintenance: REACTION: All "Steal" abilities automatically fail.

History: A cutpurse and a footpad for most of her childhood, Casey grew up a Thief, living largely from one score to the next. Naturally quick (both physically and mentally), she used her abilities to care for herself and her four younger siblings following the passing fo their parents to Lung Blight. While her siblings went on to apprenticeships in various fields (from Medicine to Smithing), Casey really never grew out of her thieving ways, and instead found her worth as a caravan guard in the desert regions. Growing bored with the tedium of staring at sand, and desiring some of the societal respect her siblings had managed to attain, Casey signed up to the Hume army as a Sniper, and was nominated to study to become an Assassin given her meritorious service. Despite her natural abilities, her loyalty has been put into question numerous times, which has largely stopped her from advancement. Nonetheless, her formidable skills and ability to infiltrate almost anywhere have kept her from being drummed out of the service altogether.


Base + Equipment Bonus / Total

Strength -- 8 3 w/ Melee 3 w/ Range / 11

Agility -- 17+4 / 21

Vitality -- 8+3 / 11

Intelligence -- 13+0 / 13

Spirit --  7+0 / 7

Luck -- 12+2 / 14

Growth per level:

Str: +2
Agility: +5
Vit: +1
Intelligence: +4
Spirit: +2
Luck: +3
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Offline SargentToughie

Welp, GM is denied... I guess this RP isn't happening anymore.